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Recent Reviews for Fr. Kurt Messick

A Chorus of Voices (Book) - 10/19/2003 6:35:47 AM
Sounds wonderful! I am a huge poetry lover and I am on my way to to buy the book! I wish you much success with "A Chorus of Voices." God Bless, Victoria

A Chorus of Voices (Book) - 3/17/2003 3:59:19 PM
enjoyed the excerpt!.... neat cover

A Monkish Masquerade (Short Story) - 12/7/2006 6:44:09 AM
What a wonderful story! Elizabeth

A Monkish Masquerade (Short Story) - 9/17/2004 5:04:56 PM
Oh Wonderful!!!!!!!!!! I do think that the wisest, most compassionate teachers are the ones who have come the farest. I don't think training is all thats needed to bring you to a certain station in life, I think experience outweighs it by tons. Because experinece builds heart, and heart is the center for everthing. I believe you cannot touch another without it, nor can you be touched......its feelings. This story gave me such a smile, I had no idea where you were going with it, until I neared the end, which made me feel boyant! I am glad you stopped by my site tonight, because it made me curious.......and I had to hunt around yours.......and lo and behold.......found this treasure!!! Thanks Kurt!!! Is that what they call you? Or Father??? Pax..........Anita

A Monkish Masquerade (Short Story) - 6/27/2004 10:08:44 AM
Enjoyed the story! Thanks for posting it. Happy Writing! Victoria

A Monkish Masquerade (Short Story) - 6/13/2004 7:16:13 AM
"a life with riches beyond compare" I hear His gentle wisdom in this, and feel His hand as He pointed me to this - the gentle humor and pathos of this reminds me of my own beloved Saint, Francis. Thank you for sharing this with me, I very much needed to find this one today. With humble gratitude Carol

A Monkish Masquerade (Short Story) - 2/29/2004 10:14:40 AM
What a meaningful, well written story! One which filled me with deep feelings of humble thanksgiving and appreciation of the spirit's ability to endure and/or rise above life's circumstances and often, our own bad choices!

A Monkish Masquerade (Short Story) - 2/6/2004 6:52:34 PM
Remember the names of those around you, carry them in your hearts and prayers. Pray for those who make life hard for you! They need it the most. ..indeed pray for them and THANK them..for they mirror that which is an issue in some aspect of the soul...that which lies dormant ..awaitng an awakening thus a chance to be healed..this could be a coplex review ..this will suffice *smile* Vesna

A Monkish Masquerade (Short Story) - 11/22/2003 3:23:56 PM
what a beautiful and prescient piece...a blessing to all who read it. i wrote a piece called 'akedah-the binding', that speaks to the relationship of abraham and the beginning was the word...wonderful work, thank you for sharing!

A Monkish Masquerade (Short Story) - 7/28/2003 1:11:19 PM
A very deep write with wisdom building throughout it! I could feel the cell. Great description!

A Monkish Masquerade (Short Story) - 5/10/2003 8:47:17 PM
I loved this. I thought it was beautiful. The last sentence really touched me! keep it up :-D ***Beautiful***

A Monkish Masquerade (Short Story) - 5/10/2003 10:24:27 AM
enjoyed the read

A basic theological framework (Article) - 12/15/2007 8:45:11 AM
This was beautifully written, Father. Larry H

Death and Dying in Gilgamesh (Article) - 6/7/2007 12:39:28 AM
More a philosophical self questioning than an article essay the words of the author remind us of one raw truth that we are living on this world as death-row inmates since we were born. Inside the cell of our lives, hope make us to create many gods and fairy good mothers, even to the extreme of believing that if we go looking...there will be a fountain of youth. We forgot that the death sentence was given. As we all will be going through we will see who was right, a communist or Mother Teresa. A most compelling article. Georg

Death and Dying in Gilgamesh (Article) - 6/6/2007 8:28:29 PM
I read with interest your historic review of death and dying. I am prompted to comment on what the future holds for mankind in this never ending quest for immortality. I do believe the physical man/woman is destined for physical death.The physical body eventualy wears out, breaks down or becomes diseased and physical life is over.That is an undisputed fact. However spiritual man/woman has yet to be determined or understood.Thus hope continues through faith through many avenues that there is some form of existance after physical death.If there is a God or Gods that hope is Gods eternal carrot that keeps humanity moving forward with some semblance of a higher moral ground. The glue that holds humanity together.As we move from an era of ignorance, superstition and misconception into an era of knowledge, discovery and technological advancement mankind will evolve to a more understandable form of immortality through advancements in medical science. Being able to maintain the physical body for a longer period of time than what we can even imagine today.Once that happens resources that are presently focused on the preservation of human life will come to focus on the exploration of the Human spirit and through that focused effort man will develope into the being he/she was meant to be in the imagine of his/her creator God. By that time mankind will be spreading this message of wisdom and hope through faith and understanding through out the vast universe that twinkles each night overhead and tortures man the explorer with his present inability to reach it.Mankind the creation was programmed to never be satisfied,never to be truly content but to continuly evolve to become a higher being.That is the spirit that is the great mystery of mankind and that is what makes mankind truly different than any other creature on this planet.My common sense not my faith convinces me that difference did not happen by chance and that in turn reinforces my faith. Thank you for your thought provolking article. Luke

Death and Dying in Gilgamesh (Article) - 6/6/2007 5:15:44 PM
We are the immortals. Life is death, death is life. We have it backwards. It's time to move forward and find some new information that is more inclusive. geez! This is old.

