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Propel Your Spiritual Journey With Wisdom From Beyond the Veil


Dr. Ronald Bissell has spent his life caring for patients in pain and suffering from physical ailments. His experiences led him to create inspirational books and articles to help people overcome the effects of disease and begin the healing process. Due to his own illness he was forced to take a long hiatus and retire from his surgical practice. Recently, with the advent of speech recognition software he has begun to once again write inspirational articles. After studying meditation and its affects on the body for the past 35 years he offers a unique perspective on the process of living life to the fullest in spite of a painful illness and its associated limitations. He understands in a personal way how disease can rob a person of their life's work, change one's life journey, and cause a shift in perspective. 

He continues to expand his awareness of living a spiritually based life and seeks to communicate how following the spiritual path can change your life and aid in the healing of soul and body. His awakening has changed the direction and scope of many lives.

Look for new articles of inspiration as Dr. Bissell finds his path toward wellness. "I'm excited to announce a new beginning and new direction in my work on changing lives. Twelve years ago I closed my surgical practice due to a neuromuscular disease with its accompanied chronic fatigue and severe depression. It not only caused me to close my surgical practice but it also caused an inability for me to write as I have done for years. I was determined to pursue my creative passion. 
It took me over 10 years to overcome many limitations and to find a new direction for my work. That direction became a life saving therapy and over time created a new venue for me to explore. Writing remains difficult, however, creating and presenting multimedia workshops has become my new journey and has given me a tremendous gift of joy. This new journey of creating, presenting, and speaking to groups is my new path. I enjoy awakening participants to the potential of their spiritual nature. 
I trust many of you will once again follow my work. Your encouragement and well wishes in the past gave me strength, courage, and determination to once again create from my heart,. I hope many of you will  join me in one of my workshops where I can personally meet, thank you, and encourage you to overcome obstacles along your path. Until then, I look forward to meeting you here at Authorsden.com. 

Birth Place: Concord, NH USA


Unity: Life's Essence by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
"Unity" is a book of interconnections. Interconnections of all forms of life and the need to understand these interconnections to live a fulfilled life....


Souls of Light by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
It is a personal journey taken by Dr. Bissell in his search for spirituality. Each chapter is full of examples and suggestions on how spiritual qualities influence your life's journey. ...


Reflections: Mirrors of Light by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
"Reflections: Mirrors of Light" takes you beyond the world of the physical and allows you to see the truth that lies beyond....


Eban's World: The Colors of Change by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
"Eban's World: The Colors of Change shows you how one person can change their world....


Short Stories

To My Grand-daugther with Love
 by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
I recently was given a miracle in the form of my first grandchild. On the day of her birth I wrote this letter to her for her to read when she is older. I hope you enjoy it and for some bring back mem...

Jouney into Your Heart
 by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
Many search their lives for a glimpse at the potential for a peaceful Journey. They attempt this by transfusing their world with accolades and accomplishments. They use these tools to bring quiet and ...

Reconnecting with Spirit
 by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
One of the important parts of my clinical practice is what I call my evening ritual. Each evening I call patients who underwent surgery that day to see how they are doing and to offer any help or answ...

Beyond the Veil
 by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
Beyond The Mask Of The Physical It has taken me many years to understand the true nature of life. I studied western medicine and worked my entire life to understand the physical laws of dise...


Tears Will Pass
 by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
Tears will pass was written for the passing of a dear friend. It became a cherished memory to the family....

My Prayer
 by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell

A Friend's Passing
 by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
Thoughts and feelings on the passing of a dear friend....

To Believe
 by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
I believe the way to live your life is to create a world of love around you, to allow the people you meet to feel that love and to allow that love to create vessels of contacts that wi...

Evening Prayer
 by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
I walked the other night beyond the hillside and saw a most beautiful sight. I saw the universe in all its majesty sparkling in my view. It spoke of love and peace and all ...


Daydreams and Surprises
 by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
Have you ever had daydreams where a moment in your childhood just pops into your mind. I sure do and when it happens my world becomes distorted and an adventure unfolds....

 by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
Some thoughts on winter and its effects on our lives...

A Lone Wanderer
 by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
Life is an interesting series of events. Some more interesting than others. Here the author reflects on his 12 year odyssey with health and well ness articles he has encountered over the past 12 years...

A New Year - A New Beginning
 by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
It's nice to be back after a hiatus. I am looking forward to this year and new writings. I hope you will join me as my journey continues....

 by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
When was the last time you took a walk by the ocean. In this article Dr. Bissell explores his innermost feelings during a sunrise by the edge of the sea....

What if?
 by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
What if?...

Why Me?
 by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
Why does change happen to me?...


Have You Heard Your Inner Voice Lately?
 by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
Dr. Ronald Bissell is an accomplished surgeon and award-winning author has created an audiotape that will connect you with your inner voice...

Identifying Spriitual Principles Can Change Your Life
 by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
Dr. Ronald Bissell is an accomplished surgeon and award-winning author leads you to a deep understanding of the qualities of a spiritual life...

What If You Could Change Your World?
 by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
Dr. Ronald Bissell an accomplished surgeon and award-winning author takes you on a journey that will change your world....

Seeing Beyond the Physical Mask Brings Great Rewards
 by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
Dr. Ronald Bissell is an accomplished surgeon and award-winning author takes you on a journey into the spiritual world....

The Essence of Life is Found Within the Unity of Creation
 by Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
Dr. Ronald Bissell is an accomplished surgeon and award-winning author takes you on a journey into the essence of creation....

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Dr. Ronald Bissell
12 Thunder Road 
Saco   ME   04072   USA
 Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
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