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Recent Reviews for anne cunningham

Do Not Sleep Forever, Beauty (Short Story) - 5/14/2006 10:27:52 AM
Wow! This seems so real, Anne. Thank you for sharing this gift. Love and peace to you, Regis

The Raspberry Man and His Tomato Lady (Short Story) - 7/13/2005 8:16:43 AM
A poignant write, Anne, nicely paced, with an ending that unfolds naturally and at just the right moment. I especially like the title. Well done. Regards, J. Conrad Guest

Napping, Knapping, Napping (Short Story) - 7/6/2005 9:52:51 AM
A feast for the senses, Anne, and for the pleasure of good writing.

The Raspberry Man and His Tomato Lady (Short Story) - 2/14/2005 7:48:26 AM
I really enjoyed the story.Your perception of "true love" is expressed throughout the piece,in a tender and melancholic manner. A rare piece ,slice of life...and love how you analyse the relationship that holds these two together. Anne Pawlak

Filling In the Blanks In Blank's Apartment (Short Story) - 10/1/2004 2:36:48 AM
I comment not on this piece, but on many. I read this, and then another. I started at 7.37 intending to write. At 10.30 it started to rain and I didn't notice. I began reading in sunshine. The rain came only as the rhythm of the things I read changed. As if I was reading the day there on my notebook.

Napping, Knapping, Napping (Short Story) - 6/27/2004 1:14:12 AM
An interesting slice-of-life. Strongly nostalgic and evocative.

The Raspberry Man and His Tomato Lady (Short Story) - 6/13/2004 8:32:41 PM
Dear Anne: Read two of your stories. Your writing is precise, elegant, misses none of the required elements. However, as you say, they are slice of life. I would suggest you move to something entirely fictional, and completely stop writing in the first person for the next ten stories and see what you have. You're ready to make the move, and your writing will carry you, but you must tell me a story, not dazzle me with a tour de force of your facility of language. Wonderful writing, time to move on to something bigger. Best, Gerald

Filling In the Blanks In Blank's Apartment (Short Story) - 4/4/2004 5:18:57 PM
well done

Filling In the Blanks In Blank's Apartment (Short Story) - 1/15/2004 4:49:14 PM
Anne: I love your writing style! Your colorful descriptions and uniquely brilliant perspective put a torqued spin on your words. Your grammar could use a little work, but I'll tell you what--I learned a lot from your writing style. Thank you. Scott

The Raspberry Man and His Tomato Lady (Short Story) - 1/5/2004 7:30:13 AM
Anne....this has the similiar feel to my story Dances....the mourning of a marriage, of what it is and could have been. This story has some excellant images, glimmers and sparks. You use your poetic talents here in a very strong way--narration, narration, narration!

The Raspberry Man and His Tomato Lady (Short Story) - 11/26/2003 11:37:11 AM
That was awesome. It's not often that we get to reflect on how truly successful people enjoy their lives. The Rasberry Man and his Lady Tomato are simple yet far more profound than anything one might get on "Entertainment Tonight". My point is, I wish people would seek out more stories like this than the petty, glamour stories that seem to overshadow the value of dedication. This is art.

The Raspberry Man and His Tomato Lady (Short Story) - 11/18/2003 6:26:59 AM
Great example of a decision made in a moment that took a lifetime to make. Wonderful deep, loving write!

The Raspberry Man and His Tomato Lady (Short Story) - 8/20/2003 12:29:06 PM
excellent story, anne; i truly enjoyed this! :D (((HUGS))) and love, your texas friend, karen lynn. well done!

What Exactly, Do I Do All Day? (Article) - 12/1/2005 8:05:21 AM
sheesh! you need some rest honey! I confess that I scanned the article, having not enough time to read it through. fascinating career.

Happy Holidays from Trauma Central, Anywhere, USA (Article) - 5/18/2004 10:37:04 PM
God, that's great! g

What Exactly, Do I Do All Day? (Article) - 4/21/2004 1:37:53 PM
(((anne))) fascinating account of what it is you do all day--much better than an episode of "e.r.", 'cause this rings with the truth well done--compelling read that kept me glued (((HUGS))) and love, karla. :)

What Exactly, Do I Do All Day? (Article) - 4/21/2004 12:44:12 PM
interesting article,

What Exactly, Do I Do All Day? (Article) - 4/4/2004 5:17:39 PM
enjoyed the read

What Exactly, Do I Do All Day? (Article) - 4/2/2004 5:30:02 PM
And I thought it was all fun and games! Sounds as hectic as ER. Now when you mention the workload I can relate. Thanks Anne. Gary

What Exactly, Do I Do All Day? (Article) - 4/2/2004 3:32:44 PM
This sounds too much like work. :-) Makes me appreciate what you do for us all. Thanks for sharing your daily life with us. Debbie

Happy Holidays from Trauma Central, Anywhere, USA (Article) - 1/19/2004 4:31:32 AM
My Mum worked in Casualty for many years…some of the things she seen would make her pale for days…..and I swear she smoked more. There is one case that she can’t forget…a lady who’s husband had taken their little girl off to the side of the road for a toilet stop… a big truck came past and swept them both away. (he was on tablets to stay awake…and fell asleep..trying to beat time) When they brought the Mother in she was so much in shock……she requested a huge cooked breakfast as she said she was starving..Mum said..the woman was still lucky then…..she hadn’t realised what had happened… was so terrible her mind refused to believe it. Nurses deserve our utter respect and admiration. A very well written piece……ty, Dani

Happy Holidays from Trauma Central, Anywhere, USA (Article) - 12/3/2003 4:01:59 PM
(((anne))) your wield your humor like a finely honed scalpel--cut straight to the funny bone--BRAVA, well done (((HUGS))) and love, karla. :)

Happy Holidays from Trauma Central, Anywhere, USA (Article) - 11/29/2003 8:12:27 AM
Insightful piece! I particularly like your comment on confidentiality.