Death and Dying in Gilgamesh (Article) - 6/6/2007 2:07:30 PM
very interesting - informative as well as historical on a subject that few approach in this way

Death and Dying in Gilgamesh (Article) - 6/6/2007 12:43:40 PM
This is a well written article and causes one to ask himself just what it is he is looking for in immortality. The body has none. It is appointed once for every man to die. The spirit; even our own spirit is yet to be understood. One thing I truly believe is that immortality is not a prize for good works. What is on the other side of death? This we will have to wait to find out. If it is simply sleep... That sounds restful to me. If it is something other I wish to explore it. Whatever immortality I will content myself to live this life that I have for now. Tomorrow will come when it will. God Bless, Lew

Death and Dying in Gilgamesh (Article) - 6/6/2007 11:59:23 AM
Good topic, well researched. Thanks for sharing this piece. George

Death and Dying in Gilgamesh (Article) - 6/6/2007 11:40:24 AM
Very good article. The topic reminds me of Zecharia Sitchin's work. If you think about it, we aren't taught how to die, and in many cases, how to live. Elizabeth

Death and Dying in Gilgamesh (Article) - 6/6/2007 11:06:36 AM
This is a very stimulating historic review on mankind’s aspiration for eternity. This article is a scholarly compilation on the search for eternal youth from Gilgamesh to Ponce de Leon, and to our modern day’s society with its physical culture of body molding and shaping, – inclusive artificially – which in the majority of its users becomes a cancerous vehicle. I have enjoyed the reading of "Death and Dying in Gilgamesh". In gratitude and admiration, Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

Vocation (Article) - 3/20/2006 7:10:01 AM
kurt, an interesting, insightful and (for me) troubling read as I contemplate the future direction of my vocaton and ministry. thanks' john+

Vocation (Article) - 2/28/2006 3:25:48 PM
This is a wonderful article. We all have a purpose here and the biggest sin against self is not activating that purpose. It can also come at different periods of our life, rather than in or at the end of our schooling. Isolation is not good for any soul, though many choose it to just stay out of the fray. I find the greatest isolaltion in religious organizations, whatever the faith. The group as a whole seems to always want to pigeonhole someone to belong, (believer/nonbeliever in whatever or player/non-player) when the true "belonging" is an inner journey and one on one with God. The rest is all "earth" trappings and a power play and more political than Politics itself. The seach for meaning never ends, however. Enjoyed. Elizabeth

Astronomy and the Archaeology of Power (Article) - 5/7/2005 9:58:16 PM
Sounds a fascinating book. I will add it to my list. I have been deep into Campbell for years, and I find his contemporary Dr. Sam Keen equally interesting. We still have much to learn from ancient cultures. Sad to know most of their libraries have been destroyed. Elizabeth

The Palace of Westminster (Article) - 5/7/2005 9:52:50 PM
There was a PBS program here in the States about Britain and the war, and the very serious threat they were under from Hitler. It is amazing how industrious the people were to fight off invasion. It was really sad to see the art and buildings destroyed. Good article, Padre. Enjoyed it very much. Elizabeth

The Palace of Westminster (Article) - 5/1/2005 12:23:43 PM
Very interesting and educational article.

The Palace of Westminster (Article) - 4/28/2005 10:18:23 AM
Thanks for sharing this most interesting piece!! Take care and be well!! Love Tinka

The Palace of Westminster (Article) - 4/28/2005 7:18:49 AM
most interesting write! enjoyed the read

Nun of that, now... (Article) - 1/3/2005 10:35:18 AM
Oh, I love Sister Wendy's books! She is such a talented, expressive and knowledgeable writer! Her love of art shines throughout all of them!

Farewell to Mommy Cat (Article) - 10/9/2004 11:47:06 AM
Animals do bring live and love into the hardest of hearts and homes. What a wonderful story with a sad but good message. Cynthia

Farewell to Mommy Cat (Article) - 10/8/2004 7:59:51 PM
This is one of the best cat heart touching stories I have read. Thank you for sharing such a great animal with us.

Farewell to Mommy Cat (Article) - 10/8/2004 2:51:52 PM
I hate it so when off they go!

Farewell to Mommy Cat (Article) - 10/8/2004 12:58:31 PM
Purrrfect tribute to Mama Cat! AWWWWWWWW!! Well done, Father Messick! (((HUGS))) and love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :D

Farewell to Mommy Cat (Article) - 10/8/2004 12:53:57 PM
Despite the fact that you weren’t the prettiest cat of the lot, you had a good soul This is truly a heartfelt and wonderful and heartwrenching ode to a creature that obviously had a great impact on your life, Fr. Kurt, and I found it both captivating, and quite sad. And having lost several precious nonhuman creatures in my life, I can also feel your utter sorrow at Mommy Cat's disappearance. But wherever she may be now, I'm confident she knows and respects and loves the fact that you are a good soul, too. And I couldn't agree more - many animals are truly gifts from God, sent quite often when we need them the most.

Farewell to Mommy Cat (Article) - 10/8/2004 12:47:05 PM
Awww thanks for this offering Fr Kurt!! Love Tinka

Farewell to Mommy Cat (Article) - 10/8/2004 11:56:54 AM
I love cats, too. They are remarkable creatures. My home is near one of the largest wilderness areas in the US, and I've lost several cats and kittens to hawks and coyotes. I realize it is part of nature, but it hurts, nonetheless, to lose them. I can certainly see why the ancient Egyptians worshiped them. The Buddhists teach that we reincarnate as animal, human, animal, human to teach us humility. My cats are not humble, so therefore it has to be as a human we learn humility, not the swishing back and forth with forms. And yes, there is a Heaven for animals, if you believe in God. He's not as shortsighted as we are in thinking man is the superior being. My best to you, Father. I enjoy your articles. This is a gem. Elizabeth

Astronomy and the Archaeology of Power (Article) - 9/29/2004 12:27:26 PM
A great review that makes me want to read the book. I wonder; does "'Power to modify the behaviour of the king, no matter how well it may be contained, retains the risk of exploitation,'" touch upon the the opposite risks? Thomas Beckett and Thomas Moore spring to mind.

the future tense (Poetry) - 9/27/2006 11:18:48 AM
"Never" is a challenge...

