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Recent Reviews for Theresa F Koch

Silent Whispers (Book) - 1/27/2008 3:00:29 PM
Theresa, This is fabulous..Congrats to you! Peace, love, and light, Amber "V"

Silent Whispers (Book) - 1/27/2008 12:55:17 PM
Theresa, wonderful news! Congratulations! ELizabeth

Silent Whispers (Book) - 1/27/2008 12:29:31 PM
Congrats and best wishes on your new book... Fee

The Gift of Laughter (Book) - 1/5/2008 1:54:16 PM
Congratulations on a wonderful book. Such a treat for all ages and I wish you continued success. CJ x

The Gift of Laughter (Book) - 1/4/2008 12:56:36 PM
Sounds cute with the picture. Wonderful. Lady J

The Gift of Laughter (Book) - 1/4/2008 9:49:18 AM
Congtratz Theresa!! Happy New Year to you and Yours!! Love Tinka

The Gift of Laughter (Book) - 1/4/2008 4:49:26 AM
CongratulationsTheresa and wishes for continured success in 2008. Fee

The Gift of Laughter (Book) - 1/3/2008 6:41:56 PM
Congratulations, Theresa. Best wishes to you, Regis

The Gift of Laughter (Book) - 1/3/2008 6:32:31 PM
I hope you sell many of your books The Gift of Laughter. Happy days for you.. Love and peace, Ron

The Gift of Laughter (Book) - 1/3/2008 6:18:44 PM
Theresa, Congratulations!!! Success to you!! Elizabeth

Growing Up On Memory Lane (Book) - 7/7/2005 5:24:18 PM
enjoyed the read

THE PSYCHIC SOUL (Book) - 3/22/2004 5:27:06 PM
mom great

THE PSYCHIC SOUL (Book) - 12/27/2002 8:21:37 AM
I can't hardly wait for your next book. This one is great!

SILHOUETTES OF LIFE (Book) - 9/10/2002 9:08:23 AM
Concise, expressive, skillful use of language. You possess a powerful gift.

Clouds are the Creator's Fingerprints (Book) - 5/19/2002 8:52:14 AM
I truly love that excerpt.

Clouds are the Creator's Fingerprints (Book) - 4/25/2002 8:55:49 PM
hi mom great

Clouds are the Creator's Fingerprints (Book) - 4/25/2002 8:55:06 PM

SILHOUETTES OF LIFE (Book) - 4/1/2002 5:56:17 AM
Very Kewl!!!! Bravo to the both of you! Love, Janet xoxoxoxo

TWELVE TINY TALES (Book) - 3/21/2002 3:24:45 PM
Very interesting. So is the book cover.

TWELVE TINY TALES (Book) - 2/8/2002 8:33:52 AM
Hi! this is wonderful.have a nice worth & possession.keep up terri. chander keswani

Of Mom and Me [NOOK Book] (Book) - 1/24/2002 11:47:03 PM
Beautiful. I like the way the reader can FEEL your experience. I'm new to Author's Den and will subscribe to your newsletter. I'd like to develop my poetry further.

Clouds are the Creator's Fingerprints (Book) - 12/15/2001 10:40:37 PM
The gift of mother earth has endowed you with spiritual insight and wonderful talent.

TWELVE TINY TALES (Book) - 12/15/2001 10:35:42 PM
Thoughtfully writen.

TWELVE TINY TALES (Book) - 9/30/2001 2:11:16 PM
Reviewed first for author Various eBook formats HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 5 stars Writer/poet Jodray has produced an especially delightful set of poems and illustrations sure to delight the younger set. These are poems I would use in my classroom. This is a ‘read to’ book for children 3-6. A read with help for the 6-8 set. Reviewed by: molly martin .... 20+ years classroom teacher read full review: Criterion used for review: this is not a story book. This is a collection of poetry

Of Mom and Me [NOOK Book] (Book) - 9/20/2001 8:48:55 PM
A Beautiful Poem Indeed!

Moose and Old Woman (Short Story) - 1/28/2008 11:03:23 AM
intimate images of a brave land, Theresa

Life with Sam (Short Story) - 10/2/2007 8:23:40 PM
Your a great animal person for sure.. Stay safe..

Life with Sam (Short Story) - 10/2/2007 12:23:12 PM
Pets can make a big difference!! Love Tinka

Life with Sam (Short Story) - 10/1/2007 2:34:00 AM
lovely to read, and know the puppies are doing so well, i know sammi was a love

Life with Sam (Short Story) - 10/1/2007 1:40:54 AM
It's amazing how pets go straight to our hearts. We love them no matter what they do to us. George

Life with Sam (Short Story) - 10/1/2007 12:28:25 AM
O, Theresa, this rips at the heart! I am so sorry for your loss; but her legacy lives on in those three beautiful puppies! God be with you during this time of sadness; you are in my prayers! Powerful write of love and rememberance; very well done! (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :( >tears! <

Life with Sam (Short Story) - 9/30/2007 8:00:12 PM
Theresa, I know you loved Sammi as much as she loved you. Again, I'm sorry for your loss. Sammi left you three beautiful gifts: puppies to carry on in her stead. A powerful write of love and compassion. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Life with Sam (Short Story) - 9/30/2007 7:23:34 PM
What a terrible loss, Therese. I know what it is to lose a pet. You never really get over it. But how nice that you have Sammi's puppies to remind you of the love you each had for each other. As tragic as this story is, it is also so beautiful. Best, Elizabeth

Moose and Old Woman (Short Story) - 1/2/2004 3:13:19 PM
Beautifully written Teri. Thank you for sharing. I miss you so much, hope your New Year is bright and happy. ((((Hugs))))

Moose and Old Woman (Short Story) - 1/2/2004 2:28:56 PM
Loved this story, Teri! You should post more of your short stories for us to read..excellent! Much success to you in 2004~~~~

Moose and Old Woman (Short Story) - 1/2/2004 8:34:15 AM
terrific write, theresa; well done! enjoyed! happy new year to you too! (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in tx., karen lynn. :D

Moose and Old Woman (Short Story) - 1/1/2004 1:44:25 PM

Moose and Old Woman (Short Story) - 1/1/2004 1:22:38 PM
Wonderful write Therasa!! Happy New year girl!! Love Tinka

Moose and Old Woman (Short Story) - 1/1/2004 11:35:06 AM
Charming, charming write, Theresa. Your obvious love of nature shines here. Well done!