Happy Holidays from Trauma Central, Anywhere, USA (Article) - 11/28/2003 6:21:51 PM
LOL ... this is great. Thanks.

Happy Holidays from Trauma Central, Anywhere, USA (Article) - 11/27/2003 6:59:18 PM
Happy Thanksgiving from a 585 (Chronic Renal Failure-- on dialysis). :)

Happy Holidays from Trauma Central, Anywhere, USA (Article) - 11/27/2003 2:58:04 PM
Happy Thanksgiving :-) Those of the medical field are truly the unsung hero's! Thank you for the advice and an insight into your life. Nothing is like TV in real life is it? Sad there are those that would agrue me on that.

spring meditation (Poetry) - 11/1/2009 9:09:30 PM
kenny nailed it! Admirable!! xOx 'Pea' xOx

spring meditation (Poetry) - 12/30/2008 7:55:42 PM
Lovely sounds and the spirit of China's flowers and birds delicately captured.

jigsaw sky (Poetry) - 9/6/2008 2:39:06 PM
So happy I came back to this place to read the poetry I so longed for. Someday we should lay in the tall grass and use our child-like imaginations as the clouds sil past in the deep blueness of the sky. g~

Sad Breathing (Poetry) - 9/6/2008 2:35:25 PM
A wonderful write Anne. You make it all so peaceful and warm...not so sad. g~

spring meditation (Poetry) - 8/2/2008 12:18:00 PM
Hi Anne, I read your poem,"spring meditation". I found it arrives at a crescendo when Spring finally arrives. Enjoyed this very much. Please feel free to visit my site here in the "Den".

spring meditation (Poetry) - 7/10/2008 4:38:31 AM
Wonderful enjoyed thank you for sharing. ~Gwendolyn

spring meditation (Poetry) - 6/15/2008 12:35:35 PM
To me, your verses evoke symbolism and much meaning, Anne. Thank you for sharing this offering. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

spring meditation (Poetry) - 6/14/2008 7:20:28 PM
Interesting images that strike out with the power of nature and life. Well done Anne. hugs Fee

spring meditation (Poetry) - 6/14/2008 4:27:45 PM
This is written as if you were watching it happen! Your words are read as if I were there, watching! Truly, a poem for Spring and life in the happening! I DO like this one. - Bill

spring meditation (Poetry) - 6/14/2008 1:46:24 PM
Love to watch the mourning doves on the telephone wires around my place and also like morning glory vines. My aunt had them out from her back porch. I have none now, but like them anyway. Wonderful write.

spring meditation (Poetry) - 6/14/2008 1:16:59 PM
Absolutely lovely writing about two of my favorite things. Wonderful!

Weaving In Real Time (Poetry) - 6/13/2008 7:16:03 AM
Good write and a real way of experiencing weaving things into our lives. So peaceful and calm.

Grace Period (Poetry) - 6/13/2008 7:14:04 AM
Nothing like swinging wherever you are, at the park, in your own backyard, everywhere there is a swing. We had a swing in our backyard, a wooden 4 seater and we always sat til about 2 a.m. in the morning with the neighbor lady Faye gossipping about the ones in the neighborhood. No air conditioning those days and too hot in house to sleep. We had many a good night out on that swing. Brings back good memories.

Too New For You (Poetry) - 6/13/2008 7:11:39 AM
Rjection can lead to depression. HOpe you conquered it and are going on with your life, keeping busy and being brave too. This is full of emotions and you have written them down and can now let them go and find true happiness again when you are ready.

found, you too?! (Poetry) - 6/13/2008 7:09:52 AM
Used to have a lavendar painted bedroom with fixings of that color in my teens. My mother did not like it too much but did it up to please me. I hope you find someone to please soon if you have not already. Lots of love and stay in there with your dreams.

Backstacks (Poetry) - 6/13/2008 7:08:00 AM
Love to read books, love to read poetry. These are great, simply but true written.

Backstacks (Poetry) - 5/4/2008 11:24:51 AM
Your imaginative mind clearly is revealed within your verses, Anne. Thank you for sharing this offering. Love and best wishes, Regis

Backstacks (Poetry) - 5/3/2008 1:39:39 PM
Sometimes book titles and items around us create the best poems. Fee

coming clean (Poetry) - 5/2/2008 11:03:43 AM
I can almost feel the mist on my face and the dew on the grass below my feet as I wonder the dark of night my mind in chaos. I have been there and done that. Great write Anne. Fee

coming clean (Poetry) - 5/2/2008 10:43:38 AM
It's alright. The confusion will go away. You write for yourself, writing for others. This is unique, and I was caught up in words that said something. Will read others as you post. Welcome. - Bill

Narrow View (Poetry) - 5/1/2008 1:47:22 PM
As a self styled want to be poet and a semi almost professional back ground actor this write intriqued me and caught my interest with all kinds of wonderful thoughts springing up from each verse. Enjoyed. hugs Fee

Narrow View (Poetry) - 5/1/2008 1:20:31 PM
How clever... I especially love the first stanza and the pun of "bored directors" hee, hee... Cryssa

Narrow View (Poetry) - 5/1/2008 1:00:21 PM
Terrific word choices; I enjoyed the construct of your composition.