The last bird of the season... (Poetry) - 9/27/2006 11:17:04 AM
...and she knew...

Dreams of Gold (Poetry) - 9/27/2006 11:15:46 AM
Victory is also "trying" and achievement is staying the course. ...We all have our races to run Some will sprint, others will walk The marathon of life continues And we pass the torch to others in due course... Enjoyed.

a red red rose (Poetry) - 9/27/2006 11:13:48 AM

Life goes on (Poetry) - 9/27/2006 11:13:02 AM
...and to look back twenty or thirty years...for the reflection. Elizabeth

never knowing (Poetry) - 10/11/2005 10:34:08 AM
blessedly, we have god's grace to tide us through the pain of rembrance and guilt...a thoughtful write, and prayer.

never knowing (Poetry) - 5/2/2005 1:33:42 PM
Amen to that. Elizabeth

a red red rose (Poetry) - 1/10/2005 4:34:18 PM
Love for God is full, yet empty without faith. This faith eludes the loveless, so in that some of us never love I guess. Beautiful poem.

no fewer than a thousand (Poetry) - 1/10/2005 4:29:14 PM
I enjoyed this one, because I could relate, to my interpretation of it. Good thought provoking piece.

Rings of fire (Poetry) - 11/27/2004 6:12:42 AM
:) Vesna

a red red rose (Poetry) - 11/27/2004 6:08:28 AM
Stunned!!! vesna :)

never knowing (Poetry) - 11/27/2004 6:06:55 AM
spiraling in a circle flattened on the plane ..exceptional lines..need I say more? Vesna :)

no fewer than a thousand (Poetry) - 11/16/2004 11:54:50 PM
Such a poignant question and a brilliant expression of a quietly common predicament

one little spark (Poetry) - 11/1/2004 12:47:20 PM
Interesting! I'm going crazy wondering what that spark could be! LOL

Time (Poetry) - 11/1/2004 12:42:43 PM
Delightfully interesting, with an unexpected last stanza! I enjoyed!

a red red rose (Poetry) - 11/1/2004 12:38:19 PM
Splendid expressions of love!

never knowing (Poetry) - 10/30/2004 6:46:11 AM
lol sounds like you got caught in that endless loop........but life is like what can you do.....break the loop? nah....then we would dangle....but on the other hand, if you break the loop and if its like a rubber band(which is flexible)....well than you could launch!!! lol

never knowing (Poetry) - 10/29/2004 7:19:35 PM
Wise words, Fr. Messick. Thank you. Love and peace to you. Regis

Time (Poetry) - 10/29/2004 11:27:28 AM
outstanding deep thoughts...~Z~

a red red rose (Poetry) - 10/29/2004 11:26:12 AM
Beautiful! ~Z~

never knowing (Poetry) - 10/29/2004 11:25:31 AM
well said Fr. Messick...thank you for this! ~Z~

never knowing (Poetry) - 10/28/2004 6:02:44 AM
Much food for thought in this one, Fr. Kurt.

never knowing (Poetry) - 10/27/2004 8:00:20 PM
The old adage what's done is done!;-)

never knowing (Poetry) - 10/27/2004 9:59:10 AM
we can't take it back once its done...excellent message

no fewer than a thousand (Poetry) - 10/27/2004 6:49:51 AM
Painful write, well expressed in thought.

never knowing (Poetry) - 10/27/2004 6:48:18 AM
Excellent sharing of thoughts.

never knowing (Poetry) - 10/27/2004 4:53:12 AM
Well said Rr.Kurt!! Love Tinka!!

no fewer than a thousand (Poetry) - 10/27/2004 4:52:58 AM
Thought provoking piece!! Love Tinka

a red red rose (Poetry) - 10/27/2004 3:59:38 AM
lovely work

one little spark (Poetry) - 10/27/2004 3:58:39 AM
well done!!

never knowing (Poetry) - 10/27/2004 3:58:10 AM
very nice, I always enjoy your writing

no fewer than a thousand (Poetry) - 10/27/2004 3:57:26 AM
I like this!!

a red red rose (Poetry) - 10/26/2004 5:53:57 AM
A marvelous ode to true love, Fr. Kurt.

one little spark (Poetry) - 10/26/2004 2:19:08 AM
Could this be firefly me thinks...but what ever the imagery is great!! Love this piece very much!! Very vivid images!! Love Tinka

a red red rose (Poetry) - 10/26/2004 2:10:06 AM
Heavenly beautiful love letter to your beloved!! Love Tinka

a red red rose (Poetry) - 10/25/2004 7:03:42 PM
love can be sacrificial ...

one little spark (Poetry) - 10/25/2004 7:01:38 PM
Like Lady A I too am viewing this two ways, one by fire dancing, spreading and so forth, and the other way is a spark of "light" bringing light to darkness........ You have created a very interesting mixture of thoughts :-)

a red red rose (Poetry) - 10/25/2004 6:52:27 PM
Love the way you share love :-)

a red red rose (Poetry) - 10/25/2004 6:32:33 PM
Sweet romance.

