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Bill Johnson is an author, editor, teacher, story analyst, produced playwright, and office manager of Willamette Writers, a non-profit writer's group.


I wrote fiction for many years and always hit a certain ceiling until I met David Morgan, a literary agent who had studied with Lagos Egri. David opened my eyes to a deeper understanding of the craft of storytelling. As a teacher, I find that many writers struggle because while they believe what they are doing is the same as published authors. By teaching people to recognize the mechanics of how popular stories are told, I try and help them transfer that understanding to their writing.

I'm a produced playwright, and I find theater to be one of the most primal forms of storytelling.

I've done film work for hire, and have worked for Neal McDonough and Billy Snowden. I've also done script work on several low-budget films.

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Birth Place: Portland, OR USA

Accomplishments: Author, A Story is a Promise & The Spirit of Storytelling.
Several produced plays.
I've worked on several films.
Office manager, Willamette Writers.


A Story is a Promise & The Spirit of Storytelling by Bill Johnson
A Story is a Promise & The Spirit of Storytelling offers exciting new insights into the craft of writing....

Price: $2.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Smashwords (eBook)
Amazon.comA Story is a Promise 

Short Stories

The Black Widow Warrior, Chapter One, Combat Poets of Maya
 by Bill Johnson
The first chapter in Bill Johnson's novel, The Combat Poets of Maya, about the death wish of Captain Cheerios....

The Calling
 by Bill Johnson
A one minute play by Bill Johnson about a dog and a cat in the afterlife waiting to accept a new assignment on earth....


The Deadly Sheep
 by Bill Johnson

The Parade of Life
 by Bill Johnson

Ode To Invisibility
 by Bill Johnson

A Hearty Affair
 by Bill Johnson
The hazzards of falling in love....

How Is It?
 by Bill Johnson

Looking Back
 by Bill Johnson

Woman in Blue on Floor
 by Bill Johnson


Finding the Right Critique Group
 by Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson offers advice about finding the right critique group....

Writing a Novel With a Stuck Main Character
 by Bill Johnson
Notes on the structure of The Kite Runner...

Movies as Healing Journeys
 by Bill Johnson
Using movies to understand life's problems....

Stories and Feelings
 by Bill Johnson
An essay about how stories are journeys of feeling for a story's audience....

Bringing the Dead to Life, Notes on Twilight
 by Bill Johnson
A review of the opening to Twilight that explores a process of question, answer, question....

Low Cost Book Publicity
 by Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson, who is office manager for a writers group with 1,650 members, writes about the advice he gives newly published authors about low cost publicity....


5th Edition of A Story is a Promise & The Spirit of Storytelling Available
 by Bill Johnson
A 5th edition of Bill Johnson's A Story is a Promise & The Spirit of Storytelling is now available on Smashwords and as a trade paperback....

Daniel Handler Interviewed on Author's Road
 by Bill Johnson
Daniel is the author of the Lemony Snicket books. George and Salli Mason interview many authors as part of their Author's Road series....

My Name is Samuel Clemens
 by Bill Johnson
A video about the creative life of Mark Twain, the American author and wit....

Betting the Karmic House Published by Smith and Kraus
 by Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson play published by Smith and Kraus...

Kent Mason Wins Writers Digest Fiction Contest
 by Bill Johnson
My Own Avatar wins Writers Digest Contest...


A Story is a Promise & The Spirit of Storytelling
Bill Johnson writes about the problems associated with an author unconsciously creating characters to act out the author's issues.

A Story is a Promise Available on CreateSpace
Bill Johnson introduces his new web site on YouTube where Oregon Authors will speak about their books, plays and screenplays.

Essays on the Craft of Dramatic Writing!
A website that explores storytelling through reviews of popular movies, books, and plays.

Willamette Writers
I'm office manager of Willamette Writers, a non-profit arts group in the Pacfic Northwest with 1,600 members. I also help organize the annual Willamette Writers conference, that in 2008 will be August 1-3 at the Portland Airport Sheraton Hotel.

Additional information

I'm currently exploring how the emotional states and feelings of a storyteller impact his or her character choices.

Contact Information

2108 Buck St 
West Linn   OR   97219   USA

 Bill Johnson
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Member Since: Oct, 2004

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