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Home > Author > DrShalomim Yahoshua HaLahawi MD(AM), PsyD(PC), LicMD(P), BC-IMD, HMD. DPH, DPHC, Rabi Kohan
DrShalomim Yahoshua HaLahawi MD(AM), PsyD(PC), LicMD(P), BC-IMD, HMD. DPH, DPHC, Rabi Kohan

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Member Since: Before 2003

DrShalomim Yahoshua HaLahawi MD(AM), PsyD(PC), LicMD(P), BC-IMD, HMD. DPH, DPHC, Rabi Kohan, click here to update your pages on AuthorsDen.

  DrShalomim Yahoshua HaLahawi MD(AM), PsyD(PC), LicMD(P), BC-IMD, HMD. DPH, DPHC, Rabi Kohan           

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But this one thing I do know: If I stand up & speak the truth, they will all hate me & seek to kill me, but if i sit down & speak a lie i kill myself, If I am going to die, I will die with dignity!!

Background Information



The biggest trajedy I realized that exists in most people i have met in my life here in the United States is that they were all void of Realism..... Pastors, Priest, Rabbis, Imams and Monks have failed to teach realism as a core concept of their spiritual and cultural teachings......The results which have been catestrophic and in fact is the fuel behind the Mental Health and Medical Industry is: The inability to concieve or comprehend "REALITY" as it is, and basing ones life on Hope or what they wish it could be, thus "emotionalism" is the current reality, while True Reality is viewed as an Illusion...

In Medicine, we called that "Psychiatric problems"....... And Yet I speak...I show the evidence of what people hope for or even doubt, and I give the substance to that which is not seen nor understood....and still people have not realized I was teaching them True Faith all along....

And yet they still have not realized that hope is never present....but no one lives in the future....

Make no mistake about it, I believe that all Jewish-Israelites have a ethnic and spiritual bond regardless of skin color, creed or geographical inheritance. Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Mizrahi(Eastern) which are the cultural ethic variations and Orthodox, Reformed, Conservative,, reconstruction & Netzarim which are the spiritual variations, all share a common history, Torah & struggle. Together with the Arabs, Palestinians & Persians, We are all the Seed of Abraham, we are blood, we are kin and we should love and respect each other as such, I am no less Jewish-Israelite because of my  skin color or expression of faith in the Diaspora, and no other Jew is any less because of his/her difference!!  We are obligated to love and respect each other in honor of Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and Moshe... For in that we can we can bring Edenic peace upon the earth!! Thats the prophetic vision of Adonenu Yahwah Elah!!

About Me:

Dr. Shalomim Yahoshua Halahawi(pronounced Ha-Leh-wi), also known by the acronym R'ShaYaH, is an Ordained Mizrahi Jewish Rabbi & Priest(Cohen) with roots from the Mizrahi(Eastern) Jewish-Israelite and Arab Communities in North Africa, the Middle East(Palestine-Israel, Mt Carmel  and Oman, Southwest Arabia ) and the Sephardi Jewish Community in Sicily, Italy and Spain(He is NOT to be confused wtih Black Hebrew Israelites).. He also has ties to the Druze Community of Mt Carmel Israel.. His Great Great grandparents, indigrenous to pre-1948 Israel(palestine), immigrated to the USA  from the Middle East via Italy in the late1885, fleeing due to persecution. He also has historical roots in the Ketoowah(Cherokee) Tribe and some Cuban & Columbian (South American)  Ancestry.
Many people have mistakenly confused his dual western name Anthony Bruce Mccraw with being his actual name. Mccraw is his step-family name, NOT his family ancestral nameand as with traditional Jewish customs for any Jew that immigrates to the United States, he has was given a dual name. In his original book he mentions it as his "slave name" as a way to identify with African Americans and their struggles. Shalomim HaLahawi however is his original name, Tribal Ancestry & birth Certificate name and has always been so(HaLahawi is a Arabic, Babylonian & Semetic variation of Aramaic reference to the Priestly Tribe of Israel.

The HaLahawi Tribe is also trade-marked today, thus restricting its usage to only those who are physicial descendants of the priesthood recognized in Israel and of the HaLahawi Family in America and the Middle East).

The Rabi-Kohan is also the Moreh Tzadik of the International Netzarim-Essene Jewish Communtiy. It means "Teacher of Righteousness" of the Netzarim Israelite Way.

