Pia Shannon

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Spiritual Life Coaching - astrology creates vision time - allows space for the inner Self to emerge. Poems are the guts of us - a few poignant words speak volumes.


I’d like to introduce myself – my name is Pia Shannon.

 I am a professional Astrologer of 20 years and I live on the West Coast in Australia.

I focus on the transformational aspect of Astrology meaning that free will verus fate that we ultimately all have choices in how we deal with our lives and that crisis is a natural consequence of change which necessitate growth and renewal.

An understanding of Astrology, why we were born at a particular time can give incredible insight in the workings of our lives and psyche. What our talents are, where we are blocked and hindered, what our needs are etc. What our karmic path is and where we are in our evolution journey. Astrology being the science of time and cycles can give us incredible information about when it is positive for us to act and change and why certain things appear to be happening to us – or not!! Becoming conscious of our own individual needs and idiosyncrasies can be extremely helpful and often gives us a sense of relief when we understand the workings of our emotions and mind.

I am a believer in karma and reincarnation and that we do not come into this world with a clean slate. Amongst my specialities is relationship karma, we all tend to attract the relationship most needed for our learning or often for our reward. I also focus on life path and direction and self awareness and understanding which is gleaned from your personal horoscope. Time cycles, called transits are an important aspect of astrology which we all benefit from when wanting to understand ourselves or for planning our lives, to maximise the intent or purpose behind our goals and personal needs.

I am available in Australia 0413 085 540 for personal consultations, My skyke address is pia.shannon1

I look forward to becoming aquainted with you and gaining your support.

I am also presently conducting workshops and classes, phone Pia for details.

Please include your name, sex, birth date, birth time and place of birth with your order.

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Please email specific questions regarding career changes or job prospects .....


Pia Shannon

Telephone Australia: 0413 085 540  

Telephone International: 61413 085 540

Skype pia.shannon1

Email: pianthus@hotmail.com




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Birth Place: Cawsand,  England

Accomplishments: astrology certificate
spiritual healing certicate
international poetry award
Bachelor of Metaphysics


 by Pia Shannon
Being centred and creative is being in the flow of life...

The Window
 by Pia Shannon
when i was a child i experience my mother as an enigma someone out of reach ...

 by Pia Shannon
the stilness of early morning inspired this write...

The Ball
 by Pia Shannon

 by Pia Shannon
we can learn the hard way through suffering or grasp the moment and live now....just pondering...

 by Pia Shannon

 by Pia Shannon
if we listen with our inner ear we know all there is know and that becomes our creative journey...

Medley of thoughts
 by Pia Shannon
just thinking...

 by Pia Shannon
Watching the crow I learnt a great deal...

 by Pia Shannon
The mind is our false god keeping us prisoners to outmoded belief patterns...

 by Pia Shannon
we live in a timeless trap of repetitive thinking always the same old stuff...

 by Pia Shannon
To be or not to be - the forever internal conflict...

 by Pia Shannon
Loves longing can be bitter sweet...

 by Pia Shannon
Loves longing can be bitter sweet...

 by Pia Shannon
The rapture of return loves longing...............

 by Pia Shannon
Human behaviour tends to mask ones authentic self with expectation............

 by Pia Shannon
Lack of self esteem can play havoc in a persons world especially where playfulness and creativity is concerned...

Arid is the urban sprawl
 by Pia Shannon
Soulless and meaningless is life without nature, no green, no flowers, only concrete and the constant hum of robotic life,...

 by Pia Shannon
Lacerations, pain foreboding consumes this body...

the Ache
 by Pia Shannon
Conflict - the eternal truth of duality...

 by Pia Shannon
When the hand of fate Wields it heavy hand...

Precious One
 by Pia Shannon
love is a many splendid thing...

 by Pia Shannon
life is so simple can't have that...

 by Pia Shannon
There in the mists of dawn Fires burning,...

Time space endurance
 by Pia Shannon
forgiveness is like a silent, falling feather...


Solar Eclipse July 2009
 by Pia Shannon
Eclipses have always been used to determine cycles and the state of the nation...

Astrology and personal truth
 by Pia Shannon
An astrology reading can be very revealing and rewarding for those who like to think, brood and ponder.........


Spiritual Life Astrology creates vision time to realize Self from a heart centred compassionate view, to participate in ones journey with conscious intention.

Spiritual Life Astrology
allows vision time to bridge and heal the skisms in our psyche
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 Pia Shannon
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