Time (Poetry) - 10/25/2004 6:19:01 PM
Airports n apples?

a red red rose (Poetry) - 10/25/2004 6:02:41 PM
This is touching and beautiful........ my highest compliment to you......WISH I WROTE IT........ pax A

one little spark (Poetry) - 10/25/2004 5:43:21 PM
Ok.....hmmmm, I don't know if I am off here, but my mind sees this in two different perspectives. First thing I thought of was, spark, like you're a careless smoker, and the window is open, blowing around your ashes lol....... the second way I saw this was spark, as in thought projections, ideas taking form and flight, movement, all positive, not easy, but determined.....progression...... ok tell me how far off am I? lol you have me thinking! pax A I usually don't post a review of a poem I am totally clueless of the meaning, but once in a while, I will I am now :)

the future tense (Poetry) - 10/25/2004 1:15:49 PM
Very creative write.

Time (Poetry) - 10/25/2004 1:13:37 PM
A strong statement is made in this write. Great write.

Time (Poetry) - 10/25/2004 10:03:44 AM
excellent treatise on running away from things...there's always time for second thoughts

Time (Poetry) - 10/25/2004 9:35:17 AM
Good one! This reminds me of the five P's from a motivational I took.Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance...;-)

the future tense (Poetry) - 10/25/2004 7:19:13 AM
Very nice deep touching piece!! Love Tinka

Time (Poetry) - 10/25/2004 7:19:07 AM
Hehehehehe....sounds familiar!! This is called life...PMS "PACK MY SUITCASE"!! Love Tinka

the future tense (Poetry) - 10/25/2004 6:50:12 AM
love the images of sun and moon here. original write, Dawn

Time (Poetry) - 10/25/2004 5:12:14 AM
Keep those bags packed, Fr. Kurt; you should never know!

the future tense (Poetry) - 10/24/2004 10:09:33 PM
Nice write, Father. I especially like the "the artillery of nevers" line.

Time (Poetry) - 10/24/2004 10:07:22 PM
I guess it's good to be prepared... lol. Very entertaining.

the future tense (Poetry) - 10/24/2004 9:32:16 PM
This made my eyes mist Fr Kurt. A nostalgic beauty... too sad, but ends in hope...

Life goes on (Poetry) - 9/10/2004 12:48:38 PM
good one, as always

Rings of fire (Poetry) - 9/10/2004 12:48:08 PM
i like this

The last bird of the season... (Poetry) - 9/10/2004 12:47:43 PM
well done

Life goes on (Poetry) - 9/8/2004 12:42:53 PM
A bittersweet reflection, indeed. Yes, Father Kurt, there will be good byes, new faces and new experiences as long as we're on this earth plane. We can only hope that we live, love and learn, well!

Rings of fire (Poetry) - 9/8/2004 12:36:09 PM
"The rings remain eternal They will call to us again" Wonderful tribute!

The last bird of the season... (Poetry) - 9/8/2004 11:58:15 AM
And your heart sings wonderful tunes too, Father! I think that this experience was somehow a blessing to both you and the bird ... and also to your readers. Thank you!

The last bird of the season... (Poetry) - 9/8/2004 2:42:34 AM
This is a beautiful poem, Father.

Rings of fire (Poetry) - 9/6/2004 9:24:06 PM
Beautiful tribute to the Olympics! ~Z~

The last bird of the season... (Poetry) - 9/6/2004 9:23:16 PM
Fr. Messick, this is a wonderful heartfelt write. This touched my heart and soul, I thank you for posting this...~Z~

The last bird of the season... (Poetry) - 9/6/2004 9:14:33 AM
Hello, As I read, I felt this burrowing, invited, into my heart. It is quiet, gentle and so vivid that I now find myself emotionally upside down, quite drenched in tears and goosebumps AND wearing a smile. I'm a longtime friend of Ed Kostro's, so my stopping by wasn't entirely by chance, since he mentioned how he admired your work. Having said that, I am on my own here, and I'm telling myself that sometimes I 'get it right'... like now. This will go to my library. It will be shared with many. Yes, because of this beautiful story, layered with applications to life, itself, but also yes, to its phrasing and purely poetic soul. You are a lovely person, indeed! katy xox.

Sonnet VIII: Stars (Poetry) - 9/5/2004 8:06:13 PM
So Beautiful Kurt, My thinking runs along these lines, constantly. This is so well written. It makes me dream all the more. Love Bonnie

expectation (Poetry) - 9/5/2004 7:54:39 PM
Beautiful kurt. Thank You. Love Bonnie

The last bird of the season... (Poetry) - 9/5/2004 7:47:44 PM
Lovely Kurt, I'm an animal lover and have had many die in my arms. I owe a lot of "thank you's", as I never thought of their last moments in this manner. Thank You too, for the enlightment. Love, Bonnie

The last bird of the season... (Poetry) - 9/5/2004 7:01:41 AM
This was beautiful writing~`*

The last bird of the season... (Poetry) - 9/4/2004 12:57:11 AM
Lovely work Father Messick. You will hear her song in every bird, and know she is safely home. Candida

The last bird of the season... (Poetry) - 9/4/2004 12:13:24 AM
Sweet write. Very similar to the one that I posted and that came to me so recently. Love and peace to you Fr. Kurt. Regis

The last bird of the season... (Poetry) - 9/3/2004 9:58:09 PM
Hi! Read your comments on Regie's bird poem, and had to come in and read yours. I think every one, human or animal, will live and die according to His purpose and our lives are touched by them. I enjoyed reading this poem -- glad I stopped by. Carmen :-)

The last bird of the season... (Poetry) - 9/3/2004 9:25:51 PM
I hope she’s flying safely now where glass will never fool her Fr. Kurt, I have a feeling she is. Perhaps she'll sing to you? Dawn

The last bird of the season... (Poetry) - 9/3/2004 8:24:48 PM
Heart touching write!