Pilot Light (Poetry) - 6/26/2007 2:34:24 PM
Dear Anne; VERY well done, indeed. If you will, try my "The Light at the End of the Tunnel". Doc

A Siren Song (Poetry) - 6/26/2007 2:31:12 PM
Dear Anne; This IS about suicide... right? That last stanza seems to seal it so. You may enjoy my "Lord and Lady Shade" and "Nosferatu Aeterna". Nicely done, Hanley

found, you too?! (Poetry) - 6/18/2007 9:34:11 AM
Glorious from nature - Finds oneself willing {beautiful} evol=love Ted

going, going, gone ... (Poetry) - 5/27/2007 11:36:09 AM
hi!Anne, I read your poem,"going,going,gone" I found it very lyrical. Have you ever considered writing songs? Wishing you all the best! Please feel free to visit my site at and here in the "Den".

found, you too?! (Poetry) - 4/14/2007 2:02:27 PM
God, you're lucky (and talented!)

found, you too?! (Poetry) - 4/5/2007 6:04:52 AM
words tinged with both sadness and hope. well said and written Bill

found, you too?! (Poetry) - 3/26/2007 6:58:22 AM
purple sheers are nice and hard to outdo. 'we are far from lost' is really positive and gives hope. thanks for sharing.

found, you too?! (Poetry) - 3/26/2007 5:51:47 AM
Wonderful. An uplifting poem that many people should read to get them out of the blues.

found, you too?! (Poetry) - 3/26/2007 3:20:37 AM
Anne, Beautiful in thought and context. When I can no longer count the seasons I'll at last, be at home.

found, you too?! (Poetry) - 3/26/2007 1:47:07 AM
Inspiring write of new hope as the Easter season fasts approaches, great grasp of word play and formatting. I like this one. Fee

found, you too?! (Poetry) - 3/25/2007 9:25:49 PM
Certainly, your words draw me in. I hope the sentiments are true for you. Love and peace, Regis

found, you too?! (Poetry) - 3/25/2007 7:58:02 PM
Such sadness in your lines, Anne, yet a glimmer of hope: well done. Might want to check the fourth line from the top. "...use to...." Is it my persnicketiness (is that a word? LOL, but shouldn't it be "...used to...."? Just wondering... (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

going, going, gone ... (Poetry) - 2/18/2007 2:33:29 PM
Wow this is American down home poetry at it's best, could with the strum of a string be turned to a bluegrass hit and sang to the rafters. This is the first time I have read your work anne but look forward to readin more of you in the future. Felix L. Perry

For Crying, Out Loud (Poetry) - 1/29/2007 8:35:23 PM
As always, I love your work.....long time.

going, going, gone ... (Poetry) - 12/19/2006 9:36:52 AM
love 'free falling' - and this poem. great to read you again, ty :)

going, going, gone ... (Poetry) - 11/17/2006 2:24:46 PM
First off...a great picture to go with this. And the merging of everyday tasks to ponder life's purpose was a great idea. This one has an edge that makes me wonder how things matter or not, with each passing day. Gary

going, going, gone ... (Poetry) - 11/13/2006 4:16:47 PM
great post here--a lot to think about and sing about (it's musical) i'm ignorant about reseda--where is it or was it? cheers

going, going, gone ... (Poetry) - 11/12/2006 9:13:51 PM
its her choice.... i remember that the 80's i lived in reseda, but not anymore... its all about choices

going, going, gone ... (Poetry) - 11/9/2006 9:54:51 PM
"cotton to metal, bedraggled linen, pushing meat through the trap, the way to go, right? ... except when it isn’t." Appropiating verse, Anne! Now, you are slaying me. Love this iconic slice of history, how young we were... Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen

going, going, gone ... (Poetry) - 11/8/2006 11:36:43 PM
Put a dollar in a round room and tell an irishman it's in the corner, He'll never work it out... The monotony of a good girls lot... till she breaks the chains..

going, going, gone ... (Poetry) - 11/8/2006 8:06:58 PM
Excellent work, Anne. Thank you. Tami

Too New For You (Poetry) - 10/26/2006 7:00:02 AM
What a good title. "weeks that are brave enough to follow" is a gem. Cheers

Sad Breathing (Poetry) - 10/26/2006 6:56:59 AM
Sincere. If this is soft and useless, then don't lose it. Instead, work with it. Cheers

Counting Bruises (Poetry) - 10/16/2006 3:19:51 PM
sort of haunting this one is. one is afraid to ask after it. it's quite terse(is that the word?) which is good in my view cheers

at a loss for words (Poetry) - 10/10/2006 8:37:01 PM
this is really enjoyable and so special cheers

Longing for the City, is the Country Mouse (Poetry) - 9/4/2006 11:45:29 AM
Your talent is great just as is your title and rhythm. It's a pleasure to see your new postings. Luck.

A Siren Song (Poetry) - 9/4/2006 11:42:42 AM
"bed of pine beneath my feet" is really super in this good read. Thanks for sharing. :)

A Siren Song (Poetry) - 8/31/2006 6:32:14 PM
"A Siren Song" The serenity is marvelous, an enjoyable read! Thank you for sharing, Gwendolyn

A Siren Song (Poetry) - 8/7/2006 1:32:24 PM
Beautifully expressed, Anne. Peace & Blessings, Carolyn

Longing for the City, is the Country Mouse (Poetry) - 8/7/2006 10:35:39 AM
Vivid capture of time & place & sentiment, thank you for sharing this. Kathy.

A Siren Song (Poetry) - 8/5/2006 5:36:50 AM
Wonderful painting and poem! Sandie May Angel a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

A Siren Song (Poetry) - 8/4/2006 7:43:54 PM
The words are so true, how the song calls. With the medival background it sounds romantic as hell. Gary

A Siren Song (Poetry) - 8/4/2006 7:23:56 PM
Very rich tapestry of images about a subject that has been around since the Garden of Eden almost. Well done girl. Fee

A Siren Song (Poetry) - 8/4/2006 6:49:16 PM
~~Anne~~wonderful poem...for me this is very spiritually moving~~ ~~martin~~

A Siren Song (Poetry) - 8/4/2006 6:09:38 PM
Anne A great feel of liberation runs through the thread of this gorgeous and succinct poem Peter

The Wise of it and How (Poetry) - 7/26/2006 11:59:09 AM
A death toll, indeed, Anne. A good use of repetition to signify the repeated scenes of a relationship coming apart, stitch by stitch.