Moose and Old Woman (Short Story) - 1/1/2004 11:33:11 AM
This is a great nature write. I felt like I was sitting by a warm fire on a chilly night hearing the story teller speak.

Culinary Chaos (Article) - 12/22/2009 9:33:30 AM
It has been a long time since we talked Teri. You look like a beautiful chef. Hope life has been treating you well. Sandy

LITTLE SOUL (Article) - 1/30/2009 7:11:59 AM
You shared the "unconditional love" for a friend. Even though you might not have agreed, she needed someone, and you were there!

I Live In The North Pole  (Article) - 1/29/2009 9:59:28 AM
Wow , I didn't know there was A Santa Claus house. GOOD PICTURE AND ARTICLE!....M

Culinary Chaos (Article) - 1/29/2009 9:57:16 AM
Graet write. I am glad I read it. We watch the food channel also. Our 12 year old grandson loves to cook and talks some of becoming a chef. Am not sure what direction he'll go yet, . Your write gave some incite into the world which awaits him......M

THE AFTERLIFE (Article) - 8/14/2008 8:01:01 PM
We might be on the same track investigating the nature of an afterlife, but through my OOB experiences and researches I found out that spirits or souls do not exist. But I do believe in angels!

Culinary Chaos (Article) - 7/29/2008 9:35:11 PM
Things paid off for you. I love the way this story ended. You have what it takes to be the best. Good luck with your career.

LITTLE SOUL (Article) - 2/7/2008 4:15:36 PM
Dear Theresa, I concur with you. Your article expresses the mentality of our time. One should respect the will of others and even more so for the ones who cannot defend themselves. You did what you had to do. Your poem touches me even more as it expresses the truth as I know it. Emile

Culinary Chaos (Article) - 1/30/2008 7:55:15 PM
Wow, you went through a lot? And the cost is unreal. Glad your where you want to be. I can smell your kitchen now. Your a beautiful chef and photographer. Stay safe.. Your friend Ron

Culinary Chaos (Article) - 1/30/2008 4:15:28 PM
You have proven yourself so many times in so many ways! You're the bestest! Let's see how much you love this career.

The Lady of the Lake (Article) - 1/3/2008 6:41:06 PM
Thank you for sharing this interesting anecdote, Theresa. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

I Live In The North Pole  (Article) - 12/6/2007 8:05:05 PM
you must have a few belly laughs yourself with all that ho hoohoing, very cute enjoyed much! Jasmin Horst

PEARL HARBOR (Article) - 1/28/2007 3:29:03 PM
This article makes me think of my father and his memories. This is a beautiful write.

Honey Get the Door!  (Article) - 12/9/2006 8:30:29 PM
A delightful story! Moose are indeed very cool critters, Love, B&R

Honey Get the Door!  (Article) - 12/6/2006 9:27:53 AM
OMG I tbought I saw a moose! We've got to get back to Alaska. The Lower Forty-Eight is best seen in a rear view mirror, eh?

Honey Get the Door!  (Article) - 12/5/2006 4:39:47 PM
I love it, being from Canada I know that moose can be very sociable critters when they want to be. Wonderful story Theresa. Fee

Honey Get the Door!  (Article) - 12/5/2006 3:27:46 PM
Ohhh...a very Moosey Christmas that year, huh, Theresa? What a surprise, 'tho pleasant, for you. Pic is a little dark, but I can make out Moosey Girl! Micke

Honey Get the Door!  (Article) - 12/5/2006 11:00:09 AM
This is a great story...miracles still do happen!! Love Tinka

Honey Get the Door!  (Article) - 12/5/2006 9:28:44 AM
I love your story, Theresa! But I can't see the picture - Darn!

Ghosts of the Al-Can Highway (Article) - 8/2/2006 7:00:31 PM
Very interesting indeed, Therea! Wonderful photo. too! Sandie May Angel a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

The Dalmatian for Sir Chandler Jodray (Article) - 7/16/2006 11:04:07 AM
Really loved this article! (Well as a nut for furry critters... can't be helped). This was very informative. You wonderful pal was very beautiful, it must have been a great loss for you. B&R

The Caribou (Article) - 7/16/2006 10:59:28 AM
Lovely! All this info packed in a love pen, B&R

Ghosts of the Al-Can Highway (Article) - 7/16/2006 10:57:18 AM
Very interesting and well penned for smooth reading! B&R

Ghosts of the Al-Can Highway (Article) - 12/24/2005 9:42:47 AM
A beautiful testimony! Very well done.

I Live In The North Pole  (Article) - 12/15/2005 8:11:28 AM
Cute HOUSE, I love the article. YES, I believe in SANTA. Thanks for sharing HIS HOUSE with AD. I will be 74, December 17th. Love, Betty

I Live In The North Pole  (Article) - 12/6/2005 7:17:01 PM
This is so lovely! I hope many parents will see the website and go there. Children will love it! I envy you! I adore winters and snow. I suppose you get a tiny bit of summer though?? Merry Christmas!

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 12/22/2009 9:36:55 AM
He's beautiful and he has a beautiful owner. Sandy

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 10/14/2009 8:01:44 AM
You have a wonderful friend in sunny and she in you, God bless.

