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"Omnia mea, mecum porto." (All that's mine, I carry with me.)


Steven Merrill Ulmen is a retired probation officer. He and his wife, Mickie, moved back to Mankato, MN, Steve's home town, in 2007. They have two adult children, Matthew, residing in East Wenatchee, Washington, and Laura Estby, residing in Anoka, MN. Steve grew up watching the great old westerns on TV and now enjoys writing western novels. "Toby Ryker" is now in print through Lulu.com. A sequel novel entitled "Deadwood Days," is also in print, and a prequel novel "The Revenge of Little Crow," is being written at this time. He has branched off into other areas, however, and has written a short story, "Van Gogh's Peasant," based on the Van Gogh sketch, "Peasant with Sickle, Seen from the Back," which adorns the cover. It is written as an allegory, and is available through Publish America. Two screenplays, one based on the novel, "Toby Ryker," and a second one, "Hawkins County," also have been written and are registered with the Writers Guild of America west. "Hawkins County" is a memoir based on the author's early career as a Juvenile Probation Officer in a small, rural county in the 1970's. "Hawkins County" also has been written in novel format and soon will appear in the Authorsden bookstore and at this site. Finally, "One Tin Soldier," a short stage play or teleplay about terrorism with a Christmas theme, is currently being reviewed. It is especially poignant in light of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and the global terrorism the world faces today.

Birth Place: Mankato, MN 

Accomplishments: 34 year veteran probation officer, now enjoying retirement.
Associate member of the Western Writers of America.


Blood on the Prairie - A Novel of the Sioux Uprising by Steven M Ulmen
This novel is a re-write of "The Revenge of Little Crow" and tells the story of Minnesota's Sioux Uprising of 1862, and the subsequent execution by hanging at Mankato, MN of 38 Sioux warriors on December 26, 1862. This was the largest mass execution in United States history. Written by Steven M. Ulmen, a member of the Western Writers of America....

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Faces On The Clock by Steven M Ulmen
Faces On The Clock is the autobiography of Larry Bauer-Scandin, who for many yeaars was a professional foster parent in Minnesota....

Amazon.comFaces On The Clock 

The Revenge of Little Crow by Steven M Ulmen
"The Revenge of Little Crow" is the prequel novel to "Toby Ryker." A pre-release galley and an ebook version are now available from Lulu.com and by clickthrough at www.eagleentertainmentusa.com. This historical fiction novel features Ryker as a scout for the Sixth Minnesota Regiment headquartered at Fort Snelling. As the civil war rages in the south, Ryker finds himself right smack-dab in the mid...

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Toby Ryker by Steven M Ulmen
Toby Ryker, a colorful, likable old mountain man and lord-knows-what-all, moseys into the western town of Laramie and stirs up a saloon brawl just for the fun of it then collapses of a heart attack. Like J.B. Books in Swarthout's "The Shootist," Ryker spends the rest of this story coming to grips with his mortality. He looks up David Stewart, an old friend homesteading with his family, and the two...

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Hawkins County by Steven M Ulmen
A cocky, wise-cracking young Juvenile Probation Officer battles troubled lives and senseless deaths as he establishes a career and finds adventure, friendship, romance, and a new home in Hawkins County. Although fictionalized, this bittersweet story is based on actual people and events in a small, rural county. But "Hawkins County" is more than a corrections casework study. It is a trip back to th...

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Van Gogh's Peasant by Steven M Ulmen
I refer to Vincent Van Gogh's nameless, faceless image simply as "Van Gogh's Peasant." Like a ghostly specter he centers Van Gogh's canvas, locked forever in the endless task of harvesting the fruit of the land. He appears to be a farmer, possibly Amish, with his large, rough hands and a back permantly stooped from years of hard labor. This story releases the image from its canvas prison...

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Short Stories

The Legend of Mount Arnockers State Park
 by Steven M Ulmen
This short story is a satire based on the novel, "Hawkins County," soon to be released. It deals with state parks and how some of them come to receive their unusual names. It features a couple of char...

