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from Martin Tucker’s preface to 'Mixed Blood' and ‘Eclipse over lake Tanganyika’ “Albert Russo’s work has many distinctive qualities. 'Mixed Blood' and ‘Eclipse over lake Tanganyika’ are especially distinguished by Russo’s startingly precise grasp of the historic period of mid-twentieth-century Central Africa. His work bears twinship to V.S. Naipaul’s (Nobel prize winner) 'A Bend in the River

A bilingual author, Albert Russo writes in both English and French, his two ‘mother tongues’. He speaks five languages fluently and has a vernacular and/or reading knowledge of three other languages, in this order: English, French, Italian (his 'paternal' tongue), Spanish, German, Swahili, Portuguese and Dutch. He was born in Congo/Zaire and grew up in Central and Southern Africa (Rwanda-Burundi and Zimbabwe, the land of his mother). He then left Africa for the United States and graduated from New York University (majoring in Economics and studying Psychology). He subsequently moved to northern Italy where his father (Italian-born) settled with the family and worked there in the latter's import-export business. He subsequently returned to New York, where he taught languages, worked as a translator for World Press Review (among other magazines) and adapted films for Unicef. After a stay of 8 years in the States, he moved to Paris, France, where he still resides. He was married (and divorced) twice and has two children - Tatiana and Alexandre - of whom he is very proud.

Birth Place: Kamina,  Congo / Zaire

Accomplishments: He is the recipient of many awards, such as The American Society of Writers Fiction Award, The British Diversity Short Story Award, several New York Poetry Forum Awards, Amelia Prose and Poetry awards and the Prix Colette, among others. He has also been nominated for the W.B. Yeats and Robert Penn Warren poetry awards. His work, which has been praised by James Baldwin, Pierre Emmanuel, Paul Willems and Edmund White, has appeared worldwide in a dozen languages. His African novels have been favorably compared to V.S. Naipaul’s work, which was honored with the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2001. He just got an honorable mention for 'The Crowded World of Solitude', volume 1 (the collected stories),at Writer's Digest's 13th International annual Awards. He is a member of the jury for the Prix Européen (sharing the panel with Eugene Ionesco until his death) and sat in 1996 on the panel of the prestigious Neustadt Prize for Literature, which often leads to the Nobel Prize.


The Quatuor of African Novels in a single ebook by Albert Russo
The African Quatuor of Albert Russo includes the author’s award-winning novels set in the former Belgian Congo and Rwanda-Urundi, with historical facts which will surprise the English-speaking readers who are only aware of the often distorted reports they gather in today’s media, that do not differentiate between the cruel era of King Léopold II and the Belgian Congo, created in 1908, after the in...

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comwww.albertrusso.com 

Adopted by an American Homosexual in the Belgian Congo by Albert Russo
Edmund White: «Albert Russo has recreated through a young African boy's joys and struggles many of the tensions of modern life, straight and gay, black and white, third world and first ... all of these tensions underlie this story of a biracial child adopted by a benevolent American. Adopted by an American in the Belgian Congo is a nonstop, gripping read!»...

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com  Adopted by an American Homosexual in the Belgian Congo

Princes and Gods by Albert Russo
Damiana, the enticing wife of Tobias Antoniades, a wealthy Greek merchant twenty years younger than him, has the reputation of being a hot ticket in town. Among Damiana’s lovers are the Tutsi Mwami himself, a Belgian police officer and Dimitri Stavros, a cinema owner. Damiana has added to her list a young American, Oswald Radcliffe, who works as a paramedic at the Evangelical mission. Oswald is...

Price: $16.20 (eBook)
Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com 

Leodine of the Belgian Congo by Albert Russo
From American Slavery Back to Colonial Africa and After...

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com  Leodine of the Belgian Congo

Eur-African Exiles by Albert Russo
From Rhodes and Rhodesia to the Belgian Congo and Rwanda-Urundi and finally to Italy - An Eur-African Saga ...

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com  l'Aleph, publisher

Zapinette Baguette and Tagliatelle by Albert Russo
Zapinette lives with her mother, a staunch ‘felinist’who owns a beauty parlor in Paris, as well as with Firmin, the latter’s boyfriend. The girl however feels much closer to her ‘Unky Berky’, in spite of the fact that he is “such a weirdo at times and can get on her bloomin nerves”. Through Firmin, ‘the vermin’, she learns that her beloved uncle is a ‘homey setchual’. They will travel to Italy tog...

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com  Zapinette Baguette and Tagliatelle

I-sraeli Syndrome by Albert Russo
Alexis, who grew up in Rwanda-Urundi, is the son of an Italian Jew and a beautiful mulatto woman. As a young adult, he now ponders over the complexity of his roots: African-European and Judeo-Christian (his mother was raised a Catholic). The author guides the reader through a progression of exciting and complicated episodes involving Alexis. With his American wife he will vacation in Israel, and t...

