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I live in Pennsylvania, with the Angel of Death and Krispy Kremes (actually Dunkin Donuts - no Krispy Kremes in King of Prussia, PA!) as constant companions.


Someone or something was sitting on his shoulder in 2007 when Scott Knutson began to write various entries in a blog he had started writing a couple of years earlier. Out of the blue, he began to write scenarios from the viewpoint of the Grim Reaper. But the short vignettes that he began to write were not macabre or morbid. They tended to be funny and spiritually truthful accounts of a character named Death who began to teach an average middle-aged middle manager at a manufacturing plant about death and life.

While he was not sure where all of the spiritual truths came from (hence the shoulder-sitting statement) the entries were a hit on his blog. After writing several entries about Death over a six-month period, and at the suggestion of some of the readers of his blog, Scott began to write a book. Out of that effort came Thursdays With Death: How the Angel of Death Taught a Man About Spiritual Life, the Truth About Death, and the Importance of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

Many of the spiritual truths that Scott wrote about in his book he did have experience with. A spiritual crisis in late twenties led him down a path of learning that included the study of Eastern religions, Western religions as well as spirituality in general. Books by Richard Bach (Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, The Bridge Across Forever) and Dan Millman (Way of the Peaceful Warrior) also had a huge affect on him. His studies and experiences, along with his current enrollment as a seminarian in the Sophia Divinity School of the Church of Antioch, an independent, liberal catholic church, has given him a deep and full appreciation of spiritual Truths.

This love for all things spiritual, as well as his love for writing (Scott graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in journalism and spent several years writing for the Mesa, Az Tribune {now the East Valley Tribune} and the now defunct Phoenix Gazette, as well as working as an editor at a few specialty sports magazines in the 1980s before moving into the manufacturing arena), made it fairly easy for the book to be written. Scott lives and works in Vermont, where he and his wife and two dogs spend their spare time hiking, bike riding and motorcycling. He is currently finishing a book of poetry, starting the next book in the Thursdays With Death series, and posts on his blog several times a week.

Birth Place: Kalamazoo, MI 


Thursdays With Death by Scott Knutson
A series of conversations and experiences with the Grim Reaper that lead a man down a humorous, educational, challenging, and ultimately death-altering path toward enlightenment....

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All is Love
 by Scott Knutson
No matter what is identified, it is Love. ...

As The Dead Walk Away
 by Scott Knutson
The procession moves slowly, between headstones and statuary. Between the future and the past, while the presentís in bloom. Heads bowed and lips quiver as misplaced sadne...

I've Finally Merged With the Loving Divine
 by Scott Knutson
The merging of one's consciousness with the Divine....

To Offer Love Along the Way
 by Scott Knutson
The reason we are all here....

When Man Forgives, God Forgets
 by Scott Knutson

Love Ends The Thirst
 by Scott Knutson

I Sleep to Awaken
 by Scott Knutson


Examples of Our Divinity in Sacred Text
 by Scott Knutson
A look at sacred text that offer a glimpse of our divinity....

If the Ego Controls, Then One is Among the Walking Dead
 by Scott Knutson
A short discussion on awareness and reaching the Divine...

Death Comes Not to Scare, But to Accompany One to the Next Dream
 by Scott Knutson
A different take on death....

The Last Three - And Most Unusual - Spiritual/Consciousness Levels
 by Scott Knutson
The last three levels of spiritual maturation as described in Jim Marion's book, Putting On The Mind Of Christ...

The Next Three Levels of Spiritual Maturity
 by Scott Knutson
A continuing explanation of the nine levels of spiritual maturation....

Spiritual Evolution May Be Key to Beliefs
 by Scott Knutson
Like the evolution of man physcially, one's spiritual evolution may explain the level of one's beliefs....

Organized Religion Complicates God
 by Scott Knutson
Religion can complicate God with its laws, creeds, rules, etc. All that one really needs to do is love. ...


Thursdays With Death
More information and fun stuff from Death

Thursdays With Death
A new religious blog that I have started.

Mysticism and Spirituality
Articles I've written on spirituality and mysticism.
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 Scott Knutson
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