He is a dedicated family man, under Ketubah Covenant with Two Ishahs Amariy(9 years) & Yocheved HaLahawi(2 yrs) & 4 boys & 1 girl ages 13, 12,11, 4 & 1. Working together this family is dedicated to being global examples to building stable, peaceful, balanced Edenic Family homes according to the Sacred Torah & traditions of Ancient Israel..

 He is Diplomate of the College of  Eastern Medicine, American Association of Integrative Medicine,  a  Board Certified Integrative Naturopathic Physicien* and Licensed/Registered  Doctor of Integratve Pastoral Medicine  & Board Certified Doctor of Integrative Medicine by the Integrative Pastoral Medical Association aka Apprenticeship & Certification Board of Integrative and Pastoral Medicine.

He is also a Commander & Lt Colonel of the Humanitarian Order of the Knights Hospitallars and the International Blue Cross(Health4Humanity) based in the United Kingdom. He is the United States Ambassador & Delegate for the International Blue Cross Corps and Certified Humanitarian Medical Doctor.

He is also the Original Founder & current CEO of the Federal USPTO Registered Integrative Pastoral Medical Association, the Original Pastoral Medical Association within the Jewish Community also known as the Apprenticeship & Certification Board of Integrative and Pastoral Medicine. This is a Jewish & Interfaith Based Ecclesiastical & Scientific Jurisdiction which licenses Professional to Practice Pastoral Medicine under the specific specialties to include Ayurvedic Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Homeopathic, Oriental Medicine, Eastern Talmudic Medicine, Hebrew Midwifery, Naprapathy and other Clinical Evidence based Holistic Health Therapies & Jewish Pastoral Care professions which are occupational professions that require 2-3 years of  medical sciences  education and 2-4 Years additional Clinical Training in Clinical Naturopathic, Integrative Medicine, Pastoral Care & Diagnostic Courses Post Graduate..

R'ShaYaH is also Chief Executive Medical Officer & Representative of the North American Atlanta Branch of the  Edenic-Light Integrative Family Life Care and Humanitarian Institute for Integrative Natural & Pastoral Medicine, a Division of the Ha' Yisrayli Torah Brith Yahad & in Collaberation with the Cushite Hebrew Yeshiva which is recognized and affiliated with the United Nations..

As an Integrative Pastoral & Naturopathic Practitioner (Complementary, Naturopathic and Integrative Healthcare) he has knowledge in Biological and Bio-Chemic Medicines, Homo-Toxicology, Oriental Medical Therapy(Mayan Medicine, Shiatsu, Electro- Acupressure, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Far Infrared Heat therapy), Spagyric Homeopathic Medicine, Naturopathic Pastoral Psychiatry and Pastoral Psychology(marriage, spiritual, family, career, drug/alchohol, health and crisis counseling) .

He is the Reseacher and creator of a line of Natural Medicines under the Trade-marked name Rapha-Kasherim®.. Herbal Medicines such as Sexadon Rx® used to support  sexual dynfuction, balance and restore kidney function, protect the heart & increase sexual energy, the alternative to viagra and mental wellness; Hema-Thal Rx®. used for Sickle Cell Disease Support, Fetal HemaThal Rx®, used as an adjunct therapy as a Natural alternative to HydroxyUrea; and Vagi-Heal Rx® used to support gynecological and urilogical health such as HSV II and HPV(Cervical Cancer and Dysplasia). Dr HaLahawi continues to research and give pastoral health guidance in regards to a variety of acute and chronic disorders both physiological,  mental and spiritual.

As a public figure Internationally, Dr HaLahawi is widely known for his role as Devils Advocate in political, humanitarian and religiuos matters and discussion, which he uses to captivate audiences, encourage independant thinking outside of the box and invoke self perception and evaluation...Many people who fail to research his methods are easily confused or exposed for their pre-judgemental attitudes in mis-identifying his real ideas or disquishing who he  is versus his role at time..

