Richard Lee Orey

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Richard Lee Orey is a former official court reporter of the United States District Court and of the California Superior Court with 38 years of daily courtroom trial experience.   

Also educated in Law, he writes fiction to express his passions and to let readers eavesdrop on true and forbidden happenings of life. "Knowledge of what cancerous

agents of society do and how they do it better enables us to protect ourselves and our loved ones." Despite and beyond this platform of experience, Richard is a hopeless

romantic and feels blessed beyond belief.  His mantra:  "What I focus upon becomes reality.  I have the power to choose."

Accomplishments: A Letter of Commendation from the Mayor of the City of San Diego for Outstanding Community Leadership and a law school recipient of the American Jurisprudence Award.

Richard Lee Orey has appeared as a paid keynote speaker in over two hundred law-related professional education seminars and as guest lecturer in trial and discovery procedures for numerous

professional and educational institutions, including the University of San Diego School of Law and the California Western University School of Law, and is a corporate founder and former officer

of the California Court Reporters Association.

Like the kid he is sometimes, Richard savors the memory that in his high school days he was a state champion finalist in track (the 800 meter run). In today's world, he remains vigorous, involved,

athletic and a lover of life. Watch for his bright red canoe on nearby lakes.


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Birth Place: Salem, OR USA


Heart & Soul by Richard Lee Orey
Original heartfelt poems, treasured short stories, life-changing essays; 190 pages, size 8.5 x 11....

Price: $3.99 (eBook)
Richard Lee Orey Author's Official Website

How To Be SMART, SHREWD & CUNNING--Legally! (Paperback) by Richard Lee Orey
NOW AVAILABLE! A courtroom professional shows you how to protect yourself and your assets and laugh all the way to the bank. ...

Barnes &  Richard Lee Orey Author's Official Website

The Hunt for the President's Wife (Paperback) by Richard Lee Orey
A sheltered young nun takes on an urgent and daring undercover political mission for the CIA. ...

Kindle (eBook)  Barnes &  Richard Lee Orey Author's Official Website

The Paradise of Revenge (Paperback) by Richard Lee Orey
Devout young Josefina is obsessed with wicked revenge. Why? How?...  Barnes &    Richard Lee Orey Author's Official Website

The Trial Seminar by Richard Lee Orey
For professional court reporters who want to dramatically upgrade their technical knowledge, skill and expertise. ...


Courtroom Success by Richard Lee Orey
A companion textbook for students of court reporting and practicing court reporters focusing on basic and advanced theories and principles of machine shorthand and speed-building techniques employed by deposition and official court reporters in the verbatim reporting of judicial, legislative and convention proceedings....


Short Stories

You and Me
 by Richard Lee Orey
A half-breed of the Sycuan Tribe of the Kumeyaay Nation, guru mountain man McKinley Clearwater stands a giant of a man, leadership and guidance his calling, communion with God part of his da...

Rescue Me
 by Richard Lee Orey
A true story of adventure, salvation and enduring love...

Crooked Woman Fool
 by Richard Lee Orey
A young widowed Winnebago woman of the Omaha tribe of the Sioux Nation recounts a lesson of life. ...

Yours and Mine
 by Richard Lee Orey
A half-breed of the Sycuan Tribe of the Kumeyaay Nation, guru mountain man McKinley Clearwater stands a giant of a man, wisdom and humor his calling, the repartee of "Yours and Mine" a favorite p...

The Paradise of Revenge (Excerpts)
 by Richard Lee Orey
Excerpts from his sizzling psychological drama novel ...

The Paradise of Revenge
 by Richard Lee Orey
Chapter One from the sizzling psychological courthouse drama novel ...

 by Richard Lee Orey
A fact-based explicit portrayal of an adventurous cougar in rampant Californication....

The Hunt for the President's Wife (Excerpt)
 by Richard Lee Orey
Sister Maria interrogates Presidente Ruiz in Palacio Nacional in Mexico City...

The Legend of Great Sheik Abdullah
 by Richard Lee Orey
Join the fun as erotic young harem dancer Habeeba drives Great Sheik Abdulla to the camel stalls. ...

 by Richard Lee Orey
The Whiskey Speech by Judge Noah S. Sweat of Mississippi (Voiced by Richard Lee Orey)...

