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Investigative journalist, author, publisher, online columnist


As early as age 12 I decided to be a journalist. I graduated with special honors in journalism from George Washington University. After starting with standard journalism, in 1960 I began publishing The Californian, the periodical which, along with Paul Krassner's brilliant journal The Realist, touched off the Alternative Press. From 1968 to 1984 I was a freelance writer and contributing editor for a number of periodicals, and until 1980 I was especially the featured writer for the San Francisco Bay Guardian. From 1985 to 2005 I ran a non-profit organization I created, the Homosapiens Educational & Legal Project. Among those who have been major influences on me are Edward Bellamy (Looking Backward), Alan Harrington (The Immortalist), Terence V. Powderly (The Path I Trod), Thomas Wolfe (Look Homeward Angel), Ernest Becker (Denial of Death), Brendan Behan (Borstal Boy), Bertrand Russell, George Bernard Shaw, George Orwell (Eric Blair), Henry David Thoreau, and Thomas Huxley. Now semi-retired,  from my home office in Florida I publish e-books under the name "The Mind Opening Books" and an online column titled "The Wolfe's Lair."

Birth Place: Washington, DC USA

Accomplishments: Phi Beta Kappa. Associated Press Newswriting Awards. Catholic Press Association Journalism Awards for best non-fiction and writing that most effectively reflects the spirit of ecumenism espoused by Pope John XXIII. Bar Association Award for outstanding coverage of legal-judicial affairs.


Lucifer's Dictionary of the American Language by Burton H. Wolfe
Lucifer's Dictionary presents, with nasty satire, the true meanings of words as butchered by Americans of all kinds....

The Mind Opening Books 

No Lawyer Necessary by Burton H. Wolfe
How to use a spouse, relative, friend, or colleague as your agent to arrange health care and financial affairs for you, and how to represent you in legal dispute, when you are incapacitated, dead, or otherwise unable to act on your own....

Barnes & Noble.comBarnes & Noble Book Nook  Mind Opening Books

The True History of the Monopoly Game by Burton H. Wolfe
This book tells the true story of how the Monopoly game was stolen from its originators, and that long-buried secret was discovered by the inventor of Anti-Monopoly. The book also provides details about how that games inventor, Professor Ralph Anspach, beat Monopoly producers Parker Brothers/General Mills in a 10-year litigation war during which he discovered the 80-yer-old theft....

Price: $8.00 (eBook)
Mind Opening Books 

The Devil's Avenger by Burton H. Wolfe
The Devil's Avenger is the only authentic biography of Anton Szandor LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan....

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The Mind Opening Books
This web site replaces the former site called "Mind Opening Books" without "The" in the name. The new site provides the titles of the e-books available and ordering information.

Additional information

I was one of the foremost investigative journalists in the U.S. from 1956 until 1985, when I changed careers to run the non-profit Homosapiens Educational & Legal Project. In 2005 I semi-retired, and three years later I moved from my home base in San Francisco to Florida. I am the author of hundreds of articles and essays published in major newspapers and magazines, and of subject-definitive books such as THE HIPPIES (New American Library), HITLER AND THE NAZIS (Putnam), and PILEUP ON DEATH ROW (Doubleday), that have been used as basic sources for study of those subjects in high schools, colleges, and universities across the U.S. I publish e-books via a small publishing house I have created, The Mind Opening Books, and I produce an online column titled "The Wolfe's Lair." For more information consult standard reference works such as WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA, OUTSTANDING INTELLECTUALS OF THE 20TH CENTURY, and CONTEMPORARY AUTHORS (updated in the online version).

Contact Information

The Mind Opening Books
P.O. Box 3362 
Boynton Beach   FL   33424-3362   U.S.
 Burton H. Wolfe
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