Michael Charles Messineo

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Creativity drives my imagination and quite often it is charged with speeding.


I was born in New Jersey and moved to South Florida to start the 6th grade. I graduated from Hollywood Hills High School and attended Broward Community College where I majored in Business Administration and Psychology. I continued my education with a writing course from LaSalle University which gave me the confidence to write while overcoming my challenges with dyslexia.

 After my teenage years working in the car wash business, I was hired by Florida Power & Light as an entry level stock clerk in the storeroom warehouse at the Fort Lauderdale Power Plant. It was there that I learned about inventory control, planning, purchasing and most importantly, Deming Quality. I worked my way to the top, and after 14 years, it was time to move on to something more challenging. I moved my family to Colorado and did consulting work based on Deming Quality Improvement and cost cutting programs.

I became bored as I missed the everyday constantly changing priorities. I realized that I was the most happy when I had 20 things to do at the same time. I searched for something different and accepted a job at a think-tank company which created and taught corporate games revolving around the specific needs of the client, many of which were Fortune 500 companies. These made-to-order projects ranged from understanding accounting, to benchmarking, improving sales, teamwork strategies and beyond. The innovative culture encouraged me to brainstorm new ideas into the creative process on projects and the experience was amazing. This knowledge became the cornerstone for creating my own version of corporate training which I named "Business Olympics." A combination of team building, customer satisfaction, thinking outside the box, and perfected brainstorming were all rolled into a series of games that I still teach today in the United States, India and Singapore.

 My next venture was even more diverse as I applied for a job as a production manager at a manufacturing plant that made exercise equipment in collaboration with Reebok. I redesigned the assembly lines and set up production runs for new equipment which allowed the company to double their gross income in my first year. Additional creative changes and Deming principles allowed me to get the most out of the company as my second year saw the gross profits double again from the year before. The company had reached its full potential and it was time to move on, so I left to pursue a new career in high tech.

With one daughter graduated from college, and another going to college in 3 years, it was the perfect time to get back on a motorcycle. I bought a brand new Harley Davidson Sportster, and my biker days were back in full swing. Riding in the mountains of Colorado, and with everyone telling me I was going through a mid-life crisis, I got the idea to write a book about that exact thing. But the story that came out surprised even me as Rigby’s Roads, the adventure, began to snap from my fingers.

 I write poetry, and write all of the Christmas, birthday and Valentine's Day cards as a special gift to my loved ones.

 I am fascinated with solving puzzles, and I enjoy creating them.

I can solve any Rubik's cube ... I actually found a way to cheat.

I appreciate the most finite details.

Favorite music: Beatles, Green Day, Vivaldi, Mozart, Sinatra, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Hendrix, and everything from the 60's.

Favorite movies: Anything by Steven Spielberg, or Ron Howard.

Favorite Saying: There are always alternatives.

I have a US Patent.

I created a game show based on right/left brain recognition.





Maddy's Secret: The Search For Einstein's Lost Work by Michael Charles Messineo
What if you were named as heir to a Will that you knew nothing about and members of your family were being kidnapped and tortured for information they didn't have? What if you went to the police only to find out the Russian Mafia and your own government were behind the personal attacks in their effort to find the lost research of Albert Einstein that is mysteriously connected to the Will in your ...

Price: $9.95 (eBook)
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Rigby's Roads by Michael Charles Messineo
This book is about life and death and overcoming personal struggles to discover the real you that is hidden inside. The story emphasizes waking up in life, working your list of 50 things to do... and completing life’s real Bucket List of experiences that you think about but never do. Think about it... Before I die... ...

Kindle (eBook)  Amazon.com  Barnes & Noble.com   

Short Stories

My Dyslexia
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Dyslexia can slow you down but not stop you from your goals. Understanding what it is, can be most enlightening....

My List of 50 Things
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Change your life today....

35 shameless reasons
 by Michael Charles Messineo
This is a shameless plug to buy my book "Rigby's Roads" from http://www.barnesandnoble.com/ http://www.amazon.com/ ...

Finding a reviewer
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Part one of a continuing story....

Stop and Remember Your Past
 by Michael Charles Messineo
This is a simple story about memories from your past. These just happen to be my memories, because actually it would be real hard for me to remember your past....

My Progressions in Life
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Life is a series of progressions. So hop on board and take a ride with me. ...

Seizing An Opportunity
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Following my hunches have always paid off. ....

Murder Mystery - A writer's high
 by Michael Charles Messineo
What happens when you are in a room full of people who are reading your mind?...


Pearls Of Wisdom
 by Michael Charles Messineo
They need it, they ask for it, they get it, they ignore it....

Dreams of Intentions
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Your library of intentions and experiences needs to be reviewed....

Whispers In Your Mind
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Turn your thoughts into words of communication. Go after what you want and let it be known....

The Liar
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Seeing the truth is sometimes just a matter of perspective. Look at the picture, tilt your head to the left, and then to the right until you see the word. Beware of the liar. ...