A Terrible Parable That Doesn't Work In Process (Poetry) - 7/25/2006 6:24:29 PM
Anne, If there was anything written with more precision, I want to see it. Each word, each phase, every line is...wonderful in the mind. It is written such that I must believe it true, the deepest thoughts can be conveyed in some form. Not sure if this is off the cuff or had been a diamond in the rough, but it is just that. A diamond. I'm humbled. Gary

Longing for the City, is the Country Mouse (Poetry) - 7/17/2006 8:21:18 PM
Extraordinary have 'taken me away' and back to a slower time and a place I miss.. Taylor

Longing for the City, is the Country Mouse (Poetry) - 7/17/2006 5:24:50 PM
Unlike the city, the country life has a slower pace and is more relaxing; so time-wise seems to be more for us to enjoy life. Wonderful write! Sandie May Angel a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

How These Things Happen (Poetry) - 7/15/2006 8:33:07 AM
Just a beautiful and sensual piece...a moment we have all memorized. Taylor

How These Things Happen (Poetry) - 7/14/2006 8:10:06 PM
w.t.g. girlie girl: this is an awsum write. aunt aamie is proud for you.

How These Things Happen (Poetry) - 7/14/2006 7:55:39 PM
Ouch, and, Hurrah... Anne, you have a lovely punch, which disitegrates those events which seem closest to our hearts. Or, melds them. Or makes them. Or, absolves them... I experienced this piece with relish, and then some... Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen

Sad Breathing (Poetry) - 7/14/2006 5:30:39 PM
What a wonderful tribute are your tears and your words to someone who was so much a part of your life and you of her death. Well written and very intense look at loss. Fee

Face Off (Poetry) - 7/14/2006 5:25:21 PM
Intense poem on the affects of guilt on the ones who sin as well as the victims. Fee

Face Off (Poetry) - 7/14/2006 5:20:59 PM
Mighty web we weave when we deceive... Never again for me..Though I was a mere teenager. I went to Fulham. I had been so disloyal to Arsenal FC..Never again..My love since I was 7.. Now we have a new stadium I should never be late again or stand them up again... Just glad Thierry Henry feels the same...Woman may let me down..But never my first love....

Too New For You (Poetry) - 7/14/2006 3:43:26 AM
Anne this is extraordinary, deep thought combined with deep emotions to create a meaningful if a little painful write. Fee

Too New For You (Poetry) - 7/13/2006 7:34:11 PM
~~Anne~~such a sad poem..i feel the hurt in this wonderful poem~~ ~~martin~~

something ... (Poetry) - 7/12/2006 9:46:44 AM
Anne, this poem grabs you with the first word and never lets go. Profound and moving! Joy

something ... (Poetry) - 6/10/2006 10:58:46 PM
Jeez, Anne, I keened all through this piece, aloud, because my family's asleep, and I can... the image is haunting, and, gorgeous. Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen

something ... (Poetry) - 6/8/2006 3:52:08 PM
INteresting use of the environment and natural wildlife to capture the hurt of loves ache. Well done Anne. Fee

something ... (Poetry) - 6/8/2006 4:38:31 AM
Very well done! I especially like the last stanza!

something ... (Poetry) - 6/8/2006 4:23:15 AM
Much depth in so few words that express life's anguish and in how much we have given.

something ... (Poetry) - 6/8/2006 1:02:09 AM
Well presented and written Dear Anne! Love the depth and continuity of this. And, the drawing too! Love, Suzie :-D

Becoming Me (Poetry) - 6/4/2006 5:19:51 PM
Plath always expected to be rescued, even from ending herself; Sexton robbed us of her possabilities: if they had explored eachother they might have endured. AB PS: come read me [aamie burnley] at

Becoming Me (Poetry) - 6/3/2006 8:46:19 AM
Beautiful. Gary

Becoming Me (Poetry) - 6/2/2006 7:52:03 PM
Incongruous sentences that come together in the end. Love the art.

It's Not That (Poetry) - 6/1/2006 7:49:08 PM
Starkly real and true in the way it is expressed; this poem is powerful, Anne. Thank you for sharing it. Love and peace, Regis

The Wise of it and How (Poetry) - 6/1/2006 7:47:06 PM
It has been said that sometimes, on cannot see the forest for the trees. You have expressed this superbly via your verses here, Anne. Thank you for sharing this gift. Love and peace, Regis

The Wise of it and How (Poetry) - 6/1/2006 3:31:30 PM
The first stanza pulls me right in with a chilling grip. Makes one feel stupid almost, as if not to see the things happening right in front of our eyes. Hmmm...been there I guess looking in hind sight... like most. Which now brings us into the fourth stanza, as I mentioned a bit above creates the black/white image of without. The emptiness of caring no more. A "return to evil those who done evil to us" feeling, though without the hint of "I'm sorry". The descriptive words "powerful" and "strong" used below only glimps the surface of the wound...I suspect. Great write. Gary

The Wise of it and How (Poetry) - 6/1/2006 1:10:50 PM
Strong poem with all the right answers to questions we should be always asking each other when we are in a relationship. Time slips away too easily and with it love if not tended to. Fee

The Wise of it and How (Poetry) - 6/1/2006 12:51:12 PM
~~Anne~~this a hard hittin' poem~~pain and sadness, this reader feels~~ ~~martin~~

The Wise of it and How (Poetry) - 6/1/2006 12:37:54 PM
Powerful words writen so well...Thanks for posting it.. Xxxx dove