Beyond The Shore (Poetry) - 8/27/2009 3:14:34 PM
I would love to see the sight that your poem described, but I live in a desert. Nice poem. Leslie

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 3/21/2009 8:15:07 PM
What a wonderful poem! What a wonderful friend you have in Sunny!Sunny has in y o u !! Makes me happy and sad. Our little Rosie slipped away not long ago. She was about l5. Not sure exactly, because she was a rescue dog. Blind in one eye as the result of abuse, she, like Sunny, had a great personality, a sweet disposition, and a zest for life that could not be extinguished. Bless you for being such a kind and loving person. Bless Sunny for being Sunny!! <3 Phyllis <3

HIS GLORY (Poetry) - 3/16/2009 10:01:57 PM
Well done; nicely composed! "Our hope relies upon Him as does all here on earth" Yours in Christ, JMD

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 2/25/2009 1:46:53 PM
Such a beautiful hymn to your best friend, yet it is so sad to see how fast our beloved pets go down when we near the end. I saw that with my 17 year old cat last year. Enjoy every moment together you can... Later, michael

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 2/14/2009 5:35:47 PM
a beautiful dog, a beautiful friend -- age cares not for it eventually offends us all -- much peace and love to you my friend -- JMW

Person to person call for NANA (Poetry) - 2/8/2009 8:03:01 PM
this is such a beautiful tribute--you were truly blessed

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 2/8/2009 8:53:18 AM
heartfelt, beautiful poem ... age catches up to us all ...

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 2/7/2009 12:26:13 PM
Beautifully written my dear friend. Sunny has a special place in my heart as well. I miss him, but love looking at his picture still on my refrigerator. I'm glad I got to know him when I did. Give him a hug from me.

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 2/7/2009 1:28:13 AM
It has always seemed to me that it is so unfair that dogs are so short-lived. They are not pets, not toys. A dog is your very best friend -- probably the only friend who will be there for you all day, every day, rain or shine. A dog is your buddy, your baby, a treasured member of your family. We are not talking about the death of a dog; we are talking about the loss of an important relationship in our lives. And it is far, far too short. This is a beautiful write, Theresa, and I pray that Sunny's end-of-times will be gentle. Ted

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 2/6/2009 6:47:21 PM
What a beautiful creature and your love and kindness as well as your loyalty for this friend glows in each line of this write. fee

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 2/6/2009 1:20:22 PM
Friendships like this don't come quick--takes years to develop. A lovely story of love and devotion.

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 2/6/2009 11:09:42 AM
Sigh...heartfelt offering my friend!! Love Tinka

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 2/6/2009 8:30:25 AM
Just saw the movie Marly and Me last weekend..I know what you are going through,,as I have been there..and you never forget.

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 2/6/2009 7:49:27 AM
Beautiful, Sunny is the best guy.I love him too. I will miss him very much but I cant wait to see him run again. Great job Elora

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 2/6/2009 6:13:46 AM
*tears* Oh, Theresa ... this is a beautiful tribute to your Sunny. Well done! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla. :(

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 2/6/2009 5:37:14 AM
Beautiful gift for a dear friend. Well done and hugs, Bonnie

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 2/6/2009 4:52:25 AM
As a dog man, it pains me, already knowing that I will survive the puppy and that I will be left alone, but in between, all those years of communicating with each other without words and yet, understanding each other. The eyes of Sunny are telling, "I know that I have a very short time left, but it doesn't worry me but leaving you alone" Georg

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 2/6/2009 4:32:54 AM
Truly heartfelt, Theresa, and Sunny is a beautiful old friend.

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 2/6/2009 4:27:21 AM
This poem touches the heart. A lovely message. Hugs, Sheila

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 2/6/2009 4:00:51 AM
WONDEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Liana Margiva

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 2/6/2009 2:06:02 AM
Excellent and wonderful poem to your friend,take care Edwin

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 2/6/2009 2:01:11 AM
Theresa, This is so warm and tender and beautiful...and Sandie is right pets are indeed like our own children and losing them or watching them age and fade can be heartbreaking. Thank you for this, Theresa, and long live Sunny! John

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 2/5/2009 11:12:57 PM
My guy Mac and I have seen better days and as we age together we know our limitations and wonder who will be the first to leave.

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 2/5/2009 11:07:56 PM
A wonderful warm loving relationship between pet and owner. the way friendship should be....

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 2/5/2009 9:05:55 PM
I have had a cat Freddy for 16 years. When we first got him from the animal shelter he was only 10 months old; but how time flies by and he was gone after being with us for 16 years. Pets are like humans, they are our best friends, and we just don't want to see them old and feeble. We wish they could stay young forever. Good write, Theresa!...and a handsome dog in the picture!!! Sandie Angel :o)

AGE and TIME (Poetry) - 2/5/2009 9:02:57 PM
A beautiful tribute to a beautiful friend. Warmth and Love to you.

Person to person call for NANA (Poetry) - 2/4/2009 8:10:08 AM
One of the most touching, in my opinion, poems I have read here, is the ones dedicated to Grandmothers. God bless you for remember and make us to remember our old and precious ones! Georg

Person to person call for NANA (Poetry) - 2/4/2009 5:51:16 AM
memories, those marvelous vignettes of our past, irretrievably lost in the shadows of time -- and grandmothers, can there possibly be more wonderful people on God's earth -- I loved this moving tribute Theresa -- peace, love and great joy to you --- JMW

Person to person call for NANA (Poetry) - 2/4/2009 4:38:44 AM
''No way to touch you or call I send this to the heavens''--------BEAUTIFUL, I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!! Liana Margiva

Person to person call for NANA (Poetry) - 2/3/2009 7:55:29 PM
beautiful and poetic Peace & love to you William

Person to person call for NANA (Poetry) - 2/3/2009 5:03:54 PM
Such beautiful lines of memory, Theresa. Well done. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Person to person call for NANA (Poetry) - 2/3/2009 4:56:27 PM
The love and admiration you had for your Nana is evident and this poem is a great tribute to the lady and her memory. Well done. fee

Person to person call for NANA (Poetry) - 2/3/2009 4:25:05 PM
Theresa, This is rich memoir and a larger-than-life character bounces off the page...what a lady! Thank you so much for this, just wonderful. John

Person to person call for NANA (Poetry) - 2/3/2009 3:08:18 PM
She was obviously the Real McCoy!

Person to person call for NANA (Poetry) - 2/3/2009 2:08:42 PM
My kind of lady...she sounds like a trooper indeed!

