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Blue Sleighty bringing you well written, edgy lesbian stories. Virtual Lesbian Pulp Fiction - for the 21st century lesbian. Author of My Secret Obsession Erotic Lesbian Stories Volumes I and II. Bohemian Texas wildwoman. I aspire to write literature. Check out "Burning Cotton"!


 I write poetry about real life in all of its splendor.  The pain and the pleasure. Good times and bad. Life and death and more.
Also  . . .

I write entertaining lesbian adventure and travel stories with plenty of steamy sex. Click this link to visit my adult website with FREE stories!  I am just finishing the latest remodel of My Secret Obsession Erotic Lesbian Stories. Virtual lesbian pulp fiction for the 21st century lesbian. I hope you get a chance to check it out! The story layout looks like this: Kat. The Texas Tornado.

I tend to see things from a slightly different point of view. Trying always to feel the love, see the beauty, appreciate the humor and find the positive in this often harsh and ugly world. My stories are about life, living and relationships which are the things that I am most fascinated with and passionate about.

I love to visit my friends and my family and visit community venues showcasing local talent. I support women in the arts and business.

Music moves me. Blues, jazz and alternative are my favorites but I love all music. I even listen to a little death metal. Just like some things translate better in one language than another- some things are better expressed with music than words. I listen to music all of the time. (Even when I'm sleeping)

I love all things equestrian. I have been riding horses all of my life.

I have been interested in erotica since I discovered sex. I love well written and imaginitive erotica. I have had great examples to inspire me, and from which to adapt my style. Of writing, that is. I find that a good plot and an interesting story line is usually essential. Though there are times when the focus can be just on the vignette of a single exquisite experience.

I find the entertainment and the reading material available on the internet to be very satisfying and fullfilling. The opportunity to actually communicate with other independent writers and artists in such an intimate and immediate manner is a wonderful new reality! It has become so easy and convenient to communicate with the internet that the best of the best are now able to easily correspond, and are forming great alliances. Enriching and enthralling fellowships inspiring and compelling artists to perform to the very best of their abilities. Artists supporting artists through encouragement, constructive criticism, and deep, passionate discussion. We are on the dawn of a renaissance on this continent. What a wonderful thing for us to get to experience with the world being so very UGLY, right now! And what an extraordinarily important thing for America to actually have enough history to earn an inherently American cultural and intellectual trend cumulating as a renaissance! America IS self expression! Media. MEDIUM. We are ART.

I was born and raised in Texas. I LOVE Texas. I have an associate's degree in art.

I am an artist / writer / webmaster. I also have an advice column that keeps me pretty busy. I have retired at an early age. So- I feel very blessed.

I hope you enjoy my stories.

Other writers who influenced me include Erica Jong, Judith Viorst, and Fannie Flagg. Authors that I greatly admire, as well as the aforementioned, include Alice Walker, Terry McMillan, Bebe Moore Campbell, Anne Rice, Christopher Moore, Tom Robbins, Mark Childress . . . the list goes on and on. On my website (which I built, myself [WARNING: adult website]), I am expressing myself as never before, with my artwork, and my writing. This is high-tech self expression. I never in a million years dreamed that my artwork would be produced digitally using a tablet that was plugged into my computer, and using an electronic pen. And, that I would post it on the internet on a website that I created myself, for all of the world to see.What fun! I share my art with you, as I explore my medium, and grow with each completed story, and piece of artwork. I edit it after it's posted. I write about unpopular things. I hope you enjoy my exploration and practice.


No matter the subject, I try to find a little humor in EVERYTHING and try to reflect that in my work.                     

Birth Place: Houston, TX 

Accomplishments: RETIREMENT BEFORE AGE 50! Yay! Released 3 books in 2008! Blue's Singer Aka RoadKill Heart, Ducking Out, and Right To Remain Silent! All available at Lulu.com, Amazon.com, and all over the internet!

Was included in the acknowledgements in her book, "Secretly Bound", by the mysterious Jade, thanking me for my help and support. See Jade's profile on Author's Den.

I have achieved abundance, happiness, and contentment. Certifiably insane. Won 57 bucks on the lottery. I got an award last week for 3rd place in a mini racer grand prix in a field of 19. 16 men and 3 women. I'm a rebel 'just because'. Daisy Duke wishes she had my ass.


Blue's Singer AKA Roadkill Heart by Blue Sleighty
Cover by Blue Sleighty Prologue: Have you ever had a moment of retrospection, perhaps recalling your first love, when your ultimate summation was “What the hell was I thinking?” This is that kind of a love story. A story about a relationship that could only have happened during that wonderful stage in one’s life where we are blessed with youthful ignorance and when every taste of so...

Click here to buy this book!
My Secret Obsession 

Ducking Out by Blue Sleighty
Another saucy novella from Blue Sleighty! A story about an internet romance gone bad. REALLY bad! Excitement, adventure, danger, humor, love, life, death, break ups, make ups and plenty of what Blue is famous for . . . steamy as ever! Cover by Blue Sleighty...