It's Not That (Poetry) - 5/31/2006 10:57:29 PM
I do not find it cold, but I do find it being direct and honest which if more people were so then when relationships end the pain may not be so protracted with false hopes. Well done Fee

It's Not That (Poetry) - 5/31/2006 6:39:50 PM
This piece sounds "so as a matter a fact" that it seems colder in here. Even though it is presented as a neccesary decision with some regret it has some finality to it. Or does it? I love the second stanza. Gary

It's Not That (Poetry) - 5/31/2006 3:46:58 PM
~~Anne~~great poem~~i can sure relate~~ ~~martin~~

It's Not That (Poetry) - 5/31/2006 3:24:58 PM
Courage is always speaking and acting with truth and honesty as your template for living... Excellent poem Anne And I love that quote.. Peter

It's Not That (Poetry) - 5/31/2006 3:23:36 PM
I think it is best in these situations to hold off speaking until all of the emotions are in order and the final decisions have been made. To speak of such important matters with only a portion of the information on the table and emotions still raw is both wrong and futile and will never bring the necessary closure to the situation. Very well written poem! Take care, Sherry

Staining Slipcovers (Poetry) - 5/30/2006 11:32:37 AM
Intimate write there Ms. Cunningham. Peaceful. Gary

Never Too Much to Ask (Poetry) - 5/29/2006 6:07:28 PM
The task of looking at oneself with the objective in mind to fix, find, or whatever the intent has a cost associated with it. Looking back to find the future is a human trait we all live to forget and then stare at the b/w polaroids on a Sunday afternoon to again recall what we purposed to fade away. Gary

Never Too Much to Ask (Poetry) - 5/29/2006 5:54:39 PM
Your brilliant [poem does great tribute to the work of Hurston and I am sure he would smile in satisfaction were he to read such a great tribute to looking back and taking stock. Fee

Never Too Much to Ask (Poetry) - 5/29/2006 5:51:49 PM
~~Anne~~excellent poem...words that stir~~lovely~~ ~~martin~~

untitled (Poetry) - 5/16/2006 6:32:39 AM
intense and pure thoughts about what a lot of us also desire and cannot find the right words to describe. Well done Anne. Felix

untitled (Poetry) - 5/14/2006 7:28:13 PM
This poem really touched me with the i wish and well this poem let me reflect on what I once thought, still think sometimes. Very well done Anne!

embers (Poetry) - 5/14/2006 10:31:16 AM
Excellent imaginative and creative prose "...two steps forward, one step back to me..." so true from the heart. Thanks for sharing, Gloria

untitled (Poetry) - 4/29/2006 11:35:55 AM
Sigh...! If only indeed, Anne. Thank you for sharing this gift. Love and peace, Regis

untitled (Poetry) - 4/27/2006 10:05:42 AM
Anne-- I've missed reading your work (through no fault but my own). I love the use of the wording in this one particularly the reference made to the want of purity in soul/life. Untouched by any other. You conclude with the reality of the present knowing the things wished are usually a pipe dream. Great work. Gary

untitled (Poetry) - 4/17/2006 9:22:21 PM
Beautiful Anne! Great word display! Love, Suzie :-D

untitled (Poetry) - 4/12/2006 4:57:12 PM
Anne, Beautiful write, well done! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

untitled (Poetry) - 4/12/2006 3:53:51 PM
Yes....touched my heart's challenge in many places. Wonderful write. LL*

untitled (Poetry) - 4/12/2006 10:47:33 AM
very good. I, too, wrestle with those "if onlys". Thankfully, the now is pretty great in itself. I hope that yours is as well. Susan

Refusing to Swallow (Poetry) - 4/11/2006 1:49:31 PM
Anne, I think I am going to commission you to write any and all break-up letters for me from now on. The essence you've captured here is just gut naked reality. That which you do not swallow, works out very well in print nevertheless.

Voyage of the Damned Jello (Poetry) - 4/11/2006 1:45:53 PM
What a hoot! I have long been on the "jello" list myself, when anyone even dares to ask me to bring anything. i consider it a blessing tho. :)

For The Record (Poetry) - 4/11/2006 1:42:24 PM
This poem is a literary funhouse, a true brain teaser. Thanks for the mental trip!

imprisoned (Poetry) - 3/1/2006 12:48:43 AM
sadly, i've known people like this, may have even been a prisoner myself at times. much said in few words. to me, that's art. ty (btw, don't you just hate to get a 'good write' review?!)

imprisoned (Poetry) - 2/22/2006 1:41:44 PM
Enjoyed reading.

imprisoned (Poetry) - 2/18/2006 11:11:07 AM
Great image! You have a great opportunity to express your word with your art or your art with your words. Gary

imprisoned (Poetry) - 2/17/2006 3:03:06 AM
Good write!

imprisoned (Poetry) - 2/16/2006 11:50:31 AM
I look at your words and relate on a subconscious level to the feeling of being imprisoned, not in the sense of walls of concrete and steel but in the self imposed bonds of my own sense of worth. Felix

imprisoned (Poetry) - 2/16/2006 8:47:31 AM
lovely write. enjoyed.

For The Record (Poetry) - 2/9/2006 6:04:51 AM
A poet's poet write! ~~Nordette

For The Record (Poetry) - 2/8/2006 10:59:23 PM
great write, it can be viewed on so many different levels bill

For The Record (Poetry) - 2/8/2006 10:49:09 PM
Anne, Exquisite - true to your talent. The compost imagery speaks volumes to me as the experience of love to grow from - each new leaf adding to the mix. LL*

For The Record (Poetry) - 2/8/2006 10:07:24 PM
If not you, WHO? ed & rufuz

To Begin With ... (Poetry) - 1/26/2006 11:12:26 AM
you have outdone yourself with this fine piece ms cunningham. awesome!

To Begin With ... (Poetry) - 1/26/2006 9:31:50 AM
deep and beautifully penned.

