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"Two Thumbs up to new mystery writer, m j hollingshead" The Caney Valley Tuesday Readers.

Tom, Daddy, his perseverance and honesty were his trademarks.
Daddy had a major influence upon my life.
I come from farming folks.

Was always underfoot and in the big middle of everything as a kid in the San Joaquin Valley, California. Once I managed to get myself in front of pitchfork when older cousins were pitching hay to the cows.

My mama and their mama called up to the top of the hay in the sweet dulcet tones only farm women can muster: "Don't you DARE bleed on that hay; the cows won't eat it."

Practicality is well ingrained.

TeacherEase Web-based Gradebook

LogoThere is:
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in the U.S.A.

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Your Linguistic Profile:

20% General American English

5% Yankee

60% Dixie

5% Midwestern

5% Upper Midwestern

Birth Place: martinez, contra costa county, OK usa

Accomplishments: Have returned to teaching after two+ years as QMRP at facility for adult mentally retarded residents.

Taught school 20+ years in California, where on first day that first year I faced 42 students. They were non English speaking and my Spanish was nonexistent. By years end there were 182 on the register. Most of the students I taught were migrant. This past year my class load has been 8 or 9 ... GOSH what a change!


California Meridian District Award of Merit, adult scouter award; Boy Scouts of America.

1992 won writing contest sponsored by Pryor Creek, Oklahoma newspaper. Snake in the Hen House was fun to write.

As Featured On Ezine Articles

Raised two decent boys to men who have good work ethic, were never part of drug scene and think pretty much as their mom does: a job means go to work ... everyday ... and do an honest day in exchange for the pay.


You are a very calm and contemplative person. Others are drawn to your peaceful, nurturing nature.

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Palo Verde: The Wanted Poster by m j . hollingshead
Don't mess with Marshal Watson, or any of his family....

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The Inspector’s Wife by m j . hollingshead
available as PDF, HTML The Book ‘The Inspector’s Wife’ is dedicated to Gerald Stone, publisher of ‘The Grove Sun’ grove, Oklahoma. The Caney Valley ‘Tuesday Readers’ give two thumbs up to the following book: 'The Inspector's Wife,' by m j hollingshead.88,000 words Appearing in various formats as an ebook on the VanGoach site. - - - - - ...

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The Agent: Murder By Design by m j . hollingshead
Nolly Penderson: The tall, blond, fiftyish widowed Nebraska native has been living and conducting business as a literary agent in Arlington, Virginia following the death of her husband. With one solved mystery (The Agent: Murder By Accident) under her belt, Nolly is primed and ready for action. Kevin Wilson: downsized, temporarily homeless (The Agent: Murder By Accident) the comput...

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The Cats' Paw: Blue Death by m j . hollingshead
Available as PDF, HTML The Cats:Paw Blue Death is the second in the Alex Strand Ellen Higgins amateur sleuth series. ...

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The Agent: Murder By Accident by m j . hollingshead
approx 80,000 words The Agent: Murder By Accident is the first in a series ISBN 1-894618-18-1 amateur sleuth Widowed Nolly Penderson and computer expert 'kid' Kevin Wilson did not know one another in their native Nebraska. Arlington, Virginia the new home for each finds them teaming up to solve a puzzling set of murders. ...

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A Teaching Handbook for the Non Teacher ... or I must have been mad to think I wanted to teach by m j . hollingshead
A Teaching Handbook for the Non Teacher This teacher prepared guide is filled with proven methods for presenting lessons. The work is offered as help forpeople with little or no teaching experience who are preparing to teach children, whether it be in the classroom, or small groups of Boy Scouts, Library Teaching groups, Sunday School Teachers, and even Homeschooling Parents. <...

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  Molly Martin

Daddy's One Acre by m j . hollingshead
Daddy's One Acre is told through the eyes of a child growing up in the San Joaquin Valley, California during the late 1950s-1960s...

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Available Now The Wonderful Day children's book by m j . hollingshead


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Short Stories

The Blanket
 by m j . hollingshead
Mary Jo discovers the man she married is not the sweetheart she thought he was....

G'pa's Romantic Marriage Proposal
 by m j . hollingshead
Will - William Washington Hollingshead - was born in 1881, four days following the death of his father James....

The Door part 1...........molly writes
 by m j . hollingshead
"I tell you." He said softly, aloud, to no one at all. "It is pretty obvious this family does not throw away ANYTHING. ...

The Door part 2.........molly writes
 by m j . hollingshead
"Odd," said Marc as he sat confused, unsure, in the midst of the broken treads. Dazed Marc surveyed the room. ...

The Door Part 3..................Molly writes
 by m j . hollingshead
"I can't locate the key."...

The Door 4 .... Marc A Fellow of Great Wealth
 by m j . hollingshead
Marc makes an amazing discovery...