Through his own life long battles with the Mediteranean blood disorder, Sickle Thalassemia, facing death on numerous occassions, he has learned the lessons of being an over-comer. Understanding suffering and pain, he has become a champion of speaking out for the poor, sick, oppressed and exploited of the World and indigenous populations. If anyone can emphathize with one who suffers, Dr. Halahawi is that person. His strength and endurance in the midst of trials and tribulations has given hope to tens of thousands around the world. His patients give testimony to his warm family oriented care, knowledge & expertise, giving them hope & guiding them every step of the way towards restoration and healing.

Although Rabbi HaLahawi can be quite out-spoken and controversial at times, those who know him personally see the gentle, kind hearted, well spoken peronality that he possesses. He is one who makes sacrifices to bring healing and peace in the midst of conflicts and suffering, putting others many times before himself, never allowing his struggles and short-comings stop him from doing what he was commisioned to do. He is one who is a true leader, teacher, guide and lover of his family, who sets the example and pattern for others to observe and learn from in regards to building a peaceful edenic family.

He is a renowned Interfaith and international Socio-Spiritual-political leader and pioneer of the Edenic Hebrew Kingdom and  Ha' Yisrayli Torah Brith Yahad, an international Order of  the Orthdox Mizrahi (Eastern) Netzarim Jewish/Israelite communities, congregations, ministries and organizations and and the Cushite Hebrew Yeshiva-Open In't'l Institute for Eastern Medicine & Near Eastern Hebrew Studies, the educational backbone of the Mizrahi Netzarim Community, offering Distant Education Apprenticeship and clinical training in Eastern Medicine and holistic studies, Hebrew-Judaic Education, Ministerial Training & Techinal Studies in various trades, under qualified, licensed or board certified professional and rabbinical preceptors.  

 He is Author of two books, “Developing and Establishing Effective Leadership” and “The Way, the Prophetic Messianic Voice to the path of the Edenic Kingdom Redemption”.   

He is a traveling Lecturer and Educator, Rabbinical Arbitrator, National Certified family, divorce and business Arbitrator(Judge) and mediation specialist, an Anthropological, Archaeological, Ancient Near Eastern Researcher and Historian and  Sacred Sexuality Educator(Edenic Tantra).

He is also the CEO of the Afracan Edenic Tantra and Yoga Society, a Cultural and Holistic Health Association that promotes Afro-Asiatic Exotic and Sensous Dance Arts adopted from Middle Eastern, African and Asian  and American Culture. Also providing Sex Education seminars and open discussion forums in regards to sexul knowledge as it relates to the human anatomy and physiology, Natural laws, medical science, spirituality/culture, love, marriage and relationship aka Edenic Tantra(a name he invented to describe the teachings & system he has developed over the years from Jewish Law and customs). The organization also does extensive outreach to people in the Adult Entertainment Industry  for the purposes of enlightenment(not condemnation) and education in regards to Edenic principles of living & health, including crisis counseling, conflict resolution, STD awareness, screening and prevention and mental/emotional health support. 

He also broadcasts dynamic cutting edge prophetic spiritual teachings via online Radio Station WITCC Awakening Radio.

Kohen R'ShaYaH believes in doing his work as a true humanitarian and advocate for Human Rights, Inter-cultural peace and global justness for all peoples regardless of ethnic, sectarian, religious or racial identity.  As the Key Witness to the Testimony of Truth, R'ShaYaH, without fear and with sound wisdom, passion and firm knowledge stands to make a change for the World in peace and shalom.

Through his extensive Prophetic Hebrew Leadership development and experience, Dr. R'ShaYah has been able to bring revolutionary positive cultural, spiritual and lifestyle change for the Advancement of the International Hebrew Communities crossing all boundaries of cultural, theological and political differences. His motto is to develop an Edenic Kingdom without borders, where all the Sons and Daughters of Light, both hebrew and gentile, are able to have equal access and confidence to the Worship of the Eternal Creator Yahwah Elah.

Although Dr. R'ShaYaH has been professionally developed and thoroughly trained as a balanced leader and as a Integrative professional Healthcare provider, he considers his training, knowledge, expertise and diverse practices as simply "Prophetic Priestly Ministry" to serve mankind as mandated by his calling and anointing under the Authority of Yahwah Elahin.