To Begin With ... (Poetry) - 1/26/2006 6:58:15 AM
Sweet words and haunting images set the stage for the message you so beautifully portray. Felix

Pilot Light (Poetry) - 1/17/2006 10:33:11 PM
You are a truly gifted writer. I am struck by your vulnerability and sensitivity and how well you express it. I love to read about your internal thoughts and emotions and how they play out in written form. I like the "Pilot Light" metaphor. I am once again impressed by your confessional type of poetry. There is a slight hint of Sylvia Plath influence. I love it Cheers Alain

Teasing At Leaving (Poetry) - 1/17/2006 10:28:21 PM
I agree with Candy. You have a way with words and you know how to use them. Your craft is wonderfully woven and written. As always is a delight to read your work. Cheers Alain

Teasing At Leaving (Poetry) - 1/14/2006 1:43:18 PM
Fabulous to read a quality piece like this. I agree with Z's comment - and to quote Spandau Ballet (giving my age away!), 'it's only when you leave I need to love you...'

Teasing At Leaving (Poetry) - 12/15/2005 7:02:47 AM
There is often no back door, and still we stumble around our closed in little rooms, searching. When it is all here, already, found in the staying.

Teasing At Leaving (Poetry) - 12/8/2005 10:21:11 PM
I like the imagery here: blustery day... inside your head, the teakettle bit, eagle delivering news, and "no back door out of this place" rings so true to life....

Teasing At Leaving (Poetry) - 12/8/2005 12:59:12 PM
Lots of depth here in few words, excellent and somewhat haunting images.

Teasing At Leaving (Poetry) - 12/8/2005 10:49:05 AM
This is intriguing and sure dose open the readers eyes to the possibilities you are offering tht topic of this write. Well done Anne. Felix

Refusing to Swallow (Poetry) - 12/3/2005 5:56:16 PM
Bitter to the end with a dash of "brutal honesty". Only some can capture the emotion while some explain it to death. You have captured it wonderfully. Gary

Pilot Light (Poetry) - 12/2/2005 7:35:46 AM
very truthful, some wounds close slow yet open with only a sigh. Did you create the pilot light? It adds a nice touch to a truly excellent poem elliott/bill

Pilot Light (Poetry) - 12/2/2005 5:08:47 AM
Excellent write... seems some wounds never heal.

Pilot Light (Poetry) - 12/1/2005 10:07:47 PM
Keep that pilot light of the soul burning

Pilot Light (Poetry) - 12/1/2005 6:33:05 PM
~~Anne~i feel the pain~another wonderful poem~~ ~~martin~~

Pilot Light (Poetry) - 12/1/2005 1:54:12 PM
This is one awesome write and very well done. Felix

Pilot Light (Poetry) - 12/1/2005 8:01:15 AM
i guess some things never really heal. maybe the pain becomes familiar after a while. i love the lines 'other homes where my heart guessed there was rest'. it's been too long ms cunningham :)

Refusing to Swallow (Poetry) - 11/29/2005 11:09:22 AM
There is an edge to this that comes through.

Voyage of the Damned Jello (Poetry) - 11/27/2005 2:51:12 PM
Green is my favorite jello, but I don't care much for jello

Voyage of the Damned Jello (Poetry) - 11/26/2005 1:17:50 PM
You express your sentiments effectively through your verses, Anne. Thank you for sharing this offering. Love and peace to you. Regis

Voyage of the Damned Jello (Poetry) - 11/24/2005 5:14:05 PM
Though not much of a jello eater myself, I can understand the rant which I fear Bill Cosby may feel you had brought the most important part of the meal. Gary

Practice Round (Poetry) - 11/23/2005 5:52:21 AM
Anne, Most here probably share that same rope. I've climbed it many times before only to reach the top and have someone tell me to do it over again. Keep praying that one day our goals will not be in vain. Very emotional write.

Practice Round (Poetry) - 11/22/2005 11:00:32 AM
I appreciate the poem on 'struggling' and like the rope-like imagery. Thanks for sharing.

real soon (Poetry) - 11/21/2005 5:50:26 PM
~Anne~so painful,so beautiful~This poem holds me~ ~~martin~~

real soon (Poetry) - 11/21/2005 4:23:45 PM
We'll see, real soon. Ron

real soon (Poetry) - 11/21/2005 3:25:59 PM
Anne, So good to feel your pain again, to see your inside. I thirst for the inspiration that drives me through the fog of the present life. Your writing is like a fix, which I sorely needed. I’m happy to be back amongst such talent as you. We will need to catch up at some point. Gary

A Place Called Home (Poetry) - 9/14/2005 6:32:00 AM
Great imagery. You make me feel like I'm there. Wonderful work, Poet!

Hellboxes and Handbaskets (Poetry) - 9/11/2005 6:46:31 AM
Amen to Jude's advice! Riveting write, Anne. Masterfully executed. Very much enjoyed the read. Peace, Carolyn

Hellboxes and Handbaskets (Poetry) - 9/11/2005 5:31:18 AM
unique & interesting concept ... powerful angst in this poem with an fianle of strength and endurance ... keep alive with positive vibes, jude

Hellboxes and Handbaskets (Poetry) - 9/10/2005 10:00:06 PM
Well expressed. I'm certain I have some scribbles at the bottom of my handbag, but I'm very doubtful the results would turn out as well. :) Tami

A Place Called Home (Poetry) - 8/29/2005 4:41:37 PM
We are always at home when it is within our soul. Nicely done, Anne. Thank you for sharing this gift. Love and peace to you. Regis

A Place Called Home (Poetry) - 8/28/2005 2:20:07 PM
This is blissful- it is great when we can reach that point, at home in ourselves.

