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Dear poet friends, I have given Poetry Life & Times over to two new editors, Robin Ouzman Hislop and Amparo Arrospide. I edit a daily paper.li called Poetry Lifetimes, which is a sister journal to Poetry Life & Times.


See below for three video links... videos from my new e-book, Worlds Inside The Head.

I have recently added a new sinister poetry video called The Obsessive, which is a poem in 2 parts. Part 1 is the Victim speaking; part 2 is The Stalker. See embedded YouTube video, just click to play.


1: Click here to watch & hear the RealMedia video: Missing (poem)

2: Click here to watch & hear WMV video: Poor Old Mrs. Postlethwaite  (poem)

3. Excerpt from "Fields of Lilies" filmed in W. Sussex, England (poem)

4Click here to watch & hear WMV video: Sales Warriors (poem)

5: NEW! Click here to watch The Insomniac's Prayer video, March 2011

The Sales Warriors video has been linked to some unusual pages including several blogs and a commercial website about the January Sales here in the UK.

AOL users: Try pasting the URLs into Internet Explorer, with AOL running. Then click the link. Also AOL's preferences can be set so that its default player is not automatically triggered - see Settings, top of screen.

The second video is a WMV file, which should work on most new versions of Windows Media Player.

Audio 1: Recital of my poem Temptation by Natasha, from London's XFM radio  
(Natasha is the sexy-voiced DJ who used to host XFM's "chill out" zone but now does far more. XFM can be found on the internet, or 104.8 FM. She read this poem of mine aloud some years ago, as part of a drive to get us to email in erotic poems - and I was lucky enough to tape it just in time.)


Accomplishments: Have won two internet arts awards from Kedco Studios Artist Profile Press, also Poesie Laissez Faire Foire virtual web award and other website awards.


The Phonix Rising From The Ashes by Sara L Russell
Edited by Richard Vallance. I am proud to be published in this exciting new anthology of sonnets...

Price: $22.99 (eBook)

Quickies by Sara L Russell
Co-written with Patricia DiMiere. Kedco's latest Multimedia CD-ROM. Quickies is fun, funky and often rather naughty! Less trouble than men, less fattening than chocolate, this collection of short erotic stories could help women readers to beat those winter blues......

Kedco's info page on this CD* 

Pinky's Little Book of Shadows by Sara L Russell
An e-book of poems on CD ROM with video and audio recitals, with impressive graphics and midi music...

Amazon.comKedco's page on this CD plus order button 

Worlds Inside The Head by Sara L Russell
Exciting new multimedia poetry book, with videos, 3D illustrations, PDFs & animations!...

Kedco info page on this CD with Checkout form* 

Spiders and Gliders by Sara L Russell
An adult satirical sci fi story set in a future unified European super state...

  Download Free Preview!

Spiders & Gliders info page* 

A Way With Words by Sara L Russell
Four poetry books in one, each one is also available on a separate CD e-book. It contains sound and video recitals....

Kedco's CD listings page 

Short Stories

The Perils of Drink
 by Sara L Russell
This is a mildly-erotic short story with women readers in mind, from my Quickies CD (2 collections of stories, the other author is Patricia di Miere) ...

Serial: Lorna's Shadow #1
 by Sara L Russell
I am making this thriller into a serial exclusively here on AuthorsDen. New episodes will be added as time allows. Even I don't know how it will end yet! Note 15th April 2002: Episode 2 i...


Outbreak of Peace
 by Sara L Russell
This poem is as much about war as it is about peace. Inspired by Biblical and lyric styles....

A Cat's Life
 by Sara L Russell
The exhausting business of being a cat....

Come Back
 by Sara L Russell
For Reigate School of Art & Design (now demolished) and Janice Cook (who tragically died of cancer recently)....

I, Critic
 by Sara L Russell
(I am critic, hear me roar.)...

 by Sara L Russell
Sonnet with video by Sara L Russell aka pinkyandrexa...

Dull Days in the Parallel Universe
 by Sara L Russell
Every day was the same... until......

A Lullaby for New York
 by Sara L Russell
(A 9/11 Poem)...


How To Make An A5 Poetry Chapbook
 by Sara L Russell
(For those with Windows-based PCs and experience of word-processing rather than typesetting)...

The most exquisite poem I have ever read is...
 by Sara L Russell
Black Marigolds, also known as the Chaurapanchasika: The Fifty Stanzas of Chauras. Translated from the Sanskrit by E. Powys Mathers, with great skill and sensitivity, for us all to enjoy. To me it is ...

The Case for The Existence of Ghosts...
 by Sara L Russell
[Ghosts, theories - and the strange case of Ordsall Hall...!]...

Tips On Making Video Poetry Recitals
 by Sara L Russell
This article is for poets who have web cams, wishing to have a go at making their own poetry recitals, to submit to e-book publishers (on a CD ROM). ...

UK 2002: The Culture of Spite
 by Sara L Russell
Exploring the disturbing trend of abuse presented as humour ...

How To - and How Not To - Make a Literary Website
 by Sara L Russell
Is your poetry or fiction website an inspiration or an irritation to others? Take a step back, maybe it's time for a site face lift this January... ...

For Poets: Coping With Writer's Block....
 by Sara L Russell
This article is mainly for poets, especially those who may sometimes experience a depressingly empty time in their creativity. ...


Sara's 5 mins of TV fame on BBC4 Romance Documentary
 by Sara L Russell
My recent appearance on BBC4's "Reader, I Married Him"...

Sara L. Russell: More Multimedia Poetry Coming Soon
 by Sara L Russell
[watch this space for more video and audio poems from Sara L. Russell]...

Poetry Life & Times arrives on mobile phone screens!
 by Sara L Russell
(Great news for poets with WAP-enabled phones with colour screens)...

Poetry Life & Times March 2004 issue: Jeff Mason...
 by Sara L Russell
Poetry Life & Times March 2004: an interview with AuthorsDen poet Jeff Mason, winner of the sixth AuthorsDen poetry contest....

Poetry Life & Times up-to-date at last...
 by Sara L Russell
Now that I am out of hospital, Poetry Life & Times is back on track.......

Still in hospital but bits of me getting better
 by Sara L Russell
[Latest news on Sara Russell, Editor of Poetry Life & Times, from hospital cyber cafe]...

Poetry Life & Times features Dani...
 by Sara L Russell
Last issue of 2003... Merry Christmas everyone. Read interview with Dani, first contest winner on Authorsden......


Poetry Lifetimes
Sister journal to Poetry Life & Times. Updates every day at 19:30 UK time.

Sara L. Russell's Poetry page on Angelfire
A selection of my work, plus a news cuttings page

Home Page of Kedco Studios Artist Profile Press
My publisher's website.

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