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Background in NY/LA entertainment and arts, Now Novelist/Poet/Humanist. Two novels published: ECHOSIS, 3 WAY MIRROR. Poems published in "Said and Unsaid" Vol 1. In 2012 - 2 volumes of my poetry were published: "Prosetry at Work," and "Perceptions" (The latter as photo/prosetry art book on Lulu) I am especially intrigued with prosetry and slam poetry artists, especially those who come across wit


 I've been fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on your POV) to have worked a lifetime in film, stage, TV and writing.  Influences have been too many to mention, but some of primary importance have been: David Foster Wallace, Travanian,  Paddy Chayefsky, Fellini, Ingmar Bergman,  Henry Miller, Christopher Hitchens, Norman Mailer  and Ray Kurzweil. 


Birth Place: Salt Lake, UT America

Accomplishments: Directing Drama-Logue Award


ECHOSIS by Odin Roark
What causes America's mainstream media to fear and try to destroy a group of artists and their work? What happens when such a creative movement grows in strength and threatens media's bottom line? Why would extremists find it necessary to take action against such a colony of artists?...

Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.comiPOV BOOKS 

Perceptions by Odin Roark
"Perceptions" is a Limited Edition book of prosetry and photos where prose and verse are interrelated to explore philosophical ideas....

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Prosetry at Work by Odin Roark
This book represents a thirty-day period of my poetry journal. Each poem addresses the dominant thoughts occupying my mind during the early morning hours of a given day....


Said and Unsaid - Vol 1 by Odin Roark
The anthology includes 10 of my poems. On book shelves in March 2012...

Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.com 

3 WAY MIRROR by Odin Roark
3 WAY MIRROR is about a lost identity as experienced by a twenty-eight-year old who thinks he's Charles Randall, until strange events suggest otherwise....


Short Stories

 by Odin Roark
A short piece of prosetry/flash fiction addressing the generations of more than one underprivileged class having to continually deal with derogatory and racist terms thrown at them. Only the ignorant...

Poetic Injustice
 by Odin Roark
Just some crazy flash fiction. ...

Letter To Friends
 by Odin Roark
As writers, making friends can be difficult. Even harder is the keeping of them, unless…...

Cave Cracks
 by Odin Roark
A flash fiction look into the idea that everyone possesses what they think is a particularly “special identity,” a pattern of behavior that is uniquely there’s. (Image by Robbie Shone)...

Bubble Choices
 by Odin Roark
Mixing one’s thinking between prose and verse is rather revealing sometimes. You start off thinking there’s a poem there, then you discover it’s more like flash fiction, or maybe something else trying...

Like No Other
 by Odin Roark
Picturing unusual points of view for first person story telling brings on some interesting challenges. Thought I'd experiment a bit. Hopefully, it works. ...

Surreal Dummy--Still Here
 by Odin Roark
(2nd draft) A bit of prosetry and flash fiction on the art of seeing what is arguably (to me, anyway) important to be seen. How about this neon outfit, eh?...


We Sometimes Weep
 by Odin Roark
What really makes the fingers grip the pen and write, or tap out a pattern of keys resulting in words that somehow usually make sense, even though we gaze at the paper and scratch our heads often with...

Happiness Is...
 by Odin Roark
Okay, I was ready for this, and didn’t know it. Stumbled onto “Live in Cuba” a recent release of Wynton Marsalis, the concert grand of brass, blowing the sounds that always make the vibrations of goo...

Maybe Tomorrow Night?
 by Odin Roark
To live in New York is to meet all kinds of aloneness. Late night sitting in a subway car, you experience a lot of one-way prosetry conversations. Some real. Some… (Crayon image by Clar Lieu)...

MIrror, Mirror...
 by Odin Roark
One has to wonder from time to time why we are so compelled to never pass a mirrored surface without looking and seeing... (Image by Luciana Urtiga)...

Projectiles In A Cup
 by Odin Roark
Many years ago I viewed a European film called “Hunger,” the story of a homeless man living on park benches in the middle of a Scandinavian winter and writing poems with the stub of a pencil. The imag...

Revisiting Culture Rot
 by Odin Roark
As a departure from my usual focus, I came across some words that needed Slamming. Our 3rd world problems notwithstanding, “modern” man just doesn't seem to know when to stop. But, it’s all good fo...

 by Odin Roark
As the multi-guised flowers of the living sprout to life, should we not allow the paradox of life and death remind us there may not be much growth of any kind without the compost of passing? ...


Discipline of the artist
 by Odin Roark
An article from the esteemed Eric Maisel, whose life as a counselor and therapist for artists, as well as writing numerous books, shares a lifetime of study and evaluation of the artist in society. B...

The Dogs of Sochi
 by Odin Roark
Mr. Olberman still has a touch....

A Crow With Super Smarts
 by Odin Roark
Watch this and marvel....

Targets Be Warned
 by Odin Roark
Sometimes, even a poet has to vent. Just listen to the 911 calls put on line 12/4 for the shooting rampage at Sandy Hook and ask just one question: WTF is wrong with this country? This is not a p...

Simple Times (an observation)
 by Odin Roark
With technological devices providing so much escape today, along with the inherent “Big Brother” thumb print, there’s reason to consider what we might miss of the little remaining reality we can tou...

Cavemen in Tuxedos (an editorial)
 by Odin Roark
The world’s accelerated chaos begs perhaps unanswerable questions. One must regret it’s not an American exclusive problem....

Ghost Town Ghosts
 by Odin Roark
The country’s leadership is in a shambles… elections carried forth for the right reasons are a joke. Where might the awakening reside?...


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