Person to person call for NANA (Poetry) - 2/3/2009 1:58:15 PM
Heartfelt and captivating portrait of a wonderful-sounding woman and lady, Theresa. You have painted her most vividly and your words and sentiment let us know just how deeply you admire and love her. An awesome fullness of character is in your genes, and it shows! :)) xx

Person to person call for NANA (Poetry) - 2/3/2009 1:22:03 PM
Grandmothers are joy in our hearts. We will always remember them. When I was a little girl, I often shared the same bed with my grandma. She liked it when I slept beside her, even though it was a small bed. Lovely tribute to your grandmother indeed!!! Sandie Angel :o)

Person to person call for NANA (Poetry) - 2/3/2009 1:15:58 PM
Your grandmother sounds like an interesting character in her day. It's great to have such wonderful memories of those we've loved.

Person to person call for NANA (Poetry) - 2/3/2009 1:05:53 PM
The love in your heart surely shines in this endearing piece... Be always safe, Karen

Person to person call for NANA (Poetry) - 2/3/2009 12:18:04 PM
Beautifully said Theresa.

Person to person call for NANA (Poetry) - 2/3/2009 12:14:23 PM
Sounds you had a love of your grandmom that is hard to find nowadays...e

Person to person call for NANA (Poetry) - 2/3/2009 11:46:57 AM

HIS GLORY (Poetry) - 2/3/2009 7:33:07 AM
Beautiful it realy touches the heart Elora

In a Daze (Poetry) - 2/2/2009 6:33:41 PM
a beautiful write Theresa lovely reading Love & peace be with you William

In a Daze (Poetry) - 2/2/2009 7:24:24 AM
Beautiful POEM!!!!!!!!! Liana Margiva

HIS GLORY (Poetry) - 2/2/2009 3:23:33 AM
And the Lord said, "Take my hand and go, you never be lost" Georg

In a Daze (Poetry) - 2/2/2009 2:09:32 AM
Some hearts reminds more a red pulsating butterfly than a beating heart. Georg

In a Daze (Poetry) - 2/1/2009 6:08:13 PM
such a simple and beautiful write

HIS GLORY (Poetry) - 2/1/2009 11:55:48 AM
A beautiful write and that picture is glorious. Blessings to you...

HIS GLORY (Poetry) - 2/1/2009 10:53:51 AM
Glorious write Theresa with so many truths...he will reveal in His time the answers we seek for it is written...Just keep reaching and searching and you will find what you seek. Such a wonderful and inspirationsl write Theresa...Love and hugs, Bonnie

In a Daze (Poetry) - 2/1/2009 8:58:13 AM
This is a beautifully written childhood memory that deserves to be captured in poetry. Well done.

In a Daze (Poetry) - 2/1/2009 4:31:22 AM
Butterflies are wondrous, as is your memory.

In a Daze (Poetry) - 1/31/2009 6:19:49 PM
Theresa~! Beautiful image and penned so wonderfully well!! Hugs, Lance

In a Daze (Poetry) - 1/31/2009 5:26:26 PM
Theresa, this is so beautifully-penned. Filled withh wonderful sentiment!!! Sandie Angel :o)

In a Daze (Poetry) - 1/31/2009 4:49:41 PM
SO beautiful is this write warm and flows like a gentle stream...thanking God for his blessings and lovely Theresa, Love and hugs, Bonnie

In a Daze (Poetry) - 1/31/2009 4:48:22 PM
Theresa, Sensuous tender memoir, lovingly expressed; very fine indeed. John

In a Daze (Poetry) - 1/31/2009 2:19:01 PM
Theresa, Gorgeous in image and verse ... delicate hues of love. Well done! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

In a Daze (Poetry) - 1/31/2009 2:00:57 PM
This is as beautiful as it the scent of flowers on a warm summer breeze...well done. Fee

In a Daze (Poetry) - 1/31/2009 1:52:32 PM
Theresa, Butterflies are one of the most unusual and beautiful of God's creatures, you've captured it well. Mary

Time runs out (Poetry) - 1/30/2009 7:17:07 AM
Fabulous! Your words tell of a spiritual and believing person

The Spirit Tree (Poetry) - 1/30/2009 7:15:40 AM
The souls of the woods...are truly captured in your words. Belief that each thing in nature is allowing our minds and hearts to open and hear their cries

LIFE (Poetry) - 1/29/2009 9:52:24 AM
A portrait of life as the the tides ebb back and forth through years of time. Well said Theresa!........M

LIFE (Poetry) - 1/29/2009 2:59:54 AM
Life...friends, love, companionship, tenderness, care, smiles, caresses, poetry, hugs...if only life could contain only them... A touching poem! Georg

LIFE (Poetry) - 1/28/2009 4:52:34 PM
Thank you for sharing Theresa, pure life. Newfie Hugs, Rose

LIFE (Poetry) - 1/28/2009 3:24:03 PM
Beautifully written my dear friend! The point well taken, at this time for me personally. Love and hugs; Sherry

LIFE (Poetry) - 1/28/2009 3:21:29 PM
Very strong statement made in this song of life that you have penned. Glad to hear you are feeling better and recuperating. hugs fee

LIFE (Poetry) - 1/28/2009 2:14:26 PM
Life it is! all the joy, all the sorrow--life, so well said

LIFE (Poetry) - 1/28/2009 11:06:33 AM
A meaningful write, Theresa; I appreciate you philosophical perspective. It makes sense to me. Love and blessings to you, Regis

LIFE (Poetry) - 1/28/2009 10:57:00 AM
You've touched the pulse of life with this poem. Sometimes life feels like an obstacle course, but one thing I've learned from my many years of experience is that if we are goal centered and strive to tackle those problems along life's way, then we become stronger by our effort and more able to deal with the next set of problems. However, we can only do it for ourselves and not for others.... Your last line is a wise statement: "So sad as everyone must learn on their own." Children demand independence before they have the knowledge and intellect to handle responsibility. They seem determined to rush out into the world like explorers, then they stumble and fall, and get up and do it again, and we can only pray they learn from their mistakes. Good write, Theresa.

LIFE (Poetry) - 1/28/2009 10:55:33 AM
Moving write my friend!! Love Tinka

LIFE (Poetry) - 1/28/2009 9:54:31 AM
Oh Theresa this is so beautifully heart touching...What a lovely write of understanding and wise on how you live it. Well done sweet friend, well done. Love and hugs, Bonnie

So Blind (Poetry) - 1/27/2009 8:53:42 AM
well done

So Blind (Poetry) - 1/25/2009 1:26:31 PM
well expressed--wonderful to spend time pondering!

