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Day in and day out I discover and tap into more and more skills and abilities within me because I am aware of the power of consciousness within.

I devoted thirty years in the study of spiritual and metaphysical principles, testing the concepts out from time to time - and then I looked at certain of these principles and laws and asked, "How does this work?" or "How do I do this?" Asking these questions in early 1997, I started a process that led to a dynamic transformation of my mind and my being. Only in 2014 did I realize the great importance of these two questions - especially in the way I formed the questions. Through the power of consciousness, the form of my questions gave rise to volumes of opportunities to discover and practice the answers and solutions.

Along the way I gravitated to several writers whose works helped me sort out what I was finding. In the book, Power Vs. Force, Hawkins presented a scale for rating emotions, distinguishing higher and lower vibrations. I took numerous high vibrational concepts from the Bible and in practice, used these to transform my thinking, resulting in major wonderful changes in my world. Also from Hawkins, I discovered how to free myself from negative programming and negative beliefs. As I made use of information from Lipton, Dispenza and Goswami, I developed practical processes for moving beyond my programming, detoxifying my home, improving my relationships with the cells - of my body and in many things around me - and of course forming and maintaining wonderful relationships with the people in my world. From a course in theology, I found the seed for my most recent project (started in 2013), The Power of Conscious Storytelling. I developed a curriculum for online coursework learners might engage in for personal use and certification for building and enhancing their skills for changing their story in order to change their lives.

This is merely the tip of the iceberg since I am currently engaged in research and testing concepts and procedures in storytelling power across the dimensions of the human experience. I am still in the process of defining the numbers of research projects essential to qualifying the concept of storytelling power.

Accomplishments: Neeta Blair, Ph.D. Family Systems, Family Therapy, Adult Development and Adult Education; completed masters programs in Chemical Dependency Counseling; studies in theology, BA in Psychology; Independent studies in metaphysics, founded Imagination Education Institute; co-founder of Center for Infinite Learning (CIL), developed curricula for studies in Power of Conscious Storytelling; author of books devoted to mastery over inner life experiences, developed numerous processes for easy access to infinite possibilities in consciousness. Recorded several workshops on mp3 for immediate application of imaginal skills.



OptiScal: A Measure of Receptivity by Neeta Blair
OptiScal A Measure of Receptivity is a timeless primer. The book lets you play with energy, even encourages it. A book for the child, the child in you, it moves you to a level of pure conscious power. Feel the thrill as you exercise your vibrational muscles and then expand into areas both exciting and entirely pleasant. Feel the joy and celebrate as you connect to the desires of your heart....

Price: $5.95 (eBook)
Indoma's Place 

What’s In Your Heavenly Account? by Neeta Blair
It was a pleasant Saturday night in November 1998. My friend and I attended a church meeting where a renowned television minister spoke about heavenly accounts. The idea impressed us, since we had not thought about it before. I have a heavenly account! Such an idea! I found it to be so exciting!...

Price: $5.95 (eBook)
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What's In Your Heavenly Account? The Workbook by Neeta Blair
Since writing What’s In Your Heavenly Account, we uncovered vital information not presented before – and in ways not seen earlier. Yet, these processes have been around for eons. It’s as though they had lain waiting for us to discover them. Really these processes had been asleep within us, waiting for us to awaken and use them. So I invite you to use them now. Make use of them every day. ...

Price: $5.95 (eBook)
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21-Seconds To Wealth by Neeta Blair
A comprehensive game played over a period of 21 days, arranging the contents of your consciousness with ideas and wealth concepts to create the financial experiences you want in daily living....

Price: $5.95 (eBook)
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The Energy Game by Neeta Blair
This book published in 2002 introduces the reader to the joy of playing with energy, recognizing everything as energy....

Price: $5.95 (eBook)
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Short Stories

Making Imagination Normal and Natural
 by Neeta Blair
Taking reference from Neville and Hawkins, the writer shows how to make imagination normal and natural...

Being the Solution
 by Neeta Blair
Faced with years of programming to limitation, I must educate Imagination on how to be the solution. My education starts by recognizing I am the solution....

Imagination Plays All the Parts
 by Neeta Blair
By recognizing Imagination as the power over any situations I expand my education and I show how I exercise this power, including processes for reaching this point....

I Am Imagination, That’s Who I Am
 by Neeta Blair
Telling how I got straight with my identity....

Starting the Education of Imagination
 by Neeta Blair
How I set it up for educating Imagination, my inner being....


See My Sparkle
 by Neeta Blair
Read this poem with the mind's eye and let the images play out your sparkle....

Where Love Lives
 by Neeta Blair
The imaginal act that transforms the home into love...

Named From Infinite Possibilities
 by Neeta Blair
Freestyle presentation of the power of consciousness moves from concept to a living experience...


Revise the Belief
 by Neeta Blair
Picking up on my practice of using affirmations to reprogram my thinking, discussed in the article “Affirmations Are Good, But…” I looked at numerous beliefs I had bought into with special attention t...

Affirmations Are Good, But...
 by Neeta Blair
How I changed in the way I use affirmations...

