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Do you believe in ghosts? Is reincarnation real? What is it like to receive visions from God? How would you handle it, if you received dire premonitions about family members and friends? Are UFO's visiting earth? Have you ever had a premonition while awake or in a dream? Do some people actually have ESP? Do we all have angels and/or spirit guides? What is it like living in a haunted house?

All these questions and more are topics of discussion in my Glimpses of the Paranormal newsletter. To get a free subscription, just e-mail me at I am interested in any stories you might have to share as well.
Newsletter Dated: 3/1/2006 12:40:11 PM

Subject: Glimpses of the Paranormal

VOL. 2

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all well and feeling positive about your life. Your attitude can make all the difference when it comes to your success in all your endeavours. Being positive brings positive things and events, while a negative attitude brings just the opposite.

My adopted son, Johnson, who lives in Cameroon, Africa has just written another book, which I am editing for him. As I edit each page, I am also learning from this young man about how a positive attitude truly does affect the outcome of your desires. Even though he is young in years, he is old in wisdom. At one point in the book he said that he gets up each morning, goes to the mirror and says what a wonderful, intelligent and accomplished individual he is. Of course, that is not just flattery. It is his way of staying upbeat about himself.

Often, we can be our own worst critic, so the next time you get in front of your mirror, tell yourself how wonderful you truly are!

This month's story comes from Aly Vanderboegh of Omaha, Nebraska. This woman has the gift of being able to see and talk with those who have passed over. Her story is very touching and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks also to Shana, otherwise known as Moon Seeker for passing this story on to me.

Aly Comforts Her Spirit Visitors

I believe that houses can live and breathe within themselves. I respect my own house because it has a ghost. In fact, it has two. I've seen one of them and spoken with the other on various occasions. My old house, the one I lived in since I was six until a few years ago, probably had a ghost or two as well, but I never saw them.
My first encounter with the ghost of Timmy Sherwin was in my basement at a time when both my parents had gone to bed and I was alone watching television. Suddenly, the TV turned off. I hadn't even touched the remote control. Suddenly, Timmy sat in front of me on the ottoman that matches the sofa seat. He didn't speak. I knew it was a ghost because just like in those books where people encounter ghosts, the room suddenly chilled completely.
"Hello," I said.
He kept completely still, not speaking. I could tell he was frightened for some reason. Then tears began to stream out of his eyes and I heard him sobbing.
"Why are you crying?" I asked.
He still didn't speak. At this point, you may be wondering how I knew who he was. I had found an old children's book by an author I had never heard of before and it had his name written in it. I offered it when he pointed to it, and he took it and hugged it to his chest.
"I found it in my room," I said offering information since I was scared out of my mind.
"Are you Timmy Sherwin?" I asked after a moment.
He nodded, still weeping.
"Do you want me to read it to you?" I asked.
He shook his head, clutching the book even tighter to himself. I just nodded. He turned to go.
"Thank you for the visit," I said.
He looked at me, suddenly gave me a wide grin and then he vanished.
I couldn't stop shaking for days.
The next ghost I met was a little girl with blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. Unlike everyone's superstitions and stories, ghosts aren't black and white. They apparently stay as they were when they were alive. They are just a little faded. The little girl appeared in my room. I sat there looking at her a bit apprehensively.
"Hello," I said to her.
She smiled at me.
"This is my room," she said, "but it's different! You live here now.”
It wasn't a question. It was a statement. We had been living there for a year.
"Yes," I said. "What's your name?"
"Mary," she said. "Mary Anna Joseph. I'm six. I was sick."
That explained a lot.
"Do you need something?" I asked.
"I need a friend," Mary said. "No one likes me."
"I'll be your friend, if you want me to be," I told her.
"I'd like that," she said.
She seemed very wise beyond her years but then again, her dress was from the 60’s. She had to be one of the first children to live at my house because that was when it was built.
"Tell me about yourself," I said.
She smiled. She had such a pretty smile.
"I was born in this room," she told me. "My mama was really pretty. But she died when I was born and I never knew her. I only know she was pretty because my daddy kept pictures of her everywhere and because he was always describing how pretty she was."
Mary blinked once and took a picture out of her dress pocket.
"This was her. She wanted me really badly. I was her first child. My daddy was really never home much, but he loved me and I loved him. I was all he had and he was all I had. So when I got sick, he never left my side."
"Did you know you were dead?" I asked softly.
"Not right away," Mary said, her eyes turning sad. "I just remember a light and then I was standing outside of my own body. I looked around and I saw my daddy kneeling by my body and crying. I suddenly knew that I was dead and I was a ghost. I cried for a really long time and I tried to talk to my daddy, but he left about six months after I died. I think he just couldn't take the pain of losing me so quickly after my mother died." Mary swallowed.
"I wish I could have followed him."
This was making tears well up in my eyes.
"Mary, I'm really sorry your father left," I said. "Maybe if he had stayed, you could finally rest."
She nodded.
"Maybe," she said softly. "I have to go."
She turned to leave my room but before she actually left, she turned back and said, "Thank you for being my friend, Aly."
"I'll be your best friend," I promised.
Mary and I have talked so many times since that night about her family, my family, her dreams, my dreams, and I kept my promise.
We're still friends.

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Today, Drazen is following in his footsteps with plans to one day build a CTP Energy System that will allow direct communication with the spirit world, which he calls C-domain. During REM sleep, he has visited C-domain hundreds of times and acquired information from spirit world that he could never have otherwise known. And all if this information explains how both our physical world and spirit world operate and interact.

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This is truly ground-breaking research into a brand new area of science and one that everyone will learn about eventually. Why not be one of the first?

I will be presenting four tele-classes on CTP Energy Science beginning April 3. They include:

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***The Science of Higher Self & Aspects: You may not realize it, but you are not alone on your path throughout life. You have 5 to 15 Aspects in C-Domain,who are vital to your mission here. Learn all about them and how they affect your life.

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If you haven't picked up your copy of "Glimpses 2" It Could Happen To You! yet, you're really missing out on a whole pile of amazing stories - in fact, 90 of them!

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Children are God's newest creations and they come to us wide-eyed and full of wonder. They also retain memories of home in spirit world, including the angels. As such, children will often still communicate with these heavenly beings. Let your child know that this is okay and that they are not alone in their experiences.

I wrote Talking To My Angel specifically for children who have angel visitors and/or invisible friends. This book tells the story of one little girl and her very own guardian angel, and the experiences they have together.

To learn more about this book, please visit:

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My first book, "Glimpses" True Stories of the Paranormal is still available at

Would you like to talk with your angels? Well, you can!

Learn more:


For those of you who do not know yet, I have left Mystics and Merrymakers on Ryze Business Networking. However, I have a new forum called The Paranormal on the Powerful Intentions site. This is a terrific site that will encourage you to keep that positive attitude I talked about earlier. Just go to: and sign up FREE!

SORRY, there are no extra links this week, as I have just spent the past three days converting all of my information to a new computer, which will make my life soooooooooo much easier! Have a terrific month and I'll be back in April.

Remember, life is a gift, so enjoy the present!

All the Best,

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