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Rege writes free reviews for good books. Thus, it appears he pens only positive reviews! ---------------------- "The same ambition can destroy or save, And makes a patriot as it makes a knave." (Alexander Pope, 1735)


Regis Schilken spent thirty years as a teacher and administrator with the Pittsburgh Public School System. His interest in writing and storytelling began with the volumes of story related materials he created for his middle school students.


At Saint Vincent College, Regis majored in theology and philosophy. To this day, he still remains obsessed with that shadowy realm where science and philosophy overlap, always searching for the ultimate meaning of life including the enigma of being itself.


Regis has had several articles published in a national magazine and a short story published in Dan River Anthology. He has completed five novels and several screenplays. His writing reflects his search for meaning, of both good and evil, in bizarre and terrifying ways as evidenced in his most recent novel: CIPHER.


In addition, much of his free time he spends reading and writing book reviews.


Currently, Regis lives with his wife Jennie in Bethel Park, a municipality just outside the city of Pittsburgh. They have three children, one beautiful granddaughter--Haven, and two very handsome grandsons--Milan and Rowan.


Regis plans to continue writing until he can no longer push the keys on his keyboard or remember what they are for.

Birth Place: Pittsburgh, PA USA

Accomplishments: While working as an educator with the Pittsburgh Public School System, Rege wrote and presented many papers at conferences, seminars and workshops.
Why and When to Group students
Asking “Experience” Questions
Adaptive Teaching Strategies for Problem Students
Tricking Students to Read
Adapting Mainstream Texts for Problem Learners
Creating High Interest, Low Level Reading Materials
When Apes and Ants Start Talking
Freedom from Learning
I Speak what I am
Paper and Pencil Activities for Problem Readers
Helping the Problem Student with Homework
Motivating the Underachieving Gifted Student
Building Self-Esteem and Parent/Child Relationships
“Organizing the Learning Disabled Student Starts at Home”
“Parenting the gifted Child”
Leta Hollingworth - Founder of Gifted Education in America



Cipher by Regis H. Schilken
A Pittsburgh college student vows to uncover how a young female student plummeted to her death off an apartment roof deck....

Price: $3.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com 

You Know When by Regis H. Schilken
Is it really a ghostlike presence that "eliminates" the abusive spouses of several battered women?...

  Download Free Preview!

Amazon.com  Borders Online Bookstore

Demons of Justice by Regis H. Schilken
Humans don't just slide into non-being; yet, the disappearance of 4 people, including her own kin brother, tears at her sanity! ...

Barnes & Noble  Borders Bookstores

Tears of Deceit by Regis H. Schilken
A long-hanging crucifix brings fame and wealth to an old Gothic Church in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Is it caused by human deceit or true divine intervention?...


The Oculi Incident by Regis H. Schilken
tells the unnerving story of a supernatural occurrence—an ancient crucifix begins to shed tears. Due to media hype, the church becomes exceptionally wealthy, but intrigue and murder follow. The reader is left to discover whether the incident is divine, human, or diabolical in nature. ...

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com  Borders Bookstore

The Island off Stony Point by Regis H. Schilken
Jesus Christ becomes a hostage when extortionists kidnap a tabernacle and three monks during a murderous monastery melee. Will Rome pay millions in ransom? ----------------------------------...


Short Stories

Sliding into Non-Being!
 by Regis H. Schilken
My Brother-in-law is slowing becoming non-existent. Alzheimers is stealing away his very being....


Albums of Antiquity
 by Regis H. Schilken

Rosa Parks and America's Conscience
 by Regis H. Schilken

Hitler's Dread
 by Regis H. Schilken

Being Normal
 by Regis H. Schilken

High School Boys
 by Regis H. Schilken

Skinny Boy
 by Regis H. Schilken

Smiling Flower
 by Regis H. Schilken


Book Review: Collecting Cooper by Paul Cleave (5 stars)
 by Regis H. Schilken
Collecting Cooper leaves no doubt in my mind that Paul Cleave can spook the hell out of you. ...

Book Review: Transitioning Embedded
 by Regis H. Schilken
Suggestions for a more intelligent yet somewhat robotic world!...

Book Review: All Cry Chaos by Leonard Rosen (5-stars)
 by Regis H. Schilken
A Review by Regis Schilken, author of You Know When...

Book Review: Tears of Deceit
 by Regis H. Schilken
Was it Divine Inspiration that occurred in the old Gothic church or was it human deceit?...

Book Review: Flight by Harrison Jones
 by Regis H. Schilken
Terror in the Skies...

Book Review: Saving Savannah
 by Regis H. Schilken
Before, during, and after the Civil War era, Savannah needed saving--from itself....

Book Review: The Ayatollah Begs to Differ
 by Regis H. Schilken
The people of Iran want to be left alone to establish their own theocratic democracy without influence from the West, particularly the U.S....


Midwest Reviews

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Additional information

Regis will have 6 published novels as of March 1 of 2012, some of which are no longer available: TEARS OF DECEIT DEMONS OF JUSTICE YOU KNOW WHEN THE ISLAND OFF STONY POINT CIPHER THE OCULI INCIDENT (no longer in print)

Contact Information

Author Regis Schilken
2308 Wells Drive 
Bethel Park   PA   15102   USA

Fax: None
 Regis H. Schilken
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