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Peter Egan is a 31 year old entrepreneur (medical equipment, supplies and supplements) from Long Beach, Mississippi.


Peter Egan is a 32 year old entrepreneur who resides in Long Beach, Mississippi. He owns a retail business specializing in medical equipment & supplies including incontinence products, mobility aids and bathroom safety devices; as well as nutritional supplements, maternity supports, postpartum and baby care products.

Peter began writing professionally in 1999 at the age of 17 during his senior year of high school. After being taught how to write effectively by one Andre LeBlanc of Covington, Louisiana, he took a job as a sports stringer and feature writer for a publication then known as The NewsBanner, a local newspaper that now goes by the name of St. Tammany News.

Mr. LeBlanc was Peter's high school English teacher during his junior and senior years of high school. He was particularly tough on Peter, who excelled enough that his teacher held him to a higher standard than the majority of his peers, a decision that profoundly influenced Peter's development as a writer and started him on the career path on which he now finds himself.

During the summer of 2005, Peter began selling tourist trinkets from the French Market in downtown New Orleans online, primarily using Ebay. His efforts were an immediate success, and by late August his efforts to increase his spending money had become a full-blown business.

The success was short lived, as August 29 of that year the levees broke, flooding New Orleans, destroying nearly 20 outgoing shipments Peter had delivered to the post office prior to evacuating, and shutting down his supply chain.

The setback didn't last long. After power was restored near the hospital in Covington, Louisiana in mid-September, Peter was back at it - only this time with a different product line. Instead of voodoo dolls, feather masks and Mardi Gras beads, Peter staked a claim to a retail medical equipment store in Covington, LA.

At the time, the store was owned by a division of Peter father's Metairie and Covington, Louisiana home health care company. He rebranded his Ebay Store to accommodate the new line of product, and began listing all of the items stocked within the store, writing unique product descriptions for each and every one.

As time went on and sales increased - eventually surpassing the store itself and later all four of the companies retail storefronts - Peter began to teach himself website design, online marketing strategies and related skills necessary to grow his web-based business. By Christmas of 2005, his company had attained the #1 overall spot in Yahoo and MSN search for the term "medical equipment", and was highly visible for a number of product-specific terms and phrases, resulting in a rapid increase in sales for which the company was unprepared.

After deciding to return to college to complete his degree, Peter turned over the business to his father's company, and the sales eventually slowed. The store was closed less than two years later.

However, the man who started it all didn't miss a beat. He went on to found, a domain registrar and web hosting firm that specializes in DIY website and e-commerce software, while simultaneously developing a number of health, medicine and nutrition-related websites.

The very first of these was a site built for his mother, Pamela Egan, who now is a world-famous health columnist and nurse practitioner who specializes in anti-aging and preventive care.

Pamela was the first-ever journalist or health columnist to report on the scientific breakthrough regarding the distinction between two forms of vitamin D known as vitamin D2 and D3, respectively. It was her that first reported that the latter, vitamin D3, which is obtained through exposure to sunlight, is vastly superior to D2, which is synthetic and manufactured from botanical ingredients. Whereas D2 offers few health benefits when ingested orally as a supplement, D3 has been shown to reverse Vitamin D Deficiency, which has been scientifically linked to increased odds for developing close to 50 different illnesses, diseases and conditions.

At the time NP Egan's story first broke, D2 was the form used in virtually all multivitamin and nutritional supplements, while D3 was still relatively obscure. As a result of her reporting, the tables have been completely reversed with regard to the prevalence of D3 versus D2 in foods and supplements. Now, it is virtually impossible to find D2 in supplement form in developed countries, although a small handful of supplement manufacturers do still use it in their products.

Peter first published Pam's article, which was originally written and published in a local newspaper now known as the St. Tammany News, on her website. Word got around, and her article has now been plagiarized thousands of times by thousands of different journalists, bloggers and websites. However, NP Egan became famous in the process, and is now widely regarded as among the nation's premiere health columnists and experts in nutrition, anti-aging and preventive medicine.

These days, NP Egan writes almost exclusively for her own website and blog, as she is very busy seeing patients and managing her two businesses: the Egan Wellness and Anti-Aging Clinic and the Egan Skin Care Spa of Covington.

Due to his vast knowledge and experience with healthcare, medicine and nutrition-related topics resulting from growing up in a family in which every member works as some sort of healthcare professional, the vast majority of Peter's writing involves topics related to health, wellness, nutrition and medicine. While he lacks the initials that appear after the names of doctors and nurse practitioners, he is nonetheless extraordinarily knowledgable and qualified to write about the aforementioned topics.

Birth Place: New Orleans, LA United States

Accomplishments: Peter has built a burgeoning media empire that begin will less than $200 in start-up capital that now boasts more than a dozen websites in addition to his executive position in the medical equipment firm founded by his father.


Vitamin D3: The Miracle of Sunshine by Peter F Egan
Over the past decade, scientists have discovered a myriad of ways in which vitamin D3, a nutrient/hormone primarily absorbed from exposure to sunlight, helps stave off dozens of diseases while boosting the immune system and improving overall health....