So Blind (Poetry) - 1/25/2009 1:24:53 PM
There is a peacefulness in watching the little critters at play or in flight. Man will never reach that state of near perfection. Their mental makeup--like high-tech computers--has exceeded intellectual need so that life has become one giant jigsaw puzzle--too often without direction.

So Blind (Poetry) - 1/25/2009 11:42:16 AM
Once, the ghost people, told me in a dream that here in this world we had people more blind that the the ones with the blindness affliction, they was the people that don't wanted to see. Your poem call that memory, as it should. Georg

So Blind (Poetry) - 1/25/2009 11:02:09 AM
I hope in the next level, people won't be so blind I love this poem, Theresa. I can understand it. Thank you for sharing your philosophical perspective. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

So Blind (Poetry) - 1/25/2009 10:59:02 AM
Thank you Theresa as it is time for people to open their eyes and appreciate with their heart. Thank you for sharing. Newfie Hugs, Rose

So Blind (Poetry) - 1/25/2009 9:57:49 AM
I love the way you sort of float detached from the reality of life to see what we all too often fail to notice. this morning I had the pleasure to look out my back window and once again see three fine white tail deer that I leave treats of apples out for. their world so simple... fee

So Blind (Poetry) - 1/25/2009 9:03:03 AM
I hope so to Theresa for we spend so much time worrying we forget the blessing we have in front of us. Well written and lovely piece. Love and hugs, Bonnie

Bobci (Poetry) - 1/24/2009 7:27:54 PM
Lovely tribute to Grandma Theresa Peace & love be with you William

Bobci (Poetry) - 1/24/2009 5:41:51 PM
this is such a beautiful write--i couold feel the magic of your Bobci as I read

Bobci (Poetry) - 1/24/2009 5:08:55 AM
WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!! ''The walls painted with abandoned care''--------BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! Liana Margiva

Bobci (Poetry) - 1/24/2009 4:51:45 AM
Thanks to give a tribute to a Grandmother, because I too hold mine in the deepest place of my heart, believing that she was the only one that really demonstrated love. Grandmothers should be held in a special place! Georg

Bobci (Poetry) - 1/23/2009 6:47:25 PM
A loving tribute your your grandma. Great images and rhyme......M

Bobci (Poetry) - 1/23/2009 5:26:29 PM
What a wonderfultribute to a woman who is also a part of you and captured with such clarity in this poem. Fee

Bobci (Poetry) - 1/23/2009 4:47:49 PM
This truly is beautiful, Teri. The imagery and words you chose to convey the experience/love is splendid! Love and Blessings to you. You are most talented! *~:) Love, Dallas

Bobci (Poetry) - 1/23/2009 12:30:03 PM
I loved my Grandma very much. Great poem Theresa. Hope your feeling great. Ron

Bobci (Poetry) - 1/23/2009 8:35:40 AM
Beautiful tribute to your Bobci; well done, Theresa! (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :D

Bobci (Poetry) - 1/23/2009 8:22:57 AM
How so very beautiful Theresa. Your Bobci sounds to be a part of a loving time. Thank you for sharing. Newfie Hugs, Rose

Bobci (Poetry) - 1/23/2009 8:20:31 AM
A wonderful piece, Theresa, and you brought back a few wonderful memories for me of both of my beloved Bobcis.

Bobci (Poetry) - 1/23/2009 8:17:29 AM
A beautiful blending of old and new - you are indeed fortunate to have had Bobci in your life. She lives, anew, in your tribute, in your words: well done, Theresa. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Bobci (Poetry) - 1/23/2009 7:53:44 AM
Wonderful tribute of your grandmother!! Sandie Angel :o)

Bobci (Poetry) - 1/23/2009 7:42:09 AM
I'm in tears at the magnificant beautiful and touching write Theresa, Lovely, Love and hugs, Bonnie

Time runs out (Poetry) - 1/16/2009 9:14:15 AM
This is the 2nd poem I've read of yours that feels much like my own voice & situation, it's almost uncanny! A terrific verse in style, rhyme and incredible impact. My own situation: I too do all these creative things yet, seem to go nowhere, feel like my life is wasted. I meditate yet feel like I'm deaf to the inner Voice - and I'm busy living sparse, feeding abandoned cats.... Well it goes on. But I can't put it into a poem like you... I hope you come through your medical trial without a hitch. blessings, prayers for you - michael

Time runs out (Poetry) - 1/11/2009 9:17:21 AM
Theresa~! Great image and a lovely penning!! LOve and Hugs, Lance

Learn then Climb (Poetry) - 1/11/2009 6:31:00 AM
This is a well written and very good poem.take care Edwin

Time runs out (Poetry) - 1/11/2009 6:28:19 AM
A beautiful and well written poem,take care Edwin

The Fantasy Within (Poetry) - 1/11/2009 4:39:30 AM
The picture is awesome and leaves many questions that verge from "The Fantasy Within" me. Your nice poem complements it wonderfully.

Dawn of the Baby New Year (Poetry) - 1/11/2009 4:34:10 AM
A lovely send off for the New Year. Happy 2009 to you, Theresa. May life be filled with positive understakings and fulfilling joy.

Listening to the doves (Poetry) - 1/11/2009 4:30:52 AM
A beautiful and provocative write, Theresa. Little children observe things with a keen eye for detail without that infernal need to analyze and poke around in the details of something by muddling it with opinions. If we could learn to enjoy nature and all things as a child, just imagine how wonderful it would be to watch that dove sailing across the air on a beautiful sunny day. (I've often wondered if this is why aging adults have good long-term memories, but grow toward short-term memories because they remember things in terms of their opinions rather than in detail.)

Learn then Climb (Poetry) - 1/11/2009 4:21:50 AM
I gained a different message from your poem than you probably intended. It reminded me of dreams I've had of falling, frightening dreams of me sailing through the air after being ejected from a vehicle into a seemingly bottomless space. I'm told that dreams are the processing method for our fears--and hopes--thus; I suppose it is a symbol of not wanting to fail. (In my dreams I also felt a certain peace while being so afraid it woke me up.)

