Delma Luben

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"Bright is buried in beginnings, in sleeping power of micro things, in seeds and cells, imaginings--from hidden light to silver wings!"


Internationally published author/poet, Delma Luben, life long student of religious history and spirituality, twenty-year career with The U.S. Department of Defense, in Administrative Management, Public Relations, and Protocol, retiring as Chief of Protocol.... Freelance writer, managing editor of a daily newspaper, contributing editor Writer's World magazine, producer/host "The Writing World" TV show, and "Poetry for the Public" on radio... Writing about relationships: between the races, the sexes, and the species--and between this world and the next (revealing beauty in diversity) she hopes to help promote love and unity, reduce belief bigotry--and ultimately, the inherent human fear of death.

Birth Place: Soda Springs, ID U.S.

Accomplishments: First civilian, and first woman to hold the title, Chief of Protocol, U. S. Dept. of Defense.
Twice nominated for The Federal Woman's Award.
Listed in national and international Who's Who directories... International Biography Center nominee for "Woman of the Year."
Recognized by The International Platform Association (distinguished organization of arts and government for promotion of vital ideas and issues through the lecture platform)
Honorary member The International Society of Poets for Peace.
Author of more than a dozen books, hundreds of magazine articles, essays and newsaper features, two columns, five poetry collections, more than 2000 individual poems (published in Great Britian, Canada, Scotland and the U.S.) plus two audio albums, and a song.
Nominee, Governor's Arts Award for "outstanding contribution to literature."
Honored by The National Campaign for Tolerance, "... in recognition of her exemplary literary contribution against injustice, discrimination, and religious intolerance."


The Freedom Nation by Delma Luben
Critical social commentary in poetry. from three perspectives: Society, Spirituality, Humanity. ...

Available from Author  Authors Den

The Other Sheep by Delma Luben
This historical adventure saga based on scripture,presents the premise that our Father in heaven "...sends holy guidance and higher wisdom to his earthly progeny periodically, and continually" ... offering insight on religious diversity, and inspiration for those who bestir themselves to develop spiritually....  Barnes &   

Glorious Autumn, Love In Maturity by Delma Luben
Special lyrical poetry about lasting love.... Target audience: Seniors. Various recountings of true love and personal philosophies about life, death, and eternity. Divided into four sections, according to subject matter: (1) In Full Bloom;(2)The Tolls of Time; (3)The Separation; (4) Forever After....  Barnes &   

The Writing World, Living The Literary Life by Delma Luben
Practical every day information, on writing, and living the literary life, marketing tips, and uplifting ideas for keeping up your confidence, until you succeed--plus inspirational and instructional poetry... based on the author's column as contributing editor Writer's World Magazine, writing classes, seminar presentations...and forty years experience....  Barnes &   

The Universal Experience by Delma Luben
Poetry for the soul--for people of all religions, or no religion. Uplifting thoughts in "the language of life" which speak to us all--for we all, without exception must make the transition......  Authors Den  & from The Author

The Protocol Officer Handbook (unavailable) by Delma Luben
Rules and regulations for military protocol itineraries, entertainment, and ceremonies. ...

currently unavailable 

Poems For Poets and Writers (out of print) by Delma Luben
Inspirational, instructional poetry for aspiring authors....

(out of print) 

Living, Loving, Life (out of print) by Delma Luben
Poetry for the public...



In Pursuit of Poetry
 by Delma Luben
deep concentration is required to produce poetry of power...

Free To Fly
 by Delma Luben

Quality Time
 by Delma Luben

By Love
 by Delma Luben

Aging Gracefully
 by Delma Luben

Season of Grandeur
 by Delma Luben

The Golden Hour
 by Delma Luben

The Pioneers
 by Delma Luben

No Partialty
 by Delma Luben

The Final Destiny
 by Delma Luben

The River Of Time
 by Delma Luben
A philosophy for living...

All Night Journey
 by Delma Luben
A writer's problem...

Birth of Confidence
 by Delma Luben
What a writer needs most....

Carrying Yesterday
 by Delma Luben
Self Lecture...

Not Disconnected
 by Delma Luben
Where we go from here......

Today's Wind
 by Delma Luben

 by Delma Luben
Toward living the Golden Rule...