A Place Called Home (Poetry) - 8/24/2005 8:31:51 PM
Dearest Ann, In tune, in touch... incredible! Brava! Love, Bonnie

February Snow (Poetry) - 8/23/2005 12:14:32 PM
Powerfully emotive and meaningful, Anne. Love, peace, and strength to you. Regis

Arrival Time (Poetry) - 8/23/2005 12:13:17 PM
Yes, Anne! Truth indeed. I can completely relate to the theme you expose. Thank you. Love and peace to you. Regis

Arrival Time (Poetry) - 8/23/2005 5:38:51 AM
What's really bad is waking to find myself somewhere I don't remember going! Most is going to relate to one way or another. Excellent. Lisa

Arrival Time (Poetry) - 8/23/2005 2:49:08 AM
LOLOL. I so relate to this.

February Snow (Poetry) - 8/22/2005 4:43:55 PM
A heart gripping story. I loved it. Bonnie

February Snow (Poetry) - 8/22/2005 4:24:24 PM
February Snow is a gripping, harrowing, tour de force etude in prosaic confessional poetry. I admire the poets technic and supurb writing. The scent and smell of snow is powerfull. The imagery and the elements combined with the poets experience is exceptional. Enjoyed the read and the aftertaste it left on my mind. Cheers Alain

February Snow (Poetry) - 8/22/2005 3:48:07 PM
Pacted with raw emotion! written expression at it's depth here! Well Written !! Peace'', Rich Criso Suarez

February Snow (Poetry) - 8/22/2005 2:53:47 PM
Dear Ann, the raw pain and emotion in this outstanding poem is so excellently written and expressed, I am moved so very deeply by your poem, outstanding. Reindeer

Dizzy, The Dance (Poetry) - 8/20/2005 10:05:08 AM
I am impressed at how you used words and form to make one feel as though they are rushing headlong to the bottom of the poem- that is a talent. I especially love the moon stanza.

Dizzy, The Dance (Poetry) - 8/20/2005 7:49:39 AM
Woooooeeeee Anne, you were not kidding! I have vertigo! LOL Fantastically original write. I'm so impressed! Chanti

Dizzy, The Dance (Poetry) - 8/20/2005 12:26:58 AM
This poem felt gestaltic and subliminal. Almost surrealistic. Yes I felt like a record on a recordplayer dizzy and almost out of breath. The entirety of the poem is geometric and abstract. My brain almost had its oxygen cut off. Everything in life is about movement. This is true. Everything is spinning its only relativity you are succumbing to and gravity is waiting. Enjoyed the read of this superb writing, Cheers Alain

Dizzy, The Dance (Poetry) - 8/20/2005 12:00:42 AM
Good one!

Dizzy, The Dance (Poetry) - 8/19/2005 3:41:56 PM
an entertaining read circling effortlessly in the thermals of thought good write john+ ps ---when cycling does the moon wear a helmet?

Dizzy, The Dance (Poetry) - 8/19/2005 3:09:21 PM
I feel like I just got off Kinda-Ka Or Nitro . Roller coasters at Great ADventure's in NJ AND AS I LOVED THOSE RIDES I absolutely loved this too. perfect! Rich Criso Suarez

Dizzy, The Dance (Poetry) - 8/19/2005 2:18:12 PM
Anne, Whew, what a ride! And what a write! So much said...saving this one to read after applying the seasick patch LOL. :) Seriously, I enjoyed this trip. :) (((HUGS))) and love, Karla. :)

Reflection Lake (Poetry) - 8/18/2005 11:39:15 PM
Excellent reflective poem, Anne! TP

Reflection Lake (Poetry) - 8/18/2005 6:41:10 PM
Thanks for the free eye test. Yup best get new specs'. I know the feeling of waking up. Cerebral tounge, bolt upright. Perfect discription. Totally unique. Either using the eager strides to the comp' or writing the words down that only I could decipher.Sometimes. Love the reflexion and reflection. The enigma you find oneself in too. A brilliant read. Penned from a razor sharp intelligent mind..

The Snowman In The Moon (Poetry) - 8/18/2005 11:24:48 AM
The snowman in the moon poem deserves a special place among the most loved poems. I loved every detail, every word, every pause, It evoked in my spirit a panorama only experienced in dreams, perhaps pictures, or some long ago memories. I do like the leave spots against the white snow background. The poem in its totality brought me an affection for winter and all things inter-releted to a new level. I appreciate you taking the time to write it and share it with the world. I will print it out and carry a copy of it in my wallet to read it at all times. I like the line "Autumn's sky with scissored hands" it portrays nature as the designer of landscapes and ambience. All aspects of this piece of art is precious and it should be elevated as is. Not too far from here I see a log cabin with a chimney spewing forth smoke from its hearth, Cheers Alain

Reflection Lake (Poetry) - 8/18/2005 10:09:51 AM
Looking at the precipace is the beggining of the Hero's journey. Sometimes what we find there is not pleasant it can be horrific, but we must face our fears and destroy our ego. Writing is much more than ourselves. We are only riding the crest of a wave, its a balancing act. Just getting started is a chore, sometimes, but its all worthwhile. Thoughts come and go don't worry, you have plenty of them and your quills will never run dry other than this have a wonderful day! Cheers Alain

Reflection Lake (Poetry) - 8/18/2005 9:01:24 AM
powerful and perceptive it is every writers nightmare and motherlode good write john+

Reflection Lake (Poetry) - 8/18/2005 6:26:47 AM
A reflection every writer has witnessed and become one with. If they hadn't..they will. The images here are explosive. Excellent. Lisa

Swallowing Hard (Poetry) - 8/18/2005 6:15:54 AM
Great word play--stiring and tasty full of anxious aroma. blessin's Sis Anne on a very strong piece (no pun intended!) cynth'ya lewis reed