Time runs out (Poetry) - 1/11/2009 4:16:00 AM
A wonderful poem that captures life's purgatory midpoints where we wait for some great occurrence we think will fulfill our lives; yet, we must remember that everything we put into life is what we will get out of it. I rather love that meditative relaxation in the woods while I observe the world around me.

Time runs out (Poetry) - 1/10/2009 4:07:04 PM
A deep felt poem of yearning for answers,we all go through Show your love and believe,Creator does the rest... Love, Eileen

Time runs out (Poetry) - 1/10/2009 6:47:52 AM
I often feel I should be doing oh so much time is a breath...great write! Christine

Time runs out (Poetry) - 1/10/2009 4:36:24 AM
Sometimes many of us feel something is missing in our lives. Its hard to find the elusive dream. Eventually it happens for some and they find peace and solace with in and accept what is....Great poem.....M

Time runs out (Poetry) - 1/9/2009 7:02:11 PM
I wish to hide within the woods wasting all time Lay upon the grass just watching clouds drift by Smelling of the fresh drawn rain dancing all about Still something is missing before my time runs out These sentiments somehow feel very familiar to me, Theresa. Sometime when I close my eyes I can feel time flow past my face like a breeze. Thank you for sharing your gift. Love and best wishes, Regis

Time runs out (Poetry) - 1/8/2009 4:48:22 PM
I think this one captures the feeling of aging and life passing by so quickly. I often feel and it seems the older I get the more I feel that I am missing somthing but I just keep trying to do the best I can, that's all we can do. fee

Time runs out (Poetry) - 1/8/2009 3:21:37 PM
Theresa, Just keep on doing what you're doing; be still, and know that He is God. He will not give you more than you can bear: just trust in Him. :) Especially when He seems far removed and silent. Well done, my friend. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Time runs out (Poetry) - 1/8/2009 12:05:55 PM
What a thought provoking write'll hear what your spirit wants when you mind is at rest. You'll awaken with a thought that you have no idea from whense it came. Follow it and you'll find your destiny. Love and hugs, Bonnie

Learn then Climb (Poetry) - 1/8/2009 5:28:18 AM
excellent write Theresa Love & peace be with you William

Learn then Climb (Poetry) - 1/7/2009 11:58:03 AM
For some reason I really like the picture and your write. Ron

Learn then Climb (Poetry) - 1/7/2009 7:33:34 AM
Interesting rhythm this one; it's in four time but each line seems to have unity with the others not through rhyme but the meter. Almost makes a rocking up then down motion on each line. And I guess that rising and falling feel is appropriate given the subject. I like the title coming out of the last line...pretty difficult to write I'd say Later, michael

Learn then Climb (Poetry) - 1/7/2009 4:42:17 AM
We can only fall so far before we start to climb and it is okay to accept the help from others along our way. Thank you for sharing Theresa Newfie Hugs, Rose

Learn then Climb (Poetry) - 1/6/2009 7:16:10 PM
With each step of our journey we must first learn to walk before we can run, filled with wisdom in such a delicate, gentle fashion... Be always safe, Karen

Listening to the doves (Poetry) - 1/6/2009 1:49:56 PM
I have often wondered about some of the same things you wrote about and wondered if my mother saw and relished the sounds of nature and life . I think she did as she grew up on a farm. Dove sing their own specia songs...M

Learn then Climb (Poetry) - 1/6/2009 1:45:30 PM
Great write! Sometimes one has to fall so they can be reminded of how precious things are . Its then they realize , and start climbing up ward again. I've been there , done that...M

Learn then Climb (Poetry) - 1/6/2009 10:45:32 AM
Very spiritually thought awakening...just how far must we fall in order to learn to climb back up and can we do it alone without anothers help...imteresting indeed Theresa. hugs fee

Learn then Climb (Poetry) - 1/6/2009 9:18:28 AM
Very, very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Liana Margiva

Learn then Climb (Poetry) - 1/6/2009 9:11:31 AM
A poignant, heartfelt write, Theresa, powerfully imaged and penned. Well done. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Listening to the doves (Poetry) - 1/5/2009 4:27:46 AM
Beautiful!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Liana Margiva

Listening to the doves (Poetry) - 1/5/2009 4:19:39 AM
Why don’t people just live with a love for all things, I thought I often sadly wonder the same, and I also love listening to those doves.

Listening to the doves (Poetry) - 1/5/2009 3:43:22 AM
An enjoyable and beautiful poem you have written,I love looking at doves.They are indeed beautiful creatures to see and witness.take good care of yourself Edwin

Listening to the doves (Poetry) - 1/4/2009 7:04:38 PM
Beautifully written and sound advice to share as well. Yes, life is to be enjoyed... Be always safe, Karen

Listening to the doves (Poetry) - 1/4/2009 1:59:47 PM
Thank you Theresa for sharing a beautiful write with us. Newfie hugs, Rose

Listening to the doves (Poetry) - 1/4/2009 1:38:26 PM
After viewing your photo/bio page (I was in awe of it's hi-tech) It was catching and lovely but your poem "blew me away" First of yours I've read (I've been a slacker going through the poetry listings here) What a wonderful flowing prose/poem of pure honesty and thoughts that I too have thought so often. You know you're good when people tell you that! And the title is perfect. Seems like we like the same kind of music; Robbie Robertson, Enya, Native American... I'll be back...michael

Listening to the doves (Poetry) - 1/4/2009 10:00:43 AM
Superb poem,poignant and hauntingly, beautifully. expressed!

Listening to the doves (Poetry) - 1/4/2009 9:55:31 AM
What a fantastic write my friend. Lovely write all the way through and so precious to read. Love and hugs, Bonnie

Listening to the doves (Poetry) - 1/4/2009 8:51:17 AM
A precious write Theresa Have a great 2009 Ron

Listening to the doves (Poetry) - 1/4/2009 8:43:03 AM
Listening to the serenity in these beautiful lines: yes, I hear them. Well done, Theresa! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Listening to the doves (Poetry) - 1/4/2009 8:39:01 AM
Most beautiful refreshing read...I could hear the doves!! Happy New Year Theresa!! Love Tinka

Dawn of the Baby New Year (Poetry) - 1/2/2009 6:29:14 AM
I truly hope it's a good one, and Happy New Year to you, Theresa. Love the pic!

