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Formerly trained in physics and hypnosis, George Hutton has traveled, lived, and worked in several countries as an engineer, salesman, and teacher. Currently based in Japan, when he's not writing novels he enjoys studying the Japanese Language and mind development technology.



I've always been fascinated by a good novel. That feeling you get when you read this book, and as you sit there and read these words you can't help but to be transported to another world, where you can vicariously achieve all your dreams here. I don't know if you, like me, are an avid reader of novels, or if you read things like this whenever you get a chance, but I'm sure you'll agree that the magic that invariably comes when you find a fantastic story that you can really sink your mind into is an experience like no other.


It's like when you find something completely compelling, and the more you find out about this, the more you want to continue to learn. And of course learning new things can easily lead to understanding perceptions. And as most people are starting to realize, the more books that you read, the more you can really appreciate this.


Those who have read my first novel, Zapotec, have said that it allows you to experience a perspective that some may not have thought of before.  So unique that it almost threatens to pull your attention away from the incredibly irresistible and compelling story. One that many say is at once shockingly controversial, and psychologically gripping. But I'll leave you to decide whether or not you'll enjoy it for the amazing perspective, or the simple thrill ride that makes reading these kinds of novels such a wonderful and exciting experience.


Birth Place: Long Beach, CA USA

Accomplishments: B.S. Physics, San Diego State
Master Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy, Bennet-Steller University
CELTA Certificate, Thailand
CTM Toastmasters


Zapotec by George W Hutton
A holy ritual. An ancient blade. A deeply and irreversibly disturbed killer. These collide in unspeakable horror in George Hutton's Zapotec. ...

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Short Stories

The Memory Bank Of Amazing Recall
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The Chipmunk and the Dream Goddess
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How the Tiger Learned to Roar
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The Magic of the Turtle Brain Freeze
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How two simple turtles changed the course of history. And then played video games....

The Sheepherders Discovery
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A herder of sheep happened across an interesting insight where he was least expecting it, which is where most insights await....

The Monkeys Discovery
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A group of monkeys that worked for a circus made a startling discovery one day. ...

The Fortune Teller From Hell
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A strange woman told my fortune, and I have never been the same since. ...

The Parable of the Tree and The Rock
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Malcolms Path to the Dark Side
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Something in Malcolm Scoffield is stirring...Something evil......


How To Rearrange Your Brain For Maximum Success
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Leverage The Power Of Negative Feedback To Propel You Forward
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Ditch Your Limitations And Get In The Money Game
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How To Get Your Inner Voices On Your Side
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We've All Got Those Voices. Here's How To Get Them To Support You....

The Paradox Of Inspiration
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How To Find The Best Teacher To Lead You To Easy Riches....

How To Obliterate Inner Conflict For Natural Manifesting
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Inner Conflict Is Your Worst Enemy. Here's How To Get Rid Of It....

Why Being Lazy is a Positive Trait
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Most Of The Greatest Accomplishments In The History Of Humanity Were Driven By Laziness....

How To Magnetize Your Brain For Natural Attraction
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Congruence Is The Most Essential Skill Of All. Here's How To Get Some....

The Secret And Unexpected Manifesting Discovery For Mad Success
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Understanding Psychological Laws Will Make Manifesting Happen Much More Quickly. Find Out How....

Your Two Inherent Skills To Manifest Anything You Want
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The Border Between Conscious and Unconscious is Where Everything Happens....

How To Meet Your Desire Halfway
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Ditch Your Ego and Riches Will Surely Follow....

How To Act On Your Hunches For Easy And Natural Success
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Most people are afraid to act on hunches. This keeps them from getting some pretty amazing things....

The Magic Middle For Gliding Through Life
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How To Live Life Like Goldilocks. Just Right....

The Paradox Of Now
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Is "Now" all there is? Or this just another trick of the mind?...

Avoid These Manifesting Mistakes When Using The Law of Attraction
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Most of us would love to use the Law of Attraction to manifest our dreams, but most of us have no clue how....

Where Fear Comes From And How To Obliterate It
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If you would like to take action, but are fearful, you're not alone. Here's how to handle that....

The Story Of Money - And How To Get Some
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We all like money, right? Here's how it appears, and here's how you can get some....

How To Obliterate An Unhealthy Craving
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Most of us do things we'd rather not do. Here's how to stop that once and for all....

How To Skyrocket Your Creativity and Intelligence
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If you want to get smarter, here's a great way to do it....

Amazing Metaphors Of Everyday Life
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Most of us think metaphors are those things we learned in grade school, or tools that help to create more compelling narratives. They are much more than that....

What Are The Most Crucial Interpersonal Skills?
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Your ability to effectively communicate your message to others makes everything much easier....

The Myth Of The Better Mousetrap
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If you've got a great idea, even a great finished product, you're just getting started!...

How To Blast Your Ideas Into The Depths Of Society
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If you want to achieve the success you deserve, you're going to need to take a certain kind of action....

The Secret Of Magnetic Communication
 by George W Hutton
Most people communicate in the wrong way. That means when you communicate in the right way, you'll have a huge advantage....

The Magical Model Of Exchange For Endless Abundance
 by George W Hutton
When you focus on the needs of others first, you will get everything you want....

News Discounts George Hutton's Zapotec a Second Time
 by George W Hutton
Swelling Demand Drives Amazon to Discount George Hutton's Bestselling Zapotec a Second Time...

Amazon Discounts Zapotec
 by George W Hutton
Surging demand drives Amazon to discount George Hutton's bestselling Zapotec....


George Hutton's Zapotec
Find out what transformed such a shy, conservative churchgoer into a powerfully irresistible seducer of women, with deadly consequences. Readers everywhere are starting to realize that George Hutton's widely read Zapotec may be one of the most engaging and disturbing psychological thrillers to come out in years. Find out why many agree that Zapotec is both irresistible and controversial at the same time when you visit

Reality Reconstruction
Blog with daily articles about a variety of subjects from a variety of viewpoints.

George Hutton's Ezine Articles
Hundreds of articles on topics ranging from writing, to self improvement, to seduction, to hypnosis, and religion. Something for everybody here.
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