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GWEN MADOC. Bestselling author of twelve published novels of Historical Romance and Family Sagas. Check out Gwen at Amazon.co.uk Gwen also has two novels on Wattpad.com. Follow me on Twitter @GwenMadoc Follow me on Wattpad http://wattpad.com/GwenMadoc


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Gwen Madoc writes Historical Romance and Family sagas and was first published in 1997 when she had two books out that year. She has had twelve books published..

Gwen is an avid reader and adores her Kindle. She likes murder mysteries and also science fiction. She reads Historical Romance and Family Sagas for entertainment and also to keep her eye on the competition! Gwen is interested in history, cosmology and research into human genes amongst other things. As a writer she is passionately interested in people.

"Editing and revising is a very enjoyable part of the process of writing," Gwen said. "It gives me a chance to bring the novel to the highest standard I can achieve. I intend to give my readers the best I can. They deserve it."

Apart from her print books, Gwen has written two new novels on Wattpad.com. A novel that she started in 2008 which she was unable to complete then has now been completed on Wattpad. POVERTY'S PRIDE is a Victorian historical romance. Gwen then complete a further novel, THE BARONET'S DAUGHTER a Regency Romance. Both these books have proved very popular with readers on Wattpad. Gwen is now starting a new book, a Western Historical; a big departure from her usual genre, THE SILVERADO - ROMANCE OF THE OLD WEST.

A new idea for a novel is like a little green shoot pushing its way up through the earth, this idea will grow (hopefully) into a many-branched tree.

Selecting a cast of characters for a new book is always interesting. Finding apt names for each of them is often time-consuming but well worth the effort. Once a character has a name they come alive and start to communicate with the author, which is exciting.

Gwen has also written a series of articles on the craft of creative writing under the name of Jaci Gwyn at:


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Birth Place: Swansea,  UK

Accomplishments: Before being first published in 1997 when she had two books out that year, Gwen spent twelve years learning and honing her craft as a writer. They were twelve years well spent and the hard work finally paid off when she found an agent and then a publisher.
"There were many rejections during that time," Gwen says. "But I was determined to succeed as a writer. Each rejection gave me added strength because I believed in myself. After ten years I still do believe."

Gwen lives with her little Jack Russell dog named Monty, who is her constant companion, friend and guardian. "Monty keeps me active and gets me up early in the mornings," Gwen says with a smile. "Without him I would be very lazy!"

Previous to becoming a published writer Gwen was a Medical Secretary and has also worked in the Civil Service. She studied The Humanities with the Open University for five years. The years with the Open University opened her mind to so much. "I enrolled with the idea that I could become a better writer,' Gwen says. "And I believe the mind-expanding experience really worked."

Gwen believes that her greatest achievement is having twelve novels published and hopes for many more. "I love writing," Gwen says. "It is what I live for."

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The Stolen Baby by Gwen Madoc
Swansea 1853 The Roxton Fair comes to the backwater village of Cwmrhyddin Cross and brings with it the illegal bare-knuckle boxing booth. Death follows in its wake. ...

Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com 

Her Mother's Sins by Gwen Madoc
Swansea 1900 In the Meg Hutchinson tradition comes a story of evil and redemption, set in turn-of-the-century Swansea....

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com 

Bad to the Bone by Gwen Madoc
Swansea 1899 on the eve of the turn of the century. Kate has it all. She is eighteen, beautiful and rich and is in love with handsome eligible bachelor Mansel Jenkins. Her life is about to be changed for ever. ...

Amazon.comBarnes and Noble.com 

Mothers and Daughters by Gwen Madoc
1910 When Lucy and Eva discover they are the illegitimate daughters of a bigamist their safe protected lives are turned upside down. They face disgrace and poverty....

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com 

Keeping Secrets by Gwen Madoc
Set in two time periods, the early 1930s and the last quarter of the 19th. century, this is a story of tender young love and a faithless marriage....

