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Arrested by the FBI and the U.S.Marshal's and charged with Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution and kidnapping for taking his own children, the author of "Unlawful Flight" is now a father's rights activist and speaker. He dedicates his book to our school teachers. Glen says that "they do so much for so many and get so little thanks."

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  As of 5/8/2013 Glen is now represented by Sammy Montana and Anarchy Management.

 When his estranged wife began emotionally abusing their children and alienating them from him, Glen C. Schulz was faced with a dilemma and left with no choice but to abduct them and go on the run. He did something that he believes was "legally wrong and yet morally right!"  His story is one of triumph for any father who loves his children and is willing to do anything for them ...


As many as 350,000 Children are Abducted Each Year by a Parent or Family Member!

That's 1,000 kids every day & 46% are abducted by their father

In this case abduction was the only answer!

This is one father's touching story.

If you were in his place, what would you do?


"Once you pick up this book, you won't put it down"

-- Eric Ritter - Radio Host, CBC, Toronto

Sally Jessy Raphael called it a fantastic story. Kimberly Guilfoyle of FOX NEWS called it an amazing story.


[Houston, TX - July 20, 2007] According to the National Incidence Studies on Missing, Abducted, Runaway and Throwaway children (NISMART), as many as 350,000 children are abducted each year by a parent or family member. Of these, 54% are by the mother and 46% are by the father. Statistics also dictate that about 16% of these children (56,000) suffer from post traumatic stress and mental anguish.

UNLAWFUL FLIGHT is one man's story about the abduction of his children and the lessons he learned along the way. You will be touched by Glen, Brian and Melissa's struggles and the inseparable bond they developed as they dealt with life on the run and in hiding. Their plight opened up the hearts and pocketbooks of total strangers who came to their aid and assisted them on their amazing journey.

 It's an all too common story! After kicking Glen out of the home so she could pursue a new life, Sandy alienated him from his children. She told them lies, accused him of sexual abuse, and drove a wedge between him and his two children.

Glen Schulz truly loved his wife, but when she packed his bags and said "leave," he felt his life was over, and his world began to crumble. In a downward spiral of drinking and drugs, he attempted suicide. While recovering behind locked doors, he quickly realized that nothing mattered more than his children, and he knew that for their well-being he had to get them away from their mother.

After his estranged wife had no choice but to drop the abuse charges, Schulz and his children were finally given a long-awaited weekend visitation. Little did Sandy know, but that would be the last time she would see her children for nearly two years.

UNLAWFUL FLIGHT is a wake-up call for all parents about the priority children should be in our lives, and how total strangers will always be supportive when love and sacrifice outweighs all obstacles.

Birth Place: Erie, PA 

Accomplishments: My children tell me that I'm the best father that ever was, but watching my son with his children shows me that he is a much better father than I ! Publishing my book "Unlawful Flight" was a big achievement for me, even bigger than jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, which my daughter and I do whenever we can. My motto is never ever take no for an answer, especially when it comes to reaching for your dream! Reaching for your dream and not getting it is far better than having never tried.


Unlawful Flight, a parental kidnapping. by Glen C Schulz
After a long awaited weekend visitation, Glen got to see his two children for the first time in two months....

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Movie rights optioned by Trancas Films
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Our story on Dr.Phil !
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Our show with Dr.Phil has been changed from 9/30/08 to Friday, 10/3/2008....

My Dr. Phil Show airs 9/30/08
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My daughter Melissa and I went to Hollywood and taped a Dr.Phil Show last month. It will be on television on 9/30/2008....

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Author and his book Unlawful Flight are discussed.
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Link to the interview with the American Council of the Blind.
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Click on the link below to listen to Glen's interview on "Books and Beyond",on ACB Radio, the American Council of the Blind radio network. ...

Listen to the Grandparenting Today interview of 11/1/2007.
 by Glen C Schulz
This is the actual radio interview from 11/1/2007 on Grandparenting Today. The host of the show cried as she talked about this amazing story....


Unlawful Flight
This website contains details about the book, the author and his now grown children, as well as links to helpful sites that may aid families in crisis and help to prevent parental abduction.

Aim press
This contains a complete media press kit about the book and author.

Anarchy Management
My literary agent, Sammy Montana.

WindBlown Books
My publishing company.

Additional information

Our Dr.Phil Show aired on Friday, 10/3/2008.If you go to www.drphil.com and go to shows, show archive, October 2008 shows and click on 10/3/2008 you can still read the transcripts and see the on stage pictures. The FOX NEWS CHANNEL did a show about our story on 10/13/07 Glen and daughter Melissa were live across the country on the tv show "The Lineup." On 11/1/07 Glen was interviewed by Grandparenting Today and has recently been on the Mancow show in Chicago, the Sally Jessy Raphael radio show, the Michael Dresser radio show, poppoff radio with Mary Jane Popp, BBC1 radio 94.9 live across London and the bulldogradio show in Ocean City, Maryland. God has been very, very kind to Glen and his family and they know that they are blessed and will be forever grateful. I'm a leftie forced to live in a very stressful right handed world. It's a fact that on average we don't live as long as righties, but by the percentages we tend to burn bright! Being a leftie I can't even read the writing on a pen when one is in my hand, the writing is always upside down. The same with my damn coffee cup, the writing's on the side we can't see! I tell ya, I'm sick of it :) I love riding my motorcycles, skydiving, and puffing on my pipe while I drink coffee and ponder life and we have more cats than I can count. I like music from Enya to Lyle Lovett, but I love listening to Pink Floyd when time allows. "Comfortably Numb" is my favorite from them. Other favorite songs include "Killing me softly" by Roberta Flack, "Dust in the Wind", by Kansas, and "Who will save your soul", by Jewell. And I'm not ashamed to say that I am also an ABBA fan either. I'm old, so what ! 8 years after it was published "Unlawful Flight; a parental kidnapping" is still ranked in the top ten percent of all books on Amazon, over 12 million books.

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 Glen C Schulz
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