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I love the shifting shadows between the trees at midnight, and the fatal susurration of the ocean after sunset. I bask in the death agonies of the day as the sun sinks in a sea of phantasmagorical, bloody putrescence, bruising the sky with streaks of livid agony...




Only in darkness are our deepest perceptions formed and nurtured, safe from the torture of light's corrosive discharge. And only in darkness, unafflicted by light's tyranny are we able to see and reach deep within ourselves in our quest for ultimate truth. Only of eternal darkness may we truly be assured, for the light is evanescent, a transient flare in an eternity of nothingness. And ONLY darkness is eternal. When the stars have died and all warmth has fled the universe, then will we be at peace, forever.

But that is the promise of the future, and we must live in the moment of now. Even so, I have always preferred the the promise of sunset to the threat of dawn, always thrilled in life renewed and strength reborn as darkness permeates and renews my senses. It is therefore natural that over the course of my life, I should have pursued the study of those things so long forbidden by the worshippers of light.

Although solidly rooted in the modern world (I manage an international business), my life is filled and blessed with the power of Magick and Qabbalah. My long journey began in the course of my formative years, with the esoteric works of Aleister Crowley. Pursuing his work to its origins, I found the Qabbalah, the yoga of the West, of which I have been a student ever since.

Not that Qabbalah is confined to the darker arts (or anything else). But it does provide a map and compass for the navigator of infinity as no other system can. These things are made evident in my book, 'The Aquarius Key, A Novel of the Occult'. Based on more than thirty years of research, this book reveals much of the nature of our strange new eon and the destruction which is to come.


Birth Place: Bangor,  Wales

Accomplishments: Editor's Choice from publisher iUniverse. Fabulous independent reviews for 'The Aquarius Key' from PODBRAM, DARQUE REVIEWS, ODYSSEY REVIEWS and several more.


The Aquarius Key, A Novel of the Occult by Keith Rowley
For master magician Aaron Steen, one obstacle to ultimate power remains. For his victims there is only despair and madness. The rites of blood begin… ...

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Short Stories

 by Keith Rowley
A pink toad in a party hat with cherry-red human lips. An octopus with a bright blue eyes. A gigantic Baobab with musical fruit that thinks he’s a moron - it’s all becoming too much for Mordica Bi...

 by Keith Rowley
As we move into the age of the Thought Police, those who would command the technology of tyranny do battle in life's sewers, the natural home of all politicians......

SINNER: Part 10
 by Keith Rowley
SINNER grows in confidence, coalescing its cold, quantum intelligence on its holy mission......

SINNER: Part 8
 by Keith Rowley
Trouble at UNISECS in our continuing tale... ...

SINNER: Part 7
 by Keith Rowley
Mike Brand rises from the mire......

SINNER: Part 6
 by Keith Rowley
A vast conspiracy unfolds......

SINNER: Part 2
 by Keith Rowley
The human tale begins in beautiful New Orleans......


Warrior Of The Dark
 by Keith Rowley
Rail, Rail against the dying of the light - Dylan Thomas-...

In the Beginning
 by Keith Rowley
All things are contained in all things. Chaos and madness are the soil of reason. And even the Thaumiel are but the twin reflections of The One....

The Shadows of Ignorance
 by Keith Rowley
This bubbled up in my mind; crude,dismal and possibly offensive. But it's reproduced here exactly as it was expressed though my fingers as my mind looked on in puzzled silence. It doesn't even have th...

Farewell my brother
 by Keith Rowley
I cried as I wrote this. Unlike God, I do not forgive or wish to forgive the barbarity of murder. I hope my American friends will not feel this to be presumptuous; I had to say something and this I gu...

Night's Edge
 by Keith Rowley
My soul trembles on the Edge of Night......

Chains of Illusion
 by Keith Rowley
Liber Al vel Legis teaches us: "Bind nothing, for thereby cometh hurt". But that is only half the truth, for in a sense, great wealth confers almost as great a freedom as base poverty, and having ever...

A Voice in the Void
 by Keith Rowley
Even science tells us that all is empty and without hope. This is a song of confusion and despair, a voice crying silently in the eternal night of sorrow......


Let's have some critical reviews, please
 by Keith Rowley
Let's open ourselves up to a wider range of commentary and criticism of our work with a new AD option we could request....

Musings on Physics and the Occult
 by Keith Rowley
Is science approaching the ultimate obstacle to reductionist analysis? Can science ever understand the nature of life? Can engineers ever devise an intelligent, conscious machine? Or must we now r...


A Service for Authors
 by Keith Rowley
A new Art, Website and Specialized Services site for authors like us....

New Web Site
 by Keith Rowley
I'm pleased to announce that after much work, I have launched a new web site for my literature and my wife's art today. ...

Another great review for the Aquarius Key
 by Keith Rowley
"The Aquarius Key, A Novel of the Occult" receives yet another stunning review from a respected source... ...

Darque Reviews - The Aquarius Key
 by Keith Rowley
The highly respected Darque Reviews site run by Kimberley Swan reviewed The Aquarius Key - A Novel of the Occult, and found it to be a work to remember......

iUniverse Book Reviews
 by Keith Rowley
A milestone review......

Odyssey Reviews Rates Aquarius Key 'A Work of Excellence'
 by Keith Rowley
Odyssey Reviews has awarded The Aquarius Key its maximum rating of five medallions. ...

Thelema Honoured by Journal of Thelemic Studies
 by Keith Rowley
Prestigious Thelemic Studies Journal displays Thelema Trust Artwork...


Home of many of the original artworks of artist Hettie Rowley as well as Keith Rowley's literary works.

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