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I am an illogical schemer bursting out of my inner-most pod... a hurried part-time dreamer who is touched and inspired by the finger of God.


 After writing a short story ; My fifth grade teacher told me that I had wrote one unforgetable line, I never forgot her remarks. When I'm down I always think back to what she said, and it propels me on.

My favorite writer is Robert Frost. I like the way he incorporated the human element of life with nature. I admire any writer who is not afraid to be a free thinker, to push the outer limits of fiction to a different level.


 God writes the gospel, not only in the Bible, but on trees, flowers, clouds and stars.  Martin Luther

I never dared to be radical when young, for fear it would make me conservative when old. RF

The best way out is always through...RF

The brain is a wonderful organ. It starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.  RF



Birth Place: Santa Anna, CA USA

Accomplishments: Too many to mention,even though I'm new at having my writings published. I have won writing contests.


Breaking Through by Bob Mitchley
My poetry from the heart, along with family pictures......  Xlibris  Buy from the Author

Interview with a Prankster by Bob Mitchley
shock stories, based on a persons rational reasoning as acting it out....  Barnes &  Buy from the Author 

Short Stories

The Underside of Ice
 by Bob Mitchley
think before you act!...

Censored Guest
 by Bob Mitchley
Who wants to toss the first stone?...

missing out on the unexpected
 by Bob Mitchley
It always helps to keep an open mind......

 by Bob Mitchley
Such a tragic end for a stand-up guy... A short story from "Interview with a Prankster." ...

The Seer
 by Bob Mitchley
Sometimes life gets in the way of church... or vice versa.. ...

 by Bob Mitchley
When you're dying, you're scared, and I guess you don't want to leave your loved ones behind! ...

R.I.P. nephew
 by Bob Mitchley
This is a good-bye letter to my nephew, Brendon....

Walking Stan Home
 by Bob Mitchley
This is a true account. Bits of wisdom can be found, when your not looking....

The Hideout
 by Bob Mitchley
This author recalls one of his favorite childhood haunts in the old farm house....

Interview with a Prankster
 by Bob Mitchley
This is one paragraph from Interview with a Prankster....

Dodge Coronet
 by Bob Mitchley
This was our family car, some of my best memories happened there....


Snow Flakes
 by Bob Mitchley
Flakes aren't just one to themselves......

Gravity of Life
 by Bob Mitchley
checks and balances of life, my life!...

Eden an invitation
 by Bob Mitchley
The first lovers take a stroll, a poem from my poetry book, Breaking Through"...

Erin's Garden
 by Bob Mitchley
It was a hard winters night....

Healing Snow
 by Bob Mitchley
What snow means to me... In a letter....

Food Chain
 by Bob Mitchley
Another political pun...

A Helping Hand
 by Bob Mitchley
It always feels good to help someone or something in need....

An up hill hike in a political winter
 by Bob Mitchley
politics is a slippery slope for staying on top....

 by Bob Mitchley
Love them or hate them, you can't escape... from my political puns file ...

Time Warp
 by Bob Mitchley
A visitation at Washington Irving's house above the Hudson....

Home Calling
 by Bob Mitchley
Just last night, I dreamt that I was back at our farm... "Why is it that I only harbor up the good memories?" ...

Spring Cleaning
 by Bob Mitchley
Spring puts a bounce in my step....

Preaching to the Back Wall
 by Bob Mitchley
There are some who just can't absorb good preaching.......

Sharing Home
 by Bob Mitchley
The nerve, something has moved into my lair....

God's Sense of Humor
 by Bob Mitchley

Wedding Cake
 by Bob Mitchley
The two people no one thinks about at the wedding, the bride and groom, on the cake......

 by Bob Mitchley
Two different people, one common ...

A Star
 by Bob Mitchley
twinkle, twinkle little star...

I'll See You Somewhere
 by Bob Mitchley
The death of my grandmother...

Wind of the Spirit
 by Bob Mitchley
Seeking out the Spirit of God just seems to be the right thing to do......

 by Bob Mitchley
There is only one who really knows all about you! ...

The Break Through
 by Bob Mitchley
God will find you... and He will save you! ...

My Lane
 by Bob Mitchley
This is the last stanza of the poem I wrote about my mom, who I never knew. from, "Breaking Through"...

In Touch
 by Bob Mitchley
God holds out open hands as we take our first steps toward Him......

A Still Small Voice
 by Bob Mitchley
First Kings 19:11 ...


Killing me slowly
 by Bob Mitchley
My stress factors....


comming soon, Resurrection Hill
 by Bob Mitchley
coming soon, a new short story, a new nightmare in the works......

New short story
 by Bob Mitchley
A nightmare/ a truism about the end of humanity....

new short story
 by Bob Mitchley
Like my other short stories, this is personal......

Thank you
 by Bob Mitchley
My short story, The Hideout, a success......

walking Stan home
 by Bob Mitchley
It was never a chore walking Stan home after church on Sunday mornings. ...

Three new poems
 by Bob Mitchley
Three new poems due out in ......

Comming soon...
 by Bob Mitchley
I'm too much of a dreamer......

Out of the Box Marketing
 by Bob Mitchley
Need ideas on marketing your books?...

Author changes bio picture
 by Bob Mitchley
Time for a change...

Prankster T-shirts available
 by Bob Mitchley
Check out my Prankster t-shirt...

Interview with a Prankster
 by Bob Mitchley
e-book for Interview with a Prankster...

Music on my web site
 by Bob Mitchley
I'm spicing up my web site, "Interview with a Prankster."...

Interview with a Prankster audio
 by Bob Mitchley
This is the opening story from my book, Interview with a Prankster. ...

 by Bob Mitchley
video of author Bob Mitchley reading, on location at his home....

Interview with a Prankster
 by Bob Mitchley
promo for Interview with a Prankster and other shock stories....

proceeds from books
 by Bob Mitchley
proceeds earned from book sales go to charities....

political puns
 by Bob Mitchley
political puns, it is the way I analyze news stories....


Interview with a Prankster
Bob Mitchley's shock stories

Interview with a Prankster
shock stories...fiction - thiller, prankster

Breaking Through
poetry, family, inspirational,poems,bob mitchley,fiction,prankster

Additional information

Right now I'm pushing my second book, "Interview with a Prankster." and other shock stories. I have been busy doing interviews and book signings close to my local area. This fall I intend to start working on a follow up to INTERVIEW WITH A PRANKSTER, at least lay out the story lines...

Contact Information

3503 rt 97 
cogan sta   PA   17728   USA
 Bob Mitchley
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