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Recent Reviews for D. L. Vaineo

Shooting From the Hip (Short Story) - 1/11/2011 3:40:25 PM
I have to agree with Fee, and think of all the individuals with different personality disorder's whom went miss diagnosed. Be thankful, you have the answers now. Also, I enjoyed the write. Best wishes to you...

Shooting From the Hip (Short Story) - 1/20/2010 5:00:39 AM
Sadly all too many people were written off, kicked out of families, locked away or worst because so little was known about mental illness. Glad you survived. fee

Recommend: The Courage to Heal (Article) - 6/10/2010 6:13:03 PM
Thank you for sharing this important information. Love and peace to you, Regis

Recommend: The Courage to Heal (Article) - 1/22/2010 10:17:48 AM
Sounds as you suggest like a book we all should read and learn from. fee

Cry With You (Poetry) - 1/24/2015 11:59:39 AM
This is a treasure... true friendship is. Thank you for sharing this gift, Deborah. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

Cry With You (Poetry) - 1/23/2015 2:51:25 PM
Everyone needs someone like this at "low" moments. Love ya! Jane

Cry With You (Poetry) - 1/23/2015 10:08:25 AM
Funny (not) that you would post this poem this day. I could use a hand to hold . . .

Prisoner (Poetry) - 1/23/2015 7:38:08 AM
I believe I know the source of your struggle. May you find that freedom soon. Ron

Prisoner (Poetry) - 1/22/2015 4:47:25 PM
I can completely relate. You might have peeked into my soul and those sentiments would fit completely. Thank you for sharing, Deborah. Love and best wishes, Regis

Prisoner (Poetry) - 1/22/2015 3:50:26 PM
Love frees the soul. I hope yours is set free soon. Love ya! Jane

Prisoner (Poetry) - 1/22/2015 12:29:41 PM
Love must share to be truly free.

Prisoner (Poetry) - 1/22/2015 12:25:32 PM
Love has a way of doing that to us from time to time. Hopefully yours will be short-lived.

Prisoner (Poetry) - 1/22/2015 12:21:18 PM
Very profound. We indeed are all prisoners in our own bodies, and love is our key to freedom. Beautifully stated.

Where are my Cards? (Poetry) - 1/12/2015 5:29:39 AM
And where are the love letters, lovers once tied up with a ribbon and kept in a locked chest?

Musical Chairs (Poetry) - 1/12/2015 5:28:59 AM
You are so right Deborah, music is a gift from God. Went to a wedding where there was no music, I felt cheated of one of the most beautiful elements of a wedding.

Where are my Cards? (Poetry) - 1/6/2015 10:22:56 AM
I do love technology (particularly for the ease of communicating) but I also love getting my yearly cards from my daughters and one of my nieces. The personal touch cannot be replaced. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

Musical Chairs (Poetry) - 1/5/2015 2:21:31 PM
The truth, told with humor and heart! Love this one Deborah! I can remember being awfully pushy at this game :)

Musical Chairs (Poetry) - 1/4/2015 11:54:08 AM
Music is an integral part of our being I think. Nicely done! Love and best wishes to you, Regis

Musical Chairs (Poetry) - 1/3/2015 12:11:54 PM
I think music goes back a long way. From the time early humans heard the songs of birds and tried to imitate them, too singing around campfires at night and ritualistic singing to the gods. Instruments like the flute and the drum were easy to make long before the thought of the piano and electric guitar crossed a mind. I love most music except those that are too repetitive. Ron

Musical Chairs (Poetry) - 1/3/2015 8:30:47 AM
As they say, without music the world would B Flat.

Musical Chairs (Poetry) - 1/2/2015 6:40:54 PM
This poem reminded me of my piano lessons, the 3 B's, Moonlight Sonata................I bet you took piano lessons! Love ya! Jane

Musical Chairs (Poetry) - 1/2/2015 2:20:04 PM
Hah! Great, and what would the world be like without musical chairs? Loved this one . . .

Musical Chairs (Poetry) - 1/2/2015 1:36:08 PM
Hard to forget those great composers.

