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Over the years, I have constantly taken on assignments for the Donors in interesting countries and sometimes challenging countries. During this past two years, I was mostly in Cambodia and Vietnam. The previous two years, I was in Ethiopia, Sri Lanka,Bangladesh and Turkmenistan; four countries with diverse cultures and living standards. This year (and soon), I will return to Vietnam for another Do



As a consultant working with the Donor organisations, I travel to many interesting countries and most of those assignments are full of political challenges. The problems that exist within Third World Countries - Bad debts - Money Laundering - Loan Credit Risks, must be resolved to improve the fiscal debt of these troubled economies.

John McCoy has over 40 years’ senior level experience in financial sector reform, including numerous assignments with the National Bank of Cambodia. Through his international work, he has gained a thorough understanding of the implications of developing economies and the need for banking and financial sector reforms in those economies. He has a comprehensive understanding of the banking and financial sectors in South East Asia and Central Asia through his experience working in Vietnam, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Uzbekistan working on various Technical Assistance projects for Asian Development Bank, EBRD, World Bank and IFC from 1997 to present.


In working with the ADB and World Bank he has covered, among others, the following areas: Central Bank supervision and monitoring requirements; Basel Core Principles; Corporate Governance; Bank Investment Strategies; Strategic Planning - Business Planning – Banks; Privatization and restructuring legal issues; Credit Policies and Procedures; Problem Loans - Bad debt procedures; Anti-Money Laundering regulations and procedures (TA 3467 - Cambodia), Turkmenistan, Lao PDR and Sri Lanka; Bank Secrecy Regulations; Central bank supervision - on-site / off-site; Prudential regulations; Micro-finance mechanisms, monitoring and controls - Small and medium business enterprise financing risks (SME); Financial institutions organizational structures, regulations, delegated authorities and Systems integration risks.


Birth Place: Greenville, SC USA

Accomplishments: Master of Science in International Finance 1972 from University of California. Extensive additional high level courses at various universities and international banks. Member of Australian Sociaty of Authors, Australian Copyright Agency, NSW Writers Centre and Queensland Writers Centre.


Leaving It Behind by John W McCoy
John W. McCoy brings to his readers a new novel relating the struggles of the Vietnamese people in the aftermath of war. This novel portrays their heroic efforts to survive the drug lords that are rampant in the Golden Triangle, threatening to take over their lives. John has lived among these people and understands them well, which is conveyed sympathetically to the readers of ...

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Price: $4.00 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),   

Hidden Money by John W McCoy
'Hidden Money' is a work of fiction that takes place in the international banking world. Eric Landers is a top trouble-shooter for banks that need an outsider to deal with problems. Landers wants out of the game, but decides to take on one last assignment to help an old trusted friend. ...

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Price: $4.00 (eBook)
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Short Stories

The Charge of the Deadly Cape Buffalo
 by John W McCoy
I saw the death charge of the Cape Buffalo from the corner of my eye just seconds after I heard the bellow and snort of the charge. His rage at the intrusion on his territory was evident as the dust f...

My Street in Hanoi
 by John W McCoy
TRAN QUOC TOAN is our street, our home in Hanoi. Everyone in Hanoi seems to know the street, its history and its people. We were accepted by our neighbours as one of them. The weather, at times, is un...

Transitional Countries-Financial Crisis Looms
 by John W McCoy
State secrets, lack of transparency, non-compliance of government and central bank regulations and non-disclosure of financial information are all critical issues in most transitional countries. Centr...

Survival-Life in Cambodia
 by John W McCoy
Years of conflict have wrecked the economy and banking systems within Cambodia. The author stated,"The people are really amazing; always with a smile of welcome."...

White Water Rafting on the Zambesi River
 by John W McCoy
White Water Rafting is the sport of the thrill seeker, shooting the grade five and six rapids unable to see the bottom as you start the plunge. Rafting on the great Zambezi River in Zimbabwe starting ...

Money Laundering is a Contest of Nerves for the Professionals
 by John W McCoy
Drug traffickers and money launderers (as the middlemen) seek out professionals who are willing to sidestep regulations that authorities put into place. In many cases, the money launderers and traffic...

Canoe Safari down the Zambesi River
 by John W McCoy
Ten meters away on the roadside, three huge elephants stood watching our carrier pass slowly. Occasionally, they threw their trunks into the air, sniffing for danger. The beginning of a canoe saf...


Author's news update
 by John W McCoy
John W. McCoy has worked in the large international banks and for the donor organizations for the past twenty-five years. He has seen, at first hand, the difficulties of large bad debts in banks and t...

New Book Launch centered on bank corruption and money laundering
 by John W McCoy
This work of fiction delves into the world of bank manipulation using the financial centers to benefit the drug cartels. Money is power; corruption is the center at the top eschelons....

Author's Background to Leaving it Behind as described by Ruth Downing
 by John W McCoy
McCoy is a person with a dream of telling the story of the people he came to know and love from the past to the present....

In the Skies of Uzbekistan - December 2001
 by John W McCoy
And life goes on each day with a new surprise always around the corner in Uzbekistan. That even goes for flying on the only domestic airline in the country operating antiquated Soviet aircraft that sc...

Tashkent Uzbekistan News - 30 October 2001
 by John W McCoy
This is an excerpt of a 30 October 2001 message from author John W. McCoy to his adult children in Australia to keep them informed on his life in Uzbekistan. He arrived in Tashkent several months ago ...

News from Tashkent Uzbekistan - October 2001
 by John W McCoy
In the last two months since my return to Uzbekistan working on financial sector reform program funded by World Bank, I am continually amazed at the reluctance to change in the banking sector. There i...

Author's introduction to Leaving it Behind by John W. McCoy
 by John W McCoy
Several years ago, I was on an assignment in Vietnam for one of the Donor organizations looking at the transition of the economy and banking system. As I traveled around the country, I spoke with many...


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Additional information

High level consulting assignments for various donor organizations in financial sector development and banking sector reforms. Over the past ten-years, I have spent most of my time in Cenral Asia and South East Asia and those countries are always close to me. I am continually researching material for new books. There are two books published and two more unpublished at this point, but planned for later this year. Those books are currently being considered by a publisher. Leaving It Behind was self published by the author in Australia during Novemebr 2004 and is being distributed throughout Australia. Itis currently being published by Author House for world =wide distribution and also available on www.authorsden.com

Contact Information

John W. McCoy & Associates Pty. Limited
54 Portland Road 
Medlow Bath, NSW     2780   Australia

 John W McCoy
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