Kathryn S. Carrington

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Helen Keller wrote: Character can not be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trail and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired and success achieved.


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Kathryn S. Carrington, is a published author and freelance writer. She began her writing career with Poetry, fiction and non fiction; her work has since progressed to more serious topics of real life issues and spirituality. She is a member of the NAACP, National Council of Negro Women, The Writers Guild of Maryland, a (CASA) Court Appointed Special Advocate of abused and neglected children, and a member of the International Society of Poets. Ms. Carrington is also a motivational speaker whose audiences include young adult women, who are interested in topics relating to real life problematic issues. She as been a former participant in the Presley Ridge Foster Care Program, a successful business owner and is a proud mother of two adult children.

An accomplished freelance writer with eight published books, Kathryn received the Editor's Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry (2006)  and has also earned recognition for participation in the 15th Annual Writer's Digest Information Self-Publishing Book Award (2008).

Ms Carrington has received her studies from Ashford University, in Business Administration.

Kathryn has recently teamed up with Tate Publishing Company Updating five of her books. Look for new Covers and second edition titles published by Tate Publishing on her most popular books to be sold on many of the online bookstores.  The Author can be reached through email at starrtouch@yahoo.com for signed copies and for information on appearances, and/or book signings.


Birth Place: Baltimore, MD United States


Mother and Us by Kathryn S. Carrington
Sometimes growing up in disfunction is difficult, but even God has a since of humor, when lessons are to learn for the betterment of SOUL....


Poetic Thoughts from the Heart of a Woman by Kathryn S. Carrington
A series of Poetry expressing love, lost, happiness, heartache and pain. This book is all about what's in a woman's mind and heart, often times expressing love for God and man....


Protected/ 2nd Edition by Kathryn S. Carrington
This story is about a young gifted children that should have died but lived and blessed a family because of God's grace, mercy and love....


The Color of Love 2nd Edition by Kathryn S. Carrington
This is a love story of two people from two different races with the same purpose, wanting to succeed in America....


To catch A Kitten 2nd Editions by Kathryn S. Carrington
Kitten struggles to find true love and she does, finally!...


Love Beyond Innocence 2nd Edition by Kathryn S. Carrington
This story is about innocence. Love and desire in the mind of a lesbian woman who is attracted and befriends a straight college female who is smitten by her long time boyfriend....


Protected by Kathryn S. Carrington
A Young child's journey from a world of darkness that led her into the arms of a God that is full of grace, forgiveness, love, and mercy...

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Romance/Drama!! Love Beyond Innocence by Kathryn S. Carrington
He Loved Her...But So Did She!...

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Romance!!! To Catch a Kitten by Kathryn S. Carrington
If you don't already know, this book will tell you about the secret world of sugar daddies! Kitten dips and dabs into everything-work, church, night clubs, school, and sleeping around with more than a few good men. She is trying to find out who she is and where her place is in the world. Her large appetite for life and its pleasures are real, and she is indeed true to herself until she falls in ...

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Inner Visions From The Heart by Kathryn S. Carrington
Have you ever thought of how you see people, places and things? Ones inner visions are often a silhouette of what's in ones heart sometimes forming an image of who we are....

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Suicide/The Explosion Within by Kathryn S. Carrington
This is a real and moving story of love and lost to a terrible fate, of suicide. One day she is suddenly in the middle of its horror; as if being caught up in a tornado's wind storm, that had come too soon....

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Short Stories

She (Revised)
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
A short story of a woman who is too in love with her cheating husband to leave. This is a revision with added Biblical Scriptures From the King James Version of the Bible. There is a shorter version...

Through the Eyes of a Daughter
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
This is a short story about a visit from my daughter....


For My Dearest Friend
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
Another one of my friends of many years is transitioning I've lost many friend within a span of years God is calling yet another home and my heart is heavy. I am dedicating this poem to Geneva Finch, ...

The Willow
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
This is a poem that was written for and is included in my new fiction coming this summer called (DESIRE)...

Yesterdays Gone
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
Ladies, how many times have you actually run into a man that reminds you of one of those great old movies?...

 by Kathryn S. Carrington
Do you have lots of sisters? I have four and we are very close. We meet at our children's homes mostly and around the holidays. Once we meant at my twin neices apartment. They relocated to Marylan...

Scorpio Boy
 by Kathryn S. Carrington

Would You Trust a Stranger
 by Kathryn S. Carrington

I Am But a Wounded Bird
 by Kathryn S. Carrington

Peace be with you my Friend
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
A poem about a friend who wasn't a friend at all....

They Know Not My Worries
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
This poem is located on page one of the Noble House, 2007 edition of Centres of Expression....

Eyes - The Color of Rum
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
A picture can sometimes speak a zillion words....

Danger to Myself
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
This is a poem taken from the last page of my new non-fiction, soon to be released called: LOVE BEYOND INNOCENCE...

The Man Inside My Son
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
A Poem from: Poetic Thoughts from the Heart of a woman that references my very own - loveable son....


Protecting Copyrights and Intellectual Property
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
Intellectual property is that segment of law that protects the rights of those individuals who create original and authentic works....

The benefits of Using Search Engines
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
The benefits of using search engines, google, yahoo and Bing are several. This article will mention a few. ...