Dr. R'ShaYaH Halahawi philosophy is, ""If we as a Sacred people cant help ourselves, then what is that to say about our Sacredness..if the Leaders of the people cant work together to build, what is that to say about their leadership"

 Prophetic Message I heard while praying with Eastern Hebrew Music

If its broken, then you fix it
If its hurting, then you heal it
If they are fighting, then you truce it
If they are killing, then you stop it
It they are in trouble, you solve it
If they cannot find it, you find it
If they cannot lead, then you lead it
If they are you, then you be it
If its Palestine vs Israel, then you make them one
If they are the seed of Abraham, then you hug them both
It they shoot a missile, stand In front of the people and take it for both of them??????
If not you, then who? if not now, then when? if only for today, then whats for tomorrow?.when tomorrow comes, the future was because of what you have chosen to stand for today??? 


 Quote: "If I stood up and told you the truth, you all will hate me and seek to kill me. If i sit down and speak a lie, i kill my self. If i am going to die, i will die with dignity."      Dr Shalomim"


 Quote: " I can never say that i hate you because you are different from me. Nor could i use any writing of man, no matter how sacred to the masses, to justify harming you, exploiting you or belittling who you are in your own culture & faith. In fact, i should defend you from such predators. If i did fall to that level of thought against you, I'd no longer be human. I couldnt even call myself an animal. I'd just be nothing!"


 Quote, ""America is the only country I know of where you can piss on a persons leg and tell them its raining and they'd be stupid enough to get an umbrella to cover their heads, while piss is running down their legs"






Post Graduate Medical: Diploma Family Medicine(Gov't of Islamabad, Pakistan Skills Training Development Council)

Post Graduate Certification in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine-China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

Diplomate of the College of Eastern Medicine, American Association of Integrative Medicine

Doctor of Medicine Degree(Medicina Alternativa)-Open International University for Complementary Medicines

Licensed Doctor of Integrative Pastoral Medicine-Apprenticeship & Certification Board of Integrative & Pastoral Medicine aka Integrative Pastoral Medical Association

Board Certified Doctor Integrative Oriental Medicine-NC-ACBIPM

Certified Homo-Toxicologist- International Academy of Homo-Toxicology

Advanced Graduate Diploma in Oriental Remedial Therapy(Oriental Medicine)-Stone-Bridge
Associated Colleges(U.K.).

University of Nebraska Medical Center for Continuing Medical Education (CME-Gynceology and Obstetrics, Behavioral Counseling, Occupational Medicine,)

World Medical Association, Norweigian Medical Association and South African Medical Association-Post Graduate and Continuing Education

Doctor of Psychology in Pastoral Counseling Degree-Trinity Institute

MA Degree in Rabbinical Letters & Hebrew Education with Rabbinical Kohanim Ordination(Semikha)-the Institute of Rabbincal and Hebrew Studies (Jerusalem, Israel).

B.A.Degree Pastoral Counseling -Jacksonville Theological Seminary( Jax., Fl)

Certified Family, Divorce and Business Mediation Specialist-Lake Wood College(American Center for Conflict Resolution) and National Association of Mediators

Dipl. Business Education-Florida Community College at Jacksonville

Medical Diploma Public Health- Gov't of Islamabad, Pakistan(Skills Training Development Council)

Medical Diploma Primary HealthCare-Gov't of Islamabad, Pakistan(Skills Training Development Council)

Massage Therapy Diploma-Pakistani Institute

Additional Information

Lt Colonel & Doctor of Humanitarian Medicine-International Blue Cross and Blue Crescent Allied Member of the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Member of World Electro-Homeopathic Organization, Registered Member of the Alternative Medical Practitioner Register of India, Affiliated to the United Nations Dept of Economic and Social Affairs and United Nations Global Impact Member of the International Association of Educators for World Peace(UN, UNESCO), Registered Chaplain-Chaplain fellowship Ministries Founder of the Cushite Hebrew Yeshiva-Open International Institutr for Judaic Studies and Eastern Medicine President of the Apprenticeship and Certification Board of Integrative and Pastoral Medicine (Integrative Pastoral Medical Association)

Contact Information
Edenic Light Integrative Family Life Care & Humanitarian Institute of Integrative, Pastoral & Natural Medicine
c/o 3695F Cascade Rd SW #117
Atlanta GA 30331   USA
Contact Author: DrShalomim Yahoshua HaLahawi MD(AM), PsyD(PC), LicMD(P), BC-IMD, HMD. DPH, DPHC, Rabi Kohan
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