The last bird of the season... (Poetry) - 9/3/2004 6:48:49 PM
That is so lovingly told. You connected! Cause and effect......kindness and deed......I used to live in Manhattan, and my father was a waiter. He would walk home very late at night from the restaurant,and dogs & cats used to follow him home. We would wake up in the morning with strange house guests. LOL The kids in my neighborhood knew that if they found a hurt animal, to bring them to our apartment. We wound up with a sparrow had tar on its feet, I don't remember what my father did to it to clean it off, but it eventually was able to fly away. I was alittle disapointed, I figured I could name it tweety bird and have a eventually they went out and got me a canary......oh my ......I have rambled.......... your write brought all these memories to mind.....ty for the flashback.......pax........A

The last bird of the season... (Poetry) - 9/3/2004 6:35:32 PM
Sweetly told. Thank you. SueB

The last bird of the season... (Poetry) - 9/3/2004 1:06:55 PM

The last bird of the season... (Poetry) - 9/3/2004 1:06:53 PM
Your experience, and your poem, are extremely touching, Fr. Kurt. And I thank you for sharing this. I've often done the same thing, and the poor creature has died, and I've felt miserable about it - feeling totally helpless. Your last stanza reminds me that maybe these creatures are flying high now, in a much better place. And like you, I truly hope that I can see them again someday.

Rings of fire (Poetry) - 9/2/2004 8:16:29 PM
great tribute to the Olympic ideal! Dawn

Rings of fire (Poetry) - 9/2/2004 8:11:16 PM
Fantastic capture of the Olympics.

Rings of fire (Poetry) - 9/2/2004 7:04:06 PM
awesome! a most excellent tribute to the olympic spirit ...

Dreams of Gold (Poetry) - 9/2/2004 7:01:48 PM
Nicely created and meaningful verses. Thank you. Love and peace. Regis

Life goes on (Poetry) - 9/2/2004 7:00:45 PM
Wisdom is expressed in these verses Father Kurt. Thank you for sharing this offering. Love and peace. Regis

Rings of fire (Poetry) - 9/2/2004 6:59:07 PM
Very symbolic and powerful. Superb tribute to the spirit of the games. Thank you for this offering. Love and peace. Regis

Rings of fire (Poetry) - 9/2/2004 4:07:27 PM
excellent work...about a great subject, fascinating every time

Rings of fire (Poetry) - 9/2/2004 4:02:21 PM
Wonderful tribute to the Olympics - and to life itself!

Rings of fire (Poetry) - 9/2/2004 10:27:31 AM
Superb! SueB

Rings of fire (Poetry) - 9/2/2004 10:14:57 AM
Glorious tribute to the athletic characteristic ! The Olympics always bring to mind Paul's scriptures;-)

Rings of fire (Poetry) - 9/2/2004 10:11:30 AM
Yeah "Rings remain eternal" the circle of love!! Enjoyed this read!! Love Tinka

Life goes on (Poetry) - 9/1/2004 6:42:50 PM
I know this feeling that is being expressed here. Great write.

Life goes on (Poetry) - 9/1/2004 3:03:35 PM
lol i am not that curious.......... I can wait! LOLOL excellent thoughts here! pax A

Life goes on (Poetry) - 9/1/2004 2:08:44 PM
yes Fr, and seemed to have this underlying sutle current to it, acting a orchestrator, ty al

Life goes on (Poetry) - 9/1/2004 1:03:11 PM
Powerful message Fr.Kurt!! Life goes on...for sure!! Love Tinka

Life goes on (Poetry) - 9/1/2004 11:21:56 AM
too true! sueb

Dreams of Gold (Poetry) - 8/30/2004 10:35:00 AM
Ah, Father, thanks for this poetical feast of wisdom that you've spread before us! I've missed your offerings.

Dreams of Gold (Poetry) - 8/29/2004 8:13:48 PM
this golden poem moves into us with its powerful motif and extrememly insightful theme ... excellent!

Dreams of Gold (Poetry) - 8/29/2004 7:43:32 PM
I think you win a gold medal for this poem of wisdom. Nancy

Dreams of Gold (Poetry) - 8/29/2004 2:50:55 PM
(((fr. kurt))) BRAVO! to win a gold (or silver or bronze) medal is wonderful, but to me, the most important thing is being there. i'd be happy just to GET there. :) beautiful message in this award winning write :) (((HUGS))) and love, karla. :)

Dreams of Gold (Poetry) - 8/29/2004 2:48:30 PM
You don’t have to be the best in the world To be the best you can be. Fabulous poem; fabulous message. Nice to see you posting, Fr. Kurt!

Dreams of Gold (Poetry) - 8/29/2004 2:36:40 PM
Wonderful write, packed with wisdom.

Dreams of Gold (Poetry) - 8/29/2004 10:30:19 AM
"We all have our races to run Some will sprint, others will walk The marathon of life continues And we pass the torch to others in due course." What a beautiful metaphor! SueB

Dreams of Gold (Poetry) - 8/29/2004 10:11:05 AM
Most beautiful words of wisdom penned here...a keeper!! It's been a long time...welcome back dear friend!! Love Tinka

Dreams of Gold (Poetry) - 8/29/2004 10:09:53 AM
Such a wonderful conception of this event! Beautifully written with wisdom message! Thanks for sharing!

Dreams of Gold (Poetry) - 8/29/2004 10:01:19 AM
You have shared a lot of wisdom with us! i have missed your writing. Wonderful to see you back.