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com 

Rome, my sibling, my empress by Albert Russo
ROME, MY SIBLING, MY EMPRESS This is my fourth photobook on Rome, after 'Italia Nostra', 'Expressive Romans' and 'Seven living Splendors'; this book includes poems and portraits of contemporary Roman personages. Large A4 book in color https://www.createspace.com/4307185 + Amazon.com + uk + fr + de + es...

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com 

Ode to Mamica mia, Mother beloved by Albert Russo
Photos, poems and the full NOVEL entitled AND THERE WAS DAVID-KANZA based on my parents' lives in Africa and Europe, and eulogy received from family and friends around the world, relating to my beloved mother Sarah Russo....

Amazon.comAlbert Russo 

Mother beloved, Mamica mia by Albert Russo
Photos, prose and poems relating to my beloved mother Sarah Russo during her long itinerary from her birth in 1920 on the island of Rhodes (Greece), through Southern and Central Africa, Italy and Belgium, where she lived, as well as through her travels with my father around the world, and her last journey, on the 24th March 2013.  She was a passionate reader, in English, French, Italian and Spanis...

Amazon.comAlbert Russo 

Seven living Splendors by Albert Russo
Black and white photos of Venice, Rome, Paris, New York, Tel Aviv, Singapore and Jerusalem that mix art, architecture and street scenes, with humorous juxtapositions, and in wild card fashion. Photography by Albert Russo http://www.amazon.com/Seven-living-Splendors-Singapore-photography/dp/1481851969...


Au naturel / born naked by Albert Russo
Portraits of the author, alone or accompanied, taken in Africa, The US, Europe, where he has resided, and around the world, in different stages of his life, with pictures of his abode. Note: the quality of the photos is variable, this book being primarily a photographic history of the author rather than a professional photobook. Some of these pictures are erotic, some, very kitch, and others frank...

Au naturel / born naked by Albert Russo 

Venice, Empress of the Seas by Albert Russo
Venice, the Lido, the historical regatta and the film festival...

Venice, Empress of the Seas 

Crystal in a shock wave / the works of Albert Russo by Albert Russo
The works of Albert Russo of the past 40 years, in both English and French, reviewed and commented in these two languages, with essays and photos by the author....

Amazon.comCrystal in a shock wave / Albert Russo  Crystal in a shock wave / Albert Russo

Embers under my skin by Albert Russo
Albert Russo's new poetry book...

Amazon.comEmbers under my skin by Albert Russo 

Israel / Jordan / Palestine by Albert Russo
Israel / Jordan / Palestine - a book of photos subtitled Spirit of Peace...


Léodine l'Africaine by Albert Russo
see 'The Black Ancestor'...

Amazon.comLéodine l'Africaine 

Oriental Gems / Perles de l'Orient by Albert Russo
A photographic journey through Vietnam, Sanya, Bangkok and Singapore...


Living Objects / Objets-Miroir by Albert Russo
Objects have a soul...


Zulu Zapy wins the Rainbow Nation, the hilarious sequel by Albert Russo
“Zapy and her unky Berky win a ‘humanitarian’ journey to South Africa, a journey promising to be full of surprises and adventures. When they realize that this trip will not resemble any of the ‘marvellous and fun’ vacations advertised in the travel brochures, it is already too late, for, in his enthusiasm, unky Berky signed the contract, without reading the small type....

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comCyberwit.net  poetsprintery

Boundaries of Exile / Conditions of Hope by Albert Russo
BOUNDARIES OF EXILE/ Conditions of Hope by Albert Russo and Martin Tucker   A primer on exile through stories, poems, and essays   A personal and passionate search for definitions of identity from two writers who have witnessed the crimes of exile and recorded the triumphs of survival beyond such adversities. Russo and Tucker explore the struggles, both humorous and tragic, tha...

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com 

MermaidsOftheBalticSea - photos of 8 cities -blurb.com - 440 pages by Albert Russo
Photos by Albert Russo of: Saint Petersburg, Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Bergen, Oslo...

Albert Russo Blurb 

Symphony in Hands major - photos - blurb.com by Albert Russo
Live hands, hands sculpted, woven or painted, from antiquity to our days, express the whole gamut of human emotions. Les mains sont le miroir de l'âme....

Albert Russo Blurb 

Celestial blues / Chants du ciel - photos - blurb.com by Albert Russo
Tunes the sky plays over our heads...

Albert Russo Blurb 

Animal Kinship - photos - blurb.com by Albert Russo
Our vision of animals...

Albert Russo Blurb 

In the air, on the ground & on the water - photos - blurb.com by Albert Russo
Transportation in all its guises...

Albert Russo Blurb 

Senegal Live - photos - blurb.com by Albert Russo
People & customs of Senegal, West Africa...

