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Greetings friends! My name is Tom kitt and I have lived from 2000 to 2010 on an island in the Gulf of Thailand. I separated myself in order to concentrate on a fundamental aspect of energy that can no longer be ignored: Eternal Recurrence. I invite sincere enquiry and may be reached through my website: www.onepositive.com/tom_kitt@hotmail.com/516 430 9016.



The most daunting aspect of life is that we remain unaware of our completeness by a force of our own making. This force keeps us from achieving the special information that is woven into the fabric of our recurrent nature.

We constantly disappear and re-appear - each cycle refreshing and re-birthing from the very beginning of time. This information is not new for it is the wisdom of the ages. It was the foundation for the pharonic tradition and the dominant theme of the Tao te Ching. Eternal Recurrence ...a step out of time and The Emergent Principle outline the territory of human existence and flesh out the interactive principle that has kept the critical and catalytic knowledge of our recurrence under lock and key. Should we re-open this Pandora's box, the information will challenge beliefs. There will be resistence, foundations will founder but then they will reform and the planet will begin to heal.

I wish 2015 to be a productive year of self-exploration for one and all.

Birth Place: Galway,  Ireland


Physics of Immortality ...Ancient knowledge for a world in crisis by Tom Kitt
The spectrum of gravity explained!...


Poetry N' More by Tom Kitt
This is a non-graphic repeat of the FLUSH! book....


FLUSH! by Tom Kitt
Flush! takes you on a poetic journey that touches many areas of human experience. But, in spite of the diversity the poems have a common resonance or theme that is ancient and ageless. Each poem is enhanced with a picture and a short explanatory note that will help guide the reader to a truer understanding. Should you be patient and persevere you will be rewarded with information that cannot fail....


The Emergent Principle by Tom Kitt
The pathways to personal power are many and varied and they are all very real. Or, at least as real as anything else. This book starts at the very beginning and takes you to the very end of everything, it does not cut corners nor does it complicate things unnecessarily. It will allow you to encapsulate areas of knowledge rather than holding fast your own centre of things. You will, in the cou...

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Eternal Recurrence ...a step out of time by Tom Kitt
Eternal recurrence is the root of everything. It is the fountain of truth - the ultimate philosophy; a recurring event that contains the most beautiful promise of life constantly entreating us to participate. It is an o­ngoing step out of time into the state of Love and it is driven by our own desire. When we learn how the dynamic of recurrence actually works we will be empowered to drive it home ...

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The Trinity Conspiracy by Tom Kitt
The human mind receives new information, processes it acording to its own information, assimilates and responds to create a new input. On and on it goes - constant input/output creating experience. because the output triggers the input it stands to reason that improving our outputs will release us from the bondage of cyclic dysfunctions. 'Information' is the mother of all experience and to ini...


Short Stories

An Adventure in Ireland…
 by Tom Kitt
A little history, politics, golf, the craic, and a polite riot. ...

Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog
 by Tom Kitt
…was a good friend of mine ...

 by Tom Kitt

Pixel ...a story about playing
 by Tom Kitt
Love is our name and energy is our game but we have forgotten and now the game is playing us. ...

Spain and Goya
 by Tom Kitt
Goya was a brilliant artist, loved by the ruling authority. But, the Muse had other plans. ...

A Moment Alone
 by Tom Kitt
When I was 41, I experienced the dissolution of matter to love. ...

 by Tom Kitt
There are people who burn so fiercely for the light that their vibration cannot be contained within the mundane....


Anything Is Everything
 by Tom Kitt
...to see eternity in a grain of sand... - William Blake...

Higher Love
 by Tom Kitt
We are drenched in Love and it will wash us clean if we allow it. ...

 by Tom Kitt

The Black Guards
 by Tom Kitt
Religions in my opinion are generally well intentioned. However, they are usually given too much license to presume. This license to presume is automatically endowed because there is no reasonable bur...

The Christian Schism
 by Tom Kitt
In the 4th century AD Christianity was dealt a blow from which it has not recovered. ...

Mandala of Shame
 by Tom Kitt
Humanity is a recycle; ‘round ‘n ‘round, dancing for the watchdog we dare not name. Who will learn this watcher's game, who will accept we're the same, who will call t...

To Enter the Realm
 by Tom Kitt


Something to think about...
 by Tom Kitt

 by Tom Kitt
Humanity holds the key to power....

Pushing the Binary Pony
 by Tom Kitt

No Mass!
 by Tom Kitt
Energy & mass are cut from the same cloth....

Science Will Guide Us True
 by Tom Kitt
Quantum mechanics is scientific irresponsibility that will have dire consequences for humanity. ...

Natural Codependency
 by Tom Kitt
As energetic beings we are naturally codependent. This is an irrefutable fact of energy that subjects each and all the common rule of recovery: acceptance. Before we can learn who we are we m...

A Constant Refresh
 by Tom Kitt
All that we do is saturated in love. ...


Eternal Recurrence ...a step out of time
Outlines the territory of human existence.

Poets Covenant
The world is falling apart for want of wisdom. Science and religion do not answer the call adequately. Ordinary people from all walks must join together to build a logical bridge between the reality of energy and the reality of immortality.

Eternal Recurrence
There is a central pulse to the universe that beats a rhythm into our being whether we are listening or not. It contains everything that we are and knows all heartbeats as one. It is who we are when we stop pretending to be something else. - Tom Kitt.

Timeless wisdom for a world in crisis
The world's problems can not be solved with the current level of information. We require a new model that will make current thinking obsolete.

Additional information

Published: The Trinity Conspiracy (2003) Eternal Recurrence ...A Step Out of Time (2007) FLUSH! (2010) Poetry N' More (2010) The Emergent Principle (2015) The Emergent Principle (2015)is now available for free download on my website www.onepositive.com Also, Eternal Recurrence ...A step Out of Time is available from Amazon or may be downloaded free on the Homepage. (www.onepositive.com)

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Babylon   NY   11702   USA

 Tom Kitt
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