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Each day is a gift, never forget it can be snatched away in the blink of an eye! Help where you can!



>>>  I have been diagnosed with breast cancer, caught very early during a routine mammmogra. At this time I am now 2.5 years cancer free, praise God! PLEASE go annually as I had missed 3 years and had I missed one more year the outcome would be a lot different. Do not take a chance on missing something in its early stages. As of this date I am 2 years cancer free. My article Life/Death part 2 talks about the reality of breast cancer and what happens if it occurs plz read! For more information regarding Breast Cancer please follow this link to the American Breast Cancer Foundation.  http://abcf.org/

>>>>If you have a family member or spouse who is chemically dependent(whether or not they are sober) please join Alanon and learn how to regain some of your own balance, your own contentment,.   DO not let drugs or alcohol call the shots for your life and happiness. Just remember the dependent person listens to the call of a substance instead of you or life, that need not be what calls to you.    

*** Just a passing thought, I am currently reading everything by the writer, poet, artist, Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing down the bones. I cannot help but admire this icon of writing success.  If I were to have a writing heroine she would be at the top of my list. p>each day is but a flash of time

each moment but a sliver of life

passing time is the test of reality

and passed time judges our accomplishments


Birth Place: Yakima, WA USA

Accomplishments: I am a Nurse by profession and by my love of helping my fellow man. My prayers for all those who are feeling the pinch as this time is difficult financially, and emotionally. May each of you know many of us are keeping you in our prayers!
I am a nurse working with psychiatric patients and those who have become chemically dependent. I have a Masters in Nursing Education and I wish to educate the future nurses, who must care for those who need them so much. God give me the strength to be an inspiration to those that I may help become the caregivers of the future!
I recently got my Masters in Nursing Education proving you can teach an old dog new tricks! The sad part of my work is the continuing threat of harm from those I care for. This past week a unknown caller made scary threats to harm us, we do not know who is doing this. Pray for the safety of nurses everywhere.

Short Stories

A short, not so sweet love story.
 by Sandi Lyn Schraut
Both lived under that tie dyed t-shirt. ...


 by Sandi Lyn Schraut
when life hits a rut...

 by Sandi Lyn Schraut
So much for love it is not always what we need or want!...

Breath of Life
 by Sandi Lyn Schraut
A love lost yet never forgotten...

True love
 by Sandi Lyn Schraut
guileless goals to seek...

A parental lament
 by Sandi Lyn Schraut
Parental failure...

The dread profound
 by Sandi Lyn Schraut
The perils of a mothers heart...

Time Slide
 by Sandi Lyn Schraut
the passing of time...


We must think of others today
 by Sandi Lyn Schraut
Hurricane Sandy...

Teaching understanding and tolerance
 by Sandi Lyn Schraut
The hope is to help our youngsters to become more loving toward their fellow man and more understanding that differences are not always negative ...

My dance with breast cancer
 by Sandi Lyn Schraut
My recent experience with my Breast Cancer diagnosis....

All in a day's work!
 by Sandi Lyn Schraut
Family and work each with its rewards and its challenges....

Goodby to addicts!
 by Sandi Lyn Schraut
My goodby letter to addicts ...

Big Deal Part #3
 by Sandi Lyn Schraut
life goes on...

Big Deal Part 2
 by Sandi Lyn Schraut
understanding responses to self-esteem challenges...


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Additional information

I have 8 grandchildren that I now find are my life work personified. I love them with a fierceness only a mother lion would appreciate. The precious impact that each new life brings can be so fragile and yet so strong. I pray that God sees fit to take me before any of my children or my grandchildren as losing them would break my heart. Have a blessed day.

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Crystal   MN   55428   USA
 Sandi Lyn Schraut
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biography · sitemap · articles · poetry · short stories · reviews · blogs · success story · message board · contact author

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