Jay Onwukwe

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My Life is a dream; and I look forward to waking up one day on the other 'side', and looking back to realize: "Wow! What a beautiful dream!"


Educated at the University of Reading, UK, and the University of Nigeria, Jay holds degrees in Estate Management, and Surveying and Geodesy.

His professional career of over two decades as a geophysical surveyor involved field operations and duty tours into remote and unexplored terrains of Sudan, Yemen, the Chad Basin and Niger Delta, while working for multi-national oil companies.

Those regular trips into Mother Nature in its pure nakedness, and the consequent abstinence from regular social interactions, not only kindled his interest in, but also empowered his study into the innate powers of Man and Nature.

Jay is a friend of Youths. His earlier work - The WEALTH SECRETS You Must Know Before40 - is a best-selling knowledge book available at Amazon, and a must-read for every aspiring youth.

He lives at Aba with his gorgeous wife, and enjoys reading, writing and gardening of rare and exotic plants.

Birth Place: Aba,  Nigeria


The WEALTH SECRETS You Must Know Before40 (Kindle Edition) by Jay Onwukwe
There are natural Laws, ancient Wisdom, common Secrets, spiritual Principles, and biblical Truths that govern Life, Money, Success and Prosperity. This book is a compendium of Wealth, Success, Prosperity and Wisdom Principles!...

Price: $9.97 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook)  Amazon 

Sex Transmutation (FREE Download) by Jay Onwukwe
Desire for sex is creativity seeking outlet. That same tumultuous sex surge can become Intellectual or Business energy, Professional or Sports energy, Political or Spiritual energy, etc. This Book tells you how! FREE Chapters (Adobe.pdf)...

Price: FREE! (eBook)

Sexual Energy Transmutation - the secret path to Health, Wealth and Genius by Jay Onwukwe
Sex is a mighty urge to action; but its forces need control and direction. Fortunate is the man or woman with a high sex drive, who has also learned the art of sex energy transmutation. This book tells you exactly how! “In the source of this vital Power lie the sources of endless Wealth” … Napoleon Hill. ...

Price: $9.97 (eBook)
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Sexual Energy Transmutation (Adobe PDF edition) by Jay Onwukwe
Sex is the creative energy, not just for making babies, but for other things you want to accomplish in life. It is a mighty urge to action that needs control and direction. This Book tells you exactly how!...

Price: $9.97 (eBook)
Adobe .pdf Download  Amazon Kindle

The WEALTH SECRETS You Must Know Before40 by Jay Onwukwe
Wealth creation and multiplication; wealth, wisdom and prosperity principles for the good life and superior accomplishments....



Add Value, Become Rich!
 by Jay Onwukwe
If you can create VALUE, you can become rich. If you can add VALUE, you can become rich. The world is willing and ready to pay for VALUE. VALUE is what people and organizations actually pay for with t...

What is Sacred Sex?
 by Jay Onwukwe
...in sacred sex, the majestic Lord gently but firmly makes love to his gorgeous Goddess; as they together unreservedly ride the tide of sensual desire and passion, into the delightful gates of emotio...

The Mystery Of Sex Transmutation: How and Why it Works
 by Jay Onwukwe
What has Sex got to do with Wealth and Success? This article lets you into the real secrets of the How and Why of this controversial yet elusive topic. Enjoy it!...

The Sacred Child
 by Jay Onwukwe
The great challenge for parents today is how to create and invest quality time on child upbringing. The great challenge is how to avoid failed parenthood, failed childhood, and a failing generation....

The Sacred Woman
 by Jay Onwukwe
She is a most wonderful creation of God. She is the foundation and builder of all generations. She serves and performs multiple roles in society. She is at the same time a Lover, Wife, Mother, Teacher...

Sexual HEALING – Still The Best Medicine!
 by Jay Onwukwe
Way back in the early eighties, it was Marvin Gaye who topped the music charts with a hit song titled 'Sexual Healing' from his Midnight Love album. Indeed, beyond the rhyme and rhythm of fancy lyri...