Swallowing Hard (Poetry) - 8/18/2005 4:37:16 AM
Anne, WOW ...Well done!!! ...Michael

Swallowing Hard (Poetry) - 8/17/2005 7:04:52 PM
Enthralling. I can remember feeling this way once eating an apple. They say you are only a virgin once, but having these kind of senses makes you think twice. I liked the body of your work and your keen attunement to detail. Great minds think alike? right? Cheers Alain

Swallowing Hard (Poetry) - 8/17/2005 6:32:51 PM
Allow me to be the first to congratulate you on this absolutely breathtaking piece of gold. I loved this discriptive work. As soon as I read the third and fourth line, I was captivated and hungry for "clam chowder". A genuine work of art. Bonnie

Fall Is Here, Defining the Spring In My Heart (Poetry) - 8/16/2005 11:01:37 AM
I felt I was there. I agree with Dan you capture nature perfectly and its symbiotic effect on our bodies, soul, and spirit. Definetely fall is here and it was defining you. Cheers Alain

inside out back under and through (Poetry) - 8/16/2005 10:16:58 AM
This is interesting, feels different for you for some reason, more disconnected, colder- your writing is strong.

inside out back under and through (Poetry) - 8/16/2005 4:14:00 AM
We've become lost at one time or another. This poem describes the feeling of lost so well. Sandie May Angel a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

inside out back under and through (Poetry) - 8/16/2005 2:33:43 AM
Dear Anne, A great play on words to illustrate your inner turmoil and pain but in this I read hope. Perhaps it is because I want to see it. Pain may unravel but love binds together. Allow yourself some love dear lady. You are worth it. Sending you a warm hug across the distance. May you 'become' all that you were meant to be. Great poetry! Love Chanti

Remains To Be Seen And Heard (Poetry) - 8/16/2005 12:54:34 AM
Your version of toy story is compelling and gripping. Brings to mind what are we missing and how are we surviving in this world without the missing pieces of our lifes? Truly harrowing is your poem in its essence but riviting in its compact reality. Loved it Cheers Alain

Winter Mourning (Poetry) - 8/16/2005 12:48:47 AM
Even with its bleak landscapes, shapes, and colors, I love winter. I love fog and grey skies, call me gothic but this is something I can live for. Truly I must also confess that I grew up in this type of environment. I love the way your poem outlines the cruelty and opaquenes of winter, but its surreal ambience is overcome by your well crafted words. Cheers Alain

inside out back under and through (Poetry) - 8/16/2005 12:43:06 AM
Your angst is palpable. A diamand has many facets but the sum makes it beautiful. Defining hurt and sorrow is difficult, writing about it makes it less painfull but sharing it makes it all worthwhile. No matter how your self turns out it will be recognizable. Excellent write and read, Cheers Alain

at a loss for words (Poetry) - 8/15/2005 12:32:53 PM
Love the descriptions, unique. ALso the way you used (and stretched) the words,good stuff.

at a loss for words (Poetry) - 8/15/2005 8:04:33 AM
Great poem. Who needs words when life is upon us? Happy though you put down the words for us to see it too. ~ Sara

at a loss for words (Poetry) - 8/14/2005 9:40:38 PM
Finely textured. Aesthetically infused and beatiful. I like the way you write and your writing voice is excellent. Many beautiful visions and please no loss of words Cheers Alain

at a loss for words (Poetry) - 8/14/2005 9:02:58 PM
Excellent, loved this, just loved it. Reindeer

at a loss for words (Poetry) - 8/14/2005 6:37:42 PM
Great piece. Thanks for the smile. Tami

think versus feel (Poetry) - 8/10/2005 6:02:03 PM
deceptively simple I think too much sometimes... maybe that's my problem ;)

what i wouldn't give (Poetry) - 8/10/2005 5:59:29 PM
hi anne, wow... I've been missing your writing... full of this whole mix of regret and longing and a weird sense of calm... or that's what i see anyway... and that last section is great :)

what i wouldn't give (Poetry) - 8/10/2005 12:15:03 PM
For all the battle scars we wear, I believe in time we know how to love that much stronger. The wounds may not heal, but they instill a new understanding, an appreciation when at last things go right...

what i wouldn't give (Poetry) - 8/10/2005 10:43:11 AM
excellent write!

what i wouldn't give (Poetry) - 8/10/2005 10:32:23 AM
So excellently written, that last line cuts so deeply, outstanding. Reindeer

think versus feel (Poetry) - 8/9/2005 4:41:05 AM
brevity and insight- simply wonderful! peace, Carolyn

think versus feel (Poetry) - 8/8/2005 7:33:04 PM

think versus feel (Poetry) - 8/8/2005 2:24:34 PM
oh so frustrating when what we feel doesn't line up with our intellect. Sometimes that "gut feeling" wins out over the limited facts of our intellect. but then again....., and there in lies the torn twixt and between. I enjoyed this one,Anne. Thank you, Leah

think versus feel (Poetry) - 8/8/2005 12:53:12 PM
Who ever says what who cares. But Kisses are the best-est.. As a bloke well we never think..I think?

think versus feel (Poetry) - 8/8/2005 12:53:10 PM
Now this leaves me pondering. Wonderful write.

embers (Poetry) - 7/30/2005 7:20:00 PM
I do believe by now, Anne, all over progress is momentary regress before the next egress...

three in the last four years (Poetry) - 7/30/2005 10:57:03 AM
Truthful and honest; well-shared. Thank you, Anne. Live in love and peace. Regis

embers (Poetry) - 7/28/2005 9:44:23 AM
You express so much with an economy of words that is impressive, Anne. Thank you. Love and peace. Regis

embers (Poetry) - 7/27/2005 8:36:09 PM
Thank God for simplicity and choice words. I loved the beginning of this the best, because that "dys-remember" stays with the reader throughout the poem.

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