Where are my Cards? (Poetry) - 12/22/2014 2:21:05 PM
Yes, and I love keeping in touch the old fashioned way! Merry Christmas, Christine :)

Where are my Cards? (Poetry) - 12/21/2014 3:21:37 PM
my daughter makes her own cards with computer software and sends them out ...

Where are my Cards? (Poetry) - 12/21/2014 12:28:18 AM
True poetic thoughts here. Well, it's nice to get cards both ways. I will take whatever from my children and grand kids. But the fifties and sixties generation still send cards and I like that as well. Merry Christmas!

Where are my Cards? (Poetry) - 12/20/2014 3:35:11 PM
I still get them, but not like before the Internet.

Where are my Cards? (Poetry) - 12/20/2014 9:20:50 AM
So true..............but Merry Christmas!!! Love ya! Jane

Where are my Cards? (Poetry) - 12/20/2014 9:09:38 AM
You said it, and said it well! Michael D.

Peace is Prevalent (Poetry) - 12/17/2014 8:06:26 PM
Good poetic thoughts! Pray they come true. Amen

Peace is Prevalent (Poetry) - 12/17/2014 10:52:21 AM
D, I sure hope that your crystal ball is dead on accurate!!!!! Much peace, love and light, Amber

Peace is Prevalent (Poetry) - 12/17/2014 9:29:07 AM
I second Jane's thoughts. It's up to us (everybody) to make that happen.

Peace is Prevalent (Poetry) - 12/16/2014 7:09:32 PM
I sure hope you're a prophetess! Love ya! Jane

Winter Wonderland (Poetry) - 12/16/2014 11:42:28 AM
Fun! That's what come to my mind when I was a child. Southern-most part of Texas doesn't see much snow, not like Dallas and Amarillo. Great poem, great picture, great poet. Thanks for taking me back. Pier

Winter Wonderland (Poetry) - 12/15/2014 8:34:40 PM
This is the poetic truth. The backyard was our playground. Now it's mainly another place to find work. How true...

Winter Wonderland (Poetry) - 12/15/2014 2:39:23 PM
There's something magical about a fresh snowfall that turns everything into a winter wonderland. I never tire of it. Michael D.

Winter Wonderland (Poetry) - 12/15/2014 12:53:56 PM
I would give up a lot of palm trees for one night of snow. Like you have shown us.

Winter Wonderland (Poetry) - 12/15/2014 10:35:43 AM
Thank you for sharing and awakening memories, Deborah. Coincidentally, my senryu on Facebook today is about winter as well. Love and best wishes, Regis

Winter Wonderland (Poetry) - 12/15/2014 8:05:09 AM
I hate to think of it, but you have to be right. However, I do remember the few days of snow and magical wonderland that was my brief honeymoon in northern Wisconsin that ended with a cold night in a dreary motel, bringing back the dismal part of winter that makes me long for spring. Ron

Winter Wonderland (Poetry) - 12/15/2014 1:25:24 AM
You have brought back pleasant memories of sled riding for hours, ice skating, skiing, and good ol' snow ball fights. Where'd the time go? Love ya! Jane

Unfamiliar Faces (Poetry) - 12/3/2014 7:16:54 AM
Such important thoughts in so few truly have a gift! Fabulous poem!

Unfamiliar Faces (Poetry) - 12/2/2014 8:15:08 AM
A tightly defined poem with a lot of meaning. And the collage is wonderful! Ron

Unfamiliar Faces (Poetry) - 12/2/2014 4:36:50 AM
Fantastic, girl! Love ya! Jane

Unfamiliar Faces (Poetry) - 12/1/2014 6:42:07 PM

Unfamiliar Faces (Poetry) - 12/1/2014 5:50:08 PM
Yes, they were, Deborah. I have been so into dream states as you describe that I actually met myself coming back.

