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Society of Authors committee member, and Events manager. Miller has written seven novels: Operation Oboe, Restless Waves, The Last Shepherd, The Parrot's Tale,The Crazy Psychologist, The Lingering Crime and Betrayed on the Nith. His biographies include Poet's Progeny, 7 point 7 on the Richter Scale, Untied Laces and Jim's Retiring Collection. His Memory book Have You Seen My U....Memory? has hit t

     Miller H Caldwell

My books, much better than my looks, are very popular and they have lots of hooks to keep you enthraled.

Stories, poems, causes, pictures of Ghana and Pakistan as well as Scotland and see my current work at my:

website: www.netherholmpublications.co.uk

or contact me at:


Birth Place: Glasgow,  Scotland

Accomplishments: Master of Arts (London University)
Founding Fellow of the Institute of Contemporary Scotland
Past President of the Dumfries Burns Club
Chair of the local branch of the Scottish Association for the Study of Offending.
2001 UK National Award for Interagency Work recognised by Community Care Magazine. (London).
2006 Muslim Hands International Award for services to the South East Asian Earthquake in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan on 8th October 2005. (Islamabad)
London University's SOAS Alumni Scotland Contact.
Associate Member - the Society of Authors.

Former Missionary in West Africa
Former Regional Reporter
Former Writer in Residence at Dumfries Prison.
Camp Manger at Mundihar- post Earthquake 2005.
A Speaker, Poet, Author and Film Script Writer but above all Dad to Fiona and Laura and husband to Jocelyn, as we celebrate our 32nd year of marriage this year.

Now Chair Scottish Association for the Study of Offending Committee and Cinnamon Trust for the elderly and terminally ill. Society of Authors in Scotland Committee member and Events Manager.



Danny The Spotless dalmatian by Miller H Caldwell
A First Book for children aged 3-6 years of age....

Price: $6.99 (eBook)

The Crazy Psychologist by Miller H Caldwell
Why did she become a Psychologist?...

Price: $8.99 (eBook)

The Parrot's Tale by Miller H Caldwell
Kofi the Parrot escapes. How does he make changes in sport; politics; religion; crime and many more situations. A wonderful novel well worth 400 pages to grip, excite and amuse....


Take The Lead by Miller H Caldwell
Read all about the dogs in my life. 1947 - present...

Price: $11.50 (eBook)

Lawrence the Lion seeks Work by Miller H Caldwell
Where did all the lions, elephants and sealions go after they no longer worked at the circus? I thought you'd like to know...

Price: $1.99 (eBook)

Jim's Retiring Collection by Miller H Caldwell
Cartoon, Bible text ..modern commentary and Jim's story. The same format for all 9 chapters...

Price: $8.00 (eBook)
Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comgoogle 

Miss Martha Douglas by Miller H Caldwell
The story of Martha Douglas....

Price: $5.95 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com 

Chaz the Friendly Crocodile by Miller H Caldwell
A story in a poem to bring order in children's lives....


The Martha Douglas Story by Miller H Caldwell
Chapter 1 of this fascinating illustrated novel followed by chapter 2....


Have You Seen My umm Memory? by Miller H Caldwell
The expanded American edition of a most popular self help book published by OUTSKIRTS PRESS in Denver....

Barnes & Noble.comRichard  Elizabeth

The Last Shepherd by Miller H Caldwell
A story every Townie should read about the dying ways of the countryside and its impact on our lives....


THE LAST SHEPHERD A Novella Chapter 1 by Miller H Caldwell
We will lose our historic shepherding lifestyle at our peril....


Betrayed in the Nith by Miller H Caldwell
A story set in 10 years time where two bodies are found in the river NITH in Dumfries, south west Scotland. One is a blind musician and police informant while the other is Poppy, a young girl. It brings Mark and Carla together with different views initially about why these deaths took place but their interest leads to romance as the local community are torn apart and an International development ...

Amazon.comAmazon  Gardners

Help! They've Kidnapped Me! Lady Di by Miller H Caldwell
Do we really know where Lady Di is? I am not so sure after reading this wonderful fairytale....

Barnes & Noble.comRobert Kelder 

Operation Oboe by Miller H Caldwell
A delightfully rare Historical Novel. 85% a biography of a spy, musician, mother and her neice trapped behind German lines in World War I. This background led to a diplomatic post in World War II. Aged 92, Vera disclosed her past life one year before she died. She was my godmother. I was priviledged to have heard her story then realised it was still being written and the evidence was in the Arbroa...

Amazon.comAuthorsOnLine.co.uk  Harvest Jones Publishers

Restless Waves by Miller H Caldwell
May I offer you a Round the World Cruise of a lifetime for the price of a novel? Not only do the seas roll on but two romances,a death at sea, uncovered past lives, history uncovered in Brazil, caves in Australia, poetry in Senegal, the Lux Mundi in Cape Town and the hills of Dunedin. The characters come alive in the confines of a voyage where drug running hides between the sumptious meals and...

AuthorsOnLine.co.uk  Waterstones

UNTIED LACES by Miller H Caldwell
An Amazing Autobiography; He confronted Usama bin Laden 2006 and brought an African Dictator to tears 2002...

Barnes & Noble.comWaterstones 

Have You Seen My uuummm......Memory? by Miller H Caldwell
A delightful concoction of self-help tips for those of all ages suffering from occasional or regular memory lapses. The author's personal medical history is bound together by a fascinating and rib-tickling insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the human memory. An ideal companion when the memory begins to slip. PS Check out my Memory Poetry too....

