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Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep Do not stand at my grave ...and weep I am not there; I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow,... I am the sun on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush I am the swift uplifting rush Of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night.




I’m a widower, artist and a hopeful writer and a pacifist by nature. This coming August of 2012 would have marked our 27th wedding anniversary, but she passed away on her birthday from cancer. However I now realize what was is no more and only the future remains. Like Jesus once said many years ago and I hope I don’t miss-quote…Let the dead bury the dead.

Since Leah’s passing many things have transpired…in August of 2009 I met a very sweet and wonderful lady named Jan…she and I hit it off immediately. Life once again seemed good and worth living and we were happy. However as life is sometimes misfortune struck again when she suffered a massive brain aneurism and almost died. Nonetheless that did not negate my love for her and it grows stronger each day that passes. Now I too have cancer and have undergone treatment. I pray for a positive outcome and a long healthy life with my Jan.

After Leah’s passing I thought I could never love that deeply again, but I was wrong. I now love Jan as much as I have ever loved anyone. God is good, and second chance at perfect love is a reality. Both Jan and I are active in animal rescue and have taken many off the streets and provided them shelter and love. For you see…LOVE is the greatest gift of all…Unfortunately many fail to see its full potential. If I should never utter another word after this…my heart would say love everything and everyone with your whole being…God Bless you all.

“Life Is Too Short Not To Love”

J. Allen Wilson













Contact information:

J. Allen Wilson

PO BOX 464

Belton, SC. 29627

Website: www.Jallenwilson.com









Birth Place: Greenville, SC USA


Glimpse OF An Angel by J. Allen Wilson

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Whispers Of The Heart by J. Allen Wilson
WHISPERS OF THE HEART is artist and author J. Allen Wilson's second book of poetry.It can be autographed and shipped within 48 hours of order....

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Before Darkness Falls by J. Allen Wilson
BEFORE DARKNESS FALLS Retails for 14.95 / but you can have it now for only 11.95 This is a book of poetry and prose that deals with real life issues that all of mankind comes to face. Some of the poems deal with the tenderness of love, while others speak aloud of social injustice. In this, the author attempts to reach the heart and the soul of the reader through poetic verse, which at times deals ...

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Short Stories

The Thanksgiving That Was and The Silver Star
 by J. Allen Wilson
Both men walked out of the station that day changed men. One dressed in a handmade Italian suit, the other in last year’s rags… changed by events in time, changed by separate miracles on a day bor...

“Ceremony of the Gift”
 by J. Allen Wilson
A short story from the heart of J. Allen Wilson...

Twice Loved and Twice Left
 by J. Allen Wilson
“Jimmy cried alone in the night. His moans of agony went unheard as the masses of the cold city slept unaware of the solitude of his pain.”...

A Boy and His Journey
 by J. Allen Wilson
He glanced around to see if anyone was nearby; there was no one around but the earth and the sky. What he thought; what if I was to just step off the edge and into eternity? Would anyone care? Would ...

The Death Of Josiah Johnson/ 2nd installment
 by J. Allen Wilson
“Ahem, excuse me everyone; excuse me, can I have your attention please, can I have your attention? At 7:58 this morning, the Japanese Imperial navy launched an all out attack on the American forces s...

The Death Of Josiah Johnson
 by J. Allen Wilson
On December the 15th just ten days before his 42nd birthday, Josiah Johnson lay dying. Though he had the best physicians that money could buy, there was little they could do. ...

The Daddy Long-Back Letters Continued
 by J. Allen Wilson


Sad But True
 by J. Allen Wilson
Destruction / Desolation / The End of Time…as seen in a dream. ...

A Tribute to Clint…
 by J. Allen Wilson
In Memory of my cousin Clint… May peace be with us all in God’s Grace… J. Allen Wilson P.S. Recent pic of Clint and 1 year old grandson Tylan....

JD’s Rose - Nicole
 by J. Allen Wilson
This is dedicated to John David, Jan’s son and Nicole, his soon to be wife. The look that shines from his eyes, is a look of total love and devotion. This is young love at its best. ...

Thank You Baby For Loving Me
 by J. Allen Wilson
Allen tells me several times a week how much he appreciates all I do for him which I do not feel like I do that much other than love him. And that he says is all he needs from me. But it feels so good...

A Birthday Prayer
 by J. Allen Wilson
This is dedicated to my Mother-in-Law of my late wife Leah. Though Leah has been gone six years and counting, The Reverend Inis Looney will always and forever hold my heart in her hands through her pr...

Get Thee Behind Me Satan
 by J. Allen Wilson
Rage or Rage… Rage, Oh Rage, leave me now for I seek only the light. Yet your sword pierces my heart upon first strike. ...

The End Of Times
 by J. Allen Wilson


Gifts and the Parable of the Talents
 by J. Allen Wilson
An article I had written recently for our local paper on 'Gifts'...

South Carolina’s Medicaid Travesty
 by J. Allen Wilson
This action by the state of South Carolina in which I live is too sad to imagine. I just wish that I could get this into the hands of people who really could make a difference....

Love and Second Chances; God’s Gift
 by J. Allen Wilson
We then begin to understand that life is not perfect, but that His love for us all is perfect....

How Do We Un-Love
 by J. Allen Wilson
The Above Photo of Leah...Me and Grandchild Alex eight weeks before leah's Passing into glory...

Absolute Love
 by J. Allen Wilson
Absolute love endures even when love is not returned. Absolute love is the willingness to give one hundred percent of yourself and never expect anything in return. ...

Hope Revealed
 by J. Allen Wilson
Why did I write this? I’m not sure for certain, however if there is just one person out there who will read this a garner something from it, then I suppose that is why I wrote it. ...

Its Only 50 Cents
 by J. Allen Wilson
An open letter to the editor of our newspaper...they are refunding the buck and printing the letter to boot...who says machines always win?...


By The Book
Information about my 1st book and samples of my art.

Contact Information

By The Book
PO Box 464 
Belton   SC   29627   USA
 J. Allen Wilson
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