Finalization (Poetry) - 11/28/2014 8:38:37 AM
Yes, life is too short to spend time on what happened and cannot be changed. We can change our futures and that's what we should all focus on. However, if the statute of limitations has not run out, we can hire a lawyer and sue whoever wronged us to teach them a lesson, and, if we are successful, pocket a little change for our future, as well. Bill Cosby, I think your time of paying women off is over. You may have to start paying big time now. ;-) Ron

Finalization (Poetry) - 11/28/2014 7:07:17 AM
The courage of moving forward, can only pay off big opening a door into the future :)

Finalization (Poetry) - 11/28/2014 5:45:35 AM
Wonderful thing she did. Love ya! Jane

Finalization (Poetry) - 11/27/2014 6:41:20 PM
The female sex has much to put up with. We guys think we do, but what we deal with is nothing like the so-called fairer sex has to deal with. I have a line in the new novel, "Magical," I am working on which says . . . "It really isn't fair what men do to us." That just about says it all.

Finalization (Poetry) - 11/27/2014 6:27:17 PM
This is a very powerful poem about a subject that has ruined too many young girls lives, rape.

And Nothing More (Poetry) - 11/25/2014 12:55:42 PM
Ah, but the 'nothing more' will always be a light to the fuse, Deborah! Love the 'certainty' expressed in this. xx

And Nothing More (Poetry) - 11/24/2014 2:28:20 PM
...poem filled with yearning for the feel...the delight ..the ecstasy of it...the lightest touch...little breeze arriving from nowhere...the feeling that can not be name...yet...the beginning of a relationship...

And Nothing More (Poetry) - 11/24/2014 12:04:04 PM
What a lovely way to start a relationship. Two minds on the same track. And I love that track very much because it's what makes the world go round. Ron

And Nothing More (Poetry) - 11/24/2014 10:00:28 AM
WoW! Or maybe . . . WoWee! Heh.Heh "Stay this night" Yes indeed.

And Nothing More (Poetry) - 11/24/2014 8:47:21 AM
Women need sex just as much as men and have more orgasms during sex

And Nothing More (Poetry) - 11/24/2014 8:32:48 AM
Love, lust, and need..............all wrapped up in this fine write. Love ya! Jane

And Nothing More (Poetry) - 11/24/2014 8:19:55 AM
Sounds so splendid! Happy Thanksgiving! Peace, love and light, Amber

And Nothing More (Poetry) - 11/24/2014 8:15:13 AM
With that plead, I'm sure I would do so...(just don't tell Rene...LOL) -e-

Make no Mistake (Poetry) - 11/18/2014 10:31:37 AM
A most effective poem that awakens thoughts and emotions. Thank you, Deborah. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

Make no Mistake (Poetry) - 11/13/2014 10:31:36 AM
Umm, very thought provoking poetry indeed! Warm energy to you! Peace, love and light, Amber

Make no Mistake (Poetry) - 11/13/2014 8:34:25 AM
I sense an underlying sense of aloneness and despair in these words. The cold is real and brought on by the circumstances of the left alone or avoided. Ron

Make no Mistake (Poetry) - 11/12/2014 3:45:04 PM
Yeah, I'm there most of the time.

Make no Mistake (Poetry) - 11/12/2014 2:39:08 PM very much said here

Make no Mistake (Poetry) - 11/12/2014 12:12:17 PM
Whoah! Now you KNOW I love this one!!! Love ya! Jane

Make no Mistake (Poetry) - 11/12/2014 11:08:32 AM
I shiver to think about it

Running on Empty (Poetry) - 11/1/2014 4:43:56 PM
I felt that way many a times if you don't find the way, the way will find you, in prayers love & Peace be with you William

Running on Empty (Poetry) - 10/30/2014 3:20:48 PM
Gotta love your attitude though, Deborah. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

Running on Empty (Poetry) - 10/29/2014 6:48:28 AM
I believe we all feel this way every now and's true for me, at least the way you express it...

Running on Empty (Poetry) - 10/27/2014 8:31:22 AM
In hop you find God's presence. George

Running on Empty (Poetry) - 10/27/2014 7:28:30 AM
Thank goodness for hope. Love ya! Jane

Glass Shattered (Poetry) - 10/27/2014 6:39:33 AM

Glass Shattered (Poetry) - 10/26/2014 11:22:47 AM
Sounds like kids to me. Always curious, which leads to trouble.

Glass Shattered (Poetry) - 10/26/2014 9:40:23 AM
This is a pure delight. And to think you blamed your younger sister! Another fine mess you've gotten us into, sis...