Aiding The Underprivileged and The Needy
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
As I attempt to write about ethics in respects to the underprivileged and those of whom we consider the needy, I pose two different arguments in terms of what we should and should not be doing and wha...

How Safe Is Our Food
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
I recently reread a book by the controversial, Kevin Trudeau. The Book has been out for quite some time and is an interesting read. The book is called, ‘Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know Abo...

Words Are Real and They Do Come to Life.
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
Often times it is those words that are written and then read, from the Bible, that gives us hope and shelters us with the contentment of being comforted with the peace and love that resides within us....

Are We Over-Medicating Our Children
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
Over exposure to prescription drugs has an affect on academic and health outcomes for many children in the United States. As a former (CASA) Court Appointed Advocate for Abused and Neglected ...

Extensions: Are We Hiding More Than Just Our Hair?
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
Are We Hiding More Than Just Our Hair? There is more beauty within us than we often realize ...

 by Kathryn S. Carrington
With Cultural Relativism being nothing more than a moral or ethical system that has its own views of standards of what is categorized as good or evil, right or wrong, actions then become a culture's...

Interviews/Observations/Recommendation for Starrtouch Enterprises Inc.
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
In diagnosing the organizational system that is in need of change for Starrtouch Enterprises Incorporation, (www.starrtouch.biz) in respects to a perspective role, in looking at the company as the pos...

The Benefit Of Education And Job Training For At-Risk Youth
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
Responsible Adults face the challenge of opening doors of opportunity for at-risk youth....

The Role of Worker
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
In summarizing the theory of the Role of a Worker, upon addressing choosing an occupation, job overtime and sex differences in work patterns, I agree and disagree on certain aspects of these theories...

Could the Summer of 2010 be a Repeat of 1969 Summer of Hate?
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
The 1968 Summer of Hate, as one commentator mentioned encompasses one commonality of events after another perpetuated by America’s opposition to racial equality...

American Imperialism in the 19th Centur
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
American Imperialism seems as much a part of America today as it has been during the American Revolutionary period during 1775-1783, when Americans practiced the characteristic of controlling and infl...

Adult Development Theories
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
Erikson believed that in order to achieve a healthy personality, an individual must successfully resolve a crisis at the eight stages of development....

Decisions That Produce Conflicting Positive & Negative Outcomes ...
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
Who determines what's right and what's wrong. Ethical decisions are made each day and should be made according to circumstance and importance. Are guilty before innocence in all manner of expressi...

The Elements of A Company’s Disciplinary System
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
In discussing the elements of my company’s disciplinary system or process and in explaining the effectiveness in handling difficult or ineffective employees, I have to admit that on occasion, there ha...

Exposure to Comminty Violence Affects At-Risk Youth
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
Exposure to community violence has an affect on academic and health outcomes for At-Risk Youths. I will provide the reader with proof, using documented studies and personal references, of the academi...

Organizational Change
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
In analyzing the changes that have been implemented, new product developments, change processes, governmental actions and addressing problematic issues and concerns as it pertains to business and orga...

The Progression Of African Americans
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
Depending on ones perspective, perhaps the Reconstruction period was the best or the worst time in history, especially for the progression of those individuals who considered themselves, African Ameri...

Can you Here My Strength
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
Hearing impaired, adolescent, teacher, mentally challenged, minorities, resources, methods, health, interview...

The Symbolism Of Black History Month
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
Black History Month symbolizes the more than three hundred years of suffering, anguish, pain and struggle, our descendants of Africa endured, while adding to the prosperity of this country in all of i...

Returning to School
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
I have four years before I am eligible for retirement from a job that has been both rewarding and tiresome. Suddenly, my first foray, upon retiring, was to place myself in a position to work in a car...

Work and Life Experiences in Respects to Human Resources
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
The aspects of the EEO and Affirmative Action process, the Human Resources Planning process, Recruitment and Selection process, Human Resources Development process, the Compensation and Benefits...

What Happened to The Really Great Movie Ideas?
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
Today I wonder what happened to the great Movie ideas of yesterday. Some of these big screen movies are just not what one would expect them to be, lacking originality, spontaneity and raw talent.

10 Step Guide to Avoiding a Person With Bad Breath
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
I hated to write this article...but it is much needed! No matter how much money one has, the high status held in position, grace, charm and beauty, intelligence and expensive cars and clothes…if you...


Back In Business
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
I've been through a lot, found myself again through many changes within and now I'm back, bigger, stronger and more spiritual than I've ever been before. This summer I'm back to writing, doing book s...

Mommy Dearest Article in Germantown Gazette
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
See Article dated May 17, 2006 about the reasons why Kathryn Carrington decided to write her non-fiction entitled: Mama and Us...

Outskirtspress presents: Inner Visions From The Heart, a collection of Poe
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
There is a belief that moves about the Universe. "If you hold an image of the life that you want to experience, that image and that experience, will become your reality." There is an Inner Vi...

Press Release/ To Catch a Kitten
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
six sugar daddies, sex, church, school, night clubs, vacations, money, greed,love, lies, lust, deception and more!...

Press Release/ Suicide-The Explosion Within
 by Kathryn S. Carrington
This book reveals important life long lessons to be acknowledged and learned referencing Suicide. There is much power and strength in forgiveness and love above all else and that includes material ga...


Published Author, Freelance Writer, Public Speaker

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