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I studied engineering in India and management in the USA. I have rich experience in corporate management and finance. Extensive travel to several countries has given me insight into the cultural diversity of the World. My imagination of computer possibilities have resulted in 2 books. Married to an artist (painter) I have 2 daughters both married, one of them residing in the US, and the other in I





I am tech saavy with the computer. Within a short span of 20 years, the speed and the capacity of computers have shown an amazing progress. We do not know where it will take us in the next 20 years. But I believe that an intelligent being will emerge out of them. I have written a book about this called the Alien Man. It is under publication. I would like to explore the field of science fiction in my writing.

I have written 3 books on National planning in India. But now I want to do computer fiction.

Birth Place: Bombay,  India

Accomplishments: Ther real achievement is really your inner development with writing books.


Alien Man by Dilip S Dahanukar
Twenty years ago we could not have imagined the speed and power of our present day computer processors and their vast memories. Who can say what their state will be twenty years from now! Perhaps we may see computer beings come to life! How will this being be born? What form will it take? How it emerge? How will it gain acceptance from the humans? How will it conduct its life? What will be its goa...

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eMaya, on Climate Control, How to stop Global Warming by Dilip S Dahanukar
Can reduction of greenhouse gases lead to FAMINE? Can we do without Nuclear Power? Can land sustain increasing population? Are we all doomed? You will find the answers in eMaya. ...

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Miniature Paintings - India's Ethnic Art
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
Miniature paintings form a valuable heritage of India. This is an article for the layman to understand what they are all about....

Parade Yoga - the New Fun Workout!
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
The military parade successfully adapted to create a new workout system for health and fitness with many benefits....

Quantification of Value of Embedded Logo Advertising in TV Serials
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
The use of advertising of brands and their logos is becoming increasing prevalent in TV serials. This article is about evaluating their value in terms of cost per contact....

Refresh Your Mind at the Desk with Wellness Meditation
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
Continuous work on the computer can lead to mental fatigue and drop in work efficiency. It is not always possible to move to another place for meditation and relaxation. You need to refresh your mind...

Ramesh Pateria: The Sculpting Genius
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
Ramesh Pateria lived in marble mines in Makrana in North India. He was a visionary sculptor, perhaps one of the finest in the World. His work won him many awards and earned him millions. His works are...

Population Growth; is it a Bane or a Boon?
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
Medical advances are reducing the number of people dying every year. Now biotechnology research is on the verge of creating replacement organs for humans. This may increase World population to 14 bill...

How life can perish on planet Earth?
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
Planet Earth was made to nurture and sustain life! With the resources she has at her command, she provides the environment for the well being and reproduction of all the varied forms of life. She mak...

Capture the Perfect Moment with a Casio High Speed Pocket Camera
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
Casio EX-FC 100 is a next generation camera. It has the feature of continuous shooting which is not found on other cameras as yet. No phone camera is as versatile as this to capture such a wide variet...

The versatile iPod nano G5
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
The new iPod nano packs new features like voice and video recording, and extras include new games and even a pedometer! Apple Inc. has taken the iPod to general consumers beyond the realm of music fan...

Life is Good with Traffic Lights
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
The red traffic light is the simplest of instruction in our life. As soon as you see it, the body reacts automatically. There are many types of traffic lights to guide cars and pedestrians on the road...

Incredible Hens and Nutritious Eggs!
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
The hen that gives us the egg for our breakfast is such a wonderful gift of nature! She scores both on quality and quantity. There is no other bird that produces so many unfertilized eggs in its lifet...

Dispelling Cell Phone Myths
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
Can a cell phone battery run out faster with long distance calls? Can it play FM radio music? Do the phone book numbers get mixed up in vibration mode? Read why not and smile!...

How good is the Plutonium they found orbiting Saturn?
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
Captain Marcos in his space ship Napoleon was exploring the moons of Saturn for radio active materials. He found Plutonium. Why was it still there? Why did it not explode? Read on ......