Lives (Poetry) - 10/25/2014 10:23:19 AM
Now that things are more open, it's easier for lives to be shared. The days of walking far behind are, hopefully, over. Ron

Before the Dawn (Poetry) - 10/25/2014 3:53:30 AM
and at the dawn ...

Before the Dawn (Poetry) - 10/24/2014 8:09:50 PM
Your poetry here is extensive and vastly measuring essense in the distillation. I like this flavor of your work, Deborah. ~~ Diana

Before the Dawn (Poetry) - 10/24/2014 5:01:07 PM
Succinctly most effective in conveying the scene and circumstances. Thank you, Deborah. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

Before the Dawn (Poetry) - 10/24/2014 4:19:05 PM
I get the picture you have painted and have lived thru it myself.

Everything is Right (Poetry) - 10/23/2014 6:17:53 AM
Everything is right, You are awesome line if there ever was one!

Everything is Right (Poetry) - 10/23/2014 1:32:24 AM
...poem filled with admiration...and awe and marvel...great choice of an artistic expression...too...

Everything is Right (Poetry) - 10/22/2014 7:59:10 AM
Perfect blend of words and image.

Everything is Right (Poetry) - 10/22/2014 4:36:19 AM
Simple and direct poetry, and oh so poignant . . .

Everything is Right (Poetry) - 10/22/2014 4:28:23 AM
Making love is so beautiful and to be in love is its fulfillment.

A Seriousness Prevailed (Poetry) - 10/17/2014 7:38:43 AM
Isn't it heaven when you know. Lovely poetry as always, Peace, love and light, Amber

The Crush (Poetry) - 10/15/2014 12:52:38 PM
And how beautiful the crush... For I too have had many... A crush on a beautiful soul... A crush on a giving soul... For there are so little of these kind... and if we are fortunate enough to cross their path... and they we are the object of their affection... Oh how very blessed we are... Just beautiful Deborah Love, Light, and hugs Lily

A Seriousness Prevailed (Poetry) - 10/15/2014 10:00:25 AM
when it is, it is

The Crush (Poetry) - 10/15/2014 6:28:33 AM
Crushes are functional...they always tell you it is time to change your life :) Great little gem of a poem, as usual!

The Crush (Poetry) - 10/14/2014 6:21:06 PM
Cool! Love ya! Jane

The Crush (Poetry) - 10/14/2014 1:12:57 PM
so true and so much said in so few words

The Crush (Poetry) - 10/14/2014 12:36:57 PM
Refreshingly romantic and yes, I had a crush too. The last one stuck!

The Crush (Poetry) - 10/14/2014 10:59:23 AM
The crush 7 years later became my wife.

The Crush (Poetry) - 10/14/2014 10:39:03 AM
Crushes for the most part don't have a tendency to end up in love. Sometimes, as in your case they do, and THAT is a good thing!

Green Grass (Poetry) - 10/14/2014 5:13:51 AM
Glad I'm wired for grass.

Love's Tenderness (Poetry) - 10/13/2014 6:01:40 AM
Great visual evocation, that encompasses all in so few words...

Green Grass (Poetry) - 10/11/2014 2:28:46 PM
I echo Jane . . .

Green Grass (Poetry) - 10/11/2014 12:57:57 PM
I hope your quench was satisfied. Love ya! Jane

Love's Tenderness (Poetry) - 10/11/2014 11:13:04 AM
Pure poetry

Green Grass (Poetry) - 10/11/2014 11:09:14 AM
Regis hit it on the head. Great poetry

Love's Tenderness (Poetry) - 10/11/2014 10:45:16 AM
Yes! Love! Perfect! Love and best wishes to you, Regis

Green Grass (Poetry) - 10/11/2014 10:44:33 AM
Passionate and emotionally engaging; succinctly effective. Thank you for sharing, Deborah. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

Love's Tenderness (Poetry) - 10/11/2014 10:19:41 AM
Ahhh . . . I can relate to love's tenderness, my friend.

Love's Tenderness (Poetry) - 10/11/2014 9:55:35 AM
Dreamy! Love ya! Jane

The Meeting (Poetry) - 10/2/2014 6:10:02 AM
Another super short poem that says it all! What a gift!