Dawn of the Baby New Year (Poetry) - 1/1/2009 8:34:48 PM
Beautiful message poem,Theresa! Thank you! I love that photo! I pray 2009 will be good to you and yours!

Dawn of the Baby New Year (Poetry) - 1/1/2009 11:56:18 AM
The turn of the new year is, indeed, a spiritual experience...well done...Jerry

Dawn of the Baby New Year (Poetry) - 1/1/2009 9:45:45 AM
Theresa~! Finely penned, "Dawn of the Baby New Year" is a wonderful poem!! Happy 2009, Lance

Dawn of the Baby New Year (Poetry) - 1/1/2009 2:58:02 AM
lovely work, prospero ano nuevo

Dawn of the Baby New Year (Poetry) - 12/31/2008 7:14:23 PM
Wow this is a beautiful picture Theresa. Already tou make the NEW YEAR bright and beautiful. Thank you for sharing. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours. Newfie hugs, Rose

Dawn of the Baby New Year (Poetry) - 12/31/2008 3:10:04 PM
Your photography is perfect for your words, Theresa... a sense of ushering in and an ushering out. Twilight wishes of hello and goodbye. I love the sense of awe and reverence in the whispered tone. May your baby grow bouncing and strong as the months progress into spring! :)) xx

Dawn of the Baby New Year (Poetry) - 12/31/2008 2:35:41 PM
Like your wonderful take on New Years as a baby just being born, hope mankind will treat her more wisely then we have in past. hugs and all the best Theresa Fee

Dawn of the Baby New Year (Poetry) - 12/31/2008 12:51:41 PM
Spiritually compelling and uplifting; thank you for sharing these worthy sentiments, Theresa. Love and best wishes to you for the new year and always, Regis

Dawn of the Baby New Year (Poetry) - 12/31/2008 11:11:46 AM
Very warm sentiments indeed! I wish you a very Happy New Year, with much peace, love, and lightness, Amber "V"

Dawn of the Baby New Year (Poetry) - 12/31/2008 8:52:27 AM
Theresa, Beautiful thoughts (and image) as we approach 2009. I pray we are better to the Baby than we were last year ... sadly, it's starting off on the wrong foot, with continuing recession, war, and apathy ... I'll look for that Baby to smile and spread His love. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla. Happy New Year!

The Fantasy Within (Poetry) - 12/31/2008 8:17:08 AM
I love the photo Theresa and the fantasy write is fantastic. thank you for sharing the innocence. Happy New Year to you and yours. Newfie hugs, Rose

The Fantasy Within (Poetry) - 12/30/2008 5:52:27 PM
Very interesting photograph! An enlightened spirit from within... Be always safe, Karen

The Fantasy Within (Poetry) - 12/30/2008 2:10:30 PM
Enjoyed this one Theresa, so many possibilities and interpretations depending on the readers feelings and spirits. fee

Sentiments (Poetry) - 12/30/2008 12:14:52 PM
That is truly the right kind of legacy to be sought, Theresa. Nicely expressed. Love and blessings to you, Regis

The Fantasy Within (Poetry) - 12/30/2008 12:14:43 PM
Theresa, This is absolutely precious, and magically penned! Well done! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

The Fantasy Within (Poetry) - 12/30/2008 12:13:18 PM
And the fantasy within my soul was born And thus is the door opened to countless possibilities. Thank you, Theresa. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

The Aching Dawn (Poetry) - 12/2/2008 4:09:45 AM
Great images ! I can see what you wrote....M

Sentiments (Poetry) - 12/2/2008 4:07:41 AM
A great poem. Many hope to leave a legacy of some type for our children and grandkids and future generations! LOVE IS ONE OF THE BEST....M

Sentiments (Poetry) - 12/1/2008 1:11:08 AM

The Aching Dawn (Poetry) - 11/30/2008 2:39:38 PM
Where in heavens do you live? I read this as a very fine nature poem.

Sentiments (Poetry) - 11/29/2008 5:35:57 PM
Oh Theresa your love for them will never be forgotten, neither will your words you share from your heart. Thank you for sharing both the beauty within your words and the photo. Newfie hugs, Rose

Sentiments (Poetry) - 11/29/2008 10:16:57 AM
Oh my,this is so beautiful sweet well and safe...Hugs

Sentiments (Poetry) - 11/29/2008 5:04:50 AM
There is no love like a Mothers love, beautifully written Teresa very beautiful. Love, Bonnie

Sentiments (Poetry) - 11/29/2008 3:59:01 AM
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Liana Margiva

Sentiments (Poetry) - 11/28/2008 8:53:43 PM
I am sure they will, especially with a poem as beautiful as this.....they are cute, too, lol.

Sentiments (Poetry) - 11/28/2008 8:08:21 PM
beautiful sentiments well expressed--time passes and history is lost-that is sad

Sentiments (Poetry) - 11/28/2008 7:40:10 PM
A most beautiful testiment to love, in image and verse: well done, Theresa. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Sentiments (Poetry) - 11/28/2008 7:37:30 PM
This is a sweet poem and they will always remember your love.A mother's love is so special :-).take care Edwin

The Aching Dawn (Poetry) - 11/4/2008 3:56:30 PM
I felt right there along with you when reading this, lovely.

The Aching Dawn (Poetry) - 11/3/2008 3:33:33 PM
Theresa Such a strong focus and setting, you took me there with your vivid detail and all the characters play so well their vital parts. Fine writing. John

The Aching Dawn (Poetry) - 11/3/2008 8:16:22 AM
I felt like I was there…with the doves and howling coyotes. Well done. Beautiful! Take care, William

The Aching Dawn (Poetry) - 11/3/2008 5:12:09 AM

The Aching Dawn (Poetry) - 11/3/2008 4:43:12 AM
Very nice, I like it a lot!!!!!!!!!! Liana Margiva

The Aching Dawn (Poetry) - 11/2/2008 8:46:08 PM
through this quite vivid poem you've helped me visualize something i have not seen ...