The Cannon River Odyssey
 by Steven M Ulmen
The Cannon River Odyssey was a vignette for the novel, "Hawkins County," soon to be released. It features two of the characters from the story, Jack Johnson, the young probation officder, and Rick Shu...


The Making of Western Folklore
 by Steven M Ulmen
This article first appeared at the Western Americana Blogspot of Dr. Susan Schrems, Ph.D., a historian and member of the Western Writers of America....


Faces On The Clock
 by Steven M Ulmen
This is the August 2010 Midwest Book review of Faces on the Clock....

True West Review - Blood on the Prairie - A novel of the Sioux Uprising
 by Steven M Ulmen
Review of Blood on the Prairie - A Novel of the Sioux Uprising, by William Garwood, True West Magazine, May 2009....

Johnny Boggs Endorses The Revenge of Little Crow
 by Steven M Ulmen
Johnny Boggs, award-winning western novelist who just won the 2008 Spur award for "Northfield," gave the following endorsement for "The Revenge of Little Crow," another Minnesota-based western novel b...

Midwest Book Review of "Hawkins County"
 by Steven M Ulmen
Attached as a download is the Midwest Book Review for Hawkins County...

Midwest Book Review - Revenge of Little Crow
 by Steven M Ulmen
Midwest Book Review of "The Revenge of Little Crow," October 2007 MBR Bookwatch, Dunford's Bookshelf. The Midwest Book Review provides a world class service for authors, and there is no charge for th...

Hanging Execution of Sioux Indians, Mankato, MN
 by Steven M Ulmen
This sketch appeared in Harper's Weekly on January 17, 1863, which was 22 days after this large execution occurred in Mankato, MN. Read about this event in the concluding chapter of "The Revenge of L...

Another Review of
 by Steven M Ulmen
Gloomwing.com review of "Hawkins County." ...


Eagle Entertainment USA
Contains a detailed bio and details of my various writings and book ordering information.

Western Writers of America
contains a link to my website under "contact authors."

Gloomwing POD Book Review
At the homepage on left at "Meet the Reviewers" contains a link to my website.

Lulu Self Publishing
contains a link to my storefront featuring two novels. A third novel, "Deadwood Days," is completed but not fetured because it is under consideration for publication by Avalon Books.

Additional information

I'd like to put in a plug for the Western Writers of America. You do not have to write westerns to belong to the WWA. You just have to write material that promotes the west, loosely defined as set west of the Mississippi River. And one novel length story will do it, whether traditionally published, POD published, or self published. If your writing fits within this broad perameter, you can become a member of the WWA and they will help with marketing, promotion, etc. The WWA is probably the writer's best kept secret in America. Check out their website. You'll be glad you did. UPDATE 3/11/06: Two short stories, "The Cannon River Odyyssey" and "The Legend of Mount Arnockers" are now available for free reading at this site. Both feature the characters from "Hawkins County," a novel soon to be available at authorsden. "The Cannon River Odyssey" is a download, and "The Legend of Mount Arnockers" is printed at the site. They were originally written as vignettes for the novel but did not make the final cut. I hope you enjoy them. "Van Gogh's Peasant" is now also available at authorsden in the literary fiction section. It was published by Publish America in June of 2004, and represents my first experiment in creative writing. The piece is nearly 30 years old, which gives you some idea of what an old codger I am! Oh well, writing is entertaining to me (and I hope to you) and it does keep me off the streets and out of the bars at night. And the royalties I've made off my books have me living in high style...I'm pushing the $25 dollar mark as I write this!! That's correct, you read that right, twenty-five big ones!! Fortunately, I don't expect to become wealthy off my books. My goal is to entertain, and if I succeed at that, it is all worthwhile.

Contact Information

Eagle Entertainment USA
130 Teton Lane #2 
Mankato   MN   56001  
 Steven M Ulmen
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