The Meeting (Poetry) - 9/30/2014 1:11:32 PM
So be it as love ought to be. Thank you for sharing. Love and best wishes, Regis

The Meeting (Poetry) - 9/30/2014 1:07:56 PM
The ultimate joy! Happiness is... Diana...

The Meeting (Poetry) - 9/30/2014 7:23:14 AM
Cool quote.

The Meeting (Poetry) - 9/29/2014 11:20:35 AM
The way it should be for everyone. Ron

The Meeting (Poetry) - 9/29/2014 8:04:28 AM
I like this full of love poem. Ditto what Jane said . . . times ten . . .

The Meeting (Poetry) - 9/29/2014 7:41:51 AM
I am so very happy for you! Love ya! Jane

The Meeting (Poetry) - 9/29/2014 7:35:09 AM

Above, Below, Beyond (Poetry) - 9/1/2014 5:37:07 PM
Good one!

Above, Below, Beyond (Poetry) - 8/14/2014 4:11:52 PM
I can dig that kind of philosophy. Thank you. Love and best wishes, Regis

Above, Below, Beyond (Poetry) - 8/12/2014 8:58:45 AM
I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Liana Margiva

Above, Below, Beyond (Poetry) - 8/11/2014 1:59:25 PM
I love how you say it. There are some who constantly leap for greener grass; but how can they keep up with keeping the grass of anothers green if they can't even make the grass in their own front lawn green? Hop to greener pasture only if you can keep up with its greenness; otherwise DO NOT trespass another's green grass at all!!! Sandie

Above, Below, Beyond (Poetry) - 8/11/2014 9:12:04 AM
I love the metaphors flow into the real deal! Love ya! Jane

Renewal (Poetry) - 8/10/2014 8:28:49 AM
A succinct ode to the ever changing seasons. Thank you for sharing, Deborah. Love and best wishes, Regis

Renewal (Poetry) - 8/8/2014 4:36:21 PM
There is renewal process in almost everything in this world. The four seasons make the process more beautiful and refreshing. Sandie

Renewal (Poetry) - 8/8/2014 12:38:58 PM
Bring all of it on. We can deal with whatever comes our way.

Renewal (Poetry) - 8/8/2014 5:58:18 AM
A nice seasonal touch.. I like it! Blessings... Teresa

Renewal (Poetry) - 8/8/2014 5:57:12 AM
I love the change of seasons and you write of them so beautifully. Love ya! Jane

Rose of Summer (Poetry) - 8/5/2014 11:34:41 AM
How enticing the rose...

Rose of Summer (Poetry) - 8/4/2014 9:12:37 AM
Don't short change yourself, honey! Love ya! Jane

Rose of Summer (Poetry) - 8/4/2014 7:47:45 AM
Reality says, "probably not," but a wonderful thought, nonetheless. Ron

Rose of Summer (Poetry) - 8/4/2014 5:23:37 AM
Lovely tribute to a sweet friend!! Sandie

Rose of Summer (Poetry) - 8/3/2014 11:07:16 PM
Lovely words, Deborah.

Rose of Summer (Poetry) - 8/3/2014 5:46:05 PM

Rose of Summer (Poetry) - 8/3/2014 3:58:24 PM
Oh boy, each line was perfect following the one before it. We have all been enthralled by someone so special that it is agony almost until we are sure they really are touched in a romantic way by us. Excellent!

We Soar... ... ... (Poetry) - 8/2/2014 4:30:19 AM
soooo nicely said

We Soar... ... ... (Poetry) - 8/2/2014 3:58:07 AM
Very lovely poetry so soft and pleasing! Peace love and light Amber

We Soar... ... ... (Poetry) - 8/1/2014 4:11:12 PM
ethereally designed ... lovely ...

Wanting Only You (Poetry) - 8/1/2014 2:54:43 PM
Sensually satisfying and engaging, Deborah. Nicely done. Love and best wishes, Regis

We Soar... ... ... (Poetry) - 8/1/2014 2:53:04 PM
Succinct and yet powerful in meaning expresses; thank you, Deborah. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

We Soar... ... ... (Poetry) - 7/30/2014 9:17:48 AM
Makes me want to go where I'll get quenched… Ron

We Soar... ... ... (Poetry) - 7/30/2014 9:04:32 AM
This is beautiful! I can just see our resident eagles while I read this. Love ya! Jane

We Soar... ... ... (Poetry) - 7/30/2014 7:18:55 AM
Couldn't have been said better. You condensed it to the nth, and it works considerably well.

