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"Jim is a unique and gifted individual who refuses to be anything but modest, despite the many opportunities he has to claim otherwise." Paula Larsen, M.D.


His closest friends have called Jim Stewart a modern "Renaissance Man."

Jim was born in San Antonio, Texas,  to James "Papa" and Eileen "Mamu" Stewart. He is the younger of two siblings. Jim grew up on the shady side of middle class on the southside of San Antonio. Jim was Baptized into the Methodist Church when he was a young boy. Jim preached his first sermon at the age of 13 as part of the youth ministry. He still preaches today through his weekly radio show, "Brother Roy's Goodtime Gospel Hour."

Jim would like to say that he is neither an alcoholic nor a drug abuser. Sometimes he wishes that he was, so he could explain some of the strange  things that have happened to him all of his life. Jim truly beleives that he has been blessed and is very thankful for all of his blessings.

Jim  has a passion for music, poetry, helping people and sharing his spiritual beleifs.

Jim has been actively playing and writing music for nearly 40 years. This experience has taken him all around. He is considered an "Old Folkie" but his music does not stop there. He has had the pleasure of meeting or working with many of the people that he admires in the music business. Many of these people have become his friend. Jim's first gig was when he was five years old. He sang, "I'm an Old Cowhand." He was paid $ 5.00 for his effort and the bug struck him that night. A bug that has stayed with him his entire life.

Jim has also been writing poetry for almost 50 years. He was writing poetry before he learned how to read and write. He would come up with a poem and recite it to his mother who then in turn would write the poem down. Jim has received some awards for his poetry. Jim's poetry like his music tell of his life's experiences.  Some of his poetry has been translated into six different languages.   

In 2006 Jim received a Humanitarian award for his work with charity organizations. He has even founded two charities, "Bubba's Pals" and "Wonderdog Foundation." Of all the awards that Jim has received, this is the award that means the most to him. According to Jim, "This means that I actually helped my fellow man and made a differance."

Jim is also a lecturer on "Grief", "Death and Dying", "Angels and Miracles." He also counsels families on these subjects.

Jim is a spiritualist. Since the early age of 3 years old he has had a special gift. The gift is the ability to communicate with spiritual world. This is a gift that he kept hid for about 50 years. Although he was never ashamed of his gift he was very apprehensive  about telling anyone. It was kept hid until one night he had visitors from the spiritual world that told him that he could go and share his ability with the world and the people would listen. People which would have shunned him in the past were starting to listen to him. Jim decided that he should write down the experiences that he has been through. It was out of this that he penned, " The Voices Within Us." While writing the book, people who Jim did not even know would come up to him and ask if they could share a story with him. These people did not even know that he was writing a book. After they told him their story he would then reveal that he was writing a book and would ask them if he could include their story in it. Although Jim is not a go to Sunday Meeting type of guy he is connected to the spiritual world. Jim often relays messages to people from the spiritual world to other people.

Jim is also retired. He worked in the field of autopsy pathology for almost 40 years.

Other than everything else, Jim wears a Hawaiian Shirt every day (35 years). He also does not try to take himself to serious. One of his favborite sayings is, "When you are to good for hell and not good enough for heaven, you live a long time." Another of his sayings is, "I was doing okay, but I got over that. I'm back in a good rut. now".



Birth Place: San Antonio, TX USA

Accomplishments: Humanitarian Award, Several Awards for Lecturing (USAF Chaplains), Poetry Awards (Poet of the Year), Music Award (Gold Album).

Jim has been on television and on the radio many many times.

He also has produced "Brother Roy's Goodtime Gospel Hour", "Boot and Saddles" and "Acoustic Cafe" syndicated radio shows. He has tried his hand in acting.


The Voices Within Us by Jim Stewart
Stories of Miracles and Angels, 100 True Stories. A book of Hope and Inspiration....

Amazon.comGoalMinds,Inc  Voices A Book Of Hope

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The Voices Within Us
Biography, book info, book snipets, Poetry, music

The Voices Within Us
The Official Web Site for Jim Stewart

Additional information

Jim is now collecting stories for a future book. He is also in the process of assembling a book of his poetry.

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 Jim Stewart
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