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My family tree is a huge ole magnolia being choked and twisted by a gnarled vine of white wisteria. I am a true child of the South. Savannah, Ga., is my home although I was born on a dark and stormy night in the South Carolina Low Country (Beaufort,SC). I never knew my birth mother; my father and step-mother died when I was 22. I have been married to my best friend for over 30 years and I have a s



Education: East Carolina University; University of North Carolina Wilmington:   majoring in languages(emphasis English grammar and creative writing and French) and philosophy- religion. 40 years later I went a little nuts and re-enrolled in college (2008) I am currently attending a north Virginia university and studying theology with a view toward elevating my degree(Liberty University).

Married for 30+ years to husband John. One son; one grandson. I also have a step son from my husband's first marriage. We call florida our home now but spend a lot of time in the Carolinas. My sister lives in Savannah, Ga.

My ancestry dribbles all the way back through the War of Northern Aggression (Civil War for those of you who are not Southern). The list includes names such as Langford, Pinckeny, Rivers, Cleland,Youmans, Parrish, DeSassure, Warth, Moultrie, Traegar, Arndt and DeLoach. As a descendant of Eliza Pinckney, I married a descendant of Samuel Horry.The Tullifinny, May, Cooper, Santee, Savannah and Cosaw rivers run in my veins. The Low Country is my home and though I may leave it; it will never leave me. Life in the South since the 1940's has affected and directed my stories.  Although caucasion, I spent time as a child on Daufuskie Island in the care of a Gullah woman who had worked for my grandfather in his oyster business. I still hang blue bottles in the trees to keep away the bad spirits. I would paint my front door blue if my daughter-in-law would let me get away with it.

I believe that as a writer you must write about the things you know or have lived. You will find myself and my friends hidden in the characters in my books.

One of my best friends summed it all up when she gave me this shirt for Christmas last year. It says "CAREFUL OR YOU WILL END UP IN  MY NOVEL" (she DID). You would be amazed at how many people want a chapter devoted to them.

In  my previous college days I studied languages and religions. My Philosophy and Religion professor was my mentor and he opened up my brain and eyes with lost and forgotten books of religions and histories.  I would give anything to be able to study in the Holy Land but the current conditions there prevent such a thing in safety. I feel an affinity with the world at the beginning of the mystery religions and Gnosticism and Christianity. I am curretly expanding my knowledge in the arena of  Theology.

I wish I could have studied archaeology when I was younger but if the situations in the mid east were better, I would jump at the chance to do it now; brittle bones and  all!

I look forward to one day owning a place on Daufuskie Island where I can write and be close to this island Garden of Eden.


Birth Place: Beaufort, SC USA

Accomplishments: American Dairy Asssociation ad award "Think Moo; WE do."
Swift's turkey ad award "yea, verily it is time to talketh turkey"


Magdalene Chronicles in KINDLE by Pinckney D Rivers
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How to get revenge on your EX and what you should know before marrying the by Pinckney D Rivers
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Aunt Sugar's Guide to the Tea Party Movement for the Conservatively Challen by Pinckney D Rivers
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FAR MEMORY: On the Trail of the Grail; Book 2 of The Magdalene Chronicles by Pinckney D Rivers
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The Followers of the Magdalene Book One of The Magdalene Chronicles series by Pinckney D Rivers
introduction to characters in the series as well as the myths, legends and conspiracy theories surrounding the life of Mary Magdalene and her association with the man known through out history as Jesus of Nazareth. Introduces the mystery of the series as well as the players. Fictional account of descendant of mary Magdalene...

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Writer's Retreat N.C. Coastal island
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New writer's retreat now open in NC on the coast....

Now in Kindle versions; Magdalene series
 by Pinckney D Rivers
bks 1 & 2 Magdalene Chronicles avail. in kindle...

Writer's retreat apartment for rent
 by Pinckney D Rivers
rental retreat 4 rent summer months on barrier NC island ...

Newest Book on the Tea Party Movement
 by Pinckney D Rivers
a concise guide to the tea party movement for Liberals and other conservatively challenged people....

Atlantis Rising Magazine and The Magdalene Chronicles
 by Pinckney D Rivers
new ad coming out...

Available Oct 1 SuzenWuerth.com
 by Pinckney D Rivers
Book Two order information...

Published: On the Trail of the Grail #2 The Magdalene Chronicles
 by Pinckney D Rivers
In print today and in the catalogues, bookstores, online stores in 14 days....


Aunt Sugars Guide to the Tea Party Movement for the Conservatively Challenged
Guide to the current tea party movement. Tongue-in-cheek guide so that Liberals will understand what the movement stands for.

Additional information

Aunt Sugar's Guide to: a series of guides to every day things of interest. Just out: Aunt Sugar's Guide to the Tea Party Movement for the Conservatively Challenged. How to Get Reveng on your EX and 20 Things You Need to Learn Before You Marry Your NEXT.

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