Dreams of Gold (Poetry) - 8/29/2004 9:53:46 AM
brilliant.......i am saving this......thanks!! pax A

all in a day's (Poetry) - 6/14/2004 10:32:15 PM
ANd birds don't sing?

mary and jean and mike and tana (Poetry) - 6/2/2004 6:58:46 PM
Nicely said! Victoria

all in a day's (Poetry) - 6/2/2004 6:57:17 PM
I enjoyed reading this one! Thanks for posting it! Happy Writing! Victoria

all in a day's (Poetry) - 6/2/2004 12:17:19 AM
Very creative. I hope the break was enjoyed.

solo song (Poetry) - 6/1/2004 2:53:13 PM
oh my it all so basic, like a food chain thing.....all this greatness, all the minute...... all the circle of life.......... gee, and this morning I brushed my teeth (as usual) should i have skipped that ritual? I guess the swords can put things into perspective, depending on what end you are facing........ this makes me sad......... its like a graceful news report..........dressed up but your point does ring true and clear......and that makes this a valid and talent write........ pax..........A

all in a day's (Poetry) - 4/20/2004 4:00:22 PM

all in a day's (Poetry) - 3/25/2004 1:39:58 AM
loved it, love the cacaphony, yet the connections, as well, Fr./Just, yes! also the style adds and makes the meaning all the more evident and then that final line! Thank You! m.

all in a day's (Poetry) - 3/23/2004 10:11:30 AM
hmmmm...well..get out...enough is enough!!! a line of work perhaps?..Let the dead bury the dead! has nothing to do with you..yes YOU know what I mean!!!!!!!!!!! I hear you..but do YOU????? vesna :)

all in a day's (Poetry) - 3/22/2004 9:05:19 AM
Ha ha..Yes, I can relate also! This was great! Reindeer

all in a day's (Poetry) - 3/15/2004 6:02:10 AM
I love the way you impact the reader with your "run on" sentences that expresses an urgency and sincerity of feelings. It's as if you're about to scream...and you do with that, "help Help HELP" plea! Well done, Father!

all in a day's (Poetry) - 3/13/2004 9:51:01 AM
Leaves me out of breath with the intensity of the feelings expressed, Father Kurt. Thank you for this offering. Love and peace to you. Regis

all in a day's (Poetry) - 3/11/2004 6:37:01 PM
I can relate at times, well written. Nancy

all in a day's (Poetry) - 3/10/2004 7:17:23 AM

all in a day's (Poetry) - 3/9/2004 12:32:18 PM
loved Fr, nice and crisp, al, cherished sweet ideas

all in a day's (Poetry) - 3/9/2004 11:43:48 AM
HAHAHAHAHA although this is serious Fr... It made me laugh....I relate to it... I am so burned out at the moment.. I need more than a coffee break... a few extra arms and legs would do.. not enough of me to go around.. I love the you connected the lines...great flow...beautiful work.. floria

all in a day's (Poetry) - 3/9/2004 10:06:36 AM
How well you describe what most of us feel in our work place!Excellent write! I agree with Mark, all part of God's lessons;-)

all in a day's (Poetry) - 3/9/2004 8:32:02 AM
lol i'm feelin this, having had jobs like this, which, fortunately, i lost not soon after. i think that god has a way of moving us where he wants us to be and putting us in situations that make us confront those issues of impatience and i think i need a coffee break now. ;) wonderful write!

all in a day's (Poetry) - 3/9/2004 7:17:14 AM
Sometimes that coffee break can save a life. Great write.

all in a day's (Poetry) - 3/9/2004 6:39:09 AM
Coffee break came just in time Huh? Thanks for this offering...and allll the kind!! Love Tinka

expectation (Poetry) - 2/29/2004 8:15:44 AM
Oh, Father Kurt! I enjoyed this message! Thanks!

mary and jean and mike and tana (Poetry) - 2/21/2004 2:12:50 PM
Kurt, I loved the flow and structure of this poem. And many congratulations for your winning academic theolgy achievement. Bill

expectation (Poetry) - 2/21/2004 12:28:14 PM
This is beautiful. Thank you.

mary and jean and mike and tana (Poetry) - 2/21/2004 11:42:39 AM
very vivid piece. WEll done. Evan

mary and jean and mike and tana (Poetry) - 2/19/2004 12:38:34 PM
I loved this very well done!

mary and jean and mike and tana (Poetry) - 2/18/2004 4:44:38 PM
There is a rhythem in every day life just as there is in poetry. Sometimes we forget to see the wonder in the simple things. ♫ Jackie

Sonnet VII: Darkness (Poetry) - 2/14/2004 1:36:24 PM
I think this is well written.

expectation (Poetry) - 2/14/2004 1:34:20 PM

mary and jean and mike and tana (Poetry) - 2/14/2004 1:32:35 PM
I like this. I like the form. It makes it flow nice.

solo song (Poetry) - 2/13/2004 10:31:05 PM
Father Kurt, here we are. You are a poet and I am a poet. My passion are intense as are your own. Your poetry is beautiful with a purified blessing while mine is self righteous and sometimes too passionate for reads. I often wonder why you read my poems like you do but you are, in one word...faithful to me. IT is you who is steady and devoted, unconditionally. Me...I am a mortal and full of the transgressions of the mortals. MY needs are full with their compliance as empty as the well on an arid oasis. Thank you for being who you are and for being my friend. Love and blessings, Susan

expectation (Poetry) - 2/11/2004 1:42:25 PM
expectations of the ancient holy are never going to be fully mine they need to be fully yours? and makes us know that all we are, is God's ..and that is suffice??...hmmm..not quite! Food for thought..TY Kurt! vesna

Nothing gold can stay (Poetry) - 2/11/2004 1:37:54 PM
but it is like a handful of sand; the tighter the grip, the more grains slip out ..I can relate to this sate of soul, mind and heart..hmmm how many more wallow in the quagmire of the third dimension...*smile* Vesna

mary and jean and mike and tana (Poetry) - 2/10/2004 11:16:50 AM
i like the feel of this...very...domestic. LOL nicely envisioned, friar!

mary and jean and mike and tana (Poetry) - 2/6/2004 6:58:49 PM
:) Vesna

mary and jean and mike and tana (Poetry) - 2/3/2004 1:09:11 AM
Fantastic write!!!