Wanting Only You (Poetry) - 7/29/2014 6:29:50 AM
A romantic dream in 7 short lines...well done!!

Wanting Only You (Poetry) - 7/27/2014 5:34:17 AM
That is sensual heaven! Love ya! Jane

Wanting Only You (Poetry) - 7/27/2014 2:08:59 AM
Yes...a magic words, Deborah. Words that make the special connection happen...and not only touch the heart of somebody special but also transform your own...start to appreciate the wants...hopes...needs of both of you. Blessings!

Wanting Only You (Poetry) - 7/26/2014 3:45:37 PM
The beginning of a relationship is always so wonderful!! Sandie

Wanting Only You (Poetry) - 7/26/2014 12:08:17 PM
We all long for that touch. Too bad so many are too timid to proceed or have some preconceived ideas about strange things like fidelity as though it were something carved in stone. Maybe it was. Ron

Wanting Only You (Poetry) - 7/26/2014 11:31:01 AM
Oh absolutely, Deborah, that first touch of skin on skin and all the rest that came with it, no feeling in this world quite like that. Too bad the zing couldn't stay there for the long haul for most of us. Enjoyed this.

In the Shadows (Poetry) - 7/5/2014 11:16:21 AM
Great allegory poem. At least you can return the book of your life, take out a new one, and start turning the pages… Ron

In the Shadows (Poetry) - 7/5/2014 6:00:45 AM
I'd follow that shadow from Aristotle to Poe...and beyond! Succinct.

In the Shadows (Poetry) - 7/4/2014 12:18:16 PM
Original poetry with a message of enlightenment

In the Shadows (Poetry) - 7/4/2014 9:34:19 AM
Absolutely wonderful poem! I love it!

In the Shadows (Poetry) - 7/4/2014 8:35:20 AM
As we do with new beginnings in life. Wonderful writing! Love ya! Jane

In the Shadows (Poetry) - 7/4/2014 8:17:20 AM
Gotta keep going back to the library. There IS a book there just for you. Very creative poetry, Deborah.

For Carol (Poetry) - 7/3/2014 6:23:00 PM
Lovely, meaningful, and encouraging; truly a gift for Carol. Thank you for sharing it, Deborah. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

For Carol (Poetry) - 7/1/2014 11:59:48 AM
Deborah, this is beautiful... once again you brought tears to my eyes... You are such a wonderful caring soul filled with love... Thank you so much for this... I am a fighter and every day I wake up I thank God for the healing he keeps sending me... All of you are wonderful and I appreciate this so much... I haven't been to AD for awhile, suppose because I lost a dear friend who won't speak to me... that is rather selfish on my part as I have so many other dear friends here like yourself... Thank you Deborah Love and Light, Lily (a.k.a. Carol)

For Carol (Poetry) - 6/26/2014 5:58:24 AM
This is beautiful! There is much power in prayer! Let us all surround her with it. Love ya! Jane

For Carol (Poetry) - 6/25/2014 10:47:11 AM
a treasure from your heart! I hope she is well soon. Blessings, Chris

For Carol (Poetry) - 6/25/2014 6:20:27 AM
She needs all the help she can get. And your poem is great encouragement for her to fight the good fight in her battle. Thanks for your thoughts. Ron

For Carol (Poetry) - 6/25/2014 5:38:33 AM
There is so much between the lines of this poem. You cut to the quick by talking about the always present miracle of life, along with the uncertainties that come across our paths. We know Carol has met with some huge obstacle, and pray with you as you offer her your love and encouragement. She will cherish your words. Connie

For Carol (Poetry) - 6/25/2014 4:33:26 AM
Lovely tribute to someone obviously very special in your life... Anna

For Carol (Poetry) - 6/24/2014 4:35:19 PM
very nice gesture and lovely poem, too.

