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"There is enough for everyone's need, but not for everyone's greed." Ghandi


I was raised in a small town in a time†and place that offered few options for children from "the wrong side of the track."† With an alcoholic, probably narcissistic father and a mother who did not feel she had any options, four of us children grew up, struggling everyday with depression, shame,†and oppression.

Currently a Licensed Vocational Nurse retired in the state of Texas, but with a heart full of stories wanting out!

My book, Missing Ingredients, was written with my brother, Drew Carpenter. The first chapters were written long distance, thanks to email, as we ended up several states apart.†When he moved back to Texas, we were able to finish, finally, our tale. There are many parts that we no longer remember which one of us wrote, and truth is combined with fiction. Neither of us has any formal training, only a few basic college courses that we managed to take in adulthood. So, of course, we self-published, anxious to see our creation in print.

The struggles of self-publishing while working full-time were as stressful as trying to find a real publisher might have been, but we learned.

We hope our story of growing up in a small town without guidance will show the hopelessness and hope of children from dysfunctional families.


Birth Place: Corpus Christi, TX USA

Accomplishments: Just getting started, but a Writer' Digest judge stated "The writers are, indeed, skilled." I consider that a great achievement!


Missing Ingredients by Lark L Pogue
What could be worse than spending your last hours of existence in a mind full of regrets and guilt over your life exploits? Only one thingóbeing the victim of those deeds. Duane Coulter was dying and the children whose lives he had so badly damaged asked themselves why they felt the need to be present when he passed, perhaps hoping that the final breath would somehow ease their always present desp...

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Missing Ingredients/No Time For Innocence
Missing Ingredients is a dark story that tries to bring some light to the world of adults from dysfunctional families. It is at time suspensful, and at times will make you laugh.

Rock and Roll Planet
A project brought about by my brother's love and knowledge of music, and especially classic rock and roll. We both contribute to "The Planet."

Additional information

My brother and I are both working on something entirely different, and separately. He has finished "About The Rapture," a comedy about people and their pets when they think the world is ending. I prefer short stories and really love flash fiction.

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103 River Run 
Dripping Springs   TX   78620   USA
 Lark L Pogue
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