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I have been living in Doha, Qatar for the last year teaching academic writing in the English Department at Qatar University. I have written a number of books on Middle Eastern culture and spirituality. Travel is also a major interest in my life. I write and publish in-depth travel articles and have a book of travel essays called Journeys with Soul with essays on Ladakh, the Khyber Pass, and Makkah


I went to Boston University and Columbia University in New York City. I have lived in the Middle East for the last thirty years and have been profoundly influenced by the religion and spiritual culture of this part of the world. In addition to five books on the subject of tradition and modernity, I have written a number of articles on tradition, spirituality and alternative medicines.

Because my life has taken me far beyond the horizon of the small town where I was born outside of Boston Massachusetts, I have written about my experiences in many different part of the world, including the Middle and Far East. I have included various travel pieces on my Authors Den web site.  One of these experiences was an unbelievable trip into the NorthWest Frontier Province of Pakistan at the turn of the new millennium where I stayed with a Pathan family in a small village.  Another of these experiences was in Kerala India, where I stayed at an Ayurveda Nursing Home for a successful treatment of a frozen shoulder sports injury.  This also was a fantastic experience that brought new insights to my world experience.


Birth Place: Boston, MA USA

Accomplishments: I have written ten books on various aspects of spirituality and a number of articles that have appeared in such journals as the Sacred Web published out of Vancouver in Canada and Sophia associated with the Foundation for Traditional Studies.


Holy Qur'an: An Intimate Portrait by John Herlihy
The journey of a sacred revelation from a cave in Makkah down through the centuries until the modern era when the book still serves to enlighten billions of people and guides them through the journey of their own lives....

Price: $17.96 (eBook)
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Wisdom of the Senses by John Herlihy
The Untold Story of their Inner Life...  Barnes &  AccridInternational 

Islam For Our Time by John Herlihy
Written by an American Muslim convert who has lived nearly 40 years among the Muslims, the author pre-sents an insider’s account of Islam’s true place within the family of religions, what it means to be a Muslim living in the shadow of the modern world, and how to cultivate a life of spirituality through the way of Islam in today’s anti-spiritual environment. Within its pages, history unfolds, mys...


Journeys With Soul: by John Herlihy
Adventures to strange and exotic places and traditional cures that came true....  Barnes &  Borders 

Wisdom's Journey by John Herlihy
Why do more than one billion people claim Islam as their religion? American convert John Ahmed Herlihy provides his personal answer and takes readers on a journey to the heart of Islam, the fastest growing religion in the world. Weaving details of Islam's central beliefs and practices-its Five Pillars-with intimate autobiographical details of his more than thirty years in the religion, Herlihy pre...

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Borderlands of the Spirit by John Herlihy
In today’s secular environment the two worlds of science and spirituality are alien worlds, distinguished primarily by a deep-seated antagonism in which the principles of spirituality and the pragmatism of modern science exist face to face in a perennial state of confrontation. This profoundly learned work searches the borderlands between these two worlds. Divided into three parts, this work begin...  Barnes &   

Near and Distant Horizons by John Herlihy
A compelling case for the need to identify the sources and authenticity of a traditional knowledge that still has the explanatory power to shape and enrich people’s lives in today’s materialistic and anti-spiritual world. To that end, he takes the reader out of the modern era and its scientific worldview back through traditional history to the edge of time in order to raise and reflect...  Barnes &  iUniverse  Serious Seekers

Modern Man at the Crossroads by John Herlihy
The image of the crossroads refers to the encounter of modern science and traditional knowledge, two parallel worldviews that have converged and now intersect in unexpected ways today. This work questions the hidden faith in the assumptions that define the modern scientific inquiry and highlights the explanatory power of the traditional perspective with its reliance on a transcending faith that br...  Barnes &  Kazi Publications 

Short Stories

The Spirituality of the Desert
 by John Herlihy
Walking under the stars in the Arabian Desert brings an unexpected awakening....