Sexual KILLING: Unintentional but Destructive Sex Habit You Must Avoid!
 by Jay Onwukwe
The power of sex to heal is not in doubt; but when incorrectly indulged in, sex can debilitate a man or woman. This short article examines how sexual partners unknowingly use sex to destroy their own ...

Sex Transmutation: Converting 'Lead' Into 'Gold'
 by Jay Onwukwe
Sex is the creative energy of Life, and not just for making babies, but also for any other things you want to achieve or accomplish in life. Unfortunately, many men being unaware of this fact continue...

Perfect PROCREATION - Beget That Beautiful Child of Your Dream!
 by Jay Onwukwe
When couples desire and decide to procreate, and before they enter into procreative union, they should follow certain procedures to prepare and harmonize themselves physically, mentally, emotionally a...

Activate Great Powers and Potential through Sex Energy Transmutation
 by Jay Onwukwe
Sex is a mighty urge to action; but its forces need control and direction. Fortunate indeed is the man or woman with a high sex drive, who has also learned the art of sexual energy transmutation. Tap ...

Prepare Her For That Unforgettable Sexual Experience – 5 Simple Tips!
 by Jay Onwukwe
For exquisite enjoyment and maximum benefits, there must be physical and emotional harmonization between couples during sexual intercourse. Use these 5 simple tips to ensure a memorable and exhilarati...

How to Exploit the Creative Energy of Sex for Wealth$Wisdom!
 by Jay Onwukwe
The creative essence of Sex goes beyond making babies. Unfortunately, many men unknowingly waste their essence and thus fail to effectively utilize the highest creative energy known to Man; and this i...

You Have Sexual Healing Power - Use it Effectively!
 by Jay Onwukwe
How does sex heal? The efficacy of therapeutic love-making rests on your knowledge of some rhythmic movements, intercourse positions, postures and activities that generate and re-direct energy flow wi...

3 Basic Steps to Financial Freedom
 by Jay Onwukwe
One sure step into financial freedom is the ability to send money to work for you. But as a beginner, how do you get the money to send to work? Find out!...

The 5 Wealth Secrets That Made Bill Gates Very Rich and Successful
 by Jay Onwukwe
Bill Gates is one of the richest homo-sapient walking on planet earth today. How did he make it? This short article gives you the 5 Wealth Secrets that made Bill very rich and successful; and which yo...

6 Mental Barriers to Wealth and Success and How to Overcome Them
 by Jay Onwukwe
This article examines the Six Mental Barriers to Wealth Creation, and what you can do to overcome them. Enjoy it! ...

A Great Life is truly Simple!
 by Jay Onwukwe
Making your life simple is a positively empowering process. It does not mean being inactive. It simply means removing the "clutter" and living a full active life in the flow of God's Bounty....

The Power of Gratitude
 by Jay Onwukwe
Some two thousand years ago, as Jesus passed through Samaria and Galilee, He came across 10 lepers who cried out to Him for mercy; and He healed them ALL. But only ONE went back to Jesus to say 'than...

The Power of Mentorship
 by Jay Onwukwe
One sure way to riches and personal success is through associating with rich and successful people around you. When you have the rich and successful as your mentor, you have at your disposal the teste...

Use the Law of Cycles to Achieve Great Success and Superior Accomplishments
 by Jay Onwukwe
The whole universe is subject to the Law of Cycles. And Man is no exception. To apply The Law of Cycles is to 'set sail with the wind at your back'. Little effort takes you a long way! Bon voyage! <...

The Sacred Man
 by Jay Onwukwe
The union of Man and Woman is ordained by God. In marriage, the man and the woman come together in a sacred relationship made in heaven under divine law, love and wisdom. Please read on!...

How to Create a Beautiful Sacred Home of Your Dream!
 by Jay Onwukwe
Your home, just like your dress, says a lot about you. This short article discusses the basic essentials for creating a beautiful and functional Sacred Home. Enjoy it!...

The Power of Dream!
 by Jay Onwukwe
Dreamers make things happen! Dreamers rule the world. If you can see it in your head, you can hold it in your hand. And if you can dream it, you can achieve it. "…in dreams begin our possibilities." …...

The Power of ASKing
 by Jay Onwukwe
Learn to ASK. And when you ask, ask aright! Use the ASK principle to fast-track your journey to success, wealth and wisdom. Ask-Seek-Knock. You have a right to!...