Albert Russo Blurb 

Expressive Romans - photos - blurb.com by Albert Russo
Faces & attitudes in Rome, Italy...

Albert Russo Blurb 

Eilat, Petra & Tel Aviv - photos - blurb.com by Albert Russo
The rainbow cities of Eilat, on the Red Sea (Israel), Petra, the Nabatean site - one of the newly elected 7 wonders - (Jordan), and Tel Aviv, the colorful and cosmopolitan metropolis of Israel...

Eilat, Petra & Tel Aviv - Blurb.com 

Visions of Venice - photos - blurb.com by Albert Russo
Venice of gold and of masks...

Blurb Albert Russo 

ChinaForever - photos - blurb.com by Albert Russo
The China that never changes...

Blurb Albert Russo 

Garden Delights - photos - blurb.com by Albert Russo
gardens and flowers...

Albert Russo Blurb 

New York at heart - photography by Albert Russo by Albert Russo
The Big Apple in its many guises THE NATIONAL INDIE EXCELLENCE 2008 BOOK AWARDS at the Book Expo America in Los Angeles in 2008. Finalist: City of Lovers- City of Wonder by Albert Russo www.albertrusso.com - www.xlibris.com - 978-1-4257-4357-4 Finalist: Body Glorious/Corps á corps by Albert Russo www.albertrusso.com - www.xlibris.com - 1-4257-2515-5 Finalist: New ...


Albert Russo: a poetic biography, volume 2-texts & photos by Albert Russo
a photographic and poetic itinerary of Albert Russo's life (he has resided on three continents) and literary production (in English and in French)...


Albert Russo: a poetic biography, volume 1-texts & photos by Albert Russo
a photographic itinerary of Albert Russo's life (he has resided on three continents) and literary production (in English and in French) with poetic comments by Eric Tessier...


Short Stories

The age of the pearl
 by Albert Russo
little girl and grandfather survive in the age of the pearl...

 by Albert Russo
American daughter discovers she had a Nazi mother...

New York Bonus
 by Albert Russo
Australian tourist experiences a comical incident in the Big Apple...

Fast food Lisette
 by Albert Russo
French concierge Lisette is retired and she goes for the first time in her life to a fastfood restaurant on the Champs Elysées. Her comical reactions...

Souk Secrets
 by Albert Russo
Young French marines taking a break in Tunis' souk and the often comical adventures they live....

The spell of Mayaland
 by Albert Russo
brother and sister discover Chichen-Itza in Mexico and meet Maya ghosts ...

Spirit of Tar
 by Albert Russo
young African torn between tradition and modernity...


To my fellow poets
 by Albert Russo
the poet and his doubts...

Pixel power, from his book, CWS2
 by Albert Russo
the computer age...

Lost identity
 by Albert Russo
questioning oneself...

Emotionally trashed
 by Albert Russo
sibling rivalry...

Remembrance of a corrected past
 by Albert Russo

The little things that add up in life
 by Albert Russo
marriage and humor...

Dramatis personae, from his book CWS2
 by Albert Russo
the many facets of one's personality...


The writer as a chameleon - bilingualism in three continents
 by Albert Russo
The writer as a chameleon: bilingualism and the many cultures encountered by the author on the three continents where he has resided...

Crisis and creativity in the new literatures in English
 by Albert Russo
a survey of contemporary literature in the English-speaking world...


Life Achievement Award for Literature
 by Albert Russo
from the Michael Madhusudan Academy - School for Orphans -, linked to Calcutta University, India...

fiction, poetry and photo books by Albert Russo
 by Albert Russo
fiction, poetry and photo books by Albert Russo...


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Additional information

His most recent novels: in English: ZANY, ZAPINETTE NEW YORK, MIXED BLOOD and ECLIPSE OVER LAKE TANGANYIKA all with Domhan Books (NY); in French: L’AMANT DE MON PÈRE (Ed. Le Nouvel Athanor), ZAPINETTE CHEZ LES BELGES, l’ANCETRE NOIRE, TOUR DU MONDE DE LA POESIE GAY, LA TOUR SHALOM, all four with Editions Hors Commerce (Paris). Last publications in English: THE BENEVOLENT AMERICAN IN THE HEART OF DARKNESS (the trilogy of my award-winning African novels:‘The Black Ancestor’,'Mixed Blood' and ‘Eclipse over lake Tanganyika’), OH ZAPERETTA (the hilarious series, taught at the Catholic University of Paris), and THE CROWDED WORLD OF SOLITUDE , volumes 1 & 2, the collected stories - which has just won an honorable mention at the Writer’s Digest International Awards - and the collected poems. Award finalist in National Best Books 2007, USAbooknews for the novel SHALOM TOWER SYNDROME, featured at the LA book Festival in May/June 2008

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 Albert Russo
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