Sketches of Life in a Pathan Village
 by John Herlihy
Friendship and Love in a Distant Land ...

Breakfast in Madinah, the City of Light
 by John Herlihy
A visit to the Prophet's Mosque in Madinah, Saudi Arabia during the fasting month of Ramadhan where the Messenger Mohammed lies buried....

Scenes from a Tribal Barbershop
 by John Herlihy
A Pathan child's first haircut in a traditional tribal barbershop....

A Rare Visit to Makkah in Saudi Arabia
 by John Herlihy
A unique visit to Makkah in Saudi Arabia in order to make the Umrah or "lesser pilgrimage" during the holy month of Ramadhan....

Demystifying Acupuncture
 by John Herlihy
A personal encounter with the mysterious cures of acupuncture that for thousands of years has successfully addressed the perennial ailments and promoted the health and well being of countless people t...

The Mystery and Miracle of Ayurveda
 by John Herlihy
The author describes a three week stay at an Ayurveda Medical Center in Kerala, South India where he was treated for an upper arm and shoulder injury using the alternative medicine treatments of the a...

Inside Pathan Country
 by John Herlihy
A fascinating and timely account of a journey I made several years ago to the North West Frontier Province in Pakistan where I stayed with a Pathan family in a small village on the outskirts of Peshaw...


Journey of a Book
 by John Herlihy
An Intimate Portrait of the Holy Qur'an...

Ayurveda Story June 2008
 by John Herlihy
The Living Tradition of Ayurveda: The Promise of Ancient Treatments and their Fulfillment ...

Under the Roof of Heaven
 by John Herlihy
Journey through the Silent Places of Ladakh in Northern India, Summer of 2006...

Portrait of the Seeker
 by John Herlihy
An Evocation of the Soul through Symbolic Images of Nature...

Spiritual Poetry
 by John Herlihy
Review of MUSIC OF THE SKY, an anthology of spiritual poetry....

The Tree in Me
 by John Herlihy
The symbolic image of the tree and its hidden signifance to humans...

Recreating the First Man
 by John Herlihy
A traditional account of the first Adamic man that strips away the mythology of origins set forth by modern science in order to understand the true meaning behind the creation myths of sacred scriptur...

The Other Heart, the Forgotten One
 by John Herlihy
A close and intimate examination of the meaning of spirituality as experienced through the true heart of man, or what is referred to in this article as the "forgotten heart" of modern man....

Unexpected Encounter with a Traditional Malay Masseur
 by John Herlihy
After suffering for years from chronic lower back pain (sciatica), the author recounts the story of his unexpected encounter and miraculous cure he had in Malaysia....

Behind the Face of Modern Man
 by John Herlihy
This article deals with the concept of human consciousness within both the modern and the traditional framework....


A professional website for people employed in many different fields.

World Wisdom Books
A traditional book publisher located in Bloomington, Indiana that publishes books on traditional, religiouis, and spiritual themes. This publisher has published several of my works and sells them online.

The Sacred Web
A spiritual journal published twice a year with articles that highlight the encounter between the traditional and modern worlds.

Additional information

Sample selection from the Preface of Journeys with Soul. “Within each of us, there is a sacred center—call it a well, a bridge, and a hidden cave—that harbors the secret on one’s inborn destiny, the well to view the reflection of heaven, the bridge to cross between visible and invisible worlds, and the cave to meditate upon and internalize the knowledge of the world as the wisdom of the ages. I remember an experience from childhood that had a lasting impression of my native, childhood mind that may well have been the catalyst that put me inside the bottle of my fertile imagination and cast me adrift across the tumultuous sea of life in search of the Holy Grail, the source of some inner Nile, the lost tribe of Israel or the enchanted garden where myth becomes a narrative for truth and the illusions of the world become the signposts of a higher reality.”

Contact Information

Qatar University
Dept. of English Literature & Linguistics P. O. Box 2713
Doha       Qatar
 John Herlihy
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