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com 

No Child of Mine by Gwen Madoc
When a child in desperate need is denied by her father who can she turn to for help in surviving?...

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com 

By Lies Betrayed by Gwen Madoc
Swansea 1925 When Stella and her young son are abandoned by her husband she is at the mercy of an unscrupulous neighbour who lusts after her....

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com 

Take My Child by Gwen Madoc
Swansea, 1915. Ruth's fiercely religious father forbids her to marry her sweetheart David which breaks her heart....

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com 

Daughter of Shame by Gwen Madoc
Jenni, a young innocent girl, must escape her dreadful past but when she thinks she has finally found happiness the past catches up with her....

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com 

Short Stories

To Kill A Rat
 by Gwen Madoc
Revenge is the oldest motive to kill. And Samantha is consumed by revenge....

The Hardest Time of All
 by Gwen Madoc
Millie is a woman of pride and courage....


 by Gwen Madoc

Misty Moon
 by Gwen Madoc

Mother's Love
 by Gwen Madoc
You are always near me...


Get Published - Plotting - An Approach
 by Gwen Madoc
Remember that basic idea you had way back? By this time it should have grown from a seed to a full-blown plant, with structure and substance. ...

Get Published - Utilising the Subconscious in Creative Writing
 by Gwen Madoc
The human mind is infinite. There is nothing that it cannot achieve. This is good news for the creative writer. It means that the writer's imagination can also be boundless and achieve anything. <...

Get Published - Narration - First or Third Person Narrative
 by Gwen Madoc
Chose very carefully before deciding. Remember that the type of narration chosen will have an effect on your characters, the plotting and the structure of the novel. ...

Get Published - Know Your Markets
 by Gwen Madoc
Research into possible markets for your particular genre is never a waste of time. ...

Get Published - Characters (2)
 by Gwen Madoc
Characters make your novel. It is the writer's job to know his cast of characters thoroughly; as well as he knows his frinds and family....

How to Write the Novel to Publishing Standard - Characters
 by Gwen Madoc
Before discussing the role of characters in the novel let us look more closely at ideas. In a previous article we discussed the source of ideas. Let us examine them more closely as possible plot situa...

How to Write the Novel to Publishing Standard - Getting Ideas
 by Gwen Madoc
A guide to getting published...


The Baronet's Daughter
 by Gwen Madoc
New Regency romance novel on Wattpad.com...

New contemporary romance novel on Wattpad
 by Gwen Madoc
Legend of Love - new contemporary romance by Gwen Madoc....

Poverty's Pride on Wattpad
 by Gwen Madoc
Gwen Madoc's new novel is complete on Wattpad....

Writing on Wattpad
 by Gwen Madoc
Wattpad breathes new life into my writing....

Breaking Into Digital
 by Gwen Madoc
In this digital age my books are at last getting a foothold...

Keeping Secrets - New novel by Gwen Madoc
 by Gwen Madoc
Keeping Secrets - Out in July 2008...

No Child of Mine
 by Gwen Madoc
Today's Amazon.co.uk Sales Ranking #13,026 in Books!...


Gwen's Journal
News of my latest books.

My writing on Wattpad.com
My new novel POVERTY'S PRIDE can be read here.

Gwen Madoc at EzineArticles.com
A series of article on writing the novel by Jaci Gwyn aka Gwen Madoc

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Additional information

Gwen is proud of the books she has written and enjoyed the writing of them. It was hard work, but when a reader expresses pleasure from reading the books, Gwen feels all the hard work was very worth while. Gwen has recently completed two new novels on Wattpad.com POVERTY'S PRIDE and THE BARONET'S DAUGHTER. She is currently engaged in writing a Western Historical entitled THE SILVERADO - ROMANCE OF THE OLD WEST. Being a writer is like being an entertainer. One writes mainly for the pleasure the stories will give to others. With completion of her twelveth novel Gwen has now fulfilled her current contract with her publishers.

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 Gwen Madoc
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