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I have written some articles on subjects of interest, particularly those relating to astronomy.


    I am a graduate of Case-Western University, in Cleveland, Ohio, with a Bachelors degree in Chemistry. After graduation, I served in the army for two years; at the Chemical Warfare Laboratories in Maryland.  After Army service, I was employed for one year at the USDA labs in Philadelphia. Subsequently,, I had my most significant employment at the Agriculture Research Center, in Wooster, Ohio.  Iwas a technical assistant in the Entomology Dept.  I wasemployed there until retirement.
   During my working years I had access to libraries where I spent much spare time, reading about subjects of interest.  I enjoyed reading, with this activity being more of a hobby.  My interest in writing also had a beginning at this time.   I feel that these experiences have contributed greatly to my ability to write about different scientific subjects; and to write some poetry that expresses my appreciation for the beauty to be found in the world of nature.     
     Having acquired a computer has enabled me to publish these poems and articles on the internet at this time, a writing effort thai I have been involved with over the years.  I have read some of the many books written by Isaac Asimov.  I admire his skill in communicating his knowledge about the world of science, particularly Astronomy.

     I have always been singleand I feel that not being involved in raising a family has given me the opportunity to become a published author.        
     I hope that readers will find these subjectss of interest.





Birth Place: Barberton, OH US

Accomplishments: I was fortunate to find a publisher, Publish America, for the book "Evolution in the Universe: The Solar System and Beyond"


Evolution in the Universe The Solar System and beyond by David F. Hamilton
A book that offers a new theory of Solar System formation. Other articles describe further evolution in the universe....

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comAmericaStarBooks 

Poems of Nature by David F. Hamilton
A book of poems about hature...

Publish America 


 by David F. Hamilton
rememberances of the past...

 by David F. Hamilton
A poem describing some aspects of the natural world...

 by David F. Hamilton
A different view of the effect of one particular, memorable experience of watching the setting sun....

 by David F. Hamilton
A description of the many special features that can be seen at night. ...

 by David F. Hamilton
A poem celebrating the majesty of the rising Sun, as it greets a new day....

 by David F. Hamilton
A poem that illustrates the author's feelings about the world of nature...


The Speed of Light
 by David F. Hamilton
An attempt to understand some of the basic properties of light....

Insidean atom: a journey into the Quantum World
 by David F. Hamilton
The author attempts to explore the mysterious quantum world....

 by David F. Hamilton
A discussion about the presence of vast amounts of water on Earth....

A New Plant Growth Stimulant
 by David F. Hamilton
A common organic substance is proposed to have a stimulating effect on a wide variety of vegetable plants...

Casting Light on Dark Matter
 by David F. Hamilton
An attempt to understand the true nature of dark matter and dark energy...

Finding The Fourth Dimension
 by David F. Hamilton
An attempt to describe some properties of the fourth dimension...


David Hamilton's Bookstore
This site contains information about my latest writing effort,a collection of articles on the subject of Astronomy..

Evolution in the Universe
a book that proposes a new theory about the formation of the solar system.

Evolution in the Universe
A book containing the articles I have written .

Poems of Nature
A collection of poems describing an appreciation for the beauty to be found in nature.

Additional information

I have had declining vision for some time now, due to macular degeneration. Hopefully injection treatments will help in maintaining vision.

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Mt. Gilead   OH   43338   USA
 David F. Hamilton
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