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On the great American Freeway a crazy (bipolar) Architect, Artist, and Writer, who is in love with life sometimes.


 I was one year old the day the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. Somehow this horrid event seemed to bend my mind toward the fanascination with the dangerous and the disasterous. I loved to walk the knife edge balanced between the normal and the abnormal. I loved to put myself in harms way. That was before I discovered I had Bipolar Disorder. Now that I am medicated and stable. I  no longer walk the sharp edge of life. I write about it. My first book investigates these roots within my mental makeup.

Being Bipolar for me is more than just a tendence to mania and depression although I have plenty of experience with these two poles of the mental illness. For years I suffered undiagnosed through periods of intense exhilaration and equally awlful times of desparate depression. I am what they call Bipolar One, where the mood swings are at their greatest. The roller coaster of life takes me way up, where the wild ride down is wonderful until you hit the nadir and want to kill yourself. I have wanted and tried to kill myself several times.  Not only have I wanted to end the mood swings, I have wanted to end a split.

My bipolar experience was also the split I felt into two separate beings. It  was if the two halves of my brain each housed an individual person. The left hemisphere was a female named Carlotta. She was generally recessive, but was always with me. The right hemisphere of my brain was the male, called Carlton. He was generally dominant, but not always. Under the influence of drugs or at times of the "black brain"- times of the deepest depression- Carlotta would assert herself. I used to think of myself as a sequential being. Carlton gave way to Carlotta periodically, but Carlotta was always there. She was and still is my muse. Although in a different way, since I received help with my mental condition. Many of my writing are dialogues with this alter ego.

I have always written. I started writing journals 40 years ago recording my travels, my bouts with mania and depression, my thoughts on design, philosophy, religion and writers. I write about all I read. I sketch on what I see and think. My favorite writers are V.S.Naipual, William Styron, Melville, Slyvia Plath, and Nabakov. I love mysteries. I have read every thing that Robert Crais and Michael Connally have written. My mentors as visual artists are: Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Leonardo Da Vinci. Years ago, I even tried to teach myself to write backwards in emulation of Da Vinci. I couldn't understand my own script and finally gave up. If I could I would want to be compared to him. Why not shoot high, even when you know such attainment is probably impossible.  Trying is everything. 

Birth Place: Rochester, NY USA

Accomplishments: Yale University BA, 1968; M.Arch. 1971
University of London, Dipoloma 1970
Writing Grant Dorland Mountain Arts Colony 1982
Writing Grant Montalvo Association 1986
Chairman and Design Critic LA Architect 1988-1994
Writer for the LA Downtown News 1995
Writer for Coagula Art Journal 1996 - 2008


bipolar bare by carlton m davis
A memoir of my life's journey with mental illness...

Kindle (eBook),  Author's website 

The Art Dockuments by carlton m davis
The Story of the Art Dock, the drive-by art gallery in Los Angeles from 1981-1986 I am currently seeking a publisher for the work....


Short Stories

Preamble to the Art Dockuments
 by carlton m davis
The preamble tells the story of how the Art Dock-the drive-by gallery came into being as a joke. ...


Red Rock of Rajasthan
 by carlton m davis
Houses in Rajasthan, India are built over generations utilizing red rocks stockpiled on the property...

Holy Cows!
 by carlton m davis
Cows are holy in India, and they conrol the streets...

Yellow Buddhas Tooth
 by carlton m davis
A meditation on Sri Lanka and its profusion of Buddhas...

Comic Kazie CalliOpeas
 by carlton m davis
A Dada Poem, absurd in every way...

 by carlton m davis
A poem of earthquake words...

Huan Shan Mountain Blues
 by carlton m davis
A poem about visiting the yellow mountains in China, which includes Chinese pinyin...

Zhong Guo Chang Cheng
 by carlton m davis
A poem about visiting the Great Wall of China, which includes pinyin...


The Barnes Foundation - The Art
 by carlton m davis
A view of the art in the new Barnes Foundation Building in Philadelphia...

Bastardized Barnes- The Architecture
 by carlton m davis
A review of the New Barnes Foundation Building in Philadelphia...

The New Lepers Are Out To Gun You Down
 by carlton m davis
This article is about gun control and mental illness...

Is Suicide a Political Act
 by carlton m davis
The article discusses the political implications of suicide....

Pacific Standard Time Profussion
 by carlton m davis
A review of the major exhibitions of Pacific Standard Time, a survey of California Art funded by the Getty Center ...

Unhinged by the Epidemic of Mental Illness
 by carlton m davis
An article about the present state of mental illness threatment...

The Pickle is lopped, but still stands
 by carlton m davis
An Article about saving the old Citizens Warehouse Artist Housing in Downtown Los Angeles...


The Art Dockuments awarded best book
 by carlton m davis
The Art Dockuments were awarded best book in the Photography/Art category by the Southern California Book Festival....

Carlton Davis' Kickstarter Campaign
 by carlton m davis
Carlton Davis launched a kickstarter campaign to fund the publishing of his new book the Art Dockuments...

Act III of the Art Dockuments
 by carlton m davis
Act III added to the Art Dockuments...

Art Dockuments by Carlton Davis
 by carlton m davis
Carlton Davis is working on a new book -first a website, called the Art Dockuments which are tales of the Drive-by Art Gallery. See it at www.artdock.net...

Bipolar Bare Receives Eric Hoffer Award
 by carlton m davis
Bipolar Bare receives Eric Hoffer Award...

Carl Davis featured on fascinatingauthors.com
 by carlton m davis
Carl Davis has a guest blog, an author interview,and author profile now on fascinatingauthors.com In addition a favorite chapter from bipolar bare can be viewed at the website...

Carl Davis interviewed on Blog Talk Radio
 by carlton m davis
Carl Davis interviewed by Simon Barrett on Blog Talk Radio about his Book Bipolar Bare...


This web site contains information about the book, bio of the author, a gallery of images, and excerpts.

Additional information

I have written a book now published in March of 2009 called "bipolar bare."

Contact Information

The Art Dock in Cyber Space
371 Arroyo Terrace 
Pasadena   CA   91103   USA

 carlton m davis
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