The Journey of Life
 by Delma Luben
A Philosophy for living...

Symbol of Freedom
 by Delma Luben
America's Symbol of the Eternal Dream...

The Infamous Adversaries
 by Delma Luben
Another fight for "right" chronicle...

The Castle
 by Delma Luben
Perception of wisdom...

 by Delma Luben
The Doors of Life...

The Reason
 by Delma Luben
Living together in harmony...

The Rule of Gold
 by Delma Luben
Love in purity......

The Savior Said
 by Delma Luben
A thought to remember...


The Four Letter Word For Failure
 by Delma Luben
Becoming a professional writer....

You Are A Leader
 by Delma Luben
A thought for everyday life...

Late Great Literary Careers
 by Delma Luben
Self help ideas for writers...

Imaginative Marketing
 by Delma Luben
The Power of Imagination...

Poetry For The Public
 by Delma Luben
One poet's opinion...

Excellence Versus Perfection
 by Delma Luben
Considering the difference ......

The Right To Read
 by Delma Luben
Discussion of an "assumed" freedom....

New Year Thoughts
 by Delma Luben
Recipe for writers, toward reaching maximum potential...

The Part That Luck Plays
 by Delma Luben
Promoting a literary career...

You Are What You Think
 by Delma Luben
Thoughts toward success......

What Does It Take?
 by Delma Luben
Tips for succeeding as a writer...

Writer's Treasure House
 by Delma Luben
Notes on the value of a thesaurus....

The First Commandment of Success
 by Delma Luben
How a novice becomes a professional...

Writers Helping Each Other
 by Delma Luben
(Supporting a writer's career)...


ABI Recognition
 by Delma Luben
Nomination by American Biography Institute...

Double Winner
 by Delma Luben
Contest Winner...

Reviewing Service Listing
 by Delma Luben
On-line reviewing service lists books by local author....

Selected for 2009 Edition
 by Delma Luben
Recognition by Marquis Who's Who...

Recommended for Professional Membership
 by Delma Luben
Recognition as inspirational speaker...

Praise for Book
 by Delma Luben
Editor's comment on book for writers...

Selected Poet of The Month
 by Delma Luben
Delma Luben is Poet of The Month - June 2008...

Poems carved on headstones
 by Delma Luben
Comforting thoughts for people of all religions...

National Recognition
 by Delma Luben
Poem to be featured on website, "Angels On Earth" magazine...

Recognition for Local Poet
 by Delma Luben
Poem "Heavenly Power" to be featured...

Poetry Presentation
 by Delma Luben
Announcement, Music and Arts Series...

Annual Book Contest
 by Delma Luben
Judges commentary...

Reviewing Service Listing
 by Delma Luben
On-line reviewing service lists books by local author....

Book of the Month Selection
 by Delma Luben
Novelization of scripture selected...

Forum Speaker
 by Delma Luben
Author speaks at women's conference....

Author's book highly recommended
 by Delma Luben
Five Star Review...

Local Author Featured Speaker
 by Delma Luben
Constitutional forum on politics and Religion...

Talking Books
 by Delma Luben
Books recorded for "Talking Books"...

Radio Interview
 by Delma Luben
Interview re THE UNIVERSAL EXPERIENCE, billed as Uplifting thoughts in "the language of life," which speak to us all......

Who's Who Listing
 by Delma Luben
Recognition for Accomplishments...

Selected for Unique Edition
 by Delma Luben
Biography selected for forthcoming edition of Who's Who in America...


The Indispensable Tool
The golden key to improving your writing.

Accept The Load
The author must accept full responsibility

Relax-- Write It Your way
"Success comes when you learn to perceive life with originality, and are daring enough to put it down as you see it."

Writers Helping Each Other
"Those who pursue a writing career desperately need the support of their peers. Not only in perfecting their art but also in their struggle against the inevitable--the misunderstanding (and often resentment) of the traditional working world,"

Additional information

Selected for inclusion in the special 75th "Diamond Edition" of Who's Who In America. Latest book, THE OTHER SHEEP, named "Featured Book of The Month," in the categoy of Religion and Spirituality, All Books Rev. U.S. & Canada.

Contact Information

13409 E. Cienega Creek Drive 
Vail   AZ   85641   U.S.

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 Delma Luben
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