Messenger of God
 by Richard Lee Orey
An inspirational conversation with an Inner Spirit ...


A Lovely Rose
 by Richard Lee Orey
A poetic offering with heartfelt dedication...

A Walk In My Garden
 by Richard Lee Orey
O, come stroll in my beauty...

Flappers & Speakeasies
 by Richard Lee Orey
Come with me to a bygone era...

My Nubile Fawn and Me
 by Richard Lee Orey
Forever in love for all eternity...

Heart and Soul: One Last Dream
 by Richard Lee Orey
The anguished plea of a separated soul mate...

Waiting for You
 by Richard Lee Orey
A Romantic Interlude by Youtube video...

Mother Teresa
 by Richard Lee Orey
A solemn tribute to a saintly life. ...

I Sit Alone and Cry
 by Richard Lee Orey
The heartache of losing your soul mate of a lifetime...

I Dream of You
 by Richard Lee Orey
We nod our introductions and pursue our mutual search, pondering, "Are you my soul mate?"...

Be Still and Hear My Voice
 by Richard Lee Orey
God speaks in the silence of the heart...

If I Could Go Back To Earth
 by Richard Lee Orey
REPOSTING: An enlightened and grateful man gives thanks....

Yesterday's Mirror
 by Richard Lee Orey
For all we have in life is Love...

No Room for Fear
 by Richard Lee Orey
The final value of love....

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
 by Richard Lee Orey
The Year 2015 A.D. -- A New Beginning...

Days of Old
 by Richard Lee Orey
Richard Lee Orey reads Romantic Poetess Victoria L. McColley: "When a new-found love already belongs to another."...

 by Richard Lee Orey
The global megahit song CREEP by the British alternative rock band Radiohead...

Every Second
 by Richard Lee Orey
My original lyrics in a songwriters contest in San Diego and now a :First draft" vocal soundtrack. What's your opinion: Any hope to hear this on the radio this year? ...

 by Richard Lee Orey
Enduring the emotional scar of rejection by a desired lover...

Kiss You In The Dark
 by Richard Lee Orey
A lovely image you can't get out of your mind...

Games We Play
 by Richard Lee Orey
A layman's poetic view of transactional analysis...

Love Eternal
 by Richard Lee Orey
A Tribute to God's Most Precious Gift to Us All ...

Every Passing Year
 by Richard Lee Orey
A Summary of a Lifetime of Love and Companionship...

The Rose
 by Richard Lee Orey
A lyrical narration with melodic background....

The Poetry of Another Ordinary Day
 by Richard Lee Orey
An ordinary day of two committed partners-in-life...

 by Richard Lee Orey
Please scroll down the Profile page to the subject of NEWS for a listing of poetic recitals posted on


A Treasured Gift
 by Richard Lee Orey
The intrinsic value of a book of poetry....

How to Grow Old Together
 by Richard Lee Orey
Despite Lying, Cheating, Arrogance & Secrecy...

A Letter To My Great-granddaughter
 by Richard Lee Orey
When opportunity knocks on your door, answer it....

Unforgettable Moments in Life
 by Richard Lee Orey
Awesome moments in life so powerful, so beautiful, so soul-stirring that they never leave our memory....

How to Succeed in Life
 by Richard Lee Orey
Eighteen "forever" words ...

The Rose Garden of Richard Lee Orey
 by Richard Lee Orey
Sit back, relax and enjoy Roses, Roses, Roses...

Through the Eyes of a Rapist
 by Richard Lee Orey
Insider information that may save you or your loved ones from brutal violence...

Life After Love
 by Richard Lee Orey
Creating a new and better life...

I Was Made for You!
 by Richard Lee Orey
Romantic Love: Finding, having, keeping...

 by Richard Lee Orey
An assembly of relevant reasonings to consider in daily choices. ...

How Can I Not Love You?
 by Richard Lee Orey
Trusting your heart...

Never More than a Prayer Away
 by Richard Lee Orey
The affirmation that in life one is never alone....