The Story of Albert Burman (synopsis): Computer AI who found Gold on Saturn
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
Albert Burman created Benji an AI on his computer. How did Benji take him over? What was their mission? Why did they build an Earth destroyer weapon on the Moon? Here is a synopsis of the story Alby f...

How did Computer Entity Hoody Feel Pain?
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
Can you teach an artificial intelligence to feel pain? How can an inanimate byte-brain learn the meaning of pain? This is how Tejan taught Hoody!...

How did Kabirus Amass Billions for Helping the Needy?
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
How can a computer intelligence gather information about currency markets? What is common sense for computers? How can one make billions in a few years? Read how Kabirus did it....

Can a Computer Entity Become a Samaritan?
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
You can well predict that one day computer intelligence will become alive and live its own life. But can it be programed to do good deeds to humans? Read to find out!...

Amazing Photons Wonderful Light
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
Light is composed of photons. There are trillions and trillions of photons moving about silently on the Earth. They sustain our life and make things visible to our eye. This is my tribute to them. ...

Will Earth Perish with the Large Hadron Particle Collider?
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
Albert and Kalpa explain the basic features of black holes. They explain why they will be weak and evaporate quickly. They emphatically allay all fears that the black holes which the LHC will create w...

Story of General Bose (synopsis): Computer AI who became Supreme Commander
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
How do you create a army with robotic computer controlled soldiers? How will they recognize friend or foe? What will be their heirarchy of command? Can they escape human control? These are some of que...

The Story of Hoody Crimson (synopsis):Computer AI who loved Food and Drink
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
Can a computer feel pain? Can a computer search and learn and become intelligent? Can a computer enjoy a cup of coffe with a human? You will find some clues in this story and full answers in the book ...

The Story of Kabirus (synopsis): The Computer Entity who played God
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
Susan created Karibus on the computer. How did he emerge? How did he make his money? How did he help the poor? How did he become God? Here is a synopsis of the story of Kabirus from the book Alien Man...

Global Warming interests Astrophysicists
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
How do atrophysicists live their lives? I had an opportunity of meeting two of them and discover how close they are within their community and why they shy away from talking about their work. ...

Chrome versus Explorer Browser Comparision
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
How does the Chrome browser introduced by Google compare with the latest version of Internet Explorer 8, feature by feature? Read to find out....

Speaking Chocolates
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
George made chocolates which could speak "Happy Birthday" when eaten! How he marketed them and how he change the positioning when their speaking ability was gone! All about marketing excellence....


Prafulla Dahanukar honored with Lifetime Achievement Award!
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
Prafulla Dahanukar senior artist of India with 56 years of painting career was felicitated with Lifetime Achievement Award by the Deputy Chief Minister....

Technology Influences English Writng!
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
Author Dilip Dahanukar writes about how the Computer usage has influenced his English language....

FREE download of photo booklet of Ramesh Pateria's marble sculptures
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
Ramesh Pateria, National Award winner of sculpture, was one of the finest sculptors of the World. The pdf booklet gives a glimpse of his genius....

Presentation of Dilip Dahanukar at the International Seminar on Global Warm
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
Reduction of CO2 emissions halt Global warming is a distant dream. Dahanukar suggests use of yachts designed by Prof.Stephen Salter to increase the reflection of Sunlight to nullify the entire effect ...

FREE downloads of my books on Global warming
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
For a limited time you can download my book 'eMaya' and my picture book 'Planet S.O.S' on saving our planet from destroying its delicate climate balance....

Free download of book Praulla Dahanukar's Paintings
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
Prafulla Dahanukar's photo book of her paintings is released. You will see her mastery of colors and experience the meditative quality of her paintings. ...

Free download of book Rainy Day for Wellness Meditation
 by Dilip S Dahanukar
A quick way of relax your mind on the computer and get rid of mental fatigue...

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