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I am a mom on a mission to educate myself, other adults, and children about the United States of America, its Founding, and its Founding Documents.



I hold a Ph.D in Sociology (and three other degrees) from USC. Fight on! I have been a licensed marriage, family, and child therapist since 1990, and worked for many years as a child mediator and evaluator. I established by my website, www.UnCommonCourtesy.com, in 1996 and wrote a bevy of motivational articles. In 2003, I began creating bingo games at the suggestion of my son's first grade teacher. UnCommonCourtesy.com soon became filled with a multitude of holiday, educational, party, patriotic, and religious bingo games that I have developed primarily by request.

In 2011 I began a new mission. I learned how little our children are taught about the founding of our great nation in the public schools. The Founders have been vilified, the Founding Documents are seldom read in detail, and traditions such as Thanksgiving are ignored. When in the world, I wondered, had it become controversial to teach children to be patriotic citizens? I began to use one of my existing websites, BingoforPatriots.com, to teach both adults and children about the Founding, the Founding Documents, and the treasures and traditions which are part of the United States of America. I have become a mom on a mission. It has become my passion to highlight "What IS Right with America" which is the name of my blog. You can subscribe to it on BingoforPatriots.com or on Facebook (www.facebook.com/bingoforpatriots). I hope to inspire patriotism in readers young and old. I also strive to educate others, from elementary school age students to adults, about people, documents, issues, events, and traditions associated with the United States which are now seldom found or often ignored int he curriculum of most schools.

I hope that you will join me on my mission and learn more about the history of our amazing country!






Everyone's Guide to the Constitution. Our Founding Document Outlined and De by Susan C Rempel
An essential resource appropriate for both adults and students to learn about the Constitution. The text in each section is accompanied by a description and outline. Unfamiliar terms are defined. Constitutional clauses and changes made by the amendment process are highlighted....

Price: $3.76 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.comBingo for Patriots 

In The Bill of Rights, The Framers Gave to Me by Susan C Rempel
In The Bill of Rights, The Framers Gave to Me...A Pictorial Journey Through The Bill of Rights. More than 70 images that will be interesting for adults and educational for students!...

Price: $2.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Bingo for Patriots 


They Spoke as One...Now it is Our Turn
 by Susan C Rempel
Connecting the words of the Founding Fathers with the 2012 election....

Drowning out the Drums…Staying Motivated to Vote in November!
 by Susan C Rempel
A bevy of strategies to stay focused and vote in the November election...

Conservative Parents Engage
 by Susan C Rempel
It's time for conservative parents to begin educating their children about the Founding, conservative principles, and patriotism....

Benjamin Franklin's Wise Words for the 2012 Elections
 by Susan C Rempel
Think the writings of the Founders are no longer relevant? I've brought the wise words of Dr. Franklin "up-to-date" for the 2012 elections. What updates can you add?...

What Does Your Child Know About Thomas Jefferson?
 by Susan C Rempel
If your child attends a public school, you may be surprised what students learn and how they are taught about American history, civic responsibility, and patriotism. Read here to find out more....

Say What? How the Battle Between Individual Liberty and Societal Norms Impa
 by Susan C Rempel
Have political correctness and societal norms caused you to self-censor your speech this holiday season? Your individual liberty and First Amendment rights are under attack! Let everyone around you kn...

Where’s the Party? Is Thanksgiving Fading From the Public School Curriculum
 by Susan C Rempel
How will your child celebrate Thanksgiving in the classroom this year? Will there be any celebration at all? The commemoration of the meal between the Pilgrims and Native Americans has changed in many...


Subscribe to American History for the Modern Patriot Podcast
 by Susan C Rempel
subscribe to Dr. Susan Rempel's weekly podcast that focuses on The US Founding, as well as America's traditions and treasures....

Learn more about the Bill of Rights with my new video
 by Susan C Rempel
Sing along to the 12 Days of Christmas as you learn more about the Bill of Rights with my new video: http://youtu.be/0nEYKxOZruE...

Watch My New Video: In the Bill of Rights, the Framers Gave to Me!
 by Susan C Rempel
Sing along to the tune of "The 12 Days of Christmas," and use this video in conjunction with Everyone's Guide to the Constitution. Watch the video here: http://youtu.be/944lCfvCFzQ...

Your Right To Ring in the Season
 by Susan C Rempel
Your right to celebrate the lighting of the National Christmas Tree is guaranteed by....Learn more with Everyone's Guide to the Constitution...

Play Thanksgiving Now and Then Bingo
 by Susan C Rempel
A fun and festive bingo game with food and Thanksgiving related traditions from the past and the present. ...

Play Valentine's Day Bingo
 by Susan C Rempel
It’s the perfect day to download a Valentine’s Day Bingo Game. Just $1.99 ...

Play the Thanksgiving Then and Now Bingo Game
 by Susan C Rempel
Download the Thanksgiving Then and Now Bingo Game for as little as $1.99!...


Bingo for Patriots
500+ pages about America's Founding, Founding Documents, Traditions and Treasures.

UnCommon Courtesy
100+ printable holiday, religious, educational, and patriotic bingo games with prices starting at just $1.99

What IS Right With America Blog
My blog focuses on America's Founding, Founding Documents, treasures (such as our national parks), traditions, and exceptional citizens.

Everyone’s Guide to the Constitution
An outstanding way to learn about the Constitution of the United States of America and teach your children about it as well!

Additional information

I believe that every day of life is a wonderful gift. I hope that I can share my enthusiasm and positive spirit with you.

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 Susan C Rempel
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