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"Now you see it...Overt is what is said and what it seen; Covert is what's intended and what it you don't."


Mary Angela Nangini is the author of "Woman in Exile" (1991) and "My Ontario Beautiful" (1995), published by Mellen Poetry Press. She is also co-author of the play/musical ~With a Bang or a Whimper, which she directed and choreographed for the Tenth World Congress on Gifted and Talented Education. It was performed during the conference "Gifted Globe" at the Royal York Hotel, Toronto, in 1993. She is the creator and author of "The Four Phases of Being" – A Transformative Learning Theory on Human Potential and Its Shadow: The Phenomenon of Abundance and Its Antithesis – Entropy (unpublished 1992). This new conceptual work linking theory and practice on Human Potential and Its Shadow, was also presented at "A Gifted Globe" conference, August 12,1993, Toronto. The metacognitive strategy "Being Metaphor" (1989) is featured in "The Four Phases of Being." It has evolved through her poetry, and is, at its best, the language of the metaphysical. For a detailed explanation, please visit the "Being Metaphor: A Metacognitive Strategy" article.

Accomplishments: Mary Angela is currently working on a Ph. D. dissertation with the Graduate Theological Foundation. She has completed an MTS(Masters in Theological Studies) at St. Augustine's Seminary of Toronto (2000); Doctoral Studies, completed at OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education) 1995; M.A. (1989) University of Connecticut - Storrs; B.Ed. (1985) and B.A. (1971) York University; B.Ed. (1978) University of Toronto. She is the past President of EdGO (1997) and co-president of EdGO and TAGO (1998), the organizations for educators of the gifted in Ontario. She is an artist and her artwork "Oscar and Jake" was chosen for the Brampton Arts Calendar 1997, and has won a "Juror's Choice Award" for her pastel drawing “Memories”, 1995. She is listed in the "International Who's Who in Poetry and Poets Encyclopedia" (1997), Brampton, ON


My Ontario Beautiful by MaryAngela Nangini
Mary Angela Nangini's poems celebrate the richness of life and love. From the city to cottage-country and the roads in between, Nangini explores the changing seasons of her varied region. (This book will soon be reprinted in hard cover.)...  Barnes &   

Woman In Exile by MaryAngela Nangini
From First Love to its destructive end and on to new beginnings, Mary Angela Nangini's poems explore the birth and death of a relationship. The powerful poems are presented in two parts with an introduction to her next book My Ontario Beautiful. (This book will soon be available and re-printed in hard cover.)...  Barnes &   


The Quaking Aspen
 by MaryAngela Nangini
Nature teaches interdependence......

Poured Vessel
 by MaryAngela Nangini
This poem uses the 10-word challenge by Contemporary Verse2: 1. Vessel 2. Filament 3. Proof 4. Article 5. Thorax 6. Wrench 7. Buckle 8. Sienna 9. Rattle 10. Nervous ...

The Silences
 by MaryAngela Nangini
Silence is essential for learning because silence teaches from within......

Your Words
 by MaryAngela Nangini
Overcoming abuse by words....

 by MaryAngela Nangini
rationalism falls short in the use of reason...

 by MaryAngela Nangini
The day, the hour, the moment.... of rest...

Multi-Spiraling Liquid Thinking
 by MaryAngela Nangini
"Liquid Thinking" - a new terminology invention by Nangini, to describe flexible thinking that exemplifies the new mind that according to de Bono, rejects 'rock logic', embraces 'water logic' and ...

Encaustic Energy Orbits - EEOs
 by MaryAngela Nangini
-personal/group energy trapped in destructive habitual behaviours (DHBs) or constructive habitual behaviours (CHBs)...

 by MaryAngela Nangini
It is easier being hypocritical than being genuine. ...

 by MaryAngela Nangini
-curiosity mingled with regret; the double bind...

