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Great ideas have always been brought to life by words and passion and a good book is always a constant companion through the good and bad times.


        I am a freelance writer based in Melbourne, Australia, where I was born and raised.  My career commenced at St. Martins Theatre, from there I went into TV and Film working on many mini-series and feature films in the field of production, which in turn led into the area of screenplay writing.  I have had a few screenplays optioned as well as working with other writers. I enjoy films, the theatre, music, books and I have spent the last 15 years working, developing, and honing my writing and storytelling abilities.   I have a genuine passion for this art form and love the creativity of bringing words and images to life.  I find novel writing the most rewarding of all.

      In 2006 I had my first fiction novel “A God Named Joe” published in the United Kingdom. "The Gods Of War" is my latest book.  I am currently working on three other books; two fiction and one non-fiction.  I have never locked myself into writing one specific genre.  I'm just into telling good stories, whether that be science-fiction, drama, romance, adult or children's.  And of course combining several only adds to the delightful and delectable mix. 

      In the final analysis when all is said and done, the main thing is that it is a good story regardless of what it is about.



Birth Place: Melbourne,  Australia


The Throne of Olympus Volume 2 Balance of Power by Peter Jessop
The Throne of Olympus trilogy is a modern-day re-working of the Greek mythological tales of Zeus and his battle against the Titans....

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The Throne of Olympus Volume 1 The Empty Crown by Peter Jessop
The Throne of Olympus is a modern-day reworking of the Greek mythological tales of Zeus and his battle against the Titans....

Price: FREE! (eBook)
Smashwords (eBook)

The Ballad of the Bard Book One by Peter Jessop
These are the strange and unusual tales of a wandering bard through a fantastical kingdom....

Price: $1.99 (eBook)
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Tales From The Universe by Peter Jessop
An anthology of short stories....

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The Gods Of War by Peter Jessop
The battle to end all wars is about to begin... Who is the man lying wounded in a hospital bed in London towards the end of Worl War II? A man who isn't sure whether his name is Quintius, or Elric, or De Servery, or...or..... A stirring novel steeped in action, superbly and colourfully packaged to take the reader on an excitingly imaginative journey back through the centuries to...


A God Named Joe by Peter Jessop
It's the Devil who runs heaven and God is actually a vagrant called Joe....


Short Stories

Fractured Fairy Tales Part 9 - The Brute Squad part 2
 by Peter Jessop
The continuing fight against the fairy tale hit squad....

Fractured Fairy Tales Part 8 - The Brute Squad part 1
 by Peter Jessop
The hit squad of the fairy tale world come out to play....

Fractured Fairy Tales Part 7 - Prince Charming part 2
 by Peter Jessop
D - Day for the great Prince Charming....

Fractured Fairy Tales Part 6 - Prince Charming part 1
 by Peter Jessop
The Casanova of the fairy tale world gets his due....

Fractured Fairy Tales Part 5 -Humpty Dumpty
 by Peter Jessop
The names says it all really. ...

Fractured Fairy Tales part 4 - the Three Little Pigs
 by Peter Jessop
The strangest fairy tale of them all to date. ...

Fractured Fairy Tales Part 3 - The Big Bad Wolf
 by Peter Jessop
The truth behind the big bad wolf....


I'm Still Lerning To Play
 by Peter Jessop
We never stop learning...

 by Peter Jessop
Myo - and the art of being in the moment....

Daring To Participate
 by Peter Jessop
A little more wisdom from the world of martial arts to be used in everyday life....

The Warrior in the Garden
 by Peter Jessop
A little martial arts wisdom for everyday life....

Perception of Arguments
 by Peter Jessop
There are two sides to every argument or point of view....

Into The Unknown
 by Peter Jessop
We should all take a walk into the unknown....

An Introduction to The Gods Of War Book
 by Peter Jessop
A wounded soldier begins to recall fragmented memories of ancient and future wars that he participated in. ...


Black Leaf

The Gods Of War
“The Gods Of War” is my second book and came from an idea I had in my head for years which wouldn’t go away, until I exorcized it by putting it down on paper. The idea was planted in my head by an elderly war veteran, who I met at an age care facility, and during our conversation you could see the impact that war had on him, in the end, he said to me that he would just like to fight one more war – a war to end all wars. And from this statement came the idea of an eternal warrior, a soldier fighting in wars since the dawn of mankind, looking for a way to end the madness and futility of war forever. And the story grew from there. In many ways you could say that the book is about the stupidity of war and the lasting effect it has on those involved in it. The story is a mixture of action, drama and romance which will appeal to a wide variety of audience as it was always intended.

Tales From The Universe
"Tales From The Universe" is a collection of six short stories that I have put together. Although science fiction in nature they are very accessible, given their themes,to readers who might not take an interest in these kind of stories. But I can assure you that they are all thought provoking and entertaining.

Additional information

A recent interview I did with Judy Green on Nat Chat, a local chat show, is now up on You Tube. Because it is a community station I wasen't allowed to promote anything so I rambled on a couple of times so keep that in mind. However it does give insight into my background. You can check it out at www.YouTube.com/NatChat2008.

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