The Door : 5..... A Mystified Val
 by m j . hollingshead
nineteen year old Marc Hawley discovers a mysterious door where none can be before long he meets a mystified val...


Still Remembering Daddy
 by m j . hollingshead

And, I Still Remember Daddy
 by m j . hollingshead
Memories ...

I Remember Daddy
 by m j . hollingshead

I saw my President Weep
 by m j . hollingshead
Politics doesn't matter right now....

GOOD BYE HELLO First Grade Poetry
 by m j . hollingshead
Osage County First Grade loves spring and poetry...

First Grade Spring CINQUAIN
 by m j . hollingshead
First Grade is learning to write a Cinquain, I have adapted the form a little to meet our particular capabilities. A Cinquain is a 5 line poem Line 1 is a one word or 2 syllable title

 by m j . hollingshead
We continue to work on perfecting our poetry...


Brendell Apprentice Thief
 by m j . hollingshead
Brendell,one of the more inept Thieves in the Guild, has been sent to discover why Guild members have been disappearing....

Hidden Impact book review
 by m j . hollingshead
AuthorsDen Writer, Charles Neff, has penned a spell binder...

Fractured Legacy , Charles B Neff
 by m j . hollingshead
A complex storyline, done well, holds reader interest firm....

Junie B Jones Kindergartener
 by m j . hollingshead
With 19 formats available there is one for every reader. ...

You and Me, Baby book review
 by m j . hollingshead
Magnificent prints of charismatic and engaging babies and their parents are used ...

Seals, Sea Gulls and other Sounds
 by m j . hollingshead
Filled with child friendly poems, short stories, phonemes, letters, word pairs, onset rime, voiced sounds, nasal sounds, stop sounds ...

Phoning Home Essays
 by m j . hollingshead
New York City Doctor, Lawyer pens a delightful memoir ...


Rhythm of Revenge (The) .................... Molly's Reviews
 by m j . hollingshead
Christine Spindler makes great start with first in The Inspectory Terry series...

Mable and the Thursday Afternoon Discussion Group.................Molly's Reviews
 by m j . hollingshead
Lloyd Shue has captured Miss Marple spoof to a T!...

The Ninth Man' ......................... Molly's Reviews
 by m j . hollingshead
Highly recommended. Some profanity, some graphic sex, not for everyone, however this is a skillfully wrought tale with solid characters....

Common Foe.................................Molly's Reviews
 by m j . hollingshead
Jean-Val Fincoeur is hot on the trail of another provocative matter. His old side kick Patrice Fincham and even that bounder Phil Shaddock will appear in this new work by Canadian David Furlotte....

Death on The Cliff Walk' .......... Molly's Reviews
 by m j . hollingshead
Set in 1895 this suspense filled historical novel is a gripping tale filled with interesting characters and plenty of uncertainty....

Double Trouble ........................... Molly's Reviews
 by m j . hollingshead
Evocative of the drama found in Christine Spindler’s Faces of Fear along with the rich characterizations present in Paula Boyd’s Hot Enough To Kill, LaPierre’s Double Trouble is a gr...

THE INSPECTOR'S WIFE...................Caney Tuesday Readers approve
 by m j . hollingshead
The Inspector's Wife mystery published first in various formats by vangoach publishing...


Molly Martin's author page
Here you will find pages showcasing my own books, along with interviews I have conducted with other writers and reviews of books sent to me by publishers, authors and online review sites.
Links are listed for additional sites where you can read more reviews, purchase books, & learn more about other writers.

Christine Spindler
This talented German writer features books, writers, reviews and interviews

TOMSDATTAR writing page

Molly's Reviews
Reviews of books read for Publishers and Authors

Additional information

This writer/reviewer began writing 'feature news articles,' weekly news columns, club news, and editorials for small local newspapers located throughout north eastern Oklahoma following a move from California to the state in 1990.
Today Martin has had 10 books published.
Martin's writing genre includes: amateur sleuth series set in Arlington,VA;

A semi-cozy series set in London;

Fantasy series,

A Teaching How-To,

And western.

Molly's many years as a Kindergarten or First Grade Teacher have led her to writing a series of children's books; In addition to her own writing Molly stays busy reading, writing and sending for publication book reviews of mysteries, historical novels, romance, and fantasy book ARCs sent to her for review by authors, publishers and on line review sites.

Don't forget to see Sadie , the story of an abused hound who has finally become just a dawg : Sadie's story is available as eBook download with all royalties going to ARF

Molly, reviewer for another AuthorsDen alum, Christine Spindler's online fanzine 'TerryFic' as well as several on line review sites, is available to read your mss and write a review for your mystery, children's book, or other genre if you like.

Molly has been quoted as saying, "Hyperactive children grow up to become hyperactive adults!"

Contact Information

414 SE Washington-147 paper ARC preferred for review
Bartlesville   OK   74003   usa

 m j . hollingshead
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