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Learning/teaching/healing the heart for love in all ways...simply. i create words in my heart to share...knowing in a mysterious magical way we heal more than just ourselves...


 My expression comes in varied forms

Please enjoy this quick video I made from my poetic expression








my words are thoughts expressed in random styles with the intent to serve and enlighten. These thoughts are influenced by both a higher evolved source and the loving relationship I share and experience with fellow Authors Den writer, my husband, Gordon Rosenberg.  


   "I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer 
you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your 
need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from 
the Highest Source. I salute that Source in you. 
Let us work together for unity and love." - 
Mahatma Gandhi - Prayer for Peace

 here is a video I enjoy:

"I Choose Love" Video

Birth Place: Chicago, IL USA


Heartfelt Love Poetry by Debby J Rosenberg
Celebrate the Venus Transit e-book of Poetry Intent to Manifest Love in your life....

Price: $0.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook)   

Angels Talk by Debby J Rosenberg
Angels Talk is a selection of 50 poems assembled to be read from cover to cover, allowing and sharing with the reader the opportunity to feel the higher vibration of LOVE consciousness. In other words, what might it be like to have an angel talk with you? ...


currents - Free Download by Debby J Rosenberg
Poetry and Photography...


Short Stories

 by Debby J Rosenberg
The following scenes depict various stages of human awareness and how unique each experience is realized dependent upon the individualís state of mind and being. ...

Dear Brother
 by Debby J Rosenberg
This letter is fiction in that it was created of spirit one day and downloaded into my fingertips and onto the keyboard...i wasn't sure what to do with for lives in stories. Its categ...

 by Debby J Rosenberg
Dedicated to my dearest friends who are turning 50 in September, epically written in poetry...

The Fall of Eloise
 by Debby J Rosenberg
The soul waits in line for opportunities to re-enter the stage of planet earth...birth. Then the opportunities presented to overcome upheavals and obstacles along lifeís journey are like quantum leap...

A mission
 by Debby J Rosenberg
This story is about a new beginning and being true to oneís inner guidance. It is a true story, and an experience to share. This woman has taken the first step to a new life by leaving an abusive r...

Dissolved into a prescription
 by Debby J Rosenberg
I had a beautiful experience caring for an elder family member, recovering from heart surgery....

on the Colorado river
 by Debby J Rosenberg
Dividing California and Arizona, is a section of the mighty Colorado River. It is more than a recreational oasis in the desert....


daddy dearest
 by Debby J Rosenberg
for some Dadís Day isnít all Hallmark Cards and Happiness...

 by Debby J Rosenberg
W.B. Yeats once wrote...

gentle surprise
 by Debby J Rosenberg

spring times 3
 by Debby J Rosenberg
catching up with 3 ...

gentle came the rain
 by Debby J Rosenberg
April - Day 5...

edge of tomorrow
 by Debby J Rosenberg
April - Day 4...

heaviness looks like
 by Debby J Rosenberg
April - day 3 (Good Friday)...


February OM Times
 by Debby J Rosenberg
Originally posted here in 2002. Now in latest issue of OM Times, February 2012. ...

November OM Times
 by Debby J Rosenberg
November Issue - Recommend the Bruce Lipton Cover Story! and my poem 'compassion' is on page 131...

Published March 2011 OM Times
 by Debby J Rosenberg
Carbon Neutral Multi Media Magazine, designed to be read on line - filled with articles, poetry, music, and video. Beautiful experience - indulge yourself! This cover is James Redfield autho...

Cold and Flu Season or is it?
 by Debby J Rosenberg
Sometimes, the truth hurts a little. I speak from personal experience, neither myself nor my husband, Gordon have been sick with a cold or flu in nearly 4 years, which doesn't make us popul...

Published October OM Times
 by Debby J Rosenberg
My poetry piece "Brain Field" selected in the October issue of OM Times. Page 156....

Published September OM times
 by Debby J Rosenberg
September edition of this awesome carbon neutral, multi media digital magazine. My poetry piece "who are you" is on page 139....

Published June OM-Times
 by Debby J Rosenberg
OM-Times June Issue published my poem "Garden of Zen" - see page 154....


Free e-book - Currents - poetry and photography
 by Debby J Rosenberg
A multidimensional offering of my poetry and photography....


Event Temples Web site
A place to practice and learn self mastery (for free) because wisdom should be shared

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