For Carol (Poetry) - 6/24/2014 9:09:45 AM
A very encouraging poem for a good friend. Yes, it's time like this we would know who our true friends are. I hope this will reach Carol, and make her a stronger fighter. I echo the encouragement in this, and send her prayers of healing!! Sandie

Calling You Mine (Poetry) - 6/22/2014 5:31:42 PM
Fantastic poem! Well done.

Calling You Mine (Poetry) - 6/22/2014 7:56:29 AM
You had me at "if."

Calling You Mine (Poetry) - 6/22/2014 7:30:11 AM
"This populated land"...beautiful evocation...well done!

Calling You Mine (Poetry) - 6/21/2014 9:21:29 AM
No fear of flying here… Just beautiful phraseology. I experienced flying once with a dance partner when she kept me upright and we floated around the dance floor to the applause of everyone there… Wonderful! Ron

Calling You Mine (Poetry) - 6/20/2014 10:09:18 PM
this is very sweet..

Calling You Mine (Poetry) - 6/20/2014 7:23:36 PM
This was beautiful!!! Sandie

Calling You Mine (Poetry) - 6/20/2014 10:26:28 AM
Oh, this is beautiful! I will save this one! Love ya! Jane

Calling You Mine (Poetry) - 6/20/2014 8:36:42 AM
Sometimes it is just that easy, Deborah. Holding out hands, the right one may just clutch it and awaaay you will go!

I was a Rebel Back Then (Poetry) - 6/18/2014 11:30:05 AM
All of us that are of like energy can relate to your rebel back then... I didn't have physical abuse but lived in a very violent atmosphere, my father beat my mother daily, I lived in fear and felt unsafe all the time, but kept a positive outlook and protected my 4 siblings from harm. Boy we really came through quite a time back then.... Peace love and light Amber

I was a Rebel Back Then (Poetry) - 6/18/2014 6:12:57 AM
Hopefully, you are still a rebel now! When it really counts and you get no whipping...

I was a Rebel Back Then (Poetry) - 6/16/2014 4:01:20 AM
This resonates with me, Deborah...cute little girl with a mind of her own... Anna

I was a Rebel Back Then (Poetry) - 6/14/2014 8:03:02 AM
And still are… I'm quite amazed that you went to kindergarten at four. It was quite daunting for me to attend the two week course in kindergarten when I was six and had a twin brother for mutual encouragement. But it was then that I discovered, to my surprise, that my fellow classmates were basically illiterate. My rebellious streak didn't start until the second grade. ;-) Ron

I was a Rebel Back Then (Poetry) - 6/13/2014 10:24:18 PM
How children were mistreated back then...our child personalities and quirkiness as developing individuals ignored and seen as 'bad'... I was smacked hard on the back of my hand at school when I was about five years old..I have never forgotten how much it hurt, physically, .... but especially emotionally.... Diana....

I was a Rebel Back Then (Poetry) - 6/13/2014 2:21:12 PM
To this day, I am rebellious. I march to a different drummer. Love ya! Jane

I was a Rebel Back Then (Poetry) - 6/13/2014 1:51:50 PM
I had to place my nose in a circle that was drawn on the blackboard, and I was just a troublemaker back then. I didn't become a reble until jr. high. Michael D.

I was a Rebel Back Then (Poetry) - 6/13/2014 1:00:42 PM
Loved this poem! Loved it!!

I was a Rebel Back Then (Poetry) - 6/13/2014 10:50:30 AM
You were so cute, and adorable!!!! Sandie

I was a Rebel Back Then (Poetry) - 6/13/2014 10:00:47 AM
Super cute! You had style, and they mistreated you. Blessings, Chris

I was a Rebel Back Then (Poetry) - 6/13/2014 9:13:16 AM
I had a few of those whippings. Plus things thrown at me. Whatever was handy. Scissors more than once or twice.

