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'P'...patience, persistence, painful, plodding...never mind. Forget my middle initial. Just call me Leslie.


Born in Kansas City, Missouri, I hated the constant moves of my early childhood, which took me to California, Texas, and Georgia. I grew up mostly in Georgia, went to Texas, and then Nuevo Laredo, Mexico briefly before moving to Laredo, Texas. My strange adolescence--which at one point included 25 horses and ponies, an African lion and a decaying, haunted antebellum--gave me a lifetime of stories; I'm married and have four children, fodder for additional tales. Add to that grandkids, a great dane, the pit bull I swore never, ever to have, and a sometimes cat, and stories are there, whether or not the time to write presents itself day to day.

When people wonder why I write, I always secretly wonder why they don't. . .I can't remember not writing.  What I say, though, is that I have always done it and can't help myself.  That writers should read, that they should care. . .and that they must write.  What else is there?

And, in seeking new avenues to write, I will always be profoundly grateful to Al Gore for inventing the internet, as it provides such myriad opportunities to express my thoughts.




Accomplishments: Current releases from Crimson Romance include Wildflower Redemption, Unattainable, and Take Me Out. La Llorona (The Wailing Woman) is a self-published anthology of short fiction, essay, and poetry about the legend of the 'Wailing' (or weeping) Woman of Mexican lore.

Garcia is a certified elementary and bilingual teacher (Texas),with a master's in English from Texas A&M International University. She has attended the NABE (National Association of Bilingual Educators) in Philadelphia, participated in a pilot Dual Language bilingual model program at her school, has presented to her district on the implementation of brain-based learning strategies, and created her school's writing lab, the first of its kind in her district at the elementary level.



His Temporary Wife by Leslie P Garcia
Would you agree to an 8 week marriage for 250,000 to a man who might want you dead? ...

Price: $3.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.com 

A Love Beyond by Leslie P Garcia
AJ Owens confronts a villainous billionaire and Chance Landin, his head of security, to recover her family's stolen racehorse....

Price: $3.81 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.com 

Take Me Out by Leslie P Garcia
Crimson Romance debuts its first anthology ever--four authors showing what baseball romance is all about!...

Price: $3.82 (eBook)

Wildflower Redemption by Leslie P Garcia
Can widower Aaron Estes and divorcee Luz Wilkinson ever put love first again?...

Price: $3.82 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.com 

Unattainable by Leslie P Garcia
Poor little rich girl Dell Rosales has been disinherited. Former DEA agent Jovi Trevino is disheartened over a war he can't win. Unattainable love?...

Price: $3.79 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.com 

La Llorona (The Wailing Woman) by Leslie P Garcia
Evil walks the banks of the Rio Grande. Children are being sacrificed in the dark waters......

Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.comSmashwords 

Short Stories

The Babylon Visits
 by Leslie P Garcia
Evil exists in the world...what to do when it comes?......

Normal People
 by Leslie P Garcia
The bank clock read 102 degrees. Of course, it always read that particular figure, from May on. Julie Rosales wiped the back of her hand across her forehead and wondered why she wa...


Crosses and Life
 by Leslie P Garcia
Butterflies, crosses, an unexpected full moon...symbols are everything to do with religion or nothing to do with religion, but symbols are always to do with life....

Surviving Rejection #3064
 by Leslie P Garcia
How writers cope......

First Born
 by Leslie P Garcia
For all the first-time mothers...and the mothers blessed with that first time feeling each time they look into a baby's face......

love affairs
 by Leslie P Garcia
Weather report...or a relationship report......

Words With a Friend On Writing
 by Leslie P Garcia

Morning A La Carte
 by Leslie P Garcia
Revelations always follow on the heels of grandkids staying over! ...

New Years and Cynics
 by Leslie P Garcia
Loosely, loosely part of the New Year "triology"!...


Hindlegs, Horses, and Heart
 by Leslie P Garcia
Horses have a special place in my life. Not always a healthy place, but a place....

Life After Death by Lillie J. Roberts: A Review
 by Leslie P Garcia
Don't judge Life After Death by what you think--because it's more than that!...

Reaching the Unattainable
 by Leslie P Garcia
When a 'real' publisher snatched up Unattainable, my debut romance with Crimson Romance, the circle finally closed......

A Review: Firefly Run by Trish Milburn
 by Leslie P Garcia
I grew up in the rural South, and Trish Milburn's portrayal of that atmosphere captivated me--as did her story of sacrifice and love....

Highlander's Bride by Deborah Gafford
 by Leslie P Garcia
Deborah Gafford creates a memorable picture of courage and love in this captivating Scottish romance....

Come Back to Me by Melissa Foster
 by Leslie P Garcia
From the barren Iraqi desert to the barren reaches of the human soul when love is snatched away, Come Back to Me is a compelling read....

Invitation to Ruin by Bronwen Evans
 by Leslie P Garcia
Brownwen Evans extends an invitation to seek redemption--or embrace depravity--in her Regency romance....


His Temporary Wife to Release 3/31!
 by Leslie P Garcia
His Temporary Wife, Book Two in the Texas Heart& Soul will be released on March 31st. ...

Crimson Romance Titles on Sale
 by Leslie P Garcia
Wildflower Redemption,Take Me Out and Hundreds of Other Titles on Sale!...

Garcia at Just Contemporary Romance
 by Leslie P Garcia
Wildflower Redemption author Leslie P. Garcia blogs on "Heroes and Hope" at Just Contemporary Romance....

Wildflower Redemption, Unattainable USA Today Favorites
 by Leslie P Garcia
Leslie P. Garcia's Crimson Romance novels tagged by authors as "favorites" of 2013....

Wildflower Redemption Release
 by Leslie P Garcia
Leslie P. Garcia announces December release of Wildflower Redemption (Crimson Romance)...

Garcia Participates in Take Me Out anthology
 by Leslie P Garcia
Leslie P Garcia joins Crimson Romance authors Elley Arden, Alicia Hunter Pace and Bea Moon in baseball romance Take Me Out....

Unattainable Half Price for 5 More Days
 by Leslie P Garcia
Well-received romance just 1.99 through July 31st!...


Return to Rio
RioRendezvous--a place to get together "down on the Rio Grande"--for educators, writers, animal lovers, heck--for anyone! Come on by!

Additional information

My first romance, Love's Lasting Song will give readers a glimpse into the border culture of deep South Texas. I have recently collaborated on a cookbook, Cooking By the Book, and an inspirational e-book,  Musings: Authors Do It Write, that are presented free online as a gift to all readers. This cookbook presents foods and recipes directly from fictional and nonfictional works by a large and diverse group of writers. Musings offers insight into the writer's mind and soul. Both are free at RioRendezvous.Now available signed copies of Love's Lasting Song just click on the "Buy Direct" link for your signed copy. Also--interested educators and parents who feel "assessment" is undermining education--I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Somewhere out there is a solution.

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 Leslie P Garcia
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