Sonnet V: Dissonance (Poetry) - 2/1/2004 5:41:51 AM
I suspect this is one of your best. It certainly struck me that way.

solo song (Poetry) - 1/24/2004 3:55:28 PM
ain't the world something else...both in beauty and pain...

expectation (Poetry) - 1/24/2004 3:54:42 PM
truth lies in the simplest of expressions. sometimes, i think that's all that's needed. wisdom drop, poet. thank you for sharing it with us!

expectation (Poetry) - 1/24/2004 9:40:51 AM
This gives one pause to ponder and prepare,splendid work! Thanks Fr.Messick

expectation (Poetry) - 1/24/2004 4:12:38 AM
i like this... beginnings of a new book?

expectation (Poetry) - 1/23/2004 11:48:37 AM
Beautifully written Father Messick! Amen! ~Z~

expectation (Poetry) - 1/23/2004 11:26:10 AM
AMEN...This is gorgeous Fr. Kurt...a keeper in my book..."All we are is God's" In the end we will all realize this truth...Some of us know it already...:) Floria

expectation (Poetry) - 1/23/2004 10:52:04 AM
Wonderful write Fr.Kurt!! Inspirational message here!! Love Tinka

expectation (Poetry) - 1/23/2004 10:04:35 AM
Inspirational! Great write!

expectation (Poetry) - 1/23/2004 8:20:39 AM
Father, Killer ! ust Wow, well to be honest with ya Father, it did have such a malignant sting too, but to myself, and true, I have no caus to argue with it, I love this insight, and repect you as a vey educated man loved the Chalice line as well, blessings al

expectation (Poetry) - 1/23/2004 7:13:35 AM
Wonderful insight; wonderful poem, Fr. Kurt!

mary and jean and mike and tana (Poetry) - 1/20/2004 8:10:57 AM
kurt, this is one of those titles that makes the reader wonder... "can the poem live up to the title? it does john+

solo song (Poetry) - 1/20/2004 8:06:39 AM
kurt, i've read this twice its richness continues to grow on me -- good write, john+

solo song (Poetry) - 1/17/2004 10:22:24 AM
Powerfully effective in form and its ability to arouse emotions. Thank you for this offering Fr. Kurt. Love and peace to you. Regis

solo song (Poetry) - 1/16/2004 10:23:41 PM
The hour of inner thought provoking. Well done! ♫ Jackie

solo song (Poetry) - 1/15/2004 8:54:22 PM
Chilling in more ways than one. It gave me goosebumps.

solo song (Poetry) - 1/14/2004 9:27:05 AM
Oh, you creative poet! Well done!

mary and jean and mike and tana (Poetry) - 1/14/2004 9:19:18 AM
Nice work! Refreshing and interesting style.

solo song (Poetry) - 1/14/2004 3:16:29 AM
Hello Fr. Kurt! This one conjures up a picture of a deep silence pervading all except for one small room where the light from a single lamp throws shadows on the walls and a figure sits at a clutterd desk, nonchalantly wading through fogotton, dust covered, leather bound books and Time magazines! Enjoyed this! Thank you :}

solo song (Poetry) - 1/14/2004 1:05:02 AM
GREAT writing, and that structure is excellent!

solo song (Poetry) - 1/13/2004 9:01:37 PM
Thought provoking write!! Love Tinka

solo song (Poetry) - 1/13/2004 8:03:18 PM
interesting and thought provoking, Fr. Kurt...Best wishes ~Z~

solo song (Poetry) - 1/13/2004 4:31:32 PM
always enjoy your work

before the night finally fell (Poetry) - 1/13/2004 3:09:54 PM
..I am lost for words.. Vesna

sandpiper dreams (Poetry) - 1/13/2004 3:08:09 PM
i awoke to see one bird, ..isn't it and I see only the it in a face, or bird...the voice seems we are deaf..*smile* vesna

I often wait alone (Poetry) - 1/13/2004 3:05:48 PM
At night my dreams are filled with these people. How can I be so alone surrounded by so many? I start to talk to someone, but just before she speaks, my alarm wakes me ...this dream sounds it, it couldn't be..could it?...indeed...*smile* Vesna

Finally alone (Poetry) - 1/13/2004 3:02:29 PM
of what use is a contact when one cannot touch one cannot hear Love in all the many faces has abandoned me ..poignant lines..heartwrenching...I'm still shaking with the cold.. My God!!!.I can identify with this poem..the words screamed at me..i saw and felt my soul..writhing in pain and yearning..this is going into my library!!!!!!!! Thankyou..sigh..a kindred soul YOU are indeed! Vesna *smile*

solo song (Poetry) - 1/13/2004 2:56:41 PM have left me in a daze..your poem is pregnant with yearning and a loneliness difficult to define.. solo song two o'clock hoots of owls follow Why do I say this?..perhaps the "solo..two 0'clock " scenario is quite familiar to me...sigh.. Well, at least I'm NOT "solo" in such wee hours of the morn..* seems I have company...a friend by the name of Kurt... Bless you.. vesna PS Many thanks for the warm appreciation is endless..*smile*

solo song (Poetry) - 1/13/2004 11:07:26 AM
Hey Fr I thought this was great, um, I was particularly fascinate by the reference to blossums in the first half of the verse, now that was interesting, this poem had a quainted gentleness too, like flow, I think it the bloom you mention was blooming souls, although it could refer to aythng hidden that blooms, it was kind of a frightful poem to me, ty al

solo song (Poetry) - 1/13/2004 11:03:44 AM
Beautiful write Fr. Kurt. Trixie :)

solo song (Poetry) - 1/13/2004 10:28:16 AM
Excellent concept and word selection,fine poetry!

