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If I had it to do over again, I would.

There was once a man just in his prime, who thought retiring early would just be fine. Then one day he pondered a fiery scarlet sunset alone at the helm of his sailboat. He thought to himself, I should take a picture of this to show my friends back home. But alas, being a photographer he knew that a picture would never give the viewer the smell of the ocean air. A mere photo could not let the viewer feel the wind as it pushed his boat effortlessly, or hear his boat as she creaked happily riding the swells. It was at that moment he realized that sailing the wonders of nature must be shared. But, no one seems to have the time anymore. Then he said out loud, to no one but the dolphins who were bumping his bow and doing playful flips in the air, "Natures wonders can never be really appreciated if we don't take the time to notice, and share."

It matters not which media we choose.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Birth Place: Norfolk, VA USA

Accomplishments: Walt Hardester is a brother, father and grandfather, patented inventor, decorated Viet-Nam Veteran, published author, poet, freelance photo journalist, Solo sailor, musician, expert marksman, Paramedic and Respiratory Therapist, Patriot, Nature lover, and oft times, Serious Dumb Ass.
Articles about Walt have appeared in the Northeast Georgian, Tallahassee Democrat, and DEMA trade show news, Walt has been interviewed on CNN, TWC, and the syndicated broadcast network, Jefferson Broadcasting.
Still trying for that elusive "hole in one".

Short Stories

Almost Busted
 by Walt Hardester
A true Army days story. ...

Who to Believe?
 by Walt Hardester
A Dressed up Lie or the Naked truth...

She Told Me To Do It
 by Walt Hardester
What a fun birthday.............

Five Minutes Of Fame
 by Walt Hardester
A Hot Dog interview....

Papa There's A Big Fish
 by Walt Hardester
I almost had a heart attack...

A Steamboat Springs Nightmare
 by Walt Hardester
How worse can it get? Photo: Fitzsimons Army Medical Center...

I Wonder If He Even Realized
 by Walt Hardester
Politicaly correct or not....... I don't care....


The Guitar And The Pawn Shop
 by Walt Hardester
Can't play the Blues...

Never Trust A Leprechaun
 by Walt Hardester
You'll see what happens if you do.........

You Donít Know Me
 by Walt Hardester
So I'm different? Gimme a break, I write poetry....

The Loon
 by Walt Hardester

The Bell of November
 by Walt Hardester
One's mind wanders at sea, as if in a dream....

She Sits
 by Walt Hardester

The Marsh
 by Walt Hardester
Tide of time...


Two Wolves
 by Walt Hardester
There is a point....

Accidental Suicide?
 by Walt Hardester
Some things I have wondered about...

Each Day
 by Walt Hardester

The Clinic
 by Walt Hardester

Fog From A Sailor's Perspective
 by Walt Hardester
A misty anecdote...

I Was Appalled
 by Walt Hardester
I found this profane and disgusting....

What Else Do They Put In It?
 by Walt Hardester
http://epiac1216.wordpress.com/2010/01/12/the-truth-the-whole-truth-and-nothing-but-the-truth/ "The Big Tobacco companies are deeply engaged in enhancing the effects of nicotine through the u...


 by Walt Hardester
Thank You.....My readers...

We Can Fix It
 by Walt Hardester
All you have to do is ask...

Overwhelming Success
 by Walt Hardester
The word has spread...


Art gallery-Lighting technician and general unpaid labor at Wife's gallery
There is work involved with helping run a gallery, but also lots of interesting artists and customers, and lots of fun.

Additional information

I write to make people laugh, cry, or hopefully think. Is thinking to much to ask?

Contact Information

Don't Get Me Started
11040 Bowen Rd. 
Roswell   GA   30075   USA

 Walt Hardester
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biography · sitemap · articles · poetry · news · short stories · reviews · blogs · success story · contact author

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