Buy Guns NOT Butter!
 by Jay Onwukwe
You probably already know about the guns and butter theory in elementary economics. But how does it apply to Wealth and Financial success management? This short article examines. Enjoy it!...


ONE STAR Review for me!
 by Jay Onwukwe
Negative Reviews are good for you!...

A Heart Warming Review!
 by Jay Onwukwe
It feels good to stumble upon a review you didn't even know existed! Thanks Mark!...

Sex Transmutation - the secret path to Health, Wealth & Genius!
 by Jay Onwukwe
Due to popular demand, the Adobe .pdf format of the FULL Edition is now available for immediate download! ...

Easter Greetings!
 by Jay Onwukwe
Happy Easter Greetibgs to You All!...

Download Sex Transmutation eBook
 by Jay Onwukwe
Download Link Fixed! You can now securely pay and download your adobe.pdf version....

Your No. 1 Sex Transmutation Book!
 by Jay Onwukwe
Now available in All formats, All devices, and 10 global outlets. Take a look! ...

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Couples!
 by Jay Onwukwe
The secret path to Health, Wealth and Genius now in 10 reading/device formats!...

World's Richest Man!
 by Jay Onwukwe
Gates is back as world’s number ONE Richest! ...

Join Sacred Couples Community!
 by Jay Onwukwe
The Sacred Couples Community is now live. Join and Share for FREE!...

Sexual Energy Transmutation (Adobe .PDF ) Download
 by Jay Onwukwe
E-Book (.pdf) version now available...

Marriage, Relationship and Sexuality
 by Jay Onwukwe
A new Marriage, Relationships and Sexuality website is now live! Have you visited yet? Be the first to know!...

Sex Energy Transmutation - updated digital editions!
 by Jay Onwukwe
Now you have a great opportunity to read this popular Createspace paperback on any digital format of your choice! Why wait?...

Sex Transmutation FREE Download
 by Jay Onwukwe
New link to download the Best Seller: Sexual Energy Transmutation - the secret path to Health, Wealth and Genius!...

The BOOK: Sexual Energy Transmutation NOW available in PDF Format
 by Jay Onwukwe
This adult BOOK: Sexual Energy Transmutation - the secret path to Health, Wealth and Genius is NOW available for immediate DOWNLOAD in PDF Format....

Relationship Blues?
 by Jay Onwukwe
New and regularly updated Relationship Solutions and Links page. ...

Free download SEXual Energy Transmutation!
 by Jay Onwukwe
FREE Download of this fast paced and best selling book now available! Ancient Wisdom for Modern Couples!...

Sex Transmutation Course, Book and Private Membership website
 by Jay Onwukwe
Sex Transmutation Course, Book and Private Membership website is now live! Confidentially explore and learn how to naturally re-channel abundant sex drive into Creativity, Health, Wealth and Geni...

Sexual Energy TRANSMUTATION now fully digital!
 by Jay Onwukwe
Digital formats All! More ready soon....

Best Self-Help and Relationship Articles!
 by Jay Onwukwe
A collection of my Best performing (by click rate) Articles. Enjoy!...


The Sacred Couples Place!
SacredCouples is a Marriage, Relationship and Spirituality Community where the 'Goddess' resides in all Women and the 'Lord' abides in all Men. A Marriage and Relationship website designed to enrich and uplift wholly, the Man and the Woman, in Mind, Body and Spirit. It is all about Men, Women and Relationships; and how to be happy and joy-filled in it.

Jay's Amazon Author Page
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FREE Book Download, Course overview and Membership
The Best Sex Transmutation online Course, Book and Private Membership. Get your Free download.

Additional information

Most recent work: Sexual Energy Transmutation: the secret path to Health, Wealth and Genius, June 2012. Other works include: The WEALTH SECRETS You Must Know Before40. Both books available on Amazon.com.

Contact Information

Before40 Youth Empowerment Foundation
Before40 Place, 108 Aba-Owerri Road, PO Box 12142 UMUNGASI,
Aba     450003   Nigeria

 Jay Onwukwe
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