The Paradise of Revenge Earns Professional Endorsement
 by Richard Lee Orey
"What a really great page turner" says psychotherapist reviewer....

Dance with Me
 by Richard Lee Orey
Honoring my life's partner...

 by Richard Lee Orey
The Impossible Dream: How to change your life forever ...

Lovely Thoughts
 by Richard Lee Orey
Creating and keeping a spiritual connection...

A Last Letter from Dear Old Dad
 by Richard Lee Orey
An aged parent pleads for understanding and shares his concerns about personal care in his final days. ...

 by Richard Lee Orey
Opinion Article: The very newest biological scanning technology provides spellbinding images of human life from the moment of conception....

The Perfect Lover!
 by Richard Lee Orey
Why I write: To please another while pleasing myself....

Tarot Card Reading
 by Richard Lee Orey
A rare glimpse into the mystic world of Tarot Card fortune telling...

A Harpist's Dream/International Arrangement
 by Richard Lee Orey
Lyrics and oral recitation by Authorsden's Gold Member Richard Lee Orey of San Diego, California/Musical score and solo harp performance by Professional Harpist Magdalene Wong of Singapore

A Lovely Rose/International Arrangement
 by Richard Lee Orey
Renowned Singapore harpist Magdalene Wong composes original music for A Lovely Rose, poetry by Authorsden's writer Richard Lee Orey...

The Pendulum of Life
 by Richard Lee Orey
How to change your life forever by the personal magic of twelve simple words....

The Canoe Principle
 by Richard Lee Orey
Two secrets bring amazing results!...

The Element of Luck
 by Richard Lee Orey
The crashing waves of life can bring us a Genie in a Bottle or drown us!...


Philippine lover of poetry
 by Richard Lee Orey
Sharing with you a message and picture from an international reader....

The Paradise of Revenge Earns Professional Endorsement
 by Richard Lee Orey
The endorsement every serious author dreams about getting...

The Hunt for the President's Wife Book Review
 by Richard Lee Orey
Mystery! Suspense! Adventure! Drama! Sex!...

The Paradise of Revenge Book Review
 by Richard Lee Orey
Five-Star Review: " extraordinary book. Breathtaking."...

Poetic YouTube Videos
 by Richard Lee Orey
Romantic Poetry and Meaningful Articles and Short Stories...

Passionate Promise: A Tale of Love and Revenge
 by Richard Lee Orey

Nature & Life: A Poetic Journey
 by Richard Lee Orey
One of the absolute finest gifts I ever gave myself. I love this book!...

Video Poetry Recitations
 by Richard Lee Orey
Richard Lee Orey posts YouTube Video Poetry Recitations...

San Diego Novelist Writers Group
 by Richard Lee Orey
Spreading the Word About Authors Den...

International Collaboration for Authorsden Writer
 by Richard Lee Orey
Renowned Professional Harpist Magdalene Wong of Singapore composes original music for poetry by Gold Member Authorsden writer Richard Lee Orey...

International Collaboration on Music and Lyrics
 by Richard Lee Orey
Authorsden Gold Member Richard Lee Orey writes lyrics for an original musical score by Professional Harpist Magdalene Wong of Singapore ...

AD MarketPlace Happiness
 by Richard Lee Orey
AuthorsDen: A fabulous support community for writers! ...

Novelist/Poet Richard Lee Orey Makes Big Splash
 by Richard Lee Orey
San Diego newspaper features AuthorsDen writer...

The Paradise of Revenge Earns International Respect
 by Richard Lee Orey
Announcement released by Old Bailey Press...

Writer's Digest Book Evaluation
 by Richard Lee Orey
Evaluation and Critique of the sizzling psychological drama novel "The Paradise of Revenge" by undisclosed professional book judge...

The Paradise of Revenge Earns Another 5-Star Award
 by Richard Lee Orey
Announcement released by Old Bailey Press...


Richard Lee Orey
A summary of the occupational history of the author and of his published writings.

Additional information

Novelist, Poet, Essayist Richard Lee Orey resides in Southern California and enjoys family gatherings, lake-paddling in his red canoe and leisure time in his rose garden.

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 Richard Lee Orey
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