If I Start
 by MaryAngela Nangini
-possible excuses for putting off responsibility?...

 by MaryAngela Nangini
Repetition traps -blocks to creativity; mindless distraction vs mindful attention...

The Modern Curse
 by MaryAngela Nangini
-environmental issues, pollutants...

 by MaryAngela Nangini
Prerequisites to solutions-finding....

 by MaryAngela Nangini
Published in the anthology, Great Lakes logia, (Broken Jaw Press, 2001) as part of A COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION OF ART, POETRY AND WRITING ON THE GREAT LAKES, at Harbourfront Toronto; A view of Lake Ontari...

 by MaryAngela Nangini
Missing out on the rewards of relationships....

Apex of Achievement
 by MaryAngela Nangini
Human Potential has its Shadow....

 by MaryAngela Nangini
Manitoulin is a reprint from My Ontario Beautiful, and featured in the anthology Great Lakes Logia that was part of A COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION OF ART, POETRY AND WRITING ON THE GREAT LAKES, at Harbourfro...


The Four Phases of Being: Overlaid Bisociations
 by MaryAngela Nangini
Brief summary of The Four Phases of Being as Overlaid Bisociations...

Abstract: The Theory of The Four Phases of Being
 by MaryAngela Nangini
The Four Phases of Being are identified and briefly explained....

The Four Phases of Being
 by MaryAngela Nangini
Human Potential and Its Shadow: Categorized as the movement process towards Spiritual Competence through intentional learning for the development of The Four Phases of Being. It is in "Being Metaphor"...

Being Metaphor: A Metacognitive Strategy Part II
 by MaryAngela Nangini
Being Metaphor incorporates efficacies of other models for transformative learning...

Being Metaphor: A Metacognitive Strategy Part I
 by MaryAngela Nangini
From Attribute Listening/Listing to Analogy to "Being Metaphor" is a metacognitive strategy that helps to develop human potential and to harness and transform the human shadow to free up and restore ...


Rielo World Mystical Poetry Prize finalists 2001
Mary Angela Nangini, Brampton, Ontario, Canada: one of 11 finalists

Human Potential and Its Shadow
Overviews of Nangini's theory and poetry on human potential from at its best, as Spiritual Competence, to its worst, Amoral Intelligence

photo-haiku archives for nangini

What Is Enlightenment? Introduction
An interview with Scientist Brian Swimme who, with Thomas Berry (an Ecotheologian), co-authored The Universe Story (Harper Collins, 1992)in which The Cosmogenetic Principle is highlighted as a derivative of Einstein's Principle of Cosmogenesis. Nangini's metacognitive strategy, "Being Metaphor" translates The Genetic Principle, and is an Ethical and Moral Response to the Three Genetic Principles (Watson).

Additional information

1) Mary Angela is Host of 2 Radio Programs at Holy Mother World Networks Radio Maria Canada: Hungry For The Spirit on Monday Nights and Poet's Corner on Friday Nights, 6:05-7:05 p.m. 2) Mary Angela's scripts "The Way of the Cross" and "The Nativity" is performed yearly since 2002/03 on Good Friday and Christmas at St. Mary's Church, Brampton. The performances include the participation of 50 to 100 youths and adults in the cast and crew, choir, musical groups, choral speakers and other volunteers. 3)Mary Angela's manuscript "The Beholden" was one of 12 finalists for The Fernando Rielo World Mystical Poetry Prize for 2001, among 205 works from 21 countries. Please find the announcement at the Links 1 website below: 4) Poetry reading: Gage Park in Brampton during the Summer Concerts in the Park, 2001 and 2002. 5) Featured in the Great Lakes Logia anthology: A Collective Exhibition of Art, Poetry and Writing on the Great Lakes. 5) Poetry reading on July 12, 2001 at Harbourfront, Toronto

Contact Information

The Egg Shell
42 Brookview Road 
Brampton, Ontario     L6X 2V9   Canada
 MaryAngela Nangini
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