Click here to buy this book!
Ducking Out @ Lulu 

Right To Remain Silent by Blue Sleighty
cover by Blue Sleighty Another great novella by Blue Sleighty. Expect humor, excitement, intrigue, heart ache, love, hate, good and bad, adventure and plenty of what Blue Sleighty is famous for . . . steamy as ever!...

Click here to buy this book!

My Secret Obsession Erotic Lesbian Stories, Volume II by Blue Sleighty
More wild true tales, by Blue Sleighty! Your old friends from Volume I, still kicking it up in Volume II! Catch the exciting conclusion of the story of Bette and Blue from 'The Blues Singer', in "The Disappearance"! Enjoy another sexy encounter from Joie and Blue in "The Dull Surprise"! Find out what happens, after Bette, for Blue in "My Liza"! See what happens, when Blue tries to 'go corporate' i...

Click here to buy this book!

My Secret Obsession Erotic Lesbian Stories, Volume I by Blue Sleighty
Be warned that these are adult erotic stories! My Secret Obsession Lesbian Erotic Stories, volume 1. Click link below to go to website for free stories in their entirety. Experience the life and loves of Blue Sleighty. Visit Blue's erotic realm, through these ten delicious tales of excitement and adventure within Blue's world of lesbian sexual pleasure. Break ups! Make ups! Travel! Adventure! Good...

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com 

Short Stories

Burning Cotton
 by Blue Sleighty
An excerpt from my new story, Burning Cotton...

The World According to Bruno, The Shepherd
 by Blue Sleighty
This is just a short excerpt. This is an excerpt from my new book. I might change the name. Some may find the subject matter quite amusing for various reasons. Otherwise- it is still quite a humorous ...

 by Blue Sleighty
Just a fun, short story. A little moment in time with my adult daughter. ...

An excerpt from, Running Through The Hills
 by Blue Sleighty
A story about being stranded in the middle of nowhere with a girlfriend who is . . . a bit angry. A continuation of "the Personal Ad" series. See it on My Secret Obsession. THIS IS AN AD...

An excerpt from, The Disappearance (#5)
 by Blue Sleighty
Lesbian erotica with a plot! #5 (the conclusion)in "The Blues Singer" series. Read them in sequence!...

An excerpt from, The Dull Surprise
 by Blue Sleighty

An excerpt from, My Liza
 by Blue Sleighty
EXCERPT: Suddenly, Liza pulled off of the freeway. She took a quick exit, and drove down the feeder street into a parking lot that was empty. It was still only 6:30 in the morning. Few people were out...


A List of ”Likes”
 by Blue Sleighty
Revisiting what I love....

Game Over
 by Blue Sleighty
This poem is rather a cathartic. About a parent having to watch the healing process of her child after her child's lover chooses suicide and while she deals with the suicide herself....

An Eternal Flame
 by Blue Sleighty
Soulmates aren't always just lovers . . ....

 by Blue Sleighty
Twelve hour days as an adult education instructor in the most noted ghetto in the 3rd largest city in the United States....

 by Blue Sleighty
Someone asked me about my work in educating adults in the 3rd largest ghetto in the USA. This is my life....

A Hundred Dollars
 by Blue Sleighty

Calling In a Favor
 by Blue Sleighty
A short film by Anthony Panecasio based on and including my poem "GRAFFITI"...


Blue Sleighty on Recycling
 by Blue Sleighty
Exploring uses for empty beer cans. 1st of 101....

Blue Podcast Take 9,273,432
 by Blue Sleighty
Blue podcast with special effects - hopefully the 3rd time will be a charm. This is no. 2...

Please Help Blue Sleighty
 by Blue Sleighty
I am trying to start doing podcasts. Would you please listen to this podcast and tell me if it . . . could use some work??? I sound nasal. Help. Please....

For The College Girls
 by Blue Sleighty
A night I will not soon forget. Take HEED, ladies!...

 by Blue Sleighty
Yes. The Blue is a MOM. And here is one important observation . . ....


Getting Your Book Into IBook and Kindle
 by Blue Sleighty
Getting tired of the self publishing money suckers, but you really want your work available in formats for Kindle and iBook? Do it yourself for free....

If You Like My Stories- Check Out Burning Cotton
 by Blue Sleighty
Excerpt from new story, Burning Cotton. You know what you like. I changed it. Go for it!...

My Secret Obsession Gets a Makeover!
 by Blue Sleighty
Please check out the new look of My Secret Obsession. The barber's son finally gets a haircut....

Check it Out on GOOGLE
 by Blue Sleighty
Please check this search term on GOOGLE . . ....

 by Blue Sleighty
No, I am not regressing....

 by Blue Sleighty
An update....

Anthony Panecasio Produces Video Based on Graffiti
 by Blue Sleighty
Anthony Panecasio produced a dramatic interpretaion of my poem, "Graffiti"....


Blue Sleighty at Lulu.com (Where you can buy my books/ebooks)
Please click here to buy my books and ebooks! Also available at AMAZON and many other online book sellers.