Asking for What I Want
 by Neeta Blair
Seeing Omnipresence as my atmosphere, containing everything, I pause, remembering I am Imagination with access to infinite possibilities for all the experiences in my world. All things I could possibl...

The Desires of My Heart
 by Neeta Blair
The Bible tells us we could have the desires of my heart. In addition it tells us ask for what we wanted, but also says we do not “get” our desires because we asked amiss – that is, the way we asked w...

No Power Can Stop You
 by Neeta Blair
Neville teaches in the lecture “You Can Forgive Sin” that no power in this world can stop you from realizing your desire. In clarifying his position, he encourages you to remain faithful to your visio...

Creating My Inner Life Experiences
 by Neeta Blair
Neville advises: manage your psychological drama and warns: if you don’t others will manage it for you. The drama of your mind forms and shapes your inner life experiences that externalize into your p...

The Offsetting Power of Consciousness
 by Neeta Blair
I raised questions about being realistic in relation to the power of consciousness. Especially I asked myself how could I be anxious when I know I am the power of consciousness with infinite possibili...

Who Am I Being?
 by Neeta Blair
I am continually amazed at things that get my attention. Working in the power of consciousness I found I had to be clear on who I think I am being and the extent to which I buy into the idea of infini...

Giving Expression to Another Possibility
 by Neeta Blair
It happened as I started thinking about how infinite my possibilities really are that the idea of “giving expression” to one or another possibility came up in my thinking and conversations. I noticed ...

Images! Images! Where are the Images?
 by Neeta Blair
Illustrate the power of consciousness by choosing from the infinite possibilities within your being. Making this your day-to-day practice brings you far more than you ever considered....

Thinking From Infinite Possibilities
 by Neeta Blair
One benefit of thinking from the perspective of infinite possibilities is the ability to apply the power of consciousness in the face of adversity and problems. From the power of consciousness adversi...

Programming to the Power of Consciousness
 by Neeta Blair
I obtained my first books on quantum science in the late 1970s early 1980s and practiced some of the processes. But it took years to form the integrated paradigm I currently apply in my own research a...

Buying Into Belief and Biology
 by Neeta Blair
In an earlier article I talked about my impressions and experiences regarding parental influence on their unborn children. In this article I discuss the corresponding spread beyond just parental influ...

Parents Influence the Child’s What?
 by Neeta Blair
Before you shake your head on this one, let’s back it up to parental influence on the developing fetus. Yes, both parents influence the unborn child – with the emotional atmosphere they provide for th...

Choose What You Prefer
 by Neeta Blair
From the moment you are aware of a problem, your first action is to choose whether you want the problem or the solution....

Manifest Your Desires Consistently
 by Neeta Blair
Book 3 of the Manifesting Trilogy, entitled, Manifesting Consistently invites you to use the lens of higher vibrations for your manifesting work. You are manifesting all the time, but the question at ...

Cherish Your Inner Reality
 by Neeta Blair
Now that I chose between having the problem and having the solution it is the time to prepare to take action for bringing the solution into tangible reality. I prepare for this wonderful experience wi...

Activate Your Personal Wealth State
 by Neeta Blair
Perhaps your personal bank account is a symbol of your personal wealth. Look at the current balance of your personal bank account and ask, if it conformed to the ideals you had set for it. Your bank a...

21-Seconds To Wealth
 by Neeta Blair
Transformational and delightful, you can play this game alone or with others....

The Optimal Series
 by Neeta Blair
I changed the focus of my questions and watched different types of responses unfold....

 by Neeta Blair
A brief account describing why I devoted more than a decade writing books....


First Class Launched
 by Neeta Blair
Announcing launch of inaugural class in Program - The Power of Conscious Storytelling...

Supporters Claimed Lifetime Perks
 by Neeta Blair
Supporters of CIL claimed lifetime premiums and gained access to exclusive cutting edge events ...

Announcing Availability of The Awakening
 by Neeta Blair
I help with editing this book now available through major booksellers....

Impact of Joy Vigil
 by Neeta Blair
Over 600 consecutive days and counting I derived so many benefits of a joy vigil....

Cutting-Edge Research Scheduled
 by Neeta Blair
Enrollees are invited to participate in dynamic research project. ...


Indoma's Place
The home of Imagination Education. See articles, meditations and poetry. Also see numerous services available to you as you move forward in educating your own wonderful human imagination.

Neville Quotes
Arrange to receive daily quotes from lectures and books by Neville. Use the quotes to stimulate practice in imaginal activities.

Applying Neville
A Yahoo group devoted to testing the methods presented by Neville so you'd consciously enter and become the concepts you'd chosen to experience and express.

Additional information

Imagination Education, an ongoing project, is a natural unfoldment of my progress over the years. I started my own Imagination Education in early 2008 and developed numerous drills for specific tasks. Two things prompted me to Imagination Education: 1) I noticed my imagination was running wild and 2) I realized we as a society worldwide had devoted massive resources to educating the Intellect (academics) but none to educating the Imagination.

Educating the Imagination is simple - it is a matter of directing the movement of attention consciously. Without this form of education, your attention moves quite freely with your every reaction.

Contact Information

Imagination Education Institute International
8327 Watermill Drive 
Millersville   MD   21108   USA

 Neeta Blair
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