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Now a retired broadcasting icon and travel entrepreneur, Bob devotes full time to writing fiction and a weekly op-ed column, which appears on this Website as a 'blog' and a newsletter. To date, he has completed seven novels, the first called THE BETTER ANGELS, a World War II coming-of-age thriller. He has completed his sixth book-—WALL !--a tale of how the father-of-the-bride conspired with two


personalities to elevate the nuptials to an international event.  His weekly Blogs appear here.  His first novel, THE BETTER ANGELS, a well-received World War II coming-of-age thriller, is available here and on Amazon.com.  Since then he has written five others:  'MATE!, CIRCLES!, WELL!, WALL! and TYCOON!.   His 7th is tentitively called JESSE!, based loosely on the short, tragic life of the singer/actor Buddy Clark.

A master story-teller, Robert A. Mills is now retired and devotes full time to historical and mainstream fiction.. For detailed information, please e-mail. 

From jounalist to author, Mr. Mills was on the staff of the NBC TV & Radio affiliate in Rochester, NY for 27 years.   His primary assignments were a daily 4-hour radio show and the twice-nightly 6 & 11 o'clock TV News/Weather. During his nearly three decades in broadcasting, Mr. Mills interviewed hundreds of celebrities and political household names. "I was the only reporter with Nelson Rockefeller on September 5, 1975, when Secret Service agents notified us Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme had shot President Ford," Mills recalls. "I was sequestered with Rocky in the men's room at the Chamber of Commerce, and I thought I was going to have the first interview with the new president. Visions of a Pulitzer Prize danced in my head." Growing up in Virginia, working many years in New York, and now living and writing in metro Atlanta, Mr. Mills' genre is fiction, historical and mainstream. His 4th novel is WELL !, a gripping tale of a man obsessed.  Mr. Mills' 5th novel is TYCOON!, a story of Hollywood.  His 6th novel is called WALL !.  His 7th, tentitively called JESSE!, is a work in progress.

Birth Place: Coshocton, OH 

Accomplishments: A writer all his life, Robert A. Mills was awarded 1st Place in the prestigious Seventeen Magazine annual short story competition. His short stories have appeared in the Canadian Forum and other literary magazines, as well as Seventeen. He contributed the majority of the chapters in AccessAtlanta's interactive Internet novel "Atlanta Heights".
Mr. Mills is a member of the Atlanta Press Club and the Georgia Writers Ass'n.


The Better Angels by Robert A. Mills
Two serendipitous teenagers acquire a military surplus jeep and begin pilfering gasoline from an aircraft carrier at the Norfolk Naval Base; the ship departs while the are aboard; discovered and sent home in a Navy fighter/bomber, which accidentally encounters the enemy, they are invited by President Roosevelt to the Biltmore Estate prior to an Allied Summit meeting, where they uncover and thwart ...

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Price: $9.95 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.com 

Circles ! by Robert A. Mills
Fidel Castro attempts a bloody, disastrous take-over of the Moncado Barracks in Cuba while the OSS, about to be restructured as the CIA, must construct a clandestine “invasion” of Cuba with a band of mercenaries and assassinate Castro. ...


Wall ! by Robert A. Mills
WALL !, a novel of intrigue and mystery as Ian Fleming and Noël Coward conspire with the father-of-the-bride to elevate the occasion of the nuptials to an international event. ...

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'Mate ! by Robert A. Mills
A Civil War novel asking what did the killing of Confederate General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson have to do with the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln—was it a conspiracy created and carried out at the highest levels of government? ...


Well ! by Robert A. Mills
In 1927 Charles. A. Lindbergh flew alone across the Atlantic in a rickety monoplane with five sandwiches, a canteen of water, and no radio—an adventure that inadvertently marked the beginning of an era: The Great Depression. Many who were adopted back then began to fantasize being the kidnapped ‘Lindbergh baby,’ only to have their dreams evaporate amidst harsh reality. Ronnie Coalman clung to th...


Tycoon! by Robert A. Mills
A moderately talented TV personality attains local fame in a minor broadcasting market, then surprisingly wins role in network series and rises to brief national renown; marries eventual megastar, orchestrates her destiny as a repeat Oscar/Emmy choice, as he plans against all odds to re-make Gone With the Wind. ...

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Robert's Angels by Dani R. Bellflowers
 by Robert A. Mills
A feature story on Robert A. Mills and "The Better Angels" appearing in the Marietta Daily Journal (in this case sans photos)...


Circles !
 by Robert A. Mills
Anna Teresa lifted the rifle to her shoulder with the same fluid motion and grace with which she often, at the Larchmont Public Library, lifted a book from the cart and placed it carefully on the prop...

'Mate !
 by Robert A. Mills
'MATE ! — a Civil War novel of historical fiction built on edge-of-the-page suspense designed to ensnare the reader with major involvement: What did the earlier killing of General Thomas 'Stonewall'...

Well !
 by Robert A. Mills
LOG LINE: In 1927 Charles. A. Lindbergh flew alone across the Atlantic in a rickety monoplane with five sandwiches, a canteen of water, and no radio—an adventure that inadvertently marked the beginnin...


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If you are a bona fide literary agent interested in making high commissions through the sale of bestseller material to qualified publishers, you may have found an unmined nugget of rare talent. Are you prepared to take an undiscovered professional under your wing and work hard to present him to an enthusiastic book buying public? Are you capable of handling film and TV assignments as well as traditional publishers? If you can truthfully answer “yes” to the above, your next step is to contact me at RobtMills@comcast.net.

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