Vitamin D3 Blog

Short Stories

Among My More Flattering Moments as an Author
 by Peter F Egan
I was once told by a fellow campaign staffer my ghostwriting on behalf of a very famous U.S. Senator was insufficient, with the reason being among the more flattering moments of my writing career....


Schizophrenics Over 200% More Likely to be Vitamin D Deficient
 by Peter F Egan
A new meta analysis of studies relating to vitamin D deficiency and schizophrenia has left researchers stunned after research showed that vitamin D deficient individuals had in excess of a 200% higher...

Proper Hygiene Important for People of All Ages, Shapes and Sizes
 by Peter F Egan
Most of us take personal hygiene for granted. However, for certain individuals, getting clean can be both challenging and potentially dangerous....

How to Prevent Post-Nasal Drip
 by Peter F Egan
The key to preventing post-nasal drip is to not engage in risky behaviors such as intranasal drug use, while making sure to eat a healthy diet and/or supplement with the following vitamins, minerals a...

Why Don't Americans Use Bidets?
 by Peter F Egan
Americans like to think of themselves and their (our) society as being on the cutting edge of everything. However, when it comes to bathroom hygiene, America is viewed by many other cultures as being ...

Knee Injuries: ACL vs Patellar Tendon
 by Peter F Egan
Not all knee injuries are created equal. While many if not most casual sports fans and even amateur athletes themselves are unaware of the different types of knee injuries and the nuances that disting...

New Moms 500% More Likely to Give Birth to Drug-Addicted Baby
 by Peter F Egan
A new study states that the number of babies being born addicted to drugs, particularly opioid painkillers, has increased by around 500% from 2000-2009....

Bone and Joint Pain: Causes and Treatments
 by Peter F Egan
A dietary imbalance consisting of a sugar intake that is too high and an insufficient intake of omega 3 fatty acids can lead to significantly increased insulin levels, which speads inflammation throug...

Vitamin D Deficiency and Cognitive Decline in Women
 by Peter F Egan
A recent study involving more than 6,000 female participants has concluded that those women who suffered from vitamin D deficiency were most likely relative to those who did not suffer from vitamin D ...

Home Medical Equipment Helps Man Cope with Broken Leg
 by Peter F Egan
An elderly man maintains his ability to live independently despite suffering a broken leg thanks in no small part to technological advancements with home medical equipment products....

Breastfeeding First 48 Hours Post-Birth Essential for Baby's Health
 by Peter F Egan
Breastmilk is the perfect food for your baby, and is a great way for you and your baby to stay healthy and close. The following guidelines will help you meet your baby’s needs in the first few days of...

Rise in Infants Suffering from Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Alarming
 by Peter F Egan
In just a decade, the number of infants being born as drug addicts has grown by five times what it had been ten years prior. This is a disturbing trend for multiple reasons, the rate-of-increase being...

Why Doctors Check Your Pulse (Heart Rate)
 by Peter F Egan
Most everyone has been to a doctor's appointment for a general checkup, to receive a diagnosis or a myriad of other medical reasons. While we all know that the first thing the nurse does after the pa...


Radio Host Unearths New Video of Rev. Wright Unhinged
 by Peter F Egan
Talk radio host James Parker of Rush Radio 99.5 WRNO New Orleans has apparently uncovered a brand-new video of Barack Obama's former pastor Jeremiah Wright going off completely unhinged on another ran...

Vitamin D Helps Increase Testosterone in Men
 by Peter F Egan
A new study by Harvard scientists has confirmed a link between vitamin D supplementation and a subsequent increase in testosterone levels of men taking the supplements....


Peter Egan - Official Site is the official website of Peter Egan. The site features background and professional information, as well as Peter's official blog and a contact form.

Fat Lester's Domain Name Blog
The official blog of Fat Lester is a pen-name/alias used by Mr. Egan in his early years as an e-commerce entrepreneur and professional. The blog focuses primarily on topics related to domain names, domain industry news and web development-related topics.

Egan Medical Equipment and Supply is the website for Peter's retail medical equipment and supply business. Egan Medical was founded in January of 2011 by Mr. Egan as a subsidiary of his father's home health care, skilled nursing and hospice corporation.

Vitamin D3 Blog
The Vitamin D3 Blog is the web's most comprehensive resource for news and information about the profound effects of vitamin D3 on human health. Peter is the Editor-in-Chief for the website, and has personally authored a number of its more popular articles and posts.

Additional information

With great success comes great responsibility, and this fact has not gone unnoticed by Mr. Egan. In 2011 and 2012, Peter helped raise money for MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) and Safe Harbor, an organization that helps combat domestic violence and human trafficking while providing shelter to abused women and children. He also founded his own charitable organization, As the name suggests, the organization specializes in building free websites for churches and hosting them completely free-of-charge. Peter also recently announced the debut of his new personal website, which can be found at

Contact Information

Egan Medical Equipment and Supply
124 E Second Street 
Long Beach   MS   39560   United States

 Peter F Egan
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