My Secret Obsession
My website, My Secret Obsession, is being enjoyed by more and more discerning adults every day. We are proud to announce that My Secret Obsession is getting over 1,250,000 hits a month, and of those 1,250,000 hits, 1500 people or more each day are staying on the website for over an hour or more each day! I am very proud and happy to provide entertainment that keeps people coming back! What an honor it is! My Secret Obsession brings you the best in lesbian erotica. The finest in erotic stories, lesbian erotic art and videos, and links to carefully screened websites of high quality, and of fresh interest. Websites that we link to must meet our high standards to be listed on My Secret Obsession. NO pop-ups. No underhanded tactics. No spyware, cookies, or browser seizure. The content must be worthwhile, and actually be what it claims to be. Writers linked to my site are talented, prolific and worth your trouble. Artists, too. My Secret Obsession does not require a membership to enjoy it's stories, articles, original artwork, video on demand and sizzling thumbnail galleries. There are no forms to fill out to enjoy My Secret Obsession. We respect your privacy. We do not participate in any programs that make use of information regarding who visits our website. The video opportunities are the most reasonable available, and very high quality. From pay-per-minute streaming video theatre with over twenty thousand titles, and NO membership fees, to mail order adult dvd rental with no late fees- My Secret Obsession has discreet video rental solutions for you. My Secret Obsession Sex Toys has exciting sex toys to satisfy everyone's desires and fantasies. Sent to you discreetly at the address of your choice, we offer 24 hour sex toy delivery. My sex toy store has a full color catalogue of our merchandise available to you on line! If you would appreciate a little education, or if a demonstration would excite you, most of the items offered in our catalogue also offer a video demonstration of the item in use. Visit My Secret Obsession for the absolute best in adult lesbian erotica!

Advice from Blue Sleighty

My Secret Obsession Erotic Lesbian Stories, Volume II
More wild true tales, by Blue Sleighty!! Your old friends from Volume I, still kicking it up in Volume II! Catch the exciting conclusion of the story of Bette and Blue from 'The Blues Singer', in "The Disappearance"! Enjoy another sexy encounter from Joie and Blue in "The Dull Surprise"! Find out what happens, after Bette, for Blue in "My Liza"! See what happens, when Blue tries to 'go corporate' in, "Love Takes a Business Trip"! And, more terror from 'Ricki the cop' for Blue and Lisa, from 'The Personal Ad', in "Running Through The Hills"! New! Bad poetry from Blue's Broken Heart! Sexy, lesbian erotica with a plot, and good humor, from Blue Sleighty!

Additional information

Establishing business relationship with Playboy magazine artist / American painter, illustrator, and adult filmmaker, Irvin Bomb; and Masuimi Max, fantasy Model. Please check my website! A Review of Blue Sleighty, by JM Aguilera: 'And, I didn't want to give up my life for anyone else's dreams. I wanted to live and explore and learn. I wanted to know EVERYTHING and go everywhere. And, I wanted to be in charge of my own life, my own money, and make my own decisions and be me.' (The Retreat, My Secret Obsession). She can take you from tale to emotion in less than eight seconds, and when shes ready to do it, the process doesnt include searching through a linguistic thicket. Blue has the unique capability to express in a few precise and well-chosen words what it takes other writers multiple sentences, paragraphs or even chapters to portray. Not that shes short on her stories. Each tale is packed with intriguing storylines, stunning visuals, and expressions on every page that add fuel to the Texas wildfire she has spiritedly set herself. When you read her work, you quickly find that Blue is Texas answer to Don Juan with an attitude. Women want her. Men want to be her. No one can have her unless she wants to be had, and its always on her terms. From her first true love and true heartbreak, Bette, to the women that come and go and come again, we find in Blue what we wish our lives could be like if we could do it a second time around. Just minding her business seems to be the best time for something exciting to drop into Blues lap, at times literally! Behind a bar or behind the wheel of a borrowed truck, Blue makes her own way and does it with unforgettable flare. With honest, down-to-the-nut-cuttin wit and wisdom, Blues adventures are larger than life as she goes head to head with dangerous characters, exciting situations, and even more dangerously exciting women. Because of the genre, the first word that comes to mind is sex, but Blue has written so much more. The secret obsession is not the obvious. What ties each chapter, each stop along the way, each lover, and even each adversary, is the road. Blue Sleightys secret obsession appears to be the journey itself. She is a traveler, who with special guests or more permanent companions, continues to seek whats over the next hill. Even her favorite part of Texas, The Hill Country, is more than meets the eye. Blues Hill Country is a metaphor for life, rolling and somewhat rugged, a surprise waiting at just the right moment when you can survey the wondrous beauty of a valley bursting with wild flowers or face a road that suddenly ends and leads nowhere, both revealed only after you have reached the top. Only after youve gotten there. In Blues world, anything can happen in a moments notice. In Blues world, its Mama who is the rolling stone, and with her books in our hands, we get to roll right along with her. A REVIEW OF BLUE SLEIGHTY BY J. AGUILERA

Contact Information

Houston   TX   77019   USA
 Blue Sleighty
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