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"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven"


I have always been a non-conventional thinker.

These days, it's called “thinking outside the box” and according to one author, it is a powerful concept worthy of deeper investigation and is not just another management cliche. As defined by Wikipedia, “it is to think differently, unconventionally or from a new perspective. This phrase often refers to novel, creative and smart thinking.”   But, when I was a kid, “non-conventional” was usually code for “impatient and hard-headed.” It often got me in trouble – but more often it helped me succeed.

When I was 12, I taught myself how to repair lawnmowers. Then, realizing it was easier to repair lawnmowers than actually cut lawns in the hot Georgia sun, I tacked up a sign and opened my own repair business. This little enterprise earned me spending money all the way through high school.

After high school, I joined the Air Force and took advantage of every educational opportunity that came along, from technical training to leadership and business organization. I wound up supervising aircraft maintenance. When my tour of duty finished, I decided it was time to build a civilian career.

First stop was home sales, in hot South Carolina, and I learned as much about how to sell as I had learned how to maintain a group of airplanes. Success came early, and I enjoyed a rich decade of building a career and a family. During this time I continued to study such varied subjects as electronics, medicine, law, and theology, working toward the eventual goal of a doctorate.  Thinking I would return later, and complete the matriculation, I worked with a ministry helping those unfortunate enough not to have a home. Finding that this type of ministry soon leads to burnout I returned to sales, and took a position with Southland as Vice President of Sales.

After ten good years with Southland, I was given an opportunity in the insurance industry to work with one of its top people, Buddy Ray. I enjoyed this opportunity for several years, but decided in the early ‘90s, to step out into self-employment opening electronic stores. It worked... even though I had to change my business model every few years to keep up with advancing technology, the businesses grew and I wound up with successful outlets. I also became the largest and most successful electronics retailer in our area, topping some of the giants in the business.

Then came franchising and the Internet.

I bought my first franchise, a successful venture into the tax preparation business, and then built my own franchise, Tax Refunds Now, which grew to eighty franchises. That, I can tell you, was a roller-coaster ride of an experience in building and running a business on a large scale! Hit some home runs and made some errors, but wound up knowing a LOT about franchising and entrepreneurship, and later sold the whole franchising operation. During this time I also built several other businesses, including a phone calling card company, and a home telephone provider service, along with a payroll processing and accounting company.

Later, I built my first websites, to sell employee manuals, corporate kits, forms, and franchising documents all of which I had written myself. Unexpected success from this with thousands sold, and still selling today, set me on the path of ecommerce.

Having written dozens of eBooks, documents, and published a few books, I have gravitated to consulting, at first with business start-ups, and now with business owners wanting to franchise.

These days, I spend my time writing. A chance encounter on an evening walk brought all of my business to an abrupt end. From that evening on, I have worked solely for the purpose of exposing the darkness that soon will overtake the earth.

My newest book is a far cry from the business material I have always written. It is about Fallen Angels and their antics with humanity. Some portions of the book chapters may be read from www.fallenangelstoday.com, and as you can tell from the name there is nothing “conventional” here!

I believe an alarm needs to be sounded about the return of the Nephilim, and I try to accomplish this in the book I have written, Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters, and the New World Order. My newest book is, Genesis Secrets Revealed. It is a verse by verse commantary of the Book of Genesis.  I draw back the curtain concealing some of life’s greatest mysteries. I endeavor to be as precise as possible, and concentrates on conveying the picture in ways that it has never been presented. This book is written for the layperson, not the theologian. Genesis is essential to truly understanding the Bible. The entire Bible rests on the foundation of Genesis because it forms part of all subsequent inspiration. However, many in today’s society consider this book as a collection of myths, but certainly not a record of what really happened. I challenge that view and show how the Cosmogony of Genesis is in direct contradiction to that of the world's creation myths. Genesis is an account of Divine creative actions, not that of myth, or the corruption of primitive truth handed down by tradition. Furthermore, Genesis is a book of origins; those of the universe, life and man. Plus, it places man in his cosmic setting, shows his particular uniqueness, and begins to trace the flow of Divine revelation through space and time. This book offers clear and concise answers to every major difficulty within Genesis, staunchly defending the authority of Scripture. In addition, it is noted for its clear exposition of Scripture, unique analysis, and readability. Ideally, it is also a model resource for personal Bible study.

Birth Place: Roanoke, VA USA

Accomplishments: Doctorate in Theology, Studies in Law, Studies in Medicine & Business


The Watchers by Dr. CK Quarterman
One of the most fascinating and interesting ancient texts is the Book of Genesis. The entire Bible rests on its foundation because it forms part of all subsequent inspiration....

Price: $9.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook)  Amazon.com  Barnes & Noble.com   

Casting Out Demons by Dr. CK Quarterman
Deliverance from Demons...

Price: $5.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook)  Amazon.com  Barnes & Noble.com   

Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters and The New World Order by Dr. CK Quarterman
CK Quarterman in his new book, Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters And The New World Order describes his close encounter with a Giant. He says, "What had moments earlier been merely theology and a belief became vividly real as I stood staring at a creature that easily could tear me limb from limb"....

Amazon.com  Barnes & Noble.com   


A Great Light
 by Dr. CK Quarterman
A great light of encouragement has arrived! ...

Hell's Fiery Grip
 by Dr. CK Quarterman
Based upon the Early Church Creeds around 300 AD. Where He who descended was the same who ascended. ...

I Hear Thunder
 by Dr. CK Quarterman

The Divine
 by Dr. CK Quarterman
The Divine Love and Faithfulness...

Morning Prayer
 by Dr. CK Quarterman
Seeing my love first thing in the morning, how it should remind us of Christ....

Jesus My Savior for Ever
 by Dr. CK Quarterman
I don't know the future, but I know who holds it. ...

The Blind Man Shall See
 by Dr. CK Quarterman
“The blind man shall see and in great darkness a light has shown” (Matt. 4:16) "the people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is spru...

Child You Are Mine
 by Dr. CK Quarterman
Encouragement in all of the ways God shows Himself to us, the smile of a child, the hug of a grandmother....

A Knock at the Door
 by Dr. CK Quarterman
A knock at the door, think twice it might be Christ! He stands at the door knocking....

The Good Seed Planted
 by Dr. CK Quarterman
Lord God I feel like I need to love on you more today! A Love Song to the Father....

The River Song
 by Dr. CK Quarterman
The River Song is a about a river flowing from the throne....

 by Dr. CK Quarterman
Oh, Can the Lord redeem a life as lost as mine?...


A Call to Arms
 by Dr. CK Quarterman
A Call to Arms in perpetration for the soon coming Nephilim and end of times....


Author Opens Bible College
 by Dr. CK Quarterman
Christian Bible College Opened by Author Dr. CK Quarterman...


Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters, And The New World Order
Many today write about the approaching juggernaut of the Apocalypse, and well they should! Few however, know or understand the inescapability for this coming Apocalypse. Few know of the conspiracy which has brought us to this Apocalypse, this apex of human history. In these pages I will tell you of the conspirators. I will tell you who they are, but more importantly I will tell you what they are and from where they came. They now hide among us the ever surging mass of humanity. They are forever manipulating us to our own demise. They have been with us at every turning point of history working a plan known only to themselves. Occasionally one of their numbers will come to the forefront of the world arena. When one does come to the forefront the world shivers, and their names are forever added to the list of the infamous.

CK Quarterman
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