solo song (Poetry) - 1/13/2004 9:55:43 AM
Agree! Love both the style and the flow of this unique write.

solo song (Poetry) - 1/13/2004 9:34:43 AM
Great play of words/ thoughts and descriptions.

solo song (Poetry) - 1/13/2004 9:24:31 AM
i agree with floria, i love this style and the flow

solo song (Poetry) - 1/13/2004 8:40:35 AM
Hi Fr. Kurt....gosh I love the form in this lovely poem..very nice flow of words...floria

mary and jean and mike and tana (Poetry) - 1/11/2004 10:57:30 PM
GREAT writing!

mary and jean and mike and tana (Poetry) - 1/11/2004 9:02:34 PM
Excellent "at home" kinda write!! Very vivid imagery here!! Welcome back!! Love Tinka

mary and jean and mike and tana (Poetry) - 1/11/2004 7:28:22 PM
Great to have you back among us. This presents a sharp visual of what you intended. I am there when I read. Thank you for this offering. Love and peace, Regis.

mary and jean and mike and tana (Poetry) - 1/11/2004 7:16:49 PM
Have missed your work, thank you for your prayers. Nancy

mary and jean and mike and tana (Poetry) - 1/11/2004 6:48:50 PM
Wonderful to see you posting again. Nice write!

mary and jean and mike and tana (Poetry) - 1/11/2004 6:48:13 PM
slice of life, enjoyed it!

mary and jean and mike and tana (Poetry) - 1/11/2004 6:41:36 PM
I thoght this was cute to o al

mary and jean and mike and tana (Poetry) - 1/11/2004 5:29:50 PM
Enjoyed this very much. Welcome back!

mary and jean and mike and tana (Poetry) - 1/11/2004 5:27:53 PM
Welcome back! This was a wonderful slice of life, poem...thanks for sharing!

mary and jean and mike and tana (Poetry) - 1/11/2004 4:51:57 PM
Very nice Fr Kurt...glad to see you back posting...loved the little story told here...floria

Sonnet I: Nature (Poetry) - 12/26/2003 8:33:52 AM
Great pastoral pastiche.

Burning giraffes (Poetry) - 12/9/2003 9:11:11 PM
Intriguing bit of whimsy. I would be curious to know what inspired it.

Sonnet XIII: Lies (Poetry) - 12/9/2003 8:57:02 PM
Sadly, the world keeps on turning, and evil keeps gaining, bit by bit. (I realize that my ideas on evil may not exactly coincide with yours, but I suspect we both abhor it equally). I would be curious to know what you think of someof my sonnets posted here on the Den?

Sonnet XIII: Lies (Poetry) - 11/29/2003 7:21:18 PM
Excellent insight. Nancy

Sonnet XIII: Lies (Poetry) - 11/29/2003 4:03:59 PM
Well stated Fr. Kurt: "when will there be a freedom so that they will not need to give us the lie? perhaps later in the history of ambition. still, fewer truths bring fewer lies. i have sought after truth and lies, but which is greater?" Which is greater? Good question. I wonder if we will ever know?

Sonnet XIII: Lies (Poetry) - 11/29/2003 11:41:53 AM
subtle point, the mood for me was meloncholia, of course nowadays many poets will say poetry is not concerned with truths or falshoods, emmotions, thoughts or self, but only words, their elegance of expression, indeed the cleverness of words & no more, i don´t know, to give credit where credit is due, when it is achieved one cannot help but admire, but however i sometimes remain unmoved.

Sonnet XIII: Lies (Poetry) - 11/29/2003 8:15:22 AM
Fr. Kurt...I loved reading this poem....light and will always be that way....till we see HIM...then it will be only light...hope you had a great holiday....floria

Sonnet XIII: Lies (Poetry) - 11/28/2003 7:37:07 PM
Very insightful and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing this offering. Love and peace, Regis.

Sonnet XIII: Lies (Poetry) - 11/27/2003 9:04:37 AM
Excellent write, being aware that evil is ever present in this world as the father of all lies...God's truth sets us free...Something to be thankful for on this thanksgiving day!

Sonnet XIII: Lies (Poetry) - 11/27/2003 8:04:18 AM
..can YOU give an answer to that question father? Magnificent write..ty Vesna

Sonnet XIII: Lies (Poetry) - 11/27/2003 4:53:58 AM
Deep in meaning. Wonderful write!

Sonnet XIII: Lies (Poetry) - 11/26/2003 9:42:18 PM
Very well written!! Good question...!! Love Tinka

Sonnet XIII: Lies (Poetry) - 11/26/2003 9:01:54 PM
glad to see you are writing/posting again

Sonnet XIII: Lies (Poetry) - 11/26/2003 8:42:55 PM
"Future with ambition is pure greed too isn't it? I admire your depth and insight, your ESP to the world woes. I wish with all my heart that man would grow another set of ears for insight. I guess that only comes with a true heart. Love, Susan

A red moon (Poetry) - 11/22/2003 3:26:09 PM
that last line was the's the kind of line that makes you stop for a minute and think about what the piece lemme go think...

Sonnet XII: Polonius (Poetry) - 11/22/2003 3:25:04 PM
now i'm going to have to find out who polonius he was, your words must be a fitting tribute!

Sonnet VIII: Stars (Poetry) - 11/22/2003 2:24:30 PM
" if gods could arrange for more stars, my dreams could build a palace." Moving poetry Fr...well done ...floria

Sonnet IX: Glory (Poetry) - 11/22/2003 2:22:56 PM
" this is not a story with a moral. all i want is laughter to pervade time, an eternal echo. " Absolutely moving poetry Fr...floria

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