Sweet 16 Birthday Words of Wisdom
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Words Of Wisdom. To my God-daughter Nicole on her 16th Birthday. Happy Birthday, Sweet 16....

The Door I Want To Enter
 by Michael Charles Messineo
There are many doors in life waiting to be opened. Each one can lead to a different journey in your life. The heartbreak is not which doors to choose, but rather not opening enough of them. ...

Why Can't I Find You
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Relationships... Sometimes being close has barriers of communication. Talk to me. ...

I Discovered Magic
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Researching magic for a new and exciting character for my next book, I quickly found my own thesis for his background. ...

A Broken Promise
 by Michael Charles Messineo
No matter what your reason is for breaking any promise... DON'T DO IT. It is much easier on everybody if you deliver the promises you make....

Life's too short
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Stop dwelling on the negative and do something different. ...

Stop Asking Questions
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Questions, questions and more questions. STOP IT. I can’t take it anymore....

Cherish The Forgotten Memory
 by Michael Charles Messineo
As your life goes by, you must control the opposite emotions that weigh you down from meeting your objectives. Take the time to remember what lead you to where you are today. Never forget those nume...

Bending The Impossible
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Thank you Bob Dylan. Always a pleasure. Photo by Antonio Delgado...

The Dreams Within
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Your dreams are telling you something. Are you listening?...

Because I Do Know
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Because when you know... you really know....

I Miss You
 by Michael Charles Messineo

I'm Writing Through You
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Getting back together, re-visiting the things that made you happy, reflecting on what was, and what needs to be....

My Dreams
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Dreams are the thoughts, visions, reflections, TV shows, conversations, subliminal images of your life that are mixed together into a screenplay for your nightly viewing pleasure. Pleasant ...

Driving Me Away
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Photo by Milena Galchina...

Goodness, Passion, Darkness
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Inspired from my trip to Pune, India, and from the Mahabharata. Thanks to Vasu & Lalita. ...

I Am A Writer
 by Michael Charles Messineo
I do this this waaaaaaay too much....

Life’s Garden
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Lost feelings can be found when you stop and smell the roses. Finding your path in life can be as simple as planting the flowers. Sometimes depression, sadness, or the feeling of being alone can be e...

Tomorrow’s One More Day
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Happy Birthday, ... some people enjoy the day while others let the sound of “the number” drag them down. Getting older is a privilege and with it brings a different set of spectacles to view life’s s...

Fundamental Reasons
 by Michael Charles Messineo
There are underlying reasons why everybody acts as they do. The collection of life experiences become the building blocks for the decisions that they make. So the next time someone does something st...

I Tried To Write A Poem
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Because this is what happens sometimes. Photo by Reggie Kanasut...


Las Vegas Mystery
 by Michael Charles Messineo
The following is a look into the brainstorming and research that started the plot for my most recent book, Maddy’s Secret: The Search For Einstein’s Lost Work. The information in this article is a com...

Anatomy Of A Poem
 by Michael Charles Messineo
How do I write a poem? .. For me, it happens this way. ...

Da Vinci, John Lennon, Einstein have something in common.
 by Michael Charles Messineo
I wrote this article for the U.K. Press commemorating U.K. Dyslexia Awareness Week, November 7-13. ...

Hot Sauce - How Hot is Hot?
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Why is it that one taster's tolerance for heat in one "Hot Sauce" simply appears to be "just mild" to another? What exactly makes it hot? What should I do if I taste it and my mouth is on fire… what ...

Hot Sauce - Gag Gift?
 by Michael Charles Messineo
OK, we know what you're thinking... find one of the hottest hot sauces, give it as a gift, and watch them gasp at the heat as the tears fill their eyes. No, this is not low level humor, not even clos...

Hot Sauce – The Misunderstood Flavor Enhancer
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Hot sauce is just hot sauce?... Far from it, my cooking friends. You have a selection of flavors to enhance every meal that is only limited by your own creative imagination. The best cooks know that t...

Nikola Tesla Timeline - Legend, magician, sorcerer
 by Michael Charles Messineo
My book - Maddy's Secret: The Search For Einstein's Lost Work, is the result of 2 years of research that started with Nikola Tesla and quickly moved to Albert Einstein. Although my book is a fictio...

Einstein and Tesla
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, two of the worlds greatest minds, started my research for the book Maddy's Secret: The Search for Einstein's Lost Work. ...

Flu Shot Rant!!!
 by Michael Charles Messineo
This is for all candidates on both sides at the national and local level. It is not intended to be slanted toward one party or another. ...

Self Promotion
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Knowing your audience is key to increasing your sales....

Book Marketing Ideas
 by Michael Charles Messineo
A Newsletter and book that captures the best marketing ideas from A to Z....

Searching The Internet
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Find what you want....


Rigby's Roads gets the nod for Boulder's list.
 by Michael Charles Messineo
Michael Charles Messineo's "Rigbys Roads" made Boulder Colorado's list of books to read....

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