Richard Fitt 

7 point 7 (On the Richter Scale) by Miller H Caldwell
A book for every Muslim and everyone wishing to know about their way of life. The Diary of the Camp Manager at Mundihar following the South Asian Earthquake - October 2005. An account of life after the Earthquake in one of the largest of the 161 camps in the north of Pakistan. The author was the only western Camp Manager. Read of his experiences living with wonderful Moslem friends while fearing M...


Poet's Progeny by Miller H Caldwell
Robert Burns' first daughter was Elizabeth. Her story and the five descendants Scottish lives are recorded here with the Bard's message today as ever in need. Al Quida listen: Then let us pray that come it may, As come it will for a' that. That Sense and Worth o'er all the Earth Shall bear the gree for a' that. For a' that an' a' that, its comin yet for a' that. That man to man the world o'er, Sha...


Ponderings - for those with failing eyesight by Miller H Caldwell
Poor eyesight? Larger print of Poems, Short Stories a diary and an appeal for children in Court....


Poet's Progeny by Miller H Caldwell
Why was Robert Burns' songs, poems and music loved by all? Russians honour Burns and he was the talk of the Enlightenment of Europe. He spoke for the orindary man to those in authority. Clarity and richly crafted words flowed from his pen. This poet sits shoulder to shoulder with Shakespeare....


Short Stories

A Reluctant Spy
 by Miller H Caldwell
First 3 chapters of my latest novel....

The Crazy Psychologist Review 2
 by Miller H Caldwell
Second Review...

The Crazy Psychologist Review 1
 by Miller H Caldwell
Review of The Crazy Psychologist...

Fault Lines
 by Miller H Caldwell
Chapters 6 & 7...

Fault Lines Chapter 6 (start) to be continued in one month,
 by Miller H Caldwell
Yet another case of mental health and the psychoanalyst is planning intervention. ...

Chapter 4 fault Lines
 by Miller H Caldwell
Even more clerical patients...

Chapter 3 Fault Lines
 by Miller H Caldwell
More ill clerics...


April Promise
 by Miller H Caldwell
April - the month of change...

Toes on the carpet
 by Miller H Caldwell
The magic of love...

Halloween UK v USA
 by Miller H Caldwell
Halloween across the Atlantic...

Halloween UK v USA
 by Miller H Caldwell
Halloween across the Atlantic...

God will say when
 by Miller H Caldwell
How long in a care home...

A Tragedy
 by Miller H Caldwell
Monkey Puzzle Tree...

God Bless America
 by Miller H Caldwell
A message for 4th July..every year...


Ohh Dear America
 by Miller H Caldwell
What a week...

 by Miller H Caldwell
If only...

 by Miller H Caldwell
Think widely....

America, oh America
 by Miller H Caldwell
Guns need to be controlled...

Hurricane Sandy
 by Miller H Caldwell
The storm of storms...

Writing in Prison
 by Miller H Caldwell
The benefits of Writing in Prison....

Don't desert me my American Friends
 by Miller H Caldwell
LOCKERBIE Dumfriesshire Scotland...


New Events manager
 by Miller H Caldwell
Miller get a new position....

Pauline Vilain
 by Miller H Caldwell
Thinking of Pauline Vilain 1945 - 2013...

AUTOBIOGRAPHY is proving very popular
 by Miller H Caldwell
Untied Laces from AuthorsOnline.co.uk or ordered from any good bookshop for 10; Euros 12.20 and for all my friends across the Atlantic $14.95...

 by Miller H Caldwell
When asked to return to a Probus meeting of retired professionals after my talk to them about being in Pakistan as a Camp Manager, the Festive talk was to be a lighter engagement. I saw a Chimp for sa...

 by Miller H Caldwell
IT'S ME ! The booklet for the medical profession, the patient and the family....

Looking for an Illustrator ?
 by Miller H Caldwell
Only a click away....

Events at Borders Book shop Dundee
 by Miller H Caldwell
Returning to my roots for this engagement as advertised....


Operation Oboe
Historical novel of romance, espionage and music based on the lives of two remarkable female relatives.Now in preparation for the Film Screen version.

Have You Seen My ...ummm..Memory
Delightful self-help memory guide but written with both medical biography and much rib tickling humor to consolidate the learning. Now used in Nurses Training Colleges and in Adult Psychiatric schools.

Poet's Progeny
The life of Robert Burns first child Elizabeth and her family to the present day. A saga of Scottish life, loves and tragedy. Robert Burns from his last decsendent living in his home town.

Restless Waves
Travel the world with Geoff Varley. He'll sort out your problems and have a jolly good time into the bargain!

Additional information

Restless Waves - a Travel Adventure around the world in four months published january 2007. Chaz the Friendly Crocodile about to roll out to all primary schools in the UK with support from Police, Education Chiefs and the Scottish Parliament. Also check the website www.netherholmpublications.com for recently added Short Stories! Tears and laughter promised! Handkerchiefs to the ready! 7.7 (on the Richter Scale) My diary of being the only white Camp Manger at Mundihar in the North West Frontier Province of the Islamic State of Pakistan NOW PUBLISHED - raising funds for the victims in the NWFP. Ventriloquism is my latest venture. It works...you didn't see my lips move! The Crazy Psychologist has just been released to acclaim and The Lingering Crime is finished and with my editor at present.

Contact Information

Author Guest Speaker and Film Script Writer
Dumfries     DG1 11JX   Scotland

 Miller H Caldwell
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Member Since: Sep, 2004

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