The Aching Dawn (Poetry) - 11/2/2008 6:02:39 PM
Beautiful! (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :D

Beware Little Darlings!!! (Poetry) - 11/2/2008 11:41:45 AM
A deligthful, apt, and timely offering, Theresa. Thank you for sharing it. Love and peace to you, Regis

The Aching Dawn (Poetry) - 11/2/2008 11:40:44 AM
You have recreated and shared the wonderful ambiance of your "space" very effectively via your verses here, Theresa. Thank you for sharing this gift. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

The Aching Dawn (Poetry) - 11/2/2008 10:51:14 AM
Love this sharing of your view of the great outdoors in your neighbourhood...great imagery Fee

The Aching Dawn (Poetry) - 11/2/2008 8:05:45 AM
You've captured the desert in these parts beautifully. Elizabeth

The Aching Dawn (Poetry) - 11/2/2008 7:26:00 AM
Such beautiful imagery in these lines, Theresa, you take me there in poetry and image: thank you. Well done. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Beware Little Darlings!!! (Poetry) - 10/22/2008 9:20:18 AM
The spirit of Halloween shines in this! Great fun, thank you for sharing it with us!

Beware Little Darlings!!! (Poetry) - 10/20/2008 9:38:00 PM
Love your delightful write Theresa... Ron

Beware Little Darlings!!! (Poetry) - 10/19/2008 7:38:49 PM
sweet puppy!!! very nice write

Beware Little Darlings!!! (Poetry) - 10/19/2008 7:25:48 PM
Oh what an adorable photograph. We just bought our two puppies Halloween costumes. They will be big bright orange pumpkins this year, can hardly wait. This piece is absolutely fantastic and enjoyed every moment of it, great writing... Happy Halloween.......... Be always safe, Karen

Beware Little Darlings!!! (Poetry) - 10/19/2008 6:54:52 PM
Loved it Theresa this one I'll save to read to my granddaughters Happy Halloween William

Beware Little Darlings!!! (Poetry) - 10/19/2008 2:46:03 PM
Theresa, absolutely charming. Elizabeth

Beware Little Darlings!!! (Poetry) - 10/19/2008 2:11:07 PM
Theresa, You forgot one important element. The StormSpinner has to make sure it's a perfectly wicked night! Lots of lightning, thunder and howling wind ... hmmmmmmmmmm. I'll forgive you, though, because this is a wonderful, deliciously shiver-y Hallowe'en delight! Very well done (and awwwwwwwwww that pic). (((HUGS))) and Happy BOO! day to you, Karla. *StormSpinner*

Beware Little Darlings!!! (Poetry) - 10/19/2008 1:39:13 PM
WEll done hope to see you at the AD Halloween Bash Theresa. Fee

Beware Little Darlings!!! (Poetry) - 10/19/2008 1:02:37 PM
Cute write for this spooky time of year, but I really don't celebrate Hallowe'en. (I go to a Harvest Festival that our church puts on; have done so for the past several years.) (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :D Adorable piccy!

I (Poetry) - 10/12/2008 4:14:17 PM
The Earth is more than an island within the takes only the opening of the mind to see the real and underlying facts of the spiritual world... nice work... Art Sun...

I (Poetry) - 10/10/2008 6:48:23 PM
May the thousand-armed goddess of mercy protect you from any lingering negativity! Dark matter, dark energies certainly exist; there is so much solemnity and lack of light-heartedness in the world.

I (Poetry) - 10/9/2008 5:39:50 PM
Erratic energies, the perception of "things" that not every eye can see, changing, shifting... Interesting vision. Axilea

I (Poetry) - 10/9/2008 2:57:48 PM
..had to read this twice... much to ponder...excellent write!

I (Poetry) - 10/9/2008 1:49:24 PM
The battles fought between good vs. evil will continue through and maybe even past the end of time.... Be always safe, Karen

I (Poetry) - 10/9/2008 4:03:36 AM
Another great write Theresa thank you for sharing. Newfie Hugs, Rose

I (Poetry) - 10/9/2008 3:42:50 AM
The fight of good versus evil fights on Around us on earths skin I weep for her So do I, Theresa, and most powerfully penned.

I (Poetry) - 10/8/2008 10:25:58 PM
Like heat rising from pavement on a hot day...they are mirages which move, think, interact, and feel. Can't we all see them? I like how the voice in this poem seems to be searching for answers. Sheila

I (Poetry) - 10/8/2008 9:18:41 PM
I really enjoyed this write Teri, very profound! Makes me wonder about those tiny lights I see during the daylight. Love and hugs; Sherry

I (Poetry) - 10/8/2008 7:00:39 PM
intense, profound well written!

I (Poetry) - 10/8/2008 6:51:58 PM
Oh, I love this one, Theresa, image, poem - deeply affecting! Well done! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

I (Poetry) - 10/8/2008 6:01:16 PM
A lot of thought in this one Intense... Love and peace Ron

I (Poetry) - 10/8/2008 4:35:02 PM
excellent and profound write Love & peace be with you William

I (Poetry) - 10/8/2008 4:00:30 PM
Theresa I like where you go and where you take the reader with this, and I like the intensity of thought and expression. John

I (Poetry) - 10/8/2008 2:46:46 PM
Quizical telepathy feeling a charge of energy sweeping around you,'s your aura field dusting out life's debris...intuition embedded in your soul enlightens you of the deception and its's just a matter of cleaning out the negativity that interferes with the positive ions transmitting in your brain waves and intuitive perceptors...nice work eye emits mysterious foretelling...tap into it...psychic and cosmic... Love, Sage

I (Poetry) - 10/8/2008 11:46:38 AM
Intense indeed and the struggles of the rightous are many but hopefully the rewards will prove their right. hugs fee

I (Poetry) - 10/8/2008 11:35:33 AM
That is so good I love it Mom it is very moving

First Autumn Snow (Poetry) - 10/5/2008 3:55:25 AM
enjoyed the read

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