I was a Rebel Back Then (Poetry) - 6/13/2014 9:08:15 AM
Lovely!!!!!!!!! I like it!!!!! Liana Margiva

Twilight Hour (Poetry) - 6/10/2014 7:10:59 PM
Recently moved to Missouri. I sit on my deck each night and watch fireflies. Hadn't done that for 40 years simply because they are not a west coast phenomenon. Pity the west coast. Patrick

Between the Cracks (Poetry) - 6/10/2014 7:05:43 PM
It would seem that although cracks are typically dark, between them is now darker which to me is illogical. Unless all is dark because you can't see the light. Patrick

Between the Cracks (Poetry) - 6/10/2014 5:40:43 PM
Intriguing poem

Between the Cracks (Poetry) - 6/10/2014 7:18:02 AM
That's a very psychological perspective that I now wish to be in. As I watch the cracks between the tiles get darker and darker… Time to re-grout! Ron

Between the Cracks (Poetry) - 6/9/2014 10:44:30 PM
i have to say, i'm with mr. bolton with this one. ahaha lovely poem. i certainly enjoyed it.

Between the Cracks (Poetry) - 6/9/2014 2:06:59 PM
Right? Love ya, Jane

Between the Cracks (Poetry) - 6/9/2014 11:45:36 AM
Strange how we all have an instinct to avoid the cracks - especially those in the pavement as a young child. Interesting, Deborah. xx

Between the Cracks (Poetry) - 6/9/2014 11:21:43 AM
Very much enjoyed it!

Between the Cracks (Poetry) - 6/9/2014 10:23:00 AM
Despressive write, need some light.

Between the Cracks (Poetry) - 6/9/2014 9:18:32 AM
I agree with Budd's comment. - To be the focus of the darkness is not where anyone wishes to be. Sandie

Between the Cracks (Poetry) - 6/9/2014 4:46:35 AM
Uh . . . I absolutely understand where you are coming from, Deborah, and it took me so many years to mold myself out of being a crack. But I did. If I can anyone can.

Between the Cracks (Poetry) - 6/9/2014 4:23:28 AM
to be the focus of the darkness is not where any should wish to be budd

Tell Me! (Poetry) - 6/8/2014 5:15:52 PM
I enjoyed reading your lovely romantic poem today.

Tell Me! (Poetry) - 6/8/2014 12:30:04 PM
Lovely :) I hope this finds you well Deborah! Blessings, Chris

Tell Me! (Poetry) - 6/8/2014 9:17:27 AM
Lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Liana Margiva

Come to Me (Poetry) - 6/7/2014 5:01:39 PM
I should read more of your poetry --beautiful words

Whispers. . . (Poetry) - 6/7/2014 5:00:51 PM
Well done

Falling Into Love (Poetry) - 6/7/2014 5:00:00 PM

Tell Me! (Poetry) - 6/7/2014 4:59:32 PM
Nice poetry romantic and full of potential

Tell Me! (Poetry) - 6/7/2014 9:06:59 AM
Yes, for certain. Trust and love go hand in hand to make a solid commitment to a relationship. Good job with this poem!! Sandie

Tell Me! (Poetry) - 6/7/2014 8:56:20 AM
Our lives are so busy with busyness that sometimes we fail to pay attention to what is really important. Your poem tells us that is. Ron

Tell Me! (Poetry) - 6/7/2014 7:15:55 AM
Love is like a flower that needs continuous care. Words and actions are the "water" for love. Love ya! Jane

Tell Me! (Poetry) - 6/7/2014 6:52:55 AM
"Hold me and show me love slowly" nicely said :)

Tell Me! (Poetry) - 6/7/2014 6:19:09 AM
One thousand percent agree with you Deborah. We all, uh, that's everybody, need reassuring that the love is still there. Say it! Touch, hug, physically react by squeezing an arm with abiding love as you pass by . . . Express yo'self!

Falling Into Love (Poetry) - 6/6/2014 10:01:56 AM
If unrequited, the greatest hurt of all… and source of even more poetry. It's nice to see the brighter side of this powerful, passionate emotion. Ron

Falling Into Love (Poetry) - 6/5/2014 8:05:38 PM
Hey, I still get a big rise over the woman I married. Then again, she has a figure that tops most every woman her age. Her personality is so very pleasant. So I am happy and still in love. Amen!

Falling Into Love (Poetry) - 6/5/2014 4:26:34 PM
YES, it is. :)

Falling Into Love (Poetry) - 6/5/2014 12:22:21 PM
Being in love makes